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Lucifer's Ride @mystic75
Chapter 9

Cas had been out for quite sometime and Dean was getting worried. He had just about worn a hole right through the carpet he was pacing on. He hated waiting probably more than anything else in the world and this was the worst waiting he'd ever been through. Just as he thought he might go crazy with worry, Dean heard Cas groan. Cas raised a hand to his head and rubbed his temple. 'Projecting himself into other people's minds must give him a bitch of a headache', Dean thought to himself.

"CAS? YOU OK, BUDDY?", Dean shouted, running to the chair and helping him to sit up. "Is Sam OK? How's Charlie? Do you know where they are? Dean was rambling and Cas was having trouble keeping up.

"DEAN! SLOW DOWN!", Cas growled. "TAKE A BREATH!" Dean took several deep breaths through his nose, trying to calm himself down. "Sam is OK. For now." Dean looked up at Cas, and furrowed his eyebrows. He knew Sam wouldn't stay that way for long. "Charlie, however, is not fairing so well. Lucifer is beating her and...and...having his way with her." Cas looked away with a sigh. He didn't want to tell Dean that, but knew if he didn't, Dean would have words for him later. "Lucifer is using her to punish Sam for attempting to find out where they were."

"SON OF A BITCH!", Dean snarled. "WE GOTTA DO SOMETHING! AND SOON! I CAN'T TAKE THIS WAITING ANYMORE!" He started pacing again and Cas stood up and walked in front of him, stopping Dean in his tracks. He put his hand on Dean's shoulder and smiled. A genuine cheerful smile, not a fake, sympathy one.

"Dean, we'll get them back", Cas whispered. "I think Sam can free himself from the confines of his mind and expel Lucifer. I gave him an incantation to exorcise Lucifer from his body. I just need to track Charlie, and we will need a spell to put Lucifer back in the cage or bind him some other way."

"I was thinking about that", Dean chimed in. "Maybe Rowena will have a spell to put Lucifer back in the box." Cas nodded. "Cas, you go to the store room and get the ingredients you need for the tracking spell. I'll see if I can get a hold of Rowena and ask if she'll help us." Cas quickly walked out of the room while Dean dialed Rowena's number. "Hey! Rowena! You got a minute?" There was a short pause when Dean rolled his eyes at the phone in his hand.

"YES Rowena, I am still single. NO, I am NOT available!"

"OH, THAT WAS AMAZING, SWEETHEART!", Lucifer groaned. "I thought you couldn't get any tighter after the first time I fucked you! But you surprised me again!" Lucifer breathed deeply into the side of her neck, smelling the fear and the sweat, mixed with her natural scent. It was almost enough to get him hard again, but he wanted to torture Sam some more. He crawled off the bed with a satisfied sigh. He looked down at the battered and trembling woman on the bed and smirked. Charlie rolled over on her side and curled into a tight ball. Lucifer touched her foot and she flinched away from him. He chuckled and went into the bathroom, leaving the door open so he could hear her if she moved. He doubted that she would. He had worked her over pretty good. She had dried blood under her nose and dark purple bruises littering her body. She had numerous deep bite marks on her neck and shoulders. The beating he gave her turned him on something fierce and he tended to use teeth when he got really aroused. And he liked to mark his territory.

"HEY SAM! WAKEY WAKEY EGGS AND BAKEY!", Lucifer called in a sing-song voice. He peered into the mirror, looking for his number one fan. "YOO-HOO! I know you're in there! I can hear you breathing!" Lucifer pressed his face up against the mirror but couldn't see him.

"What the fuck do you want, Lucifer?", A quiet voice called from a corner of the room not visible to the mirror. Lucifer frowned. He didn't like not being in control. He liked being able to see Sam's reactions to his torments. He huffed and crossed his arms across his chest.

"Come on, man!", Lucifer whined, pouting like a child that didn't get what he wanted for Christmas. "Come over where I can see you! PLEASE! I thought we were getting along so well!" There was a quiet chuckle and then a long silence. Lucifer growled, beginning to seethe. "Well, if you're not gonna be nice and come out, I guess I'll have to go have some more fun with Charlie. She's dying to play 'Hide the Sausage' again!" He snickered at his own sick humor. There was another long silence then Lucifer shrugged, moving away from the mirror and toward the door. His dick was already twitching at the thought of taking another ride on the Charlie train.

"FINE! I'M HERE!", Sam yelled as he walked to the middle of the room. "But, I don't know why I bother. It's not like anything I say or do will make you stop hurting her!" Lucifer chuckled, walking back to the mirror. Sam was smart. He had to give him that. Sam seemed to know him about as well as Lucifer knew him. Sam stood there, staring Lucifer down. Lucifer stared right back at him. Neither one of them wanting to back down. Frustrated, Sam rolled his eyes and sighed. "What do you want from me, Lucifer? I don't wanna play your sick, twisted games anymore!"

"But they're so much fun, Sam!", Lucifer purred. "You don't know what it was like being stuck in that cage for eons! I nearly went insane from the boredom! I was so alone for so long!" Sam started to pace back and forth in front of the mirror with his head down. "I'm so lonely, Sam! I just want someone to talk to!" Lucifer put his palms on the mirror and leaned his forehead on it, squashing his nose up against the glass. "I just need a friend, Sam!

"BUY A FUCKIN' DOG!", Sam spat at him before he moved back over and sat down in the corner where Lucifer couldn't see him.

"Winchesters", Lucifer muttered under his breath. He stepped away from the mirror and walked out of the bathroom, slamming the door behind him.

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