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Some recent life changes made me want to retry Mika. I figured out some ways to fix a lot of kinks for the story, like Mika having advanced skills and abilities early... so I want to implement them. Here you go!

The biggest one was determining which skill to start my focus on, Genjutsu or Medical... which made more sense. I found an easy way for one, so that is what I started with and made sense of.

While writing this, I cannot tell you how much I missed writing Mika and Naruto... going back to my roots as an author!

"Why are you late?" Kabuto asked, his voice this side of annoyed.

Mika sighed, putting on his volunteer outfit. It was a pale yellow sash really and hat with kanji for Volunteer on the front. It wore well across and in front of his academy clothes, which were basically a chunin's outfit for practicality. He took off his vest for work's sake of course. "Naruto ran away from class, so Iruka forced us to do the transformation."

"Doesn't explain the lateness, you are more than capable with anything the academy has to offer. You could have graduated after your first year, only the Hokage's fear of another Itachi kept him from allowing you to do this. Hell, you started years after your classmates, at the ripe old age of eight and you still were ahead of them. Hell, if I were the Hokage the only thing that would have kept me from allowing you to graduate early is your chakra levels being too low given your heritage."

Sighing, he nodded and followed Kabuto out of the locker room. "I have no family name, so I was last. I had to wait for my entire worthless class to make their failed attempts before I was allowed to do mine. You know I detest being late."

Kabuto smirked at him. "I do, which is why I am not actually mad." He laughed at Mika's glare. "Mostly I was worried, to be honest, it's unlike you. I am glad it wasn't anything big."

"Same... so, what am I up to today?"

"The Urgent Care unit needs you to clean rooms, restock units, and so on. Be good and I have a nice scroll for you to read."

Mika smiled at his mentor. "You're the best, Kabuto."

"Oh, I am but a humble servant."

" So what's the scroll on?"

"Well, since you master tree climbing, water walking, fluid separation and sand separation ... and have been working on medical style taijutsu for six months, and master advanced First aide in the first year I met you... I thought it would be fun to get you started on actual medical jutsu finally."

Mika stopped, his heart echoing in his chest. " You're serious?"

"As a heart attack. You deserve it, for the last three years you volunteered more hours than most retired medics. You've clocked in at least two hours every weekday, at least twelve hours per weekend every weekend... you worked hard to master your chakra control and boost your reserves. It's the least I can do really."

Even for Mika, who abhorred touch, the urge to embrace Kabuto was strong. He settled for giving the man an impossibly warm look. "Thank you, my friend."

"You're ten times the student ninety percent of the other medics are. You're a natural at this and you deserve to shine."

Mika cringed a little, hating the idea of being a genius. It felt so limiting like it was a chance that he was so smart or good at things. As if he didn't work at it for hundreds of hours a year. As if he wasn't one of the only proactive students in the academy.

"So,.. Urgent care, any fun cases?"

Kabuto broke off into laughter. "So many my friend. Shrapnel bomb explosion near The Land of Lightning."

"Wow... that ought to be fun to watch you all work on."


Kabuto found it hard not to look at his young student with a cold smirk of satisfaction. He knew Orochimaru would not want him to have a protege to distract him from his missions, but the boy was easy to teach, and to make it even better... it was clear that the boy was not loyal to the village, he knew that well enough.

"The village took eight years to stop my father from beating me to near death on a daily basis..."

The boy had said once, the bitterness in his voice and his sense of cold logic made his lack of loyalty clear to Kabuto. He could not wait to see what the boy did, giving him a nudge to succeed and not die early on like most Ninja... well that was just for fun. Maybe he might join him and Orochimaru down the line, the boy would no doubt prove to be a valuable asset! It would be amazing to watch him grow...

Or perhaps he would die early on, either way, Kabuto would only put in as much time as the boy proved he deserved. For now, that meant teaching him the most basic of healing techniques and waiting until he graduated to see what he did with it. Maybe he'd live, maybe he'd die... who knew right?

It wasn't like the boy was hard to each or anything. He just gave him a scroll on a subject, or recommended another and watched the boy excel. The boy had devoured books on anatomy, biology, botany, psychology, and more. In the last year, they moved away from sheer information-based learning and moved onto practical applications such as surface clinging, water walking, and now the Mystic Palm. If his protege was to excel he needed more chakra and that was the perfect way to make him grow while also directing him towards the control-based aspects of Ninjutsu that would make him excel, just as Kabuto was taught by Nana all those years ago.

However, it was also this past that made him work hard to keep the boy from gaining the eyes of Danzo on him. Eyes that would, surely, result in the boy's death or programing. That was the last thing Kabuto wanted. He wanted the boy to be able to innovate, create and inspire himself to make more. Danzo's emotion stripping would strip that potential, making him a pointless Zombie.

No, that would never do. Kabuto would never allow it, so he did his best to encourage the boy to mask his true power from even his only other friend, Shino Aburame. He hid his incredible chakra control, his burgeoning knowledge, his remarkable grip on medical taijutsu, and evasion in general... No one knew what he could really do, bar Kabuto and that was a good thing. The boy thought it was to impress his genin teacher, but in reality, it was to keep him from being recruited by ROOT.

He was lucky to think of something so accurately helpful, the boy was far from naive and would have easily picked apart his lies otherwise.


Groaning, Mika shot through the woods towards his secret hiding place. No one, as far as he knew, knew of this place. It was where he had been training for years, alone or rarely with the help of Kabuto. Ever since his ninth birthday, when he treated himself to becoming a volunteer at the hospital in hopes it would make him stand out despite being in a class of freaking Clan Heirs! It hadn't in the way he had hoped, yet, but it had helped him become vastly more capable, skilled, and prepared. Kabuto was not the strongest of people, but he was smart and he was helpful. Mika may not have learned the most in terms of fighting, but he learned useful skills like a better taijutsu style, evasion, a range of chakra control and growth exercises which had all but quadrupled his chakra levels, a variety of medical basics like advanced first aide, and all of the book smarts needed to become a medic.

Soon enough he would shine, and he would get to stop hiding. He would show to the idiots he went to school with that he was better than they are, Clan heirs or not. He would show that working hard meant more than anything! More than powerful bloodlines, nepotism and all of the other perks the world as a whole seemed to live in. He would prove that you did not need your hand held by gods of bloodlines to matter.

No one would stop him in this pursuit, no matter the crappy team he would no doubt end up with, no matter the awful Genin teacher he would get. He would shine and he would matter.

Landing in the woods, he fell onto the small pond where he trained to walk on water. It was close to dark out, but he didn't care. He rarely slept more than four hours a night as it was. He would train until well into the night...

Taking a deep breath, Mika began to fight imaginary enemies. Dodging blows, ducking under kicks and rolling out of explosions. Anything he could to make himself as little and as scarce a target as possible, that was the key to being a Medical Ninja and a key he valued. He had no powerful body, like an Akamichi, or ability to heal like Naruto, or incredible speed like Kiba... he had only his weak, civilian-born body. He was the first Ninja of his blood, sans anything that made Clan Ninjas so powerful or valued.

He would show them all... and he would shine. No one would stop that from becoming a reality...

Tomorrow he would graduate and tomorrow he would begin his journey to prove them all wrong about people like him... soon enough, no one would forget his name! He would be better than Minato Namikaze, the entire Sanin... so many others would pale before him. Damn it he would matter...

No one would stop that.

No one...

Chapter end, tell me what you think in the reviews.

This was so much fun to write, so much better than before.

I think this is miles above my previous Mika stories.

Love, your Ninja Overlord,


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