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Lucifer's Ride @mystic75
Chapter 3

A mass of ginger hair poked out of the top of the comforter that covered a petite woman who spent most of the night before hacking into fortune 500 companies and donating their funds to her favorite charities. It was her favorite pastime and it helped her relax after a hard days work.

When her phone started ringing, she moaned and lifted the comforter to look at the clock. It read 4:45am. She pulled the blanket farther over her head and ignored the incessant noise. When it stopped, she sighed and started to drift off into blissful sleep again. When it started ringing again a minute later, she growled and sat up, throwing the comforter off of herself. When she picked up the phone and saw who was calling, she smiled.

"Hey Sam!", she said happily. "How ya doin' Big Guy?" She heard a tired sigh come out of him and then a long pause. The smile slowly faded from her lips. "Sam? What's wrong?" All sorts of horrible things went through her mind before Sam started to talk.

"It's Dean, Charlie.", the voice on the phone whispered. "He's in trouble".

"WHAT?", Charlie yell whispered. "WHAT HAPPENED?" She sat up straight in the bed with a worried look on her face.

"I Don't know!", the voice said. "He took off 2 nights ago and didn't tell me where he was going". His voice was full of stress and he sounded tired. "I was hoping you could help me track him down". There was a pause and a sigh again. "I...I tried to do it myself, but I'm running on empty. I thought that a fresh pair of eyes at the computer might find something that I overlooked".

"Of course I'll help, Sam!", Charlie said frantically. "I'll get right on it! Were you guys at the bunker when he left? If so, I might be able to track him down from here".

"NO!", the man on the other end blurted out. Charlie flinched at the voice yelling at her and her eyebrows furrowed. "I mean...there...are...some things that I need to tell you and I'm not comfortable telling you over the phone. Can you come to Lebanon?"

"Yeah...sure, Sam", Charlie said a little confused. "I'm not that far from you, I can be there in 4 or 5 hours. Do you want me to come to the bunker?" There was another long pause before he answered.

"No, it might not be safe there. "Sam said nervously. "Can you meet me at the Diner in town?"

"Yeah, ok Sam. I'll call you when I get close. Bye Sam". She waited for him to say goodbye, but all she heard was a click. Something didn't seem right with this picture. Charlie reached into her night stand and pulled out the silver dagger that she kept there for emergencies. If he was a shapeshifter or some other monster, the silver would burn him. She jumped out of the bed and dressed quickly. She pulled her duffel out of the closet and started cramming clothes and other things into it. Lastly, she put her laptop in on top. She was on the road within half an hour.

Lucifer hung up the phone with a smirk. Everything was falling into place and he was anxious to see what he was dealing with. He knew, from Sam's memories that Charlie would be a handful. He craved the challenge she presented. There was just something about her that he wanted to experience for himself. He wanted to see if that fiery red hair was a sign that she was fiery as well. He wanted to see if there was any fight in her.

Four and a half hours later, Charlie called to tell him that she was on her way into town. He was already at the diner waiting for her. When he hung up, he sat there silently sipping his coffee and thinking about all the things that he would do with her and to her. Ten minutes later Charlie walked through the door and he stood up and gave her a gentle hug. They sat down in the booth and Charlie pulled the blade out of her pocket and held it out in front of her.

"What's that for, Charlie?", he asked bewildered. Charlie raised an eyebrow at him and pushed it closer at him. He looked down at the knife trying to figure out what she was doing.

"The real Sam would know what I'm doing", Charlie said curtly. Lucifer had to search Sam's memories for the answer. When the answer popped into his head, he rolled his eyes and grabbed the blade of the knife. Charlie watched the blade and his hand waiting for something to happen. When there was no sizzling or burning, Charlie sighed with relief.

"Did I pass?", he asked with a smile, still holding the blade. Charlie smiled back at him and nodded. "I'm sorry that I had to drag you all the way out here, Charlie, but I just didn't know who else to call". He lowered his head and stared at his coffee cup. He didn't do this because he was worried or scared. He did it to hide the smirk.

"It's OK, Sam", Charlie whispered, reaching out to place her hand on top of his. "We'll find him". His hand was ice cold and Charlie pulled her hand back. He looked up at her and tried to imitate Sam's crooked smile, but it came out all wrong. Charlie, just attributed it to his anxiety at not being able to find his brother. "Are you OK, Sam?"

"I'm fine. Just haven't been sleeping well. Bad dreams." He looked away again and Charlie's heart broke for him. She hoped that she could help find Dean. She loved them like brothers. An awkward silence passed between them before Charlie spoke up.

"Are you staying someplace nearby where I can set up my laptop?"

"Um, yeah!", He said. "I'm staying at that little motel just down the street". He pulled some money out of his pocket and placed it under his empty cup as he stood up. He held his hand out to her, but she hesitated. His cold hand had given her the creeps and she was in no hurry to feel that way again, but she didn't want to hurt his feelings either. He looked at her puzzled until she slowly reached up and grabbed his hand. His puzzled look turned into a sweet smile as he helped Charlie to her feet.

When they got to his motel room, she noticed it was quite a bit more "low rent" than the motels that the brothers usually stayed at. But, she figured that Sam had been in a hurry when he left the bunker. He had said that it wasn't safe there, but he didn't say why. She started to set up her laptop on the little table in the corner and Sam stood behind her chair as she powered it up. His closeness was making her uncomfortable, which she realized, had never bothered her before. She tried asking a question to distract him, so maybe he'd move away.

"Why isn't the bunker safe, Sam?, She croaked. Her throat was trying to close up on her and she had coughed to clear it.

"What?", he asked, seeming to not know what she was talking about.

"The bunker?", Charlie said nervously. "You said it wasn't safe there". Sam stopped breathing for a moment and Charlie stood up to face him. She narrowed her eyes at him suspiciously. "What's going on here, Sam?" There was another pause when Charlie stared far away, deep in thought. "If that's who you really are!" His crooked smile should have made her happy, but it only made her uneasy.

"You got me, Charlie!", he said with a heavy sigh. "I'm not Sam. Although, this is his meat suit". He started to walk slowly toward her and she began to back away from him, but her hip ran into the table. He had her cornered between himself and the wall and she started to tremble with fear. He grabbed her by the shoulders and slammed her into the wall and pressed his body up against hers. She gasped and tried to shove him off. But it was like trying to move a cinder block wall. It wasn't gonna happen.

"Who...who are y-you?", Charlie stammered. "w-what do you want?!"

"My name is Lucifer", he purred in her ear. "It's very nice to meet you". He stuck his nose in Charlie's neck and inhaled deeply. She turned her face away from him and cringed. "As for what I want", Lucifer whispered, putting his hand on her hip. "That should be quite obvious".

"GET AWAY FROM ME YOU FREAK!", Charlie spat at him. Lucifer's hand slid up from her hip, to her waist, and then up over her ribs. "STOP OR I'LL SCREAM!" Lucifer laughed in her face. His hand crept up around her throat, but didn't squeeze. He just caressed it gently.

"Sorry Sweetheart, but nobody can hear you. I once met a witch who taught me a spell to keep nosy neighbors from eavesdropping on private conversations. You can scream until you're blue in the face and no one will ever hear you." He brought his head down low and started kissing her along her jawline. In a panic, Charlie brought her knee up and landed a hard shot to his groin. Lucifer backed away from her, holding his balls in both hands. Charlie ran past him to the door and yanked on the door knob, but it wouldn't open. She looked up and noticed that the dead bolt was locked.

"It won't do you any good to run, Sweetheart", Lucifer growled. Charlie glanced back over her shoulder and saw his eyes glowing bright red. She screamed and grabbed the dead bolt with shaking fingers, trying to unlock it. She suddenly felt herself being jerked backwards by her hair and she slammed into a hard body. Lucifer wrapped his arms around her, holding onto one of her breasts with one hand and pressing her hip back into his groin with the other. "Feisty little Charlie!", Lucifer cooed. "I want you to show me some of that fire!"

Lucifer shoved her onto the bed and moved slowly toward it.

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