To Ketch a Winchester @mystic75
Chapter 7

There will be a lot of direct dialogue from Season 12, Episode 21: "There's Something about Mary"

But I have filled in some things with my own work.

For hours on end, Mary was drugged, subjected to terrifying visions of her sons and other hunters doing horrible things to her. And after each exhausting session, Ketch would come to her tiny cot, whispering words of comfort and protection in her ear while he fucked her. She got, at most, an hour of rest between each visit to Lady Bevell. In the passed twenty-four hours, Mary had been subjected to almost a dozen mind shattering visions. It wouldn't be long now. Mary would break. Her will would no longer be her own. It would belong to the British Men of Letters. And to Arthur Ketch.

Sam and Dean are finally able to get away from the witch case they had been working with Alicia and Max Banks. They were both tired and dejected after losing Alicia. But they had to find there mother. After the disturbing message that she left on Dean's voice mail, they were both anxious to make sure that she was ok. When they finally get to the motel where she had been staying with Ketch and found that they hadn't been there in quite some time, Dean pulls out his phone and makes another call.

"Ketch, calling to see if my Mom's with you."

"I'm sorry. Who is this?", Ketch snarked holding the phone against his ear with his shoulder as he zipped up his pants and quietly closed the door to Mary's room.

"It's Dean. Winchester", he barked into the phone irritably.

"Oh, yes! Dean!", Ketch grumbled as he strode down the corridor. "Why do want to know where Mary is?" He grinned. He enjoyed frustrating the Winchester boys almost as much as he enjoyed fucking their mother.

" Because I'd like to speak to her, that's why!" Dean wanted so badly to reach into the phone, grab Ketch by the throat and choke the life out of him.

"Don't you think you're being a bit terse, Dean?" He almost laughed out loud before catching himself.

"No, I'm not being terse!", Dean growled. "Look, if you haven't seen her, do you know where she is?

"Well, now you're just being curt." Ketch was having fun yanking Dean's chain.

"No, I'm not being curt either. Look, I don't have time for Manners 101 from you, okay? If she's with you, I wanna know about it!" Dean's patience was stretched so thin that it was ready to snap.

"I haven't seen your mother in over a week, Dean", Ketch said with a wide grin. "But, when or if I do, you'll be the first to know."

"Fine." The line went dead and Ketch slowed his walk to a leisurely stroll, whistling as he went.

The hunter unlocked the door to his apartment and tossed the bloody machete into the umbrella stand by the front door with a heavy sigh. The hunt had been exhausting, but he felt fulfilled that he had saved lives. All he wanted to do now was sit in his favorite chair, have a few beers, and probably fall asleep watching TV.

"Hello, Rick", a familiar voice called from behind him and he jumped. When he spun around, Mary Winchester was sitting comfortably in his aforementioned favorite chair. A look of apprehension crossed his face before it evened into irritation.

"Mary", Rick said, throwing his mail down on the table by the door. "No, please come in. Have a seat." His greeting was dripping with sarcasm at Mary being in his apartment without an invitation. But Mary either didn't notice or didn't care.

"Thanks!", Mary chimed cheerfully. Her happy smile did nothing to quell his suspicions. Not trusting anyone was a trait of most hunters. Rick was no different.

"So you have my address, but not my phone number?" Mary's smile widened but didn't seem to reach her eyes and she looked away quickly.

"Spur of the moment", Mary said softly, still smiling. "Someone dropped a dime on a vamp nest near here. You got anything?"

"No, news to me." But he had been chasing that werewolf pack across three states in the passed two weeks, so he wouldn't have known.

"You want in?

"Yeah. Yeah, sure." Rick swallowed hard as Mary stood up and walked toward him. Rick backed into the refrigerator without even realizing it. A bead of sweat rolled down his temple and it didn't go unnoticed by Mary.

"Great. How ya been?" Mary stood in front of Rick, invading his personal space. She was so close that Rick thought she was going to kiss him.

"Well, uh... taking plenty of heat from the Brit Dicks to join the tea and crumpet squad", Rick muttered. He stood with his back against the fridge, holding onto the edges of the door with both hands.

"Mm...", Mary mused taking another step closer so that their noses almost touched. Rick was visibly shaking. He knew something was up. He just wasn't sure if it was good or bad.

"Yeah, they do not want to take "no" for an answer." Rick started to pant and Mary smirked up at him.

"Really?", Mary whispered leaning forward.

"Yeah. Want a beer?", Rick asked quickly, trying to distracted her.

"Sure", Mary said with a huge smile.

"Yeah!", Rick croaked, turning around, and opening the fridge to grab a couple bottles of brew. "I mean, screw them, right? What do they think, after all these years..." Rick's words were cut short when he saw the reflection of a knife behind him. He broke one of the bottles and turned around quickly, swinging the broken bottle at Mary's face. Mary dodged the swing and brought her knee up into Ricks gut. But Rick swung upwards and the jagged edge of the bottle cut deeply into the palm of her hand. Mary grunted in pain and brought the knife in a low arch, slicing through Ricks throat.

Rick gurgled, falling backwards onto the kitchen floor.

Mary woke with a start, bolting upright on the small cot. She was, once again, locked in that empty room made of a metal storage container. Her head was fuzzy and she was having trouble remembering how she got here. Suddenly the door swung open and Lady Bevell walked into the center of the room. The door closing automatically behind her. Mary just sat there looking confused.

"How are we doing today?", Toni asked with faux concern. "Oh, Mary! Those eye bags again!" Toni shot her a disingenuous pout.

"Did something happen last night", Mary said softly. She couldn't focus on anything at the moment and she was getting frustrated.

"Could you be more specific?", Toni asked leaning forward. She was interested to find out just how much Mary remembered of her recent activities.

"Was I out of this building?"

"Well, you would know that better than I", Lady Bevell retorted with a smirk. "Unless you're having trouble distinguishing fact from fiction. So what's going on, Mary?" Toni was enjoying watching this American hunter squirm.

"I'm fine", Mary whispered, hugging herself. She appeared far from fine. She knew something had happened. Something terrible. But her head hurt trying to remember.

"Are you?" Lady Bevell asked, walking up to Mary, and staring down at her. Mary suddenly had a flash of a memory shoot through her mind like a bullet to the head. She saw Bevell sticking a needle into her arm and then she was in a chair hooked up to this strange machine. Mary looked up at Toni in shock.

"You're brainwashing me?", Mary blurted out, glaring up at the woman standing over her. Toni's smile widened ever so slightly at the question.

"You're being realigned", Toni corrected. "Soon, you won't differentiate between your thinking and ours. All of your thoughts and actions will come from us."

"What are you talking about?", Mary croaked, close to tears. Her life was spinning out of control and she didn't know if she'd ever get it back. She was regretting ever having anything to do with the British Men of Letters. She was slowly coming to realize that they didn't care about saving lives or killing monsters. They wanted control. They were power hungry zealots that didn't care who the hurt or killed along the way.

"We are returning you to a more pure version of yourself... Mary Campbell, natural born killer." Bevell was drunk on the power she felt she had over this strong and skilled hunter. It was an Adrenalin rush to have this much control. And she would be damned if she'd give up that feeling. To Hell with Ketch.


"The American Hunters haven't fallen into line as we'd hoped, so they're being eliminated, repealed and replaced by our people, and you, Mary, you play a key role in that."

"I WON'T!", Mary snarls, standing up from the cot. Mary would never do anything to hurt her family or another hunter. She would die first.

"Or maybe you already have", Toni retorts smugly. Mary lunges at her and Bevell punches her hard in the nose, sending her flying backwards and back onto the cot. "Interesting choice", Toni sighed, smoothing her hair back. "Soon you won't be making any." Lady Bevell, turns and leaves the room without another word.

Mary rubbed her hand subconsciously and winced at the sharp pain in her palm. When she looked down at her hand, she saw a deep gash that had been sutured up. That was when all the memories came flooding back to her. Mary wretched and had to cover her mouth with her good hand to try to hold back the vomit threatening to come up. Hot tears leaked from her eyes as she sobbed into her hand.

'OH GOD! WHAT HAVE I DONE?!', Mary thought.

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