Bare-y Tail @woodyk
Chapter 1

Lucy Heartfilia had become tired of being humiliated from accidentally losing her clothes so many times at the Fairy Tail Guild lately. Legal adulthood had not been kind to her, not as much as it had been Ezra and Juvia.

Actually, accidentally might not be the most accurate term...

Most of the times involved her taking a shower in the locker rooms and her clothes were gone, not even towels were available. There were other times where she stripped everything to do her laundry in the laundry rooms, but when she least expected it, her clothes were not in the dryer. That meant that people purposefully stole her clothes often. Maybe it was accidental on her part because she never put her clothes somewhere safe whenever she took them off.

Because of the embarrassing situations that have been occurring, Lucy has considered fleeing to another Guild, "I just can't do this anymore. I accidentally end up naked because I leave my clothes out in the open for people to steal, then I have to run around naked and get help from people. It's getting pretty aggravating."

Juvia, not wanting her to leave, suggested, "You know, Lucy, I've been thinking..."

"About what?"

"Why not just quit being embarrassed?"

"That doesn't sound very helpful."

"Well, think about it. People want to embarrass you by leaving you naked and without an easy way to get yourself out of the humiliating scenarios. However, if you show them that being naked causes no humiliation whatsoever, that'll defeat the whole purpose for them."

"What are you getting at?"

"You turning your body shame into body pride by becoming a nudist."

"I dunno..."

"Do you think you have an attractive body?"

"I... guess I do."

"Yeah, you're slim, curvy, big-breasted, have a lovely face with lovely hair, what's not to love about you?"

Lucy giggled and agreed, "I guess I do look hot, so I guess nudism is worth a shot."

Taking Juvia's advice, Lucy tried out nudism by taking off all of her clothes and hanging out at the Guild naked the next day. Everything she did, she did in the nude, chilling the break room, attending meetings, and discussing operations with other members. Everyone was slightly confused by Lucy's naked state, but they were able to keep calm and interact with her like nothing was wrong.

To Lucy, Juvia was right. By intentionally leaving her clothes behind, there was no way she would end in an embarrassing situation. It was a revelation that made her want to keep showing her genitals with womanly pride as she said, "Man, why didn't I think this sooner?

The next day, Lucy kept being bare with her breasts, vagina, and buttocks exposed as Ezra became inspired by her, asking, "Who are you and what have you done with Lucy?"

Giggling at her naked self, Lucy explained, "People have been stealing my clothes, so I figured I'd wear no clothes at all. That way, everyone will unable to steal anything of mine because I have nothing for them to steal."

"Wow. That's actually kind of smart. I should try it out."

"Go right ahead. I not only encourage it, I highly recommend it."

"I will."

Ezra took every single bit of her clothing off and started walking around naked too. Both she and Lucy took pride in their nude bodies as they went about with their daily activities at the Guild, they both knew they boasted good looks and attractive qualities. Furthermore, no clothes to wear meant to clothes to have stolen, no shame in their nudity meant no way others could sadistically enjoy the consequences of stolen clothing.

The day after that, Juvia, who was the shyest of the three women, was the last to join them. Juvia hadn't even gotten nude yet because of her shyness, but Lucy told her, "Come on, Juvia. You're the one who suggested I stop being ashamed of my body."

"Yes, but..."

Ezra narrowed her eyes and smirked, "... do you have body issues of your own?"


Lucy grinned, "Then why not get naked like us? At least you won't be self-conscious."

Ezra added, "Plus, by taking all of your clothes off from the beginning, you'll also have no problems with accidentally losing them."

"You know what? You're right. I'll do it."

Juvia began stripping, not stopping until she was wearing nothing at all, just like Lucy and Ezra. She eventually enjoyed being fully bare as she walked around in the raw with Ezra and Lucy.

All of them were giggling as they were strutting around with their private parts showing. They all had no intention to hide them as they chilled naked in the break room, had nothing for people to take in the locker rooms where they showered, and often distracted people at meetings because eyes were laid on their breasts, vaginas, and butt cheeks.

A week passed with all of them still naked in the break room as Lucy grinned, "Perhaps nudism was the best that ever happened to me. I haven't accidentally put myself in embarrassing situations in over 7 days."

Juvia giggled, "Glad you like it. Does this means you won't leave the Guild."

"Yep, pretty much."

Ezra grinned, "Perfect. It wouldn't be the same if you left."

Lucy then looked at Juvia and said she slowly laid her hands on Juvia's chest, "I want to thank you for the suggestion of being unashamed of my nakedness. This is so much fun! I'm glad you talked me into this."

Laughing with Lucy, Juvia said while looking down at her breasts being fondled, "You're welcome. What exactly are you doing, Lucy?"

"I'm a bit turned on right now..."

"Me too. I find your body very appealing."

They moved forward and placed their lips on each other's. Just a quick short kiss. As they didn't back off, she pulled away briefly before kissing again. Now, they were kissing more insistently, more passionately while taking their time to savor one another's glossy lips, they tasted of strawberries and raspberries. Quick licks to their upper lip and around their teeth, and they felt more relaxed.

In the meantime, Ezra watched and soon wanted to get in on the action, so she placed her hands on Lucy's hips and started caressing her right side, up and down, each petting a little bit further, until she reached her tit.

As Ezra got behind Lucy, her hands were embracing Lucy's boobies, caressing all of the flesh, pinching her nipples now and then, which soon were hard and pointed. Admiring Lucy's perfectly rounded breasts, Ezra whispered a compliment, "They are so beautiful."

Lucy moaned, "Thank... you..."

Passion was flowing hungrily through everyone's veins. As Ezra's caresses turned on Lucy, Juvia kissed Lucy's mouth. When Ezra's hands descended to Lucy's butt, Juvia started caressing every inch of warm skin on Lucy's belly.

Juvia kissed Lucy on the lips while Ezra licked and nibbled Lucy's neck and earlobes, Ezra moaned, "We know what you like, Lucy."

Agreeing, Lucy moaned, "Yes, both of you do."

Both Ezra and Juvia went down further, their fingers touched Lucy's lower lips at the same time Juvia sucked her upper ones with her own. Her hole was damp and Lucy felt so turned with fingering. All three naked ladies were making themselves and each other wet.

Ezra and Juvia each used one hand to finger Lucy's wet hole while rubbing their own hot love buttons with their free hands. Soon, the three of them were breathing more intensely and louder moans escaped their lips. They all wanted to hear each other scream when they got off, and it wouldn't take long as they started rubbing faster and faster.

Before long, everyone was trembling hard against the walls of the break room and secretly wanting to finish one another off promptly. Their wishes were fulfilled as, with an expert pinch, they finally broke the barriers of each other's pleasure and it scattered all over their unclothed bodies, touching each and every fiber of their skin, coming out as yells through their mouths.

As everyone came, they all lost their footing and leaned against the wall, their bodies pressed against it as they all slid down and sitting on the floor. It took some time to recover their normal breathing. Side by side, they left some butterfly kisses on each other's cheeks, necks, shoulders, and nipples. They couldn't help it.

After a minute of silence, Lucy broke it, "That was... so good, thanks."

Looking down at her own naked body, Juvia smiled, "You're welcome. If you want us return the pleasure, let me know."

Ezra added, "We've done enough for now, but let's agree to do this again soon."

Everyone got so tired that they feel asleep.

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