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Lucifer's Ride @mystic75
Chapter 10

Cas went into the bathroom and stared deeply into the mirror over the sink. He had never performed this type of tracking spell before but hoped it would work. He couldn't find any of Charlie's possessions in the bunker to use in his usual spell like he had hoped. He had to make do with what he had. He heaved a sigh, praying that fate was on his side.

"Ostende mihi illum quem quaero", Cas recited the incantation as best as he could remember it. The mirror began to glow and a dark purplish smoke seemed to swirl and roil like a violent thunderstorm. An image started to form in the mirror of a familiar motel,The Sunrise Motel. They passed it every time they drove through town. The picture seemed to move closer to the rundown building focusing on a particular door. The picture got closer and closer until it stopped on the number on the door. Number 26 on the ground floor. Cas breathed a sigh of relief and walked back out of the bathroom. One task down, a million more to go. A few hours later, Rowena arrived with a large bag filled with books and ingredients for the spell.

"Well, hello boys!", Rowena purred as she walked down the stairs to the library. "Are you sure you won't change your mind and take yourself off the market, Love? I could give you nights of pleasure you couldn't even dream of!" She walked up to Dean, pressing herself up against him, and ran her hand down his chest. Dean grabbed her hand and stepped away from her. He opened his mouth to speak and the words caught in his throat. He had to cough to clear it.

"Uh...thanks Rowena, but we have more important things to deal with right now", Dean whispered. Rowena pouted and dropped her heavy bag on Dean's foot. Dean groaned and went dancing around the room on one foot. She saw Cas standing on the other side of the table and shot him a sweet smile. She walked slowly around the table and reached up to caress his cheek.

"And how is our adorable little angel today?", Rowena cooed. "I hope that the Winchesters haven't gotten your feathers in a bunch!"

"Um...I'm fine, Rowena", Cas said. "Thank you for coming."

"Oh, you'll owe me for this one, boys!", Rowena barked. "I don't like getting involved with Lucifer! He's deranged, that one!" Neither Dean nor Cas could disagree with her assessment. They knew full well how sadistic and evil he was.

"Enough with the chit-chat, Rowena!", Dean growled. "You got the spell that can put him back in the cage?" Dean picked the bag up and limped over to sit it on the table. "We don't have time for any horseshit!"

"Very well, Dean!", Rowena moaned. "But spells like this cannot be rushed if you want it to work!" She opened her bag and started pulling things out, laying them on the large table. Books, ingredients, a large metal bowl and a piece of cloth the size of a large handkerchief. The cloth had a strange sigil painted on it that Dean didn't recognize. She opened a book and started to read from it's ancient pages. She grabbed different items as she read and started adding them to the bowl. It took her quite a while to get the amounts of each ingredient just right, but finally she was finished. "It's done. All I need to do now is recite the incantation. The rest is up to you two...and Sam."

"Let's get it done", Dean growled and they all followed Dean out of the bunker.

Sam sat huddled in the corner, hidden from the mirror. He had completely ignored Lucifer's last two attempts at communicating with him. Lucifer had finally given up trying. Sam still had no idea how he was going to get out of here and he was quickly losing confidence in himself. He felt like he was caught in quick sand and sinking fast. When he heard a flutter of wings from the far side of the room and sighed in relief and smiled to see Cas walk out of the shadows.

"CAS!", Sam shouted and jumped to his feet and hugged him again. "You guys gotta plan to get Lucifer back in the cage?"

"Yes. Rowena has a spell that will do it and she has agreed to help us." Cas put a hand on Sam's shoulder. "Are YOU ready, Sam?"

"I don't know what to do, Cas!", Sam growled. "How am I supposed to break an unbreakable mirror?" Sam stalked over to the wall and slammed his fists against the mirror as he yelled. Nothing I've tried has worked Cas!" Sam dropped his head as he leaned against the glass. He felt utterly defeated.

"Sam, You are the smartest person I have ever met", Cas said softly. "You always come up with solutions to problems that none of us ever think of. Your mind has a way of working things out that is unique and special. You can do anything you put your mind to. I know you'll come up with the answer." Sam looked up at Cas and gave him that fleeting Sam smile.

"Thanks Cas". Sam stood up and faced Cas again. "So when are we doing this?"

"We are outside the motel Lucifer is hiding at right now." Cas placed both hands on Sam's shoulders. "You need to make your move as soon as I leave." Sam started to breathe heavily and Cas shook him to get him to focus. "You can do this, Sam. You're stronger than you realize." Sam just nodded. "I have to go now. We'll see you soon."

"OK. Bye Cas", Sam whispered. With another flutter, Cas was gone. Sam stood back up straight and ran his hand through his hair. "Alright, Sam! You can do this!" He walked up to the mirror and took a deep breath. He slammed his fists into the mirror as hard as he could as he exhaled. Nothing. He bashed that mirror several more times but he was getting nowhere fast.

When Cas came to in the back seat of the Impala, things moved quickly. Dean, Cas, and Rowena ran from the car and Dean kicked in the door to room #26. The sight that greeted them made everyone freeze with their mouths hanging open. Lucifer was on the bed on top of Charlie as she laid limply on her stomach. He was straddling her hips, thrusting violently into her backside. Lucifer heard the door burst open and looked over his shoulder. For a moment Dean would have sworn that Lucifer was smiling at him. But quick as a flash, Lucifer flew off of the bed, taking Charlie with him.

"Well, hello guys!", Lucifer panted. "Nice to see ya! You come to join the party?" Lucifer chuckled and grabbed Charlie by the hair, jerking on it painfully. Charlie grunted and started sobbing. "She's a bit used, but I'm sure you've had worse. Right Dean?" Dean snarled at Lucifer and pulled an angel blade from inside his jacket. "Come on man! You know that won't kill me!" Lucifer held Charlie's naked body close to his with her back against his chest. Lucifer snaked hiis hand up her body and wrapped his large hand around her throat. "Oh, and by the way. Sam says hi."

"LET THEM GO, YOU SON OF A BITCH!" Dean was getting impatient. Was Sammy still alive in there? Had Lucifer hurt him in some way? Dean lowered the knife and took a ragged breath. "Sammy? Can you hear me? You gotta fight him, brother! You can't let him win!" Lucifer started to giggle in the side of Charlie's neck.

"You don't get it do ya, Dean?" Lucifer purred. "I've already won."

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