Pesky Goomba @woodyk
Chapter 1

Peach and Pauline arranged to meet at the Mushroom Kingdom Gym while dressed in sports bras and gym shorts, the blonde greeted the brunette, "Glad you could make it. I was thinking the two of us could engage in some working out together as BFFs."

The mayor agreed, "That sounds like a great idea. Just you and me, no one to bother us."

With that, the blonde princess and brunette mayor did cardio and weights together, and they way they made poses made their butts stick out. Both Peach and Pauline were pretty thicc, so their asses turned heads. A Goomba with a black bandana that had a skull and crossbones was seeing the blonde and brunette bend over while they were stretching, he liked seeing their rear ends, and subtly hatched an evil plan in his head without anyone knowing.

An hour later, Peach and Pauline were getting sweaty, so they decided to hit the showers before calling it a day. In the all-gender locker room, they quickly took off their socks and shoes, then peeled off their sports bra, then yanked down their gym shorts before pulling down their panties and stepping out of them.

Now Peach and Pauline were both completely naked. They were barefoot and bare-ass nude as they put their clothes in the bags they brought with them and stepped into the showers. Their bags were left on the bench where people sat down.

When no one was looking, the same Goomba with a bandana went into the gender-inclusive locker room while trying to look inconspicuous. As he followed Peach and Pauline from a safe distance, he checked their bags after the ladies were out of his sight. He saw that all of their clothes were in them, made sure nobody was looking at him, then grabbed both bags and quickly walked away.

While showering, shampoo and body wash were provided to people that used the showers. Water was playing across their most sensitive areas, teasing their nipples to stiffness, and even tickling her between their legs. As the ladies shampooed their hair and applied body wash to their skin, Peach asked Pauline, "Hey, Pauline?"

"What is it, Peach?"

"Are you sure you don't wait until we get home to clean ourselves?"


"I feel like we should have rented some lockers before coming in here."

"Not me. I think they're kind of expensive."

"Well, what if someone steals our bags, leaves us naked in public with nothing to cover ourselves, and possibly gets us in trouble? After all, we are inside a co-ed locker room."

"I'm confident that almost no one would want us to end up dealing with police. Only a really pervy guy who doesn't care about anything or anyone would stoop that low."

"True, I guess. We should finish up and go."


By the time the princess and mayor were done washing their naked bodies, the Goomba with the bandana was long gone as he took the bags with them.

Peach was the first to get out of the shower and dry off with a towel, which meant that she was the first to notice that her bag and Pauline's bag were gone, making her ask, "Uh, Pauline?"

After drying off as well, Pauline walked to where to Peach was. The blonde pointed at the bench, showing that neither of their belongings were where they left them, causing the brunette to gasp, "Uh oh."

At first, the mayor assumed they'd just left them somewhere else, that the spot they'd gone to was not in fact where they'd left their bags. However, they knew their stuff couldn't be anywhere else. Peach and Pauline looked up and down the row they were in and looked around the rows of lockers on either side of it, hoping their clothes were just misplaced, but to no avail. They checked all of the lockers, but their clothes weren't in any of them.

Blood drained from Peach and Pauline's faces and their stomachs turned with growing horror as they realized the implications of their discovery. Someone had taken their bag, and with it, their clothes. Someone had been in the locker room, they might have been there all along, watched the blonde and brunette strip from their hiding place, seen them walk naked into the shower area, checked their bags, and grabbed the bags with their clothes when Peach and Pauline dropped their guards.

During the brief time Peach and Pauline had taken to take a shower, someone picked up their bags, and carried them off. Whoever the thief was, he or she might have been here all along and, and real terror washed over Peach or Pauline, who thought he/she might be here still. Haltingly, Pauline called out, "H-hello?"

Neither she nor Peach wanted to draw attention to themselves because of their undressed state, but if there was somebody else present, and they had their clothes, those thieves already knew the princess and mayor were present, so there was little point for the blonde and brunette to pretend they weren't.

Also, Peach and Pauline didn't want to meet the sort of person who hides in a gender-neutral locker room and steals from naked women, but they was trapped there until they could find the one who stole their belongings.

Embarrassed over being 100% naked, Peach and Pauline hugged themselves, crouched, and folded their arms to cover their breasts. Every instinct of their nude bodies was making them feel vulnerable to the point that it was taking real effort not to flee in panic. The silence that came as a response from Pauline's question was far from reassuring. Peach called out, "Hello? Is somebody out there? Do you have two bags with you? They, uh, they have our clothes in them. If you have our clothes, Pauline and I need them. Could we have them back? Please?"


Unfreezing from their terror, Peach and Pauline began to look around them. If there had been an intruder, he/she left no sign beyond the theft itself. Reluctantly, they went down the short corridor that led from the locker room to the gym, peered out without going to back into the gym, and scanned the whole area with their eyes. They were looking around and wondering if just out of sight some young lads were having a laugh at the thought of the women they had left naked, but if they were there, they were invisible to the blonde and brunette.

Something that didn't help was the policy where people weren't allowed to take towels outside of the locker room, so they really had nothing to cover their fully unclothed bodies. As the reality sunk in, Peach and Pauline swore, creatively and at length while making sure no one saw or heard them, "Fuck! Shit! Goddammit! Son of a bitch!"

Peach and Pauline's clothes were stolen, and it didn't seem as though they were going to get them back. Both of them were completely nude, and although their current location was secluded enough to prevent discovery, any step back into the gym would leave them naked out in the open, where anyone could see. With a horrible sinking feeling, the naked princess and mayor realized they weren't going to be able to get out of their embarrassing situation by themselves.

They were unsure about asking to use a stranger's phone and calling somebody to come to the gym with something for them to wear so they could get home, it would just mean they'd take longer to get to safety because people could ogle their private parts for quite some time while on the phone, not to mention the risk of no one answering. Besides, the main thing was to get out of humiliating predicament before they got into more trouble. Then Peach had an idea, "Why don't we use our own phones to call the police?"

Pauline shook her head, "The crime of public nudity means we'd be getting themselves in more trouble."

"Oh, right. Calling a cab wouldn't provide us with clothes, but we'd have at best a naked streak through the gym to the front entrance, and a journey home nude in a cab, being leered at the whole time by some scruffy taxi driver."

"How about we ring Daisy? Her home is closer to here than Rosalina's, meaning less waiting for some clothes to be delivered to us."

Suddenly, Peach's eyes widened in realization as something dawned on her that made her bring up, "Oh god, we can't."

"Why not?"

"Our phones were also in our bags, as well as our purses with our money and bank cards."

"... ohhh. You're right."

Peach looked at her friend and narrowed her eyes with a stern expression, "Told you we should have rented lockers."

"I know."

Both Peach and Pauline's bags, which had held not just their phones, but also their purses with their money and bank cards, were missing too. They'd been so focused on the fact that they had been left with nothing to wear that they'd never considered that whoever had taken their bags hadn't done it to steal their clothing. Those thieves were probably more interested in their valuables and had used their absence as a chance to grab them. Robbery and profit were the motivations, nothing more, nothing less. Whoever stole everything perhaps didn't even realize the bags contained their clothes, they probably just picked them up and ran before their owners could come back.

To recap, Princess Peach and Mayor Pauline had no phones, so they couldn't call anyone for help, and they sure as hell weren't gonna ask for a stranger's phone because someone answering wouldn't be guaranteed and perverts would likely make things hard for them. They had no clothes on, no gym clothes, no undergarments, not even footwear. Also, neither of them had any money. Worse, Peach's Castle was at least thirty minutes away by foot. Both of them immediately realized what they hoped wasn't true as the blonde sighed, "We have no other choice but to be naked in public. It's pretty much unavoidable."

Peach and Pauline felt sick and dizzy, but they couldn't see any way around it. The princess and mayor were totally naked, and staying in the locker room to be hidden from view until nightfall or even closing time for the added covers that the empty gym and the darkness outside would bring meant lingering too long in the locker room. What their highest priority was at the moment was to get out soon, especially if the person who had stolen their clothes put two and two together and realized that what they had in their possession meant two women was somewhere in the gym while completely naked and vulnerable, and returned for reasons even less friendly than simple robbery.

However, try as they might, they couldn't compel themselves to go forward from their current spot and out into the main area of the gym. Safety seemed so far, and they knew there would be no turning back once they set out on that journey. They knew would have to keep moving, hiding where they could, but never able to stop until they were back at Peach's Castle. Pauline asked, "How do we get out of here?"

Crouching down and trying to stay low and out of sight, a naked Peach and Pauline hid in the corridor from the locker room to the gym. While their breasts and vaginas were hidden, their buttocks and the rest of their bare skin couldn't be covered. Their stomachs churned as they hugged themselves with nervousness while staring at the open space of the main gym area.

Peach and Pauline just stayed in place while waiting for the right moment, the moment when there would be nobody in their direct lines of sight, when they could burst from their cover and run, completely bare, to the gym's entrance, outside of the building, and to their next place of safety and cover.

From their perspectives, people were mostly minding their own business while focusing on lifting weights, walking on treadmills, being on ellipticals, or being on bikes. Someone might have seen the naked princess and mayor if they looked back. Also, no females were entering or exiting the locker room, so Peach and Pauline eventually decided it was safe to flee.

With deep breaths, the naked blonde and brunette willed their legs into movement, they stood in a half-crouch, they each had one hand covering their breasts and the other concealing what was between their legs, and dashed from their cover.

Nothing could have prepared either of them for the experience of being naked in the open. Peach and Pauline felt like prey animals crossing a space where, at any moment, eagles might swoop down and carry them off. They didn't need to see anyone watching them, but in their minds, eyes were everywhere, ogling the entirety of their feminine forms and judging them. Such a situation caused them to feel delirious, but Peach told Pauline, "There's no turning back now, we have to keep going."

Then, suddenly, up ahead, people at the front desk! Had they seen Peach or Pauline baring all? If not, they soon would. Desperately, a nude Peach and Pauline looked around for cover, but couldn't find any. All they could do was keep going, take the hit, accept being seen totally nude, and hope nobody gave chase.

Peach and Pauline fixed her vision straight ahead while trying not to acknowledge anyone perverted enough to lay eyes on them. The streakers knew people could see their nudity, see from their body language their were frightened and humiliated, those nudies even assumed that their onlookers were like, "WTF?"

Briefly, they wondered if they could stop and plead for help, but the thought of speaking to those people, even if it would end in them perhaps being given jackets or something to cover themselves by a kindly soul, was too much to bear. Instead, they just kept running past everyone without daring look back to see if anyone was following. Their ears were deaf to any shouts, deaf to all but the sounds of their own blood pounding as their hearts raced.

Adrenaline was fueling a bare Peach and Pauline now as they burst from the gym entrance and outside with barely a break in stride, turning left, continuing to run. There was no stopping now. Public streets offered even less cover than the gym locker room had, and although they saw no pedestrians ahead, cars whooshed past. A row of parked vehicles between them and the open road offered some small amount of cover, and they kept themselves low, hoping to remain hidden by the parked cars, but it wasn't exactly reassuring.

Both naked women kept moving. Because they were outdoors, the streakers were too exposed now, too conscious of their own nakedness, conscious too that their hands did little to cover them, and simply made their bodies more enticing to the eyes of strangers. Turning left, they left the main road they were on and entered a street of houses. While running, Pauline looked back and told her friend, "Good thing nobody's after us."

Dead ahead, Peach and Pauline saw an alleyway between two buildings, it looked safe enough, so they ran for it. Having disappeared into the shade and shadow, their breaths were ragged and their hearts were pounding as they stopped running as panted, "Phew."

Pauline was about to lean back against a wall to relax, but Peach lost her footing while wiping her dirty bare feet. As the princess fell forward, the mayor was able catch her, but they fell with Pauline falling backwards against a wall and Peach pinned against her. Such movements caused Peach's lips to press against Pauline's in a kiss. Both princesses quickly realized what they were doing and backed away with blushes and covered mouths. Peach said to the other woman, "Sorry, Pauline. I lost my balance."

"Oh, no worries. Truth be told, I... actually liked the kiss."

Peach was surprised, "You did?"

"Yes. I know we're naked in public, but you're very beautiful, so a kiss from you still feels really good one way or another."

With her eyes widened a little more, the naked princess giggled a little and said, "I'm... touched that you think I look lovely. Thank you. I think you're beautiful too."

As Peach and Pauline giggled at each other's compliments, they stayed naked in the alleyway while catching their breaths. the streakers couldn't help but notice how big their breasts were, how stiff their nipples were, and how wet their hairless vaginas were. Still leaned back against the wall, Pauline asked while looking at Peach's vagina, "Peach?"


"Are you sexually aroused by looking at me naked?"

Touching her vulva, Peach noticed it was lubricated and the cunt lips were swollen. She blushed and covered her genitals, making Pauline giggle, "Peach, it's ok to think my nakedness turns you on."

"Are you sure, Pauline?"

"Very sure. You don't need to hide your arousal from me, I'm not hiding the arousal I'm feeling from seeing your nudity."

"I don't know what to say."

"Just say you enjoy staring at my lady parts. I enjoy staring at yours."

"Ok, I admit it. Taking a look at your private areas really makes wet between my legs."

Really, both Peach and Pauline were fascinated by the other's body as they stood nude with their hands and arms at their sides, just letting being amazed by each other's large breasts, thin stomachs, and shaved vaginas. Sometimes, they let a hand feel the vaginal wetness between their inner thighs. Other times, they put their hands on their hips and smiled at one another. After a few minutes of staring, the naked mayor asked, "Can we... kiss again?"

"Yes. Honestly, I liked the kiss as much as you did."

"Aw, Peach."

"Call me crazy, but I guess you could even say that I'm starting to warm up to public nudity."

"Really? So am I. Streaking outside isn't all bad if it means we can appreciate each other's uncovered beauty."


Peach walked to Pauline so they could kiss again. It lasted a lot longer, and they really savored the sensation of their lips pressing against one another. Only after they felt shortness of breath did they stop kissing before Pauline grinned, "Look at you, Peach. Blonde hair, soft lips, big breasts, skinny stomach, curves, smooth skin, a round bottom, and dainty bare feet. You're stunning as they come."

Again, Peach giggled before stating, "Oh, Pauline. That's so nice coming from a friend, but your taller bod, longer limbs, full lips, brown hair, bigger boobs, equally flat tummy, curvier figure, equally silky skin, and thiccer buttocks make you look so bodacious. Plus, even though your bare feet are a little larger than mine, they're still delicately small and pretty."

"You're so sweet, Peach."

"Wanna look at my bare bottom?"

"Please let me."

A 180-degree turn later, Pauline could see Peach's buttocks, all round and firm. The brunette even happily grabbed handfuls of the blonde's butt cheeks, squeezing every second. While having her ass groped by her friend for about a minute, Peach moaned, "Pauline, you and I went farther had thought we could, farther than we had thought we would dare. We had been seen naked, undoubtedly, but we escaped without confrontation, without immediate reprisal."

Pauline smiled, "All we need to do was repeat this, to go from cover to cover for maybe five or ten more minutes, and then we'll back at your castle. Before we leave this safe space, you wanna grab my butt in return?"


Both ladies rotated until Peach could Pauline's buttocks. To the princess, the mayor's exposed butt seemed rounder, bouncier, and doughier. Peach squeezed her friend's ass even harder Pauline squeezed Peach's. A minute later, Pauline turned around and squeezed Peach's breasts, the blonde returned the favor for a few seconds, then stopped and suggested, "Maybe we should save all this sexual pleasure for after we get to safety."


"The longer we stay naked out here, the higher the risk of getting caught and apprehended."

"Good idea. Let's go."

Letting go of each other, Peach and Pauline made as if to move, but then instinct stopped them and made them freeze, barely daring to breathe as, up ahead, people crossed the opening of the alleyway. They didn't give a glance down it or discover the nude women.

Now, a long way from safety, with a walk ahead through streets used by who knew how many people, Peach and Pauline wished more than anything they had some clothing. Sadly, all they had to cover their private parts were their hands and arms, and they were not very effective substitutes.

Also, both Peach and Pauline's vaginas were still wet, they knew part of it was caused by having their hands clamped over their exposed pussies with their fingers naturally resting between their lips, part of it by looking at each other's naked beauty. Wetness down there was indicating that the blonde and brunette were eager to touch one another and also be touched. However, they wanted to save lesbian sex for after they got to safety.

Cautiously, they moved their hands away as Peach asked her friend, "Hey, Pauline. Would you rather be seen completely exposed below the waist and be able to bear the sensation of arousal, or try and cover yourself and unintentionally provide yourself greater stimulation in the process?"

Thinking carefully, Pauline's answer was, "Let's do the former. After all, it's not like our attempts at modesty are actually providing us with any."

"Good point. We could probably move faster if we weren't hobbling about with our hands between our legs."

Hugging their exposed breasts with both arms now, Peach and Pauline cautiously stood and peered from the alleyway. From their perspectives, they were still at least several more intersections and blocks of businesses before getting to the less urban areas of the Mushroom Kingdom. Houses shaped like mushrooms scattered on a grassy field could be seen in the distance. That meant Peach's Castle wasn't too far away. The closer they got to the castle, the less busy with traffic those roads would become.

Peach warned her friend, "We're just gonna have to suck it up and accept that passing cars, and maybe more than one pedestrian, are going to see us naked."

Pauline nodded understandingly, "I am prepared."

There was nobody in the immediate vicinity, so Peach and Pauline stepped from the alleyway and strode as quickly as they could up the street. The sun was warm on their bare skin and was yet another reminder of the sensation of being utterly naked in public. It was curiously less unpleasant now. Glancing around to make sure they weren't likely to run into any people, Peach cautiously let her arms fall by her sides and Pauline did the same. They tried to walk briskly, as if they were fully clothed (even though they were the complete opposite).

Nervous and awkward, the princess and mayor forced themselves for the moment to walk completely exposed, their breasts and everything else bare to the world. Peach and Pauline's breasts moved freely with their brisk pace, and the blonde almost laughed to her friend, "Can you imagine how we must look half-running nude down the street, jiggling freely?"

Being told about such a thing made Pauline almost laugh with her, "I know, right?"

A noise that sounded like an approaching vehicle interrupted their reverie and brought reality back into focus. Blushing both at their own nakedness and at the fact they had been caught almost enjoying it, Peach and Pauline hugged their chests and ducked down next to cars parked up by the roadside again, hoping to evade detection. Unfortunately, it was futile as the loudly-honked horn as the car sped past attested, making the princess sigh, "One more person with a story to tell of how they saw two naked women in the street."

Feeling humiliated, Pauline blushed, "Let's just hope it was nobody we know."

When the car was gone, Peach and Pauline found their wishes for modesty dissipating again. Once more, their arms fell to swinging by their sides as they embraced the bizarre freedom from full frontal nudity. Up into another street, one that was quieter, the princess and mayor knew it just another street before venturing back into familiar territory.

Peach and Pauline's bare stomachs turned and what little enjoyment they had experienced faded as they saw what laid ahead. While, thank heavens, there were no pedestrians ahead of them, what they did see on the more grassy area of the Mushroom Kingdom were a few working vans parked by a mushroom-shaped house. That meant only one thing, that house had builders in it, and they were hard at work in the afternoon sun. Furthermore, there was an audience of multiple men, well-known for their particular ability to... appreciate the figure of any woman they saw.

As a super pretty blonde and super lovely brunette, Peach and Pauline had experienced so much cat-calling in their lives that they were jaded to it, even when they were fully clothed, and both of them were going to have to walk past those men completely naked to reach Peach's Castle. The princess said to the mayor, "Since it's the quickest possible route, we're just going to have to suck it up and get it over with if we want to get to safety faster. The castle is only several more minutes away if we keep walking straight, I can see it."

Pauline hugged her chest again as she lamented, "You mean inflame the antics of those workmen by letting them see everything?"

Reluctantly, Peach nodded while covering her lady parts and set off with Pauline close by, walking as quickly as they could force themselves to, despite knowing that every step brought them closer to potential humiliation. They hoped that the construction workers were so busy that the bare women would have some chance of slipping by unnoticed. Too bad for them, the workers spotted them. A naked Peach and Pauline heard them wolf-whistling and cat calling, and tried their best to shut them out.

Staring straight ahead, the blonde and brunette were crimson-faced as they willed themselves not to turn and look at the house, to see the faces of the men shouting. As they passed, the calls though became too explicit to ignore with perverted dialogue. Peach and Pauline looked and saw three grinning, beefy men, unable to believe their luck, delighted to lay eyes on two exposed young women. The fact those dudes had got the attention of the streakers only encouraged them, and they began to call down to Peach and Pauline to come up and perform any number of quite imaginative acts for, and on, them.

The streakers quickened their pace even more to end the ordeal of being cat-called. Thankfully, the blonde and brunette were soon out of sight and out of earshot, so they didn't hear the calls of the workmen turn to pleas for them to come back.

What the princess and mayor didn't know was that the Goomba with the bandana, the same one who stole their belongings from the gym, was hiding behind the same house that the men were working on. He even watched Peach and Pauline streak past the house and laid eyes on their bare asses while making sure they didn't see him. Also, he still had their bags.

Once again, Peach and Pauline let their hands fall back to their sides and let themselves be fully exposed once more while heading back to the castle.

Along the way, the naked princess and mayor felt somewhat relaxed since they didn't have to put up with any more obstacles, they even slowed down their walking speed. Peach even admitted to her friend as the castle was only a minute or two away, "Right now, I feel more at ease with our predicament, enough to focus on the enjoyable novelty of us walking naked down a public street, rather than on our fear of discovery."

As they made the last stage of their journey, Pauline questioned her with raised eyebrows, "Are you saying... you actually had some fun being nude outside?"

"Yes, especially since you said I look wonderful in the nude. You complimenting my nakedness is genuine."

"Peach, I had fun being bare outside too. I can safely say that perhaps being seen like in the buff would not be the end of the world. You saying my nudity looks amazing means a lot."

"Plus, deep down inside, I also actually liked the way those workmen wolf-whistled and cat called my nakedness because it still showed an appreciation of my beauty."

"Yeah, me too. I suppose it's understandable why they would say and do all that while we're not wearing any clothes. I mean, we both look like we're in our 20s, we're slim, we're curvaceous, we have beautiful faces, we have flawless skin, our boobs are big and fun to fondle, our vulvas are wet due to undeniable sexual arousal, our bare buttocks are thicc, and our feet look cute. Compliments are compliments."

Peach then showed a look of minor disappointment as she pointed out to Pauline, "This escapade will soon be at an end."

"What do you mean?"

"I guess I kind of don't want our indecent exposure to end so quickly."

"You mean you want to make it last a little longer?"

"Yes. Just a little more."

"Hee hee. I do too."

Both streakers were having mixed emotions. On one hand, they were starting to love being nude in public. After all, they knew they had beautiful bodies and even got sexually excited when their figures were praised and fondled. On the other hand, they knew they had to put an end to their adventure before someone confronted them directly.

Maybe it was that which helped the nude princess and mayor make a resolution, when they saw a few more people off in the distance, that they wouldn't hide. The naked women could see a man and a woman, both more clothed than them.

Peach and Pauline forced themselves to continue swinging their arms at her sides, to continue walking unhurriedly, to behave exactly as if they were just normal clothed people on the street. It seemed like the couple had seen the nudies now because they slowed their own pace, spoke to one another, and pointed in their direction. The man and woman were perhaps in their forties and mildly shocked, Peach and Pauline kept a straight face as they drew ever closer to the others. Even though the streakers felt like bursting out laughing, they contented themselves with just a broad grin, until, as the unclothed individuals got alongside the ones who were fully dressed. Nonchalantly, a bare Peach and Pauline passed them and even wished them a cheery, "Good afternoon."

By now, Peach's Castle was just ahead. Before the couple could come to their senses and turn back to approach the streaking princess and mayor, Peach and Pauline darted off and away into the relative privacy of the castle bridge before bursting into a fit of almost hysterical giggles.

In public, Princess Peach and Mayor Pauline just fully exposed themselves to a pair of strangers. All that fear they'd had before, and now they felt like happy exhibitionists. They couldn't explain it any other way, the excitement from admiring and touching one another's naked bodies must have had caused them to gradually be less ashamed of their figures. Peach and Pauline knew they were beautiful, with or without their clothes. Being complimented by others also encouraged them to embrace being naked from head to toe.

Basically, the blonde and brunette adjusted and come to find enjoyment of walking bare in public, but they fought to regain her composure, lest excitement and relief make them act foolish. They weren't out of the woods yet because they still had to sneak back into the castle undetected, put some clothes on, and apprehend the one who stole their clothes if they could. Peach and Pauline covered themselves, not wanting to shock Mario, Luigi, Toadsworth, and/or the Toads inside by appearing at the front door with everything on show before they'd had chance to explain themselves.

Looking through a few windows, Peach verified after seeing how empty the castle was inside, "Nobody's inside. It's safe to go in the front."

Underneath a welcome mat was a key used to lock and unlock the door, Peach got the key from under the mat, unlocked the door, opened it, and put the key back under the mat. The lobby was empty, but Peach and Pauline kept their breasts and vaginas covered while running upstairs. Halls were empty too as the blonde and brunette did a lot of sneaking around while heading for Peach's bedroom.

It took them a while, and they almost came close to getting caught a few times by a Toad, but Peach eventually found her bedroom as she and Pauline went in and locked the door. Now officially safe, Peach grinned while sitting her naked bottom down on the bed and spreading her legs to massage her groin.

She gestured for Pauline to sit with her on the bed. When the brunette did so, the blonde said, "Now that we no longer have to worry about legal consequences, feel free to cup my bare boobs while I cup yours."

Peach and Pauline looked at each other naked and they loved staring at each other's feminine figures as they got closer to each other. The blonde wrapped her arms around Pauline's shoulders while the brunette wrapped her arms around Peach's waist, rubbing her back as they kissed on the lips. They moaned from feeling each other's breasts mushing and their flat lovely stomachs, they knew their skin was so flawless.

Feeling aroused, they smiled mischievously at each other, fondling each other's breasts and kissing for a few minutes before the nude mayor lied down on her back with her knees bent and her feet dangling over the floor.

Getting on top of the taller woman, Peach put her head between Pauline's thighs, licking her pussy. Moaning with her eyes shut, Pauline kept telling Peach, "Kiss my vagina. Lick it. Do whatever you like."

Pauline even stroked Peach's hair with one hand and fondled her own boobs with her other hand.

A while later, Pauline asked Peach to stop so they could switch places. Seeing the shorter woman lying on her back, the brunette kissed the blonde's cheeks before moving down her body, squeezing Peach's breasts with one hand and her buttocks with the other. After all, Peach knew her bare butt was so soft and round, and she was tempted to grope Pauline's butt in return.

Peach's legs were spread as widely as possible by Pauline, who then put her face between the princess's legs to lick her pussy a few times. Then she had a better idea, which to get in a 69 so her own cunt would be closer to Peach's mouth. The blonde went in between the brunette's legs to suck her pussy, making the mayor resume her cunnilingus while on top of her. Both the princess and mayor lovingly drank each other's vaginal juices, savoring the sweetness. It only took a few minutes for them to climax, squirting cum all over each other's face.

Tired, Pauline got off of Peach and cuddled next to her so they could bask in the softness of one another's nude bodies. As they groped each other's breasts, Peach began pinching Pauline's nipples and vice versa. They even rubbed each other's flat tummies.

Eventually, the mayor lied on her back to form another 69, but with the princess on top now. What they for the next few minutes was kiss each other's cunt lips while occasionally fingering the pink folds, both of them not wanting to stop making each other feel good. As Peach was on top of Pauline and kissing her vagina, the bare mayor couldn't help but grab her butt.

Soon, Peach and Pauline each used one hand to fondle their own breasts, which made it slightly easier for both of them to finally orgasm again, screaming as they blasted more white liquids out of their pussies.

After the two women licked the cum, Peach looked at Pauline, asking, "Did you enjoy it?"

The unclothed mayor grinned and asked, "Enjoy what?"

"The public nudity, despite not having anticipated it? That and the sex we just had?"

"I enjoyed both."

"Me too."

Peach kissed Pauline's face. Very exhausted from the adultery they committed, they were about to fall asleep, but then some really loud laughing got their attention. They got off the bed to see where it was coming from. When they did, their eyes widened when they saw their bags with a Goomba with a bandana. He was laughing with the workmen that just wolf-whistled and cat called the streaking women, obviously blabbing about him being the one that stole their clothes.

Before going back outside, Peach put some clothes on, including her trademark pink dress. She even let Pauline wear one of her dresses since the mayor needed some clothes too. To Pauline, Peach's pink dress was kind of short and tight, but still fit and covered her lady parts.

While the Goomba was laughing, "...they must be embarrassed beyond belief, having to run naked in public and avoid detection! Who doesn't love a naked woman? Ha ha ha h-"


That made the Goomba stop laughing and he saw Peach and Pauline. Their arms were folded with death glares on their faces. The Goomba gulped as he nervously stammered, "H-hey, ladies. How a-are you... doing?"

Neither female answered the question as they promptly took their possessions back, Peach said, "Don't bother running away. We called the cops before we came out here."


Right on cue, the police arrived in cars. A Pianta cop stepped out of his car and asked the ladies, "This is the Goomba that stole your stuff?"

Pauline said, "Affirmative."

Another Pianta cop grabbed the Goomba's head before it could flee, saying to him, "You're under arrest for theft."

Since the Goomba had no hands, the cops locked him in cage and threw the cage in a large police van with double doors.

Once all of the police dispersed, Peach said to Pauline, "I feel like we should have had sex after getting that Goomba arrested. It would have been a nice way to celebrate."

"Yeah, but we have our stuff back, so it doesn't matter."

"Before you go, I've been thinking..."


"Maybe we can go naked in public again in the near future. We can leave our clothes behind so no one will steal them, we can even get Daisy and Rosalina to join us."

"That sounds like a fun idea."

"Also, since the public nudity will be on our terms, we can look and act more dignified while doing it."

"Absolutely. Oh, one more thing."

"What's that?"

"Actually, two more things. One is to lower the rental fees for gym lockers. The other is to abolish all-gender locker rooms altogether so men go into one and women go into the other."

"Ok. Anything else?"

"Not right now. I better go home so I can get ready for work tomorrow."

They both said goodbye as Peach went back to her castle and Pauline headed back to New Donk City.


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