My Curse @mystic75
Chapter 11

"Mine...", Dean growled low in y/n's ear. He pulled back slowly until just the head of his cock was inside her. "Only mine." When he slammed back into her again, y/n let out a wailing sob. The sound that left Dean's throat was that of a wild animal. He grabbed her by the hair and jerked her head back so he could attack her throat with his mouth. At first it was just kissing and licking, but it quickly turned into painful biting and sucking. The weight of both Dean's and y/n's bodies on top of her cuffed wrists was agony and she was losing the feeling in her fingers.

"D-Dean... Please stop!", Sam croaked, tears streaming down his face. Sam was leaning forward with his head down, staring at the floor between his legs, but Dean was far too deep into his own pleasure to notice that he wasn't watching. But Sam couldn't shut out the sounds. The sounds of Dean's heated moans and grunts and y/n's defeated sobs and whimpers was slowly killing his soul. His brother, his best friend was brutally raping the woman he loved and he couldn't do anything to stop it. He wanted to die.

"You know... Sam", Dean panted, his face buried in y/n's neck as he thrust into her. "You should have... fucked her... when you... had the chance!" Dean pushed up with his palms on the floor on either side of her head so he could look at her face while he fucked her. He wanted... no he needed to see the pain on her face and in her eyes. The mark craved it. "She's so fuckin' hot, Sammy!" Dean slowed his pace and rolled his hips, trying to hit that sweet spot inside her. He wanted to make her cum. One last time. Not to make her feel good, oh no. This wasn't about her. This was about what he... what the mark wanted. It wanted to feel her pussy squeezing Dean's dick to make him... it finish inside her.

"NO!", y/n screamed. And Dean knew he had found his mark. He swiveled his hips rhythmically in that perfect spot knowing how it made her feel. And knowing that she was feeling it against her will, made him even more aroused. Y/n started to whine and her inner walls fluttered around Dean's shaft, making him moan with delight.

"Oh Fuck! Y/n! You feel so good!", Dean growled out. He could feel her getting wetter for him and his thrusting became easier,but no less brutal. He could hear the wet squelching sound coming from between them as he pulled out and pushed back in. "Cum for me, Sweetheart!" Her body began to tremble and she began to tighten around him. He was chasing her to that edge and he was catching up fast.

"D! Please stop!", Y/n whispered breathlessly. "Please don't... don't make me!" He ignored her, his eyes slipping closed as he continued to push into her, slow and deep. She desperately tried to distance herself from what was happening, but he knew her body so well. He knew every spot to hit. to make her come apart. Dean heard what sounded like gagging noises coming from his brother. He turned his head and looked over at Sam's tear streaked face and growled when he saw that Sam wasn't watching. He noticed Sam's jaw clenched tight like he was trying to hold in a wail. He took up the first blade again and poked the bottom of Sam's show with the tip. Sam slowly raised his head and looked at his brother. Under other circumstances, the look of utter defeat on Sam's face would have made Dean cringe, but it only fueled Dean's lust.

"Don't you look away again, Sammy-boy!", Dean snarled. "I want you to watch this! Watch me take what you wanted." Dean reached one hand down between them and pressed his thumb into her clit, making her tense up. Dean groaned when her walls suddenly tightened around his throbbing length. "You like it when I touch you there, don't you baby?" He made tight circles around her nub as he sped up. Her eyes were shut tight and she was panting hard. She was whimpering and Dean could tell that she was trying hard not to react to what he was doing with his hand. He could feel her body begin to tremble underneath him. She was close. "So good", Dean whispered. It was almost time to finish this. He pulled his hand away and picked up the blade again. He knew what had to happen when he caught up to that high. He knew what he was going to do. What he HAD to do to satisfy the mark. Sam's face filled with fear when he saw the fist that was curled around the blade begin to shake.

"DEAN! NO!", Sam bellowed. "YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO THIS!" Sam pulled as hard as he could on the ropes, holding him fast to the pillar. So hard that his wrists began to bleed. "If you need to kill someone, kill me!" Sam sobbed hysterically as he struggled. "PLEASE! KILL ME!"

"You'll just have to wait your turn, Sammy!", Dean panted. The hand holding the jawbone knife began to slowly raise up until it was high over his head. His whole body began to quake and he squeezed his eyes shut as he felt y/n jerk and stiffen under him. Dean dipped his head low, stuck his nose in her hair, and breathed in deeply, savoring the scent of sweet strawberries on last time. When she screamed out her orgasm, Dean fell over the edge with a primal scream of his own. At the height of his pleasure he brought the blade down in a wide arc.

The climactic final act in this Shakespearean tragedy.

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