My Curse @mystic75
Chapter 7

"Why am I here again, Sam?", the gaunt man in the immaculately tailored suit and cane asked, seeming more than a little bored. Sam stood on the other side of the table in the library in front of a metal bowl that had white smoke billowing out of it. Sam swallowed hard. He knew Death could end him with a touch and it wouldn't be a good idea to get on his bad side. Sam looked around on the table and slid a greasy bag toward the other side of the table.

"Pickle chips?", Sam offered. "I know you really liked them that last time." Death looked at the bag and the back up at Sam. The sigh and the eye roll did not make Sam feel at ease. A bead of sweat rolled down his face and off his chin.

"You mean that time you bound me?" Death stalked up to the table and tilted his head at Sam. Sam's face went pale and he thought he might pass out. His moth opened and closed rapidly like he was trying to say something but nothing would come out. Death grabbed the bag without looking away from Sam, pulled a chip out, and popped it into his mouth. "Yes, they are quite tasty." Sam let out the breath that he didn't even know he was holding.

"I... we... need your help", Sam whispered. Death stared up at Sam licking the grease from his fingers.

"Why am I not surprised?", Death said with a humorless chuckle. "You Winchesters are always in need of something, aren't you?"

"Yeah, I suppose so", Sam chuckled back with the same amount of humor. "Look, my brother is..."

"In a lot of trouble", Death drawled. "Yes, I know." He grabbed the bag of pickle chips and sat down in one of the chairs at the table. "Dean took on the mark of Caine and is now running amok all over creation. Am I close?"

"You're pretty much spot on." Sam sat across from Death at the table and rubbed his tired face with both of his hands. "Dean's been leaving a trail of dead bodies in his wake for the past three months. But he's always gone before I get there. I finally gave up trying."

"But something has changed, hasn't it Sam?", Death interjected.

"Yeah. I don't think he's just killing anymore. He was sticking to beating guys to death in bars, but now I... I think he's... r-raping and killing women." Sam stared at his hands, unable to bring himself to look at the man across from him.

"I see." Death seemed more bored than ever and Sam was afraid he wasn't getting anywhere with him. "And how do you know it's Dean that's doing this, Sam?" Death knew that it was Dean, but he was curious about how Sam figured it out.

"Because all of the women had a certain look", Sam whispered. Death looked at Sam with a raised eyebrow. "They all look like... y/n. Same hair color, same eyes, same face! It can't be a coincidence!"

"Ah, yes." Death nodded. "Dean's beloved." Sam sighed and looked away. "Have you told her about this new development?"

"No, and I'm not going to either", Sam croaked. "Dean's done enough to y/n in the past year. This would destroy her."

"Yes, I know", Death sneered. "She came close to getting reaped because of Dean when he was a demon."

"You think I don't know that?!", Sam spat loudly before he could stop himself. "I was there! I know exactly what he did to her!" Death glared at him and Sam cowered back in his chair, swallowing. Death sat up and leaned over the table pointing a bony finger in Sam's face.

"Respect goes along way, Boy", Death whispered. Sam sat up straight in his chair and just nodded, an expression of utter terror on his face. Death sat back and smiled. "Now then, there's something else that's troubling you, isn't there?"

"Y-yes. I was able to turn on the GPS in Dean's phone and he's been in one place for the last week. He's never gone longer than three days without killing and moving on." Sam ran a hand through his hair before he continued. "Something really bad is gonna happen! I can feel it!"

"Sam?!", a voice called from the corridor leading from the bedrooms. "What's wrong?" Sam could hear her footsteps coming through the doorway. "Why are you...?" Y/n took one look at the man sitting across from Sam at the table and dropped the coffee mug she was holding on the floor with a loud crash. The mug shattered, spraying hot coffee all over her. But she was so shocked by what she was seeing that she ignored the scalding liquid burning her legs. Sam and Death both stood up at the same time and Sam ran to her side.

"Y/n! Are you alright?", Sam asked. Y/n didn't answer. She just stared, wide-eyed, at the man standing near the table with both hands on the top of his cane.

"Wha... what is he d-doing here?!", y/n whispered at Sam, starting to breath heavy. They had met before, but only from a distance. Dean would never let Death get anywhere near her. And Death never pushed the issue. But Dean wasn't here now, was he? Death couldn't resist taking a closer look now. By the time he stopped in front of y/n, she was trembling. He gave her a gentle smile and held his hand out to her with his palm up. Y/n stared at his hand like it was a snake that was going to bite her. She looked up at Sam to see him pleading with her with his eyes for her to cooperate with Death. Y/n took a shuttering breath and reached up, placing her hand in his.

"Y/n, it is such a pleasure to see you again." Death kissed her hand softly and then let it go. "I am sorry that your child did not survive. But such is the way of things." Y/n instinctively clutched her belly and looked away with a silent nod. She didn't want to think about that right now.

"Th-thank you", y/n choked out. "Why... why are you here?" Death could smell the fear coming off of her in waves. He was used to it. Everyone feared him. But being used to it didn't mean he liked it. He kind of enjoyed watching the two brothers squirm when he glared at them, but when this small creature trembled even when he gave her a sincere smile, it made him loath what he was.

"Sam summoned me." Y/n's eyes went wide again as she turned on Sam.

"You... you did what?", y/n screeched. Death could hear her heart rate speed up and begin to pound loudly.

"He tells me that Dean has been causing some trouble. He called to ask for my help." Death had been ready to deny Sam his help. To not get involved. But when he saw the smallest glimmer of hope flash across her face, he wasn't so sure he could turn her away.

"Please! Please help us!", y/n begged. She reached out and grabbed his arm without thinking and Death stiffened. Y/n pulled her hand away quickly, stepping away from him, and cowering behind Sam. "I... I'm sorry!", she blurted out.

"That's quite all right, my dear", Death whispered, relaxing his stance again. He smoothed out his suit jacket and straightened his tie. Sam raised an eyebrow, thinking that he had never seen Death flustered like that. Was Death really affected so much by a human? And how much would this come back to haunt them later? Death took a step closer to y/n as she huddled up against the tall hunter. She was small, but looked even smaller against his massive size.

"I believe I have a way to save your precious Dean... from himself."

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