Strained Training @woodyk
Chapter 1

Team Skull had turned over a new leaf after the Alola League, and Rapp had become friends with good friends with Ash and his friends since.

One day, Rapp wanted to do some training together with Ash at the local Alolan Gym. Ash had a tank top and gym, but man, was it hard to keep a boner hidden wearing them.

Rapp walked in wearing skin-tight yoga pants with a barely large enough sports bra. He could barely see her nipples poking out from the bra.

To start, they chose to start cardio with the treadmills, then just said nothing for half an hour before she decided to start some small talk, "This is a nice little gym here. I wish I found this a lot earlier."

Ash agreed, "Yes. It's nice."

"Certainly with more updated equipment and cleaner locker rooms. They're co-ed, so men and women can chill in saunas together."

"Chill in saunas? Aren't they hot?"

"True. I meant to say relax in saunas together."

"You... wanna do that later?"

"You're saying that because you wanna look at my boobs."

"I admit it, yes."

Reaching down, Rapp cupped both tits and grinned, "Sure. They are nice tits, I'll give you that. What do you think of them?"

"They are very nice."

"Actually, screw the training. Would you like to see these titties now?"

He shook his head 'yes' because she grabbed the bottom of her sports bra and lifted it up, exposing both of her beautiful tits before they got off their treadmills, began walking to the locker rooms, took all of their clothes off. With Ash promptly following Rapp's sweet ass into an empty stall, he was clearly hypnotized.

Now naked in the showers, Rapp got down onto her knees and ogled his 6-inch dick , then giggled, "That's such a nice thick cock you've got! I bet it tastes amazing too."

With that, she engulfed half his cock in one go and began bobbing her head up and down until his dick was fully engulfed by her mouth. Ash moaned, "Fuuuck! Your mouth is so wet! You're gonna make me cum."

Holding back her hair so it wasn't falling in her face, Ash let her do her thing keeping himself from cumming for a solid 5 minutes or so. When Rapp knew he was on the brink of erupting, she asked him while staring up into his eyes and still on his knees, "Does anyone tell you how tasty your cum is?"

"I have been told that many times. What's next?"

"Well, since you're all lubed up now thanks to my mouth, how about you stick that thick cock deep inside me and show me what you can do with it."

She stood up, turned around and bent over, putting her hands on the wall and stuck out her naked ass. He asked, "How rough do you want it?"

"Fuck me until I can't walk anymore."

Without wasting another second, Ash shoved the full length of his dick straight into Rapp's soaking wet cunt, "Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck, this is the biggest cock I've ever taken so far."

Ash just stayed in the position where he was slamming in and out of her pussy, somewhat surprised that he was lasting this long in Rapp. Beginning to feel his orgasm approaching, he spoke through gritted teeth, "I'm gonna cum. Where do you want it?"

"Wherever you want it, baby."

Once he heard that, he immediately let open the flood gates. Semen was rushing out of Ash's dick deep inside of her as he kept thrusting in and out of Rapp, even after he finished cumming. He just didn't want the intimate moment to end. Part of him thought it was a dream and at any moment, it would end and none of it would have ever happened. Thankfully, that didn't happen, and he just kept fucking her cunt.

Ash started thrusting faster and harder into Rapp, who encouraged him as her moans became louder, "Yes! That's right! Don't stop until you can't walk anymore either."

All of a sudden, Ash felt her pussy squeeze tight around his dick as she started thrusting her ass backwards while he thrusted forwards. They both knew that they were on the verge of climaxing. Rapp cried out, "Ooooh God! I'm cumming all over that thick cock of yours! It's pounding me so hard! Fuuuccckkk!"

As Ash kept fucking Rapp, he was a little confused when she made him stop momentarily, lie down, and then she knelt down to let the penis go in her vagina. The entire time, she was moaning his name aloud while her pussy got wetter and warmer. She screamed, "HOLY FUCKING HELL!"

Often, Ash pulled out all the way except the tip of his dick and rammed back inside of Rapp as she commented, "That dick... is so... fucking hard! Really get deep inside me. Fuck the absolute hell out of me."

By now, someone had to have heard Rapp screaming, but yet again, the idea of getting caught didn't stop Ash from fucking her. He just kept doing deep, quick thrusts into her. She kept moaning, which put him closer and closer to his own orgasm. Not too long after, he sent another round of hot cum deep into her as he moaned, "Fuuck, you feel so good! I could do this all day long!"

She looked back at him and winked, "I could certainly use a cock like yours more often."


Finally, she had Ash pull out of her, quite reluctantly on her part as she said, "Man, I loved the feeling of you filling me up with your hot and thick cum, Ash. Almost as much as I love that thick cock pounding my insides!"

"And I loved feeling your insides on my sex organ."

Before someone would find out what happened in the showers, Ash and Rapp washed of the white sex fluids and got dressed. Before leaving and parting ways, they planned for next time with Rapp smirking and winking, "If you want access to that hole again, you'll have to take me out on another date first. Training at the gym doesn't count."

Ash laughed, "I'll take you on the greatest date of your life."

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