To Ketch a Winchester @mystic75
Chapter 2

This chapter is where it completely veers away from canon.

WARNING: This chapter contains an extremely brutal and violent rape.

Continue at your own risk.

"Once you're in, there is no getting out. You belong to us... to me", Ketch purred in her ear as he rubbed her jaw with his thumb. Mary brought her fist down in a low arch and began punching him as hard as she could in the ribs. He gave a low grunt, but didn't let go of her throat. He growled in her face and squeezed harder. "Nice try, Mary. You may be a great hunter, but I am the better killer." He flung Mary over his head and slammed her down on her back on the desk in the center of the room. Ketch leaned over Mary, his hand still squeezing her throat. "And do you know why that is, Mary?", Ketch said, staring down at her with a disgusted sneer. "Because I don't let things like conscience or family get in the way of getting the job done!"

"K-Ketch... Pleeee", Mary wheezed through her ever tightening airway. Her face was slowly turning purple and there were tears pooling in her eyes. He smiled down at her as his hot breathe blew in her face.

"Those boys of yours are going to be your undoing, my Dear", Ketch purred. "People like us don't get to have the apple pie life, Mary." He caressed her cheek with a calloused finger as he spoke. "Things like home and a family, a normal life... just are not in the cards for us. They're a distraction. One that will get you killed." His finger ran down her jaw and over her collarbone, making her tremble.

"Don't...", Mary croaked. Ketch put his weight on her throat causing it to finally close up completely.

"But, certain normal things... Things like that night I spent with you, are very... enjoyable, Love", Ketch whispered. "I would so love to enjoy you again!" Ketch let go of Mary's throat just as her eyes started to roll into the back of her head. Air rushed back into her burning lungs with a great gasping wheeze and a violent coughing fit. She could do nothing but try to reinflate her lungs. "I thought we had something Mary", Ketch pouted, walking slowly around the desk as he removed his suit jacket and draped it over the back of a chair. "Did I not make your toes curl? Did you not cum on my cock?"

"Please Ar-Arthur...", Mary panted. She was dizzy from having her head slammed against the desk and from lack of oxygen. And she was having trouble focusing on his face as he circled like a hungry shark.

"So know we're on a first name basis, are we?" Without warning Mary felt herself being flipped over onto her belly and jerked backwards toward the edge of the desk. He pulled her back so that her legs dangled over the end. Mary could feel Ketch pushing his groin into her ass. Ketch leaned over her, his giant hands roaming over her back and down her hips.

"Ketch, stop this!", Mary rasped, her throat feeling like sandpaper. She tried to push up from the desk, but Ketch grabbed her by the hair and bashed her head hard on the desk. She laid there in a daze, unable to move. Ketch reached around her waist and started undoing her jeans.

"You really are the best hunter I've ever seen, Mary", Ketch whispered. "But at the end of the day, you're still just a woman. And women like you need to learn their place!", Ketch growled, jerking her pants and underwear down to her knees. "I've tried to teach you. To tame you." Ketch unbuckled his belt, thumbed upon the button on his pants, and unzipped his fly ever so slowly. "But, it seems you Americans only know how to do one thing." Ketch grabbed both her wrists and wrenched her arms up between her shoulder blades. "Rebel!", Ketch snarled slamming into her in one thrust. Mary tried to hold back the scream, but she was dry and he was big. And it hurt like Hell.

NOOOO!", Mary screamed hoarsely. Ketch groaned as he bottomed out inside of her, slamming into her cervix brutally. Her inner walls squeezed him involuntarily, trying to force him out.

"Well, guess what, PRINCESS, I'm going to FUCK that REBELLION right out of YOU!" Ketch made his point with several violent thrust that made the edge of the desk dig into her thighs painfully. He grabbed her wrists in one hand and grabbed her throat with the other, using it to jerk her back on his cock.

He was long and with every push, he hit her already bruised cervix, sending shooting pain up through her body. And with every push, her arms were pushed higher as well. There wasn't a part of her that didn't hurt. And it was only getting worse as he continued to use her viciously.

"This is all you're really good for, Bitch!", Ketch spat into the back of her neck. "Just a hole to fuck!" His grunts were animalistic. He was an animal. She knew she would not be leaving this facility alive.

"P-PLEASE... STOP!", Mary finally sobbed between hard thrusts. She hated herself for being so weak. For begging. She always though she could handle anything that life threw at her. But, ever since she was brought back to life, she was finding out that that just wasn't true. She was slowly breaking. Ketch was laying over her back, panting in her ear. He was far too caught up in his own pleasure to taunt her anymore. The hand that was wrapped around her neck, tilted her head to the side and he started kissing and licking her ear and the side of her face. Mary could do nothing but cringe. She was trapped underneath him, unable to even move her face away from him.

With every painful thrust, Mary felt her own will slipping further and further away.

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