Lucifer's Ride @mystic75
Chapter 4

Lucifer stalked slowly toward the bed and Charlie scurried toward the other side, whimpering. He snatched her ankle and dragged her back toward him. Charlie flipped onto her back and kicked Lucifer in the face with her other foot. He let go of her ankle and covered his nose with his hand. He snarled in rage and when he lowered his hand, blood was splattered all over his nose and mouth. He bellowed and flung himself on top of her, straddling her stomach. He wrapped his hand around her throat and punched her as hard as he could in the nose. Charlie went limp, but didn't lose consciousness.

"I knew you'd be fun!", Lucifer breathed as he sat up and began removing his shirt. Charlie panted and moaned in pain. She started to cough as blood ran down the back of her throat. Lucifer looked down at her, licking his lips, and ripped open her Led Zepplin T-shirt and groaned at the site of her perfect breasts. She blinked up at the dark blur on top of her, trying to focus. He slid down and sat on her hips and ran his hands down her stomach to the waistband of her pants.

"NO!", Charlie whined when she felt him fumbling with the buttons on her jeans. She threw her hands up and tried to grab his wrists, but she couldn't see. Lucifer just slapped her hands away and slid down between her legs so that he could pull her pants off. "PLEASE!", Charlie wailed. Lucifer tore through her panties like they were made of tissue paper. "OH GOD! PLEASE!"

Lucifer ripped open Charlie's bra, leaned down, and began sucking on her nipples. First one and then the other. Charlie reached up and tried to claw his eyes out, but Lucifer grabbed her wrists and held them over her head in one hand. He continued to squeeze and lap at her breasts as she kicked and bucked, trying to get him off of her. But, he was so large that she couldn't budge him at all.

He moved up and hovered over her face and smiled at her. Charlie stared at him for a moment before she raised her chin and spit in his face. Lucifer sat up, wiped his face, and backhanded her across the cheek. He grabbed her cheeks and squeezed them harshly while he snarled in her face. He was seething. 'HOW DARE SHE DISRESPECT ME?!', he thought. Lucifer suddenly had a splendidly brilliant idea and he smiled a sadistic smile at Charlie. He snickered as he leaned over her.

"Would you like to talk to Sam, Pet?", Lucifer whispered in her ear. Charlie looked up at him in confusion. He jerked her up off the bed and dragged her to the bathroom. Lucifer shoved her down on the floor in front of him, keeping a hand wrapped in her long hair. "Keep your trap shut or I'll fuckin' gut you! UNDERSTAND?!" Charlie nodded without looking at him. Lucifer gazed into the mirror, looking past his own reflection.

"SAMMY!", Lucifer sang out again. The mirror had magically fixed itself and Lucifer, wearing Sam's face, peered out at him with a mischievous grin. Sam looked up at the twisted version of himself with a murderous glare. "OH! EXCUSE ME! SAMUEL!", Lucifer whined. He rolled his eyes and sighed. Sam noticed blood smeared all over his nose and mouth and wondered if it was his or someone else's. He hoped it was the former.

"FUCK OFF, LUCIFER!", Sam snapped. Sam had grown tired of Lucifer's games. He wasn't going to play anymore.

"I'm sorry, Sam", Lucifer purred. "I just thought you'd like to see your little friend one last time before I take her". Sam's eyes got so wide that they nearly bugged out of his head. He ran to the mirror, placing both of his palms on the glass.

"NO!", Sam screamed. "LUCIFER! LET HER GO! PLEASE!" Lucifer chuckled at him and jerked Charlie up off the floor. He held her close with her back against his chest and his free hand wrapped around her throat. She was completely naked and she had blood smeared under her nose and dark bruises under her eyes. "CHARLIE?! OH GOD, NO!"

"S-SAM?!", Charlie croaked. Though Lucifer couldn't see her shocked expression, he could hear the surprise in her voice. "WHERE ARE YOU SAM?! HELP ME!" Her sobs nearly broke Sam and he pounded his fists against the mirror, but this time it didn't break. Lucifer shoved Charlie's hips against the counter and bent her upper body over the sink. He still had a hold of her hair and her throat and he held her face up so that her nose nearly touched the glass.

"You see Sam", Lucifer purred as he let go of her throat to unbuckle his pants. "You can't stop me. You can't fight me. I AM LUCIFER!" He slammed into her as he screamed out his name, pushing the side of her face up against the mirror. Sam stumbled backwards, tripped over his own feet, and landed hard on his backside. Charlie's heart wrenching scream was all he could stand and he sat there with his elbows on his knees and his face in his hands, sobbing. Just the thought of Lucifer using him to brutalize and assault Charlie, made his stomach turn and his skin crawl.

"SAM!", Charlie shrieked. Sam jumped to his feet and flew to the mirror, placing the palms of his hands back on the glass. SAM! PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME! Charlie still had her face pressed up against the glass while Lucifer hammered into her mercilessly. Her hot breath left a foggy spot on the glass near her mouth as she panted.

"I'M HERE CHARLIE!, Sam yelled through the glass. "I WON'T LEAVE YOU, OK?!" Sam stroked the glass where her skin touched it while hot tears rolled down his face. Lucifer's grunts grew louder and his thrusts got harder. He was getting close, but he wanted to draw this out for as long as he could. He was having so much fun tormenting Sam.

"Sssaaaaammm...", Charlie wailed. Lucifer was pushing into her so hard that her whole upper body was now pressed into the glass with her feet dangling off the floor. she pushed against the mirror with her hands, but wasn't able to push away from the glass.

"I'm here", Sam whispered. "I'm here". Lucifer leaned over Charlie and smirked at Sam on the other side of the glass. He looked deep into Sam eyes as Sam glared back at him in sheer hatred.

"I'm here too!", Lucifer purred into Charlie's ear, never taking his eyes off of Sam.

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