Lucifer's Ride @mystic75
Chapter 11

Sam panted as he beat against that mirror with everything that was left in him. He started to sob and leaned his head against the glass, sweat running down and pulling in the frame. He was completely spent, finished. He had no more strength left to fight. He stood there thinking about all the friends he was letting down. Charlie, Dean, Rowena, Cas. When he got to Cas, suddenly some of Cas' last words popped in to Sam's head. 'You can do anything you put you mind to'. HIS MIND. That was the solution. Using his fists was not going to work.

"PUT MY MIND TO", Sam muttered under his breath. He put his hands on the mirror and closed his eyes. He envisioned the glass slowly cracking under his hands. He could even hear it snapping and feel the mirror shuddering. He saw the cracks spread inside his mind, becoming larger and creating spider web patterns over the surface. In his head, he could hear small slivers of glass hit the floor and he smiled. He concentrated harder and the whole room began to shake. The cracking sounds from the mirror got louder and louder until the glass exploded all around Sam's head, the glass swirling all around him but never touching him.

"You don't get it do ya, Dean?" Lucifer purred. "I've already won." Lucifer squeezed Charlie's throat and inhaled deeply from her neck. "I've already gotten everything I..." Lucifer flinched like he'd been slapped and he blinked several times trying to clear his head. "Everything I wanted!" Lucifer's face scrunched and he stumbled back a step before righting himself. "WHAT...WHAT'S HAPPENING?!" He grabbed his head with one hand while still holding Charlie by the neck with the other. "NO!" Lucifer's hand clenched around Charlie's throat as he panted. "GET BACK IN YOUR HOLE, SAM! OR SHE DIES!"

"SAMMY?!", Dean yelled. "FIGHT HIM SAM!" Charlie started to gasp as Lucifer's hand tightened around her neck. "I KNOW YOU CAN HEAR ME SAMMY!" FIGHT!" Lucifer screamed in rage and pain, dropping Charlie on the floor at his feet.

"GET HER DEAN! I DON'T KNOW HOW MUCH LONGER I CAN HOLD HIM!" It was Sam holding Lucifer back in his mind. Dean shot forward and grabbed Charlie around the waist, yanking her back to the group, huddled by the door. "AAAHH! NO! YOU WON'T HURT HER ANYMORE! DO YOU HEAR ME?!" Sam fell to the floor on his hands and knees groaning, with his eyes shut. Suddenly his head shot up and he opened his eyes. But they weren't Sam's gentle, caring eyes. They glowed red and as he stood up they turned white hot as he seethed.

"Oh, Sammy!", Lucifer pouted. "You actually thought you could beat me? Second born Archangel of GOD?!" Lucifer stood proud, his naked body glistening with sweat. The shadows of his massive wings unfolding on the wall behind him. He walked slowly toward Dean with his arm out in front of him, palm down. When Lucifer was a few feet away, he brought his arm down swiftly and Dean dropped to his knees at Lucifer's feet. When the others moved in to help, Lucifer snapped his fingers and they were all frozen in their places. "You see Dean, I don't need to imprison Sam in a room in his head to control him!", Lucifer said, kneeling down in front of the hunter. "I did that to torture him. To make him feel isolated and alone." He stood back up and looked down at Dean with a smirk. "Did you honestly think that I didn't know about Cas' little visits? Hmm?" He walked over to Cas and squeezed and patted his cheek like he was a child. "Did you think I was stupid, brother? I may not know what you said, but I knew you were there. I felt you."

"We did what we had to", Dean whispered. Lucifer walked back over in front of him and looked down his nose at the elder Winchester.

"And I will do what I have to", Lucifer Snarled. Lucifer mad a gesture with his hand like he was grabbing something and Dean doubled over, gripping his chest. Dean wheezed and groaned in pain while Lucifer squeezed and twisted his hand. "NONE OF YOU ARE STRONG ENOUGH TO DEFEAT ME! LEAST OF ALL YOU, SAM! AND NOW YOU GET TO WATCH YOUR BROTHER DIE BY YOUR OWN HAND!" Lucifer's wicked grin was chilling to look at and his eyes glowed brighter and brighter by the second. He was enjoying this immensely!

"NOOOOOO!", A loud voice screamed. There was a bright flash and the room went black for a moment while everyone's eyes adjusted. When the room brightened again Lucifer was on all fours grunting and snarling like a wild animal. "I WON'T LET YOU HURT MY BROTHER OR ANYONE ELSE, YOU BASTARD!" His head hung low and his hair covered his face. "DEAN! KILL ME NOW! YOU HAVE TO STOP HIM!"

"NO SAM!", Dean growled. "YOU CAN BEAT HIM!" Sam screamed, saliva dripping from his mouth onto the floor. "I'M WITH YOU SAM! I'M NOT GOING ANYWHERE!"

"Omnipotentis Dei potestatem invoco", Sam whispered. A loud wail poured out of him as Sam sat up on his knees. his eyes flashing red and then dimming again. "Omnipotentis Dei potestatem invoco", Sam repeated. "Ab orbe terra." Sam toppled over backwards, screaming and clawing at his head.


"Hunc angelum omne obsequendum", Sam breathed. He was panting so heavily that he was almost hyperventilating. "Domine expuet. Domine expuet." Sam started to shake like he was having a seizure. Dean was terrified that he was dying.

"SAMMY?! CAN YOU HEAR ME?!", Dean screamed. Sam grew still for a long moment. "Sammy? No!" Just then Sam took a huge breath and he opened his eyes. "Sam?", Dean whispered.

"Ut deum ad empyreum remittat", Sam panted the last line of the exorcism and then closed his eyes again. There were several long seconds when nobody even dared to breathe. Suddenly Sam opened his mouth and screamed as a long cloud of white smoke poured out of his mouth and swirled up close to the ceiling.

"ROWENA NOW!", Dean bellowed. Rowena had already had the cloth with the sigil laid out on the floor with the bowl of ingredients on top of it.

"MAH HO TAH!" Rowena shouted, throwing her hands up in the air. "MAH HO TAH!", she repeated a second time, and the smoke began to swirl downward until it sank down into the floor and disappeared. Everyone heaved a collective sigh of relief and looked back over at Sam. Dean jumped to his feet and ran to his brother.

"Sammy?", Dean growled. "SAMMY!" Sam groaned and opened his eyes. Dean looked down at him with unshed tears in his eyes. "Hey Sammy! You did it, man!" He helped Sam sit up and hugged him tight.

"Umm...Dean?, Sam whispered. Dean let him go and looked at him. "I think I need some clothes." Dean smiled and stood up, walking back over to the bed, grabbing a sheet, and throwing it over Sam's lower half.

"Yeah, nobody here wants to see your dangly bits!", Dean barked with laughter. Rowena popped her head around Cas' body and raised her hand.

"Do I get a vote on that?", Rowena purred.

"NO!", everyone shouted in unison. Rowena pouted and pulled her head back behind Cas. Sam snorted before he could stop himself and Dean turned his head and chuckled while nobody was looking. When Dean looked back at his brother, Sam was looking over at Charlie, sitting up against the foot of the bed. She looked like she was catatonic, staring at the wall. Her body was covered in bruises and bite marks. Sam's face contorted in agony.

"What did I do, Dean?", Sam whimpered. He put his hand over his mouth to keep from sobbing. Hot, fat tears poured down his face. He watched as Cas healed her wounds. But she continued to star blankly at nothing.

"You didn't do anything, Sam!", Dean said, putting his hand on Sam's shoulder. "None of this is your fault." Sam shook his head, jerked away from Dean, and stood up.

"It IS my fault, Dean!, Sam snarled at his brother. "It was my idea to let Lucifer in! I thought I could control him! I was wrong!" Sam slammed his fist against the wall, putting a fist sized hole in it. He pulled his hand from the hole and saw blood dripping down his fingers. 'It's no less than I deserve!', he thought bitterly. Cas walked up to him and tried to put his hand on top of Sam's and Sam jerked it away from him. "DON'T CAS!" Sam panted, turning away from him and facing the wall.

"Sam, let me help you!", Cas said. He furrowed his eyes in confusion. He didn't understand Sam's reaction.

"I DON'T DESERVE ANYONE'S HELP!", Sam screamed. "Not after what I did."

"Sam?", a small voice whispered from the other side of the room. Sam spun around and saw a small woman with fiery red hair staring up at him. He dropped his head, too ashamed to look at her. "Look at me, Sam!", Charlie croaked. His head shot up and there were tears running down his face. "You didn't do this to me, Sam. Lucifer did." Sam walked slowly over too her and and dropped down on all fours beside her.

"I'm so sorry!", Sam whimpered. He bowed low and laid his forehead in Charlie's lap. She placed a shaking hand on the back of his head while he cried.

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