To Ketch a Winchester @mystic75
Chapter 11

"Pay close attention everyone! I'm about to take the Winchesters to school!", Ketch called out cheerfully to his lackeys. There were grunts and laughter from the men and the room was thick with the noise of them panting.

"It's about bloody time you Yanks got wha' was comin' to ya", the man holding Dean around the neck whispered in his ear. "Ya fink Ketch'll share?" Dean jerked and growled, but having his hands cuffed behind his back and a strong arm squeezing his neck tightly, he couldn't do much more than that. "I wouldn't mind 'avin a go wif 'er meself!" The man was so close to Dean's ear, Dean could feel the man's hot breath tickling his neck. "I don' mind sloppy seconds! Or even tenfs!"

"I'LL KILL YOU ALL!" Dean croaked. The men behind him all laughed and when Ketch forcefully jerked Mary's jeans down around her ankles the room filled with the sound of jeers and catcalls. Mary flailed and threw her feet back, trying the kick him, but he was standing too close and her pants down around her knees kept her from moving very much. He grabbed her wrists and wrenched them up between her shoulder blades with one hand and she finally let out a loud scream of pain.

"MOM! NO! PLEASE DON'T DO THIS! PLEASE!", Sam screamed through his tears. Dean just roared like an angry lion. Ketch pulled a large serrated hunting knife from his belt and, leaning over her, ran the flat of the blade over Mary's cheek.

"Now, gentleman. If I hear so much as a whisper of a prayer to your angel, I will bury this in your dear mother's neck." He held the blade against Mary's throat as he spoke. "Same goes for you, My Darling. Call for help and your boys get... ventilated." With just a look from Ketch, the men raised their weapons and aimed them at the brothers, releasing the safeties. He laid the knife on the table beside Mary's head and reached behind him to pull his pants down over his hips. Mary had laid there over the table with her head down, but she raised it to look at her sons.

"It... it'll be OK, boys. I'll be OK", Mary stammered. "L-look away! Don't watch!"

"Well now, I would say that, Mary", Ketch chuckled in the side of her face. "I haven't even told you what I plan to do to you yet!" He leaned up and looked out at his men. "What do you say, Blokes? Front door...?" The men hissed and groaned at his suggestion. Or... back door?" He rubbed his free hand over her bare ass as he finished his question. The men cheered and whistled, and Ketch leaned over Mary again with a sadistic grin. "Sorry, Darling, but the masses have spoken", Ketch purred loud enough for everyone to hear, causing the room to erupt into loud cheers again.

"NO! PLEASE DON'T!", Mary whimpered. Sam and Dean both started screaming curses and spewing threats at Ketch, but Ketch just continued to laugh. Mary felt him shift and his hard length push against her left cheek before moving to the right and sliding into the crack of her ass. Mary tried to buck him off, but without her arms, she couldn't get any leverage to lift him off. And he outweighed her by a good hundred pounds. When he found what he was looking for, Ketch smiled.

"Ah! There we are!", Ketch said gleefully to himself. He looked up and scanned the faces of his men who were waiting eagerly for class to start. "Now gentlemen! Lesson number one. Always push slowly as to not hurt yourself when they inevitably clench up on you." Ketch started to slowly push forward and Mary grunted, keeping her forehead on the table to hide her face. Every man in the room, except Sam and Dean, exhaled deeply, watching intently. Each hoping Ketch will let them have a turn when he was done.

Sam and Dean were struggling so hard that even three men on each Winchester almost wasn't enough to keep them under control. Dean eventually ended up face down on the floor again because they couldn't keep him on his knees. But the man that had been whispering in his ear continued to keep his arm tightly wrapped around Dean's neck, holding his head up.

When Ketch was in as far as he could go he continued his lecture. "Lesson number two!" Ketch pulled back and slammed back in making Mary whimper in pain. "Never give them time to adjust!" He thrust again and Mary clenched her teeth to keep from crying out. He set a steady pace but was saving the good stuff for his next point.

"Lesson Three!", Ketch panted, pausing for a moment. "To inflict the maximum amount of pain, thrust hard and deep enough to tear her opening." He demonstrated his point with his most violent thrust and Mary couldn't hold back her scream any longer. The room suddenly went quiet and all that could be heard were Ketch's grunting pants and Mary's sobs. More than one of Ketch's men looked away, having lost their appetites for this particular lesson. The man laying over Dean's back was not deterred by Mary's screams. He held Dean tightly, panting in the older brother's ear as he watched and Dean could feel his growing erection. He had to swallow hard to keep from throwing up. Sam was openly sobbing with his head down and his hair hanging over his face, having given up struggling.

"STOP!", a gruff voice spat from the other side of the room. Everyone's head's shot up to look at the owner of that familiar voice. Cas stood at the bottom of the staircase with a very disgruntled look on his face. But another man stepped out from behind the angel with his hands stuck deep in his long, black overcoat.

"I see we're late for the party!", Crowley said with a smirk, throwing his hands out in opposite directions. Ketch went flying backwards against one wall and his men against another. Ketch still had a hold of Mary's wrists when he was jerked off his feet, so she was pulled backwards off the table, hitting the floor hard. Cas ran to her, covering her with his coat.

"MOM!" Dean snarled, wobbling to his feet. With a twist of Crowley's wrists, Sam and Dean were freed from their cuffs. They ran to check on their mother Cas walked toward Ketch who was still immobile, stuck to the wall. Crowley approached the small group and Dean stood up and stopped in front of the angel and the demon.

"How did you guys know we needed help?" Cas looked at Crowley and Crowley just smirked at him.

"We've been watching this place for sometime now, Squirrel", Crowley said. "I like to keep an eye on my frenemies!"

"So why did it take so long to get here? You could have stopped..." Dean put a hand over his mouth and swallowed the bile back down. He couldn't think about what happened with out the sick feeling in the pit of his stomach.

"I had a little trouble tracking down feathers here", Crowley retorted, hooking a thumb at the angel. "He's a hard one to track and I wasn't coming in here without backup if I needed it."

"Well, thanks, guys", Dean whispered looking at the floor.

"It's no problem at all, squirrel", Crowley murmured looking away too. This whole incident was something nobody wanted to talk about ever again.

"UGH! Can we skip the Hallmark moment and get on with this?!", Ketch grumbled from behind them. Cas glared at Ketch with a clear look of disdain.

"You hurt my friends!", Cas growled, walking over to Ketch, his eyes glowing white hot. He reached up and touched Ketch's forehead, meaning the turning him to charcoal when a rasping voice stopped him.

"Cas! Wait!", Mary croaked, her throat raw from screaming and crying. She yanked her pants back up under the coat and stood up. She walked over to Cas and handed him the coat. "Thank you for saving us, Castiel", she whispered, kissing him lightly on the cheek. When she turned toward Ketch, he shot her an angry glare and grunted, trying to pull away from the wall. Mary turned and walked back toward the table again. She froze when she saw a smear of blood across the map set into the tabletop. She had to look away quickly to keep the bile in her stomach. When her eyes caught the glint of Ketch's knife lying on the table, she nearly smiled. She grabbed the knife and made her way back over to Ketch again.

"Are you going to kill me, Mary?", Ketch sneered down at her. "Well, go ahead. I've already beaten you, broken you, so what does it matter what happens to me now?" Ketch was seething now and it was obvious that he was trying to psych himself up for the end. Mary looked up at him and chuckled. "What's so funny?", Ketch asked with confusion in his eyes.

"You haven't beaten or broken me, Ketch. With everything that I've seen and been through in my life, THIS is just another nightmare in a long list of nightmares." Mary refused to be a victim or let this ruin her life and the lives of her family. "I am very certain that the British Men of Letters will remember my name long after YOU are dead and forgotten. I will make sure of that!" Mary brought the blade up over her head and drove it deep into Ketch's chest and left it there as she turned and walked back to her children. The only noise that came from catch was a wheezing gurgle. She didn't look back to watch him die.

Dean was walking around the table now and nobody needed to ask what he was doing. He paused only long enough to pick up a handgun that one of the men had dropped on the floor. He stalked up to the chatty one that had held him in a head lock, put the gun between his eyes, and pulled the trigger without a moments hesitation. The man never even had the chance to beg for his life. Dean then moved toward the table, stooped to pick up an assault rifle, turned and opened fire on the group of men against the wall.

Nobody tried to stop him. Those men were all going to die, it was just a matter of how. And Dean seemed to need this. He stood there facing a pile of corpses, dropped the gun, and broke into quiet sobs. Mary ran around the table and grabbed Dean around the neck and let him cry into her chest. Sam followed hugging them both close. They all let out their grief together as a family.

And they would recover from this in the exact same way.


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