Lucifer's Ride @mystic75
Chapter 5

Lucifer screamed in ecstasy as he shot his load into Charlie while her tears rolled down the glass. Sam leaned his head on the mirror with his eyes closed. Too ashamed of his helplessness to look at her. Fat tears poured down his face as her sobs bored their way into his heart. Lucifer laid over her, panting and moaning in his own bliss. Not just for the pleasure that Charlie's body brought him, but for the pleasure that Sam's torture brought him.

"MMM...Did you enjoy that Princess?, Lucifer cooed. "I bet it was the best fuck you ever had!" He started planting soft kisses on her shoulder and she flinched, trying to slide away from him. Lucifer looked up at Sam with a smirk. "How about you Sam? Did it make you hard watching me pound your little friend?" He snickered in Charlie's face and she turned away from them.

"I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU!, Sam screeched, pounding his fists on the glass again. "LET HER GO, YOU TWISTED MOTHERFUCKER!" Lucifer shrugged and stepped away from Charlie and she slid off the sink, crumpling to the floor and out of view. Sam could hear her quietly sobbing and his heart broke for her. "I will fucking kill you!", Sam whispered, staring into the eyes of the monster with his face. Lucifer grinned back at him, bent over, and grabbed Charlie by the hair again. He dragged her back out of the bathroom, kicking and screaming, and slammed the door behind him. Sam was left standing their, staring at the bathroom door, listening to her muffled screams. He backed up a few steps before his legs gave out and he fell backwards on his ass again.

"I'll kill you...", Sam whispered before bursting into bitter tears. What was he going to do? He was trapped inside his own mind, Lucifer had Charlie, brutalizing her, and Dean had no idea where he was.

Sam had absolutely no idea what to do. He was lost.

Dean was completely lost. His baby brother was gone. Not dead, oh no. That would have been preferable. Sam was not only gone, he was the meat suit for the DEVIL! He could make Sam do whatever he wanted and Sam couldn't do anything about it. He almost wished he had said yes to Michael. Dean sat in the bunker drowning his sorrow in a bottle of Jack when Cas walked into the library.

"Hey Cas!", Dean called. "Hear anything on Angel radio about Sam or Lucifer?"

"I'm afraid not", Cas muttered. "And from what I have been able to ascertain from a certain crossroads demon, Lucifer has not taken the thrown back. YET". Dean downed another glass of whiskey and had gone quiet. Dean had called Sam's phone more than a dozen times in the last few hours and they all went right to voice mail. Just as he was about to pick up his phone and make another attempt to call his brother, the phone started to ring. When he picked it up and looked at the caller ID, he nearly dropped it on the floor. It was Sam. He pushed the button and held the phone to his ear with a shaking hand.

"SAMMY?!", Dean bellowed into the phone. Cas' eyes grew wide in shock. "SAMMY, ARE YOU OK?"

"Just fine, Dean!" It was Sam's voice, but it was not Sam. "It's good to hear your voice! I would have answered you calls, but I was...otherwise occupied". Lucifer giggled at the inside joke. Dean's fist came down hard on the table and his jaw muscles twitched with anger. Cas pointed at his ear, signaling to Dean that he wanted to hear what Lucifer was saying. Dean hit the speaker button and held the phone out between them. "HELLO CASTIEL!", Lucifer called happily! "Glad dad brought you back, brother!"

"How did you know Cas was back", Dean asked.

"Oh, I don't know", Lucifer muttered. "I just felt his presence". "Aren't you going to say hello, brother?"

"Hello Lucifer", Cas growled unhappily. "You need to let Sam go!" Lucifer heaved a frustrated sigh into the phone before he began to speak again.

"I'm gonna get right to the point, Dean. Sam and I have been having quite a good time playing with a very special friend of yours! She's so much more fun than you 2 stiffs!" Dean heard muffled screams in the background and sounds of a struggle, before they heard a hard slapping sound and silence.

"WHO IS THAT?!", Dean growled. Lucifer giggled again. Dean could hear heavy breathing that sounded almost like an obscene phone call. Suddenly there was a loud ripping sound like duct tape being torn off of something. Then soft whimpers poured out of the phone. "WHO THE FUCK IS THAT, YOU SON OF A BITCH?!"

"Go ahead and say hi, Sweetie!", Lucifer said. A faint click told Dean that Lucifer had put it on speaker.

"D-Dean?", a soft whisper called. "DEAN! PLEASE! PLEASE HELP MMMPH!" Her plea for help was cut off by something over her mouth. More struggling could be heard and a loud bang. Then silence.

"CHARLIE?!", Dean screamed. "NO! YOU BASTARD! LEAVE HER ALONE!" Dean's face had turned red with rage and he had his head lowered, staring at the table. "SAM, YOU GOTTA FIGHT HIM! YOU CAN'T LET HIM WIN, SAMMY! YOU JUST GOTTA...!" Dean couldn't finish what he was about to say. He covered his mouth with his hand as tears rolled down her face.

"He's not strong enough to fight me! You know that, Dean", Lucifer chuckled. "I run the show now!" He heard a squeal from the background as Lucifer tormented Charlie. Dean could only imagine what he was doing to her right now or what he had done to her. "She's so feisty, Dean! I think she broke my nose!" Dean shot the phone a smirk. 'Good for you, kid!', Dean thought. "But I think I broke hers too. So we're even". Dean sneered at the phone with hatred.

"WHAT DO YOU WANT WITH HER, LUCIFER?", Dean spat. There was a moment when Dean didn't think that Lucifer had heard him. When suddenly, great peels of hysterical laughter erupted from the phone. Dean and Cas both jumped. It took a while for Lucifer to collect himself before he could speak again. When he did finally begin to speak again, Dean would later wish that he hadn't.

"OH, DEAN!", Lucifer purred. "I already got what I wanted from her!" Lucifer started to pant in perverse pleasure. "Oh, her nectar was so sweet, Dean! I can't wait to taste it again!" He let out a long, shuddering sigh. "So sweet!", he murmured breathlessly. "I just thought that you'd like to know what I was up to, Dean. I know you're a very industrious guy and I know you can find me. But, how are you going to save Sam? It's quite a predicament isn't it?" There was another pause and then a muffled whimper. "Have you ever been with another man, before me, Pet?" Sobs poured out of Charlie. There was another ripping sound, that Dean could only assume was duct tape being ripped off of her mouth. "ANSWER ME, BITCH!" Lucifer's growl was followed by a vicious slap and a wail.

"NO!", Charlie scream.

"You were a virgin?!", Lucifer cheered. "I'm honored to be your first!"


"Well, thanks for the advice there, Cas! But, I'm having just too much fun playing with Sam and Charlie right now!" Lucifer started to moan softly and panting. "Tell the boys what I'm doing right now, Pet". Charlie whimpered loudly and started to sob. "FUCKING TELL THEM! NOW!"

"He...he's s-stoking h-himself!", Charlie whispered into the phone. His moans got louder and his panting heavier.

"That's right, Sweetheart!", Lucifer breathed. "Gotta get it ready for you!" Dean was so sickened by what was happening he reached for the phone to hang up. "Oh Dean?" Dean's hand froze a few inches away from the phone. "If you hang up on me, I'll burn Charlie's eyes right out of her head! Do you hear me, Dean?! DEAN!"


"Good! Now where was I? Ah, yes! Time to open up, Sweetheart!" Another slap and Charlie started making gagging noises. Lucifer groaned loudly. Dean sat down hard in a chair with his hand over his mouth. He felt like he was going to be sick. "OH FUCK! YOUR MOUTH FEELS SO GOOD!", Lucifer grunted. "You still there, Dean? HMM?!"

"Yes", Dean croaked softly. His throat closed up and he felt like he couldn't breathe.

"WHAT? I CAN'T HEAR YOU!", Lucifer shouted breathlessly.

"YES! I HEAR YOU!", Dean snarled. Lucifer's moaning became frantic until he screamed. Charlie gagged while Lucifer emptying his balls down her throat. Then she started coughing as he released her. Dean had to swallow hard to push back the bile that was rising up into his throat.

"OH! PET! THAT WAS AMAZING!" Charlie wailed and and it was muffled by what Dean assumed was more duct tape. "Time to let the men talk, OK Sweetness?" Muffled angry grunts from Charlie told Dean that she wasn't gonna take any of his misogynistic shit. Dean heard a thud and Lucifer groaned in pain. Dean smiled before he could help himself. But his smile faded when he heard several loud slaps and Charlie's muffled screams. "NOW DON"T FUCKIN' MOVE! YOU GOT THAT, YOU FILTHY WHORE?!" All they could hear from Charlie was soft moans.

"Sam! If you can hear me, ya gotta stop Lucifer!", Dean begged. "Please Sam!"

"Sam can't come to the phone right now", Lucifer laughed. "Can I take a message?"

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