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Chapter 1

Queen Elsa became the protector of the Enchanted Forest, but she still regularly visited Arendelle as peace has been restored.

One day, she visited Arendelle after a long absence to see how much it had changed since her last visit. Everything seemed the same, except for one thing...

A clothing-optional theater was at risk of being shut down due to a lack of business. Elsa even noticed Princess Anna arguing with some people who were threatening to close it down unless she makes enough money to pay for the expenses associated with it. They included, but were not limited to rent, electricity, tickets, props, salaries for performers, etc.

Anna ended the dispute with, "Ok, just give me some time to get some money for it, GOD!"

Once everyone left, Elsa asked her sister, "Something wrong, Anna?"

She replied, "Oh. Hey, Elsa. Nothing wrong... except for the theater at risk of being closed down for good."

"Oh dear, that's terrible. How are you going to raise support for it?"

"I tried everything. Plays, musicals, recreating movies, songs from Olaf, none of them worked. People just won't come."

"What other ideas do you have?"

"Well, Kristoff did suggest a last resort."

"What's that?"

Anna whispered something inaudible in Elsa's ear, but the older sister cringed a little, "Ugh, Anna. Tell me you're not THAT desperate."

"I'm sorry, Elsa, but all the circumstances I'm dealing with are forcing my hand."

"It's foolish. Please reconsider."


"Oh god, you're not."

Later that evening, Anna was promoting herself. Her entire self, her entire naked self.

There was a sign outside the theater entrance that said Anna would be baring it all, streaking around the theater as her big show. The sign issued a warning that only adults would be permitted entry. Anna being turned out to be a huge selling point for the public because Kristoff reported that ticket sales were skyrocketing. Such demand cemented Anna's decision to go through with the full frontal nudity she would be displaying for Arendelle.

In fact, demand was so high that the whole theater was packed. Some people even had to sit on the floor because all the seats were filled. It was a sight that pleased Anna, who was currently dressed in a strapless dress, matching high heels, a bra, and a pair of panties. All of them were red and all of them would be on until Anna began the striptease.

Looking at the crowd from behind the curtain, Anna got all giddy, "Oh man, there's no way the theater will close down after this."

Elsa was dressed in the same things that Anna was currently wearing, expect blue in color. She said to her younger sister, "I still wish you wouldn't do this."

"You want to lose the theater?"

"No, but..."

"Sis, stop worrying and being uptight. Sometimes, we all have to do things that others might not approve of."

Elsa sighed and stopped trying to change Anna's mind.

Now the show was about to begin. People clapped as Anna slowly strutted to the center of the stage. Once she was in the middle, she signaled for Kristoff and Olaf to play some music. With strumming instruments, Olaf and Kristoff played what sounded like flamenco.

Ready to strip, Anna kicked off the high heels with some dancing kicks. They both landed in the crowd on both sides, between people and the seats they sat in. People scrambled to find them, pushing and shoving to prevent others from taking them, playing tug of war, and getting in fist fights. Everyone wanted those shoes.

Next, Anna ripped off her dress with one hand and used that same hand to twirl her dress high in the air before tossing it into the crowd, making the audience once again attack each other to get their hands on it. The dress was even ripped to shreds and people took what they could get.

Finally, Anna fiddled with the bra to take it off, then faced away from the crowd, bent over, and pulled down her underwear to expose her butt.

Anna was officially naked. Completely naked. Nothing covered any part of her body, and everyone roared in applause as she showed off her privates.

Elsa looked away out of respect, but Anna kept telling her to quit looking away, stating, "Come on, Elsa. You know you'd like some of this."

"No, I do not."

At first, Elsa kept thinking that Anna was being foolish, she kept her gaze away from Anna while looking at the cheering crowd, snarking, "I'm surprised none of the audience members are getting out of their seats to get their hands on Anna."

While twerking on stage, Anna pointed out, "Look at how accepting and non-perverted the crowd is about my nudity. They love it."

"Aren't they gonna grab your breasts or your pussy?"

"Nonsense, they know better."

It was true, they stayed in their seats and cheered Anna on as she then squeezed her boobs and pinched her nipples.

Soon, Anna did something bold. She left the stage and did some streaking around the crowd. From left to right, from front to back, Anna looked sexy as she made sure everyone saw, but didn't touch. With Kristoff and Olaf still playing music, Anna strutted, moonwalked, did lots cool dance moves, even rode Sven like how Lady Godiva rode naked on a horse.

Once Anna walked nude in every area of the audience seating, Elsa looked a little surprised with widened eyes, making her little sister say, "Like I said, accepting and non-perverted. No one groped me, and I'm sure they will respect your boundaries too."

Elsa admitted, "This is certainly surprising. I guess I can... give it a shot."

Smirking with a raised eyebrow, Anna asked, "Give what a shot?"

"Going streaking."

Anna was surprised by that, but not as surprised as the crowd (because Anna expected her big sister to eventually warm up to being bare). She even helped Elsa take off everything. Her shoes, dress, and undergarments were all thrown at the audience, making everyone fight over them yet again and leaving Elsa as naked as her sister.

When she was finally sure that the people have stopped fighting once and for all, Anna asked Elsa, "Ready to have a good time? We'll raise extra money for the theater by signing autographs."

Elsa smiled as she headed for the audience, but Anna stopped her with a shit-eating grin, "Not yet. First, we're gonna give them a show."

What Anna meant by that was a little lesbian sex session. She made Elsa lie on her back before sitting on the floor close to her, positioning herself between her legs, pushing them open more. Anna slid a hand down one of Elsa's smooth thighs until she reached her prize, which was the soaking wet pussy.

Anna and Elsa kissed on the lips while the younger sister rubbed her older sister's cunt gently, just on her outer lips at first, getting her fingers slick with juices. Then, slowly, Anna slid two fingers into Elsa.

To Anna, Elsa was so tight, it was almost too much to start. She didn't think the cryomancer was expecting two fingers so suddenly. Elsa moaned softly, "Oohh."

Anna was happy that she pulled a reaction out of Elsa as she cuddled next to her, it was her goal to make her feel good as Anna said, "Maybe also make me feel good by doing to me what I'm doing to you."

That was exactly what Elsa did, the big sister began sliding her fingers in and out of her little sister slowly at first, but not long after she started to build speed. Those actions pleased Anna, both literally and figuratively, as she kept fingering Elsa back and commented, "Looks like she caught on quick."

Both of them were making the most delicious noises now, their eyes were completely closed, and they were moaning louder.

Suddenly, Anna and Elsa each slipped a third finger in each other's vaginas to give them a little extra jolt, they both reacted better than the other could have expected. They began squirming just slightly while moaning a bit louder, "Uuhhhhh."

Their breathing became heavier, their legs began to quiver, so they went back to two fingers so they could have better speed and momentum. Neither of them seemed to notice. Anna and Elsa must having been enjoying themselves, their moans kept getting more frequent. Not only that, their vulvas were getting wetter too, starting to gush a bit as they kept going faster and harder on one another.

Once more, Anna and Elsa slid a third finger in each other, causing them to arch their backs and groan, "Mmmmm."

Anna and Elsa still had their eyes closed. Eventually, their pussies began to gush as they continued to finger each other harder and faster, their legs shaking more violently. They didn't stop until the other began squirting. The looks on their faces were priceless and they watched one another the entire time, trying to gauge their reactions and loving every minute of it.

It took a little while for them to stop cumming. When they did, they began to calm down while Anna continued stroking the outside of Elsa's soaked pussy, asking, "Was that okay, sis?"

A voice called out, "NO!"

That response made the sisters get up and ask, "Who said that?"

The one who said that was... the Duke of Weselton. His presence made people gasp as he protested, "Why on Earth are you doing such a thing?"

Putting her wrists on her hips, Anna ignored the question and told him off, "Aren't you too busy trying to exploit Arendelle's goods and riches?! This is an honest effort to obtain funds for a dying theater and save it from foreclosure."

Nobody else cared what the Duke thought either, one of them even yelled, "Yeah! Who are you to talk?!"

Another one angrily shouted, "The Duke is supposed to be banned from Arendelle!"

Thankfully, Oaken was in the audience as he approached the Duke, intimidating him with his massive stature. The Duke looked up in fear as Oaken asked, "How did you even get in here? How did you even manage to set foot in Arendelle? Didn't Elsa cut off all trade with you?"

Elsa answered, "I did! Get that Duke out of here!"

All the Duke could do was gulp nervously as Oaken grabbed him with his big hands and threw him out of the theater, saying, "Bye bye."

Everyone cheered as Oaken sat back down. Anna then pointed out to Elsa, "Look at the money we made!"

Looking down at the floor, Elsa saw loads of money scattered everywhere, making her gasp, "Whoa."

Anna smiled, "Whoa is right. All of this moolah should keep the theater open for years to come!"

"That makes me happy."

"Me too."

After Anna and Elsa kissed again, they got off the stage and announced that they would be signing autographs before ending the show. At least a thousand were signed by the end.

As expected, days later, Anna was able to pay, so no one needed to shut down the theater. Even after paying, there were still boatloads of cash. Anna and Kristoff even used some of the extra money to have a fancy dinner to celebrate.

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