All it Took @halfofmysoul
Chapter 3



Bella sat nervously at the breakfast bar, biting her fingernails. She kept glancing over at Derek as he was on the phone. She pushed away her breakfast for probably the 5th time, her stomach bunching in knots before her stomach would growl and tell her that food was much needed. He gave her a glance, clearly wondering what had her bothered. "Sure, I'll hold," Derek pulls the phone away from his ear and raises his brows at her.

"What's wrong?" He asks, and Bella sighs, pushing the plate away. "It can wait until after you're done," She says dismissively. Derek just narrowed his eyes at her. "Okay," He replies, slightly watching her for a moment before he turned his attention back to his phone at whoever he was talking to came back on the line. She looked down at her phone as it vibrated, smiling as she saw it was Jackson texting her.

Breakfast or Brunch?

Bella thought about it for a moment.


He sent her one of the winking emojis, and she sent him back a smiley face. She felt like a school girl.

See you in the morning. He replies, and Bella quickly types It's a date, a blush spreading across her pale cheeks. She picked at her food but ate half of it. By the time she finished, Derek was getting off the phone. He sat across from her, snagging her plate. He stares at her for a moment, and his intense gaze makes her squirm.

Who knew hazel eyes could be so intimidating? "You've been fidgety," He notes. He didn't just see it, he could feel it. Spending almost the last week with her alone, he had become to recognize her emotions, so much so that he could feel them within himself. Bella just sits there very still, waiting for him to continue. He just raises a brow, clearly expecting a response as to why she's been feeling the way she has.

"I saw something last night," She blurted out, keeping her eyes on his. Hers were wide, pupils dilated, mouth set in a frown. His face was blank, as usual, his eyes just staring at her intently. "Something like?" He asks, and Bella's brows crinkled. "You believe me?" She asks instead. "After the nightmares, panic attacks…?" Derek just nods. "This is Beacon Hills. If you saw something, there's a 90% chance you saw something. So, what did you see?"

Bella swallows heavily. She could blink, and it was fresh in her mind. "Do you remember the demon Charlie told you about in the letter? That, it possessed people, and that the current shifters in Forks might've gotten their hands on it or heard of it?" Derek nods, his attention fully on her. She let out a shaky breath, "I saw something last night on the way home. I was getting into my car, and I looked over by the woods, and it was dark…but this thing was darker than the night itself. It had horns, you know? Actual demons, the ones we see in the Bible or the creepy paranormal shows where they edit it to make it look like it's spazzing out or something. It was dancing. Trying to get me to follow it,"

Derek turns concerned, "Did you follow it?" Bella frantically shakes her head. "No, but I could feel it willing me to do so. I came home and before I got out, I saw it again standing under a streetlight. It just stood there and it had no face, no eyes, nothing, but I could feel it staring at me. Jackson came outside and…it was gone," She wrung her hands together, staring at her fingers.

Derek let out a sigh. "Come in," He called, and Bella glanced towards his door as it opened, entering in an older man with dark brown, kind of black, that sat slightly curled and a bit longer than Derek's. He had dark, blueish green eyes, and a thin top lip. Bella assumed this was Peter. Her assumptions were right, when he flicked his eyes to her, a small smirk on his face. "Well, look at my niece, all grown up,"

Bella didn't have any memory of meeting this man, not at all, but she smiled hesitantly. He was wearing a simple gray long sleeved shirt, a pair of black pants, and a pair of dress shoes. "I remember you when you came down for a summer with Charlie," Bella's brows furrowed. "My memory must suck," She chuckled, and Peter moved forward, reaching out a hand. Bella shook it, her eyes widening slightly as she could feel his claws. She pulled her hand back, unused to the sight, and Derek rolled his eyes. "Why must you do that?" Peter shrugged, his claws retracting. "Just wanted to see her reaction. She'll have to get used to them if she's spending time around of bunch of temperamental boys," He rolled his own eyes, sending her a wink.

Derek just shook his head. "That doesn't mean freak her out in the process," He grumbles. Bella just chuckles. "I'm fine. Just not used to it. I'm used to angry teenagers turning into horse-sized wolves when they're out of control," Her nose wrinkles at the thought. "Ah yes. Those little mongrels. Such a shame…" Derek just raises a brow. "Right…" He flicks his eyes back over to Bella. "About this thing you saw. If you see it again, I'd advise going to Alan Deaton. Scott works for him. He's the only vet in town, so it shouldn't be hard to find him. I have Scott's number if you need it to get in touch with Deaton. He'll probably have a better idea than I do,"

Bella wasn't that good at reading Derek yet, but she was good at reading what wasn't said. "You're worried?" She asks. Peter looks between the two. "Someone want to fill me in?" Peter comments. "Worried isn't the word, but it's not good…that and your dreams…it's not just a coincidence," Bella swallows again. "Is he open on weekends?" She questions.

Peter sighs. "I'm not invisible you know?" Bella finally glances up at him, and she blushes. She explains to Peter her dreams, and then the figure she saw last night, and how it looked. He was a bit easier to read, and she could see concern on his face. "I've never heard of anything like this, but I could do some digging of my own. I do advise however, dear niece, that you do not follow it. I'm not a very religious person, but I do know a thing or two about the Bible. Demons will present themselves to you as itself, a loved one, a spirit, just to lure you in. You're only seeing a side of it that it wants you to see, meaning that this creature, if we are calling it a demon, is much more terrifying than what you're seeing now,"

Shivers ran up her spine, and she purses her lips, staring at him. He leaned away and looked at Derek. "It's nice having family under one roof," He says, and Derek raises a brow. "You don't live here," Derek smarts. Peter shrugs. "We could all be back at my place," Derek shakes his head. "It's a run-down dump. It needs major fixing and remodeling before anyone can live in it again," Peter just sighs. "Who says I'm not working on it?" He sends Bella a wink and she can't help but smile. "Alright well, I'll be in touch," He gave Bella a pointed look, and quietly left the way he came. Bella glanced over at Derek. "Question for you. Are you the overbearing protective type when it comes to teenagers like myself or more like a 'I don't give a crap?' Type?"

Derek looks confused by her question. "I personally don't care…are we talking about you specifically?" Bella nods. "I mean, you're not a child, and I'm not your parent, nor really your guardian seeing as you're over 18, so on one hand I don't care what you do, but, I won't say that I won't be the responsible adult when it comes to you. Your father entrusted me with your care, and I'm not going to let you do something or put yourself in a situation where you could get hurt. Is this the answer you were looking for?"

Bella thinks on it. "Yes. So, if I told you I had a date, you're not going to pull a dad move?" Derek laughs, a full on, stomach holding laugh. She glances at him surprised. She didn't think the man smiled a real smile let alone laughed. After calming down, he shook his head. "No. I mean, I'll have every right to scare the little shit. But assuming that this isn't just some random person which I know it's not, you only go like three places, he already knows the deal, so there will be no need to scare him. I will however tell you this. Jackson is different. There are two sides of Jackson. The cocky bastard we see on a daily basis, and some soft side of him that no one has barely seen. If you can pull that out of him, then great, but I want you to know what you're getting yourself into. I can tell he likes you, and by the way you react, I can tell you like him. I just want you to remember that we aren't human, we aren't normal, and he isn't the typical boy you see on the street. When I bit Jackson, it didn't turn out like it should have at first, and that's for him to explain to you, he's an okay guy, really. He's just a bit different. Like Scott and I, he's very close with his animalistic side. He's not the small-town boy like the guys in places like Forks. If you date Jackson, great, I'll know you'll be safe with him, but if it doesn't work, that's okay too. If he breaks your heart, then I will break bones. Does this answer your question?"

Bella nods. "I'm used to Charlie pulling out the gun. So, I guess you'll pull out claws?" She chuckles. He flex's his wrist, and she sees his nails grow. "Right," She chuckles.


Bella smoothed down her tank, pulling on her jeans a bit, nervously fiddling with her fingers. It was Sunday, and Jackson was due at any minute. She twirled around in the mirror, giving herself the once-over. A knock sounded on the bedroom door, and assuming it was Derek, she said a quiet come in while in the bathroom. "Do you think this is too casual for brunch?" She called out, rolling her eyes at her question. Derek wouldn't care at all. He'd tell her yes just because he didn't know what to say.

"I think you look perfect," Bella's eyes widened at the voice, and she quickly swiveled around to see Jackson, leaning against the door frame, a smirk on his face. He was dressed in a simple beige tee, and a pair of jeans that were oddly snug yet loose around certain parts of his legs. He had on a nice pair of sneakers; his hair spiked in its usual fashion she's seen him with.

She blushed, staring into his eyes, an odd feeling stirring in her heart. It was different and quite alarming. It felt somewhat natural, and that terrified her. She sent him a smile, calming herself down. "Is it 8 already?" She asks, and he smoothly moves out of the way for her to walk out of the bathroom, catching her wrist gently.

He placed a flower behind her hair. "Actually, it's 8:10," She turned her eyes to the clock, glaring at it for being 5 minutes slow. "Sorry," She says, her face turning hotter as he just smiled down at her. "You look great," She murmurs, looking him over again, her eyes lingering on his perfect face.

"I know," He wiggles his brows, and her shoulders relax as she lets out a laugh. "Of course you do," "You ready?" He asks, letting her wrist go as she went to slip on some shoes. He curiously watched her as she leaned against the table for support. He wondered how clumsy she was. He found that on her it was probably endearing more than anything.

"Now I am," She smiles, and he glides behind her, eyeing her wallet she picked up. He takes her hand, experimentally threading his fingers through hers, and he likes the way her eyes light up, and her heart stutters. It literally skipped a beat. They walk from the bedroom, and Bella sees that Derek is no where to be found. She sees a note in the table, and quickly reads it.

Stepped out. Have a good time. Here's a gift. Bella smiles at the house key waiting for her on a keychain, and she slips it in her pocket. Jackson leads her out of the loft, and Bella locks up. They quietly walk down the stairs, and Bella gets a chill remembering the last time she was out here. "So, where are we going?" She asks as he opened the car door for her. "You'll just have to wait and see," He smirks before closing the door.

His car was a bit different than a normal teenager, and it wasn't hard to tell that Jackson came from money. Yet, one thing she liked is that he didn't flaunt it, at least not to her. It smelt like him, and it wasn't just cologne, it was a deep-rooted smell, and it made her feel comfortable.

He got in on the driver's side and started his car, pulling out of the parking lot swiftly. She noticed that Jackson was smooth, very smooth. The way he talked, moved, did anything really. It wasn't a 'to impress you' smooth, it just seemed to flow from him.

They quietly chatted in the car, and Bella found it easy being with him. She learned a few basic things about him like. He was adopted, he too played Lacrosse in high school, liked to Swim, and he wanted the bite simply because he was somewhat jealous and wanted what Scott had. Bella liked that he was at least honest about himself towards her, that's what she liked the most. Honesty. Bella in turn told him a bit about her childhood, her summers between both parents, even the strain on her relationship with Renee then and especially now. Jackson listens with full attention, not wanting to mess this up.

Like with most people, they grew with maturity. Jackson was still that same Jackson he was in life, but a bit more reserved since graduating. Since he met Bella that day in her home, he's been consumed with the thought of her. He wasn't sure why, but he knew that he wanted to get to know her. Things just seemed to slip out of him naturally, and he surprised himself. What he found odd was how in tune he was to her. He listens to her heartbeat, just to gauge her reaction and then before he knows it, it's constantly in the background, like second nature, even as he's talking to her. He glances at her momentarily before turning his eyes to the road again. She was looking out the window, a small smile on her face. Jackson is soon pulling into a small diner a little ways into town. He cuts the ignition and gets out. Bella regards the place with interest, going to open the door, but Jackson beat her to the punch, opening it up for her.

She smiles shyly as he takes her hand, helping her out of the car, before gently shutting the door. He locks it up, steering her towards the entrance. He opens the door for her, and Bella walks in, a calming atmosphere greeting her. The place was like a mom-and-pop diner, and the smell of coffee put her in a relaxing mood. The place wasn't full of people, but there were lots of people around her age, and she figured this was where a lot of teens frequented for a relaxing morning. Jackson steers her towards a booth, where he takes a seat across from her. "I used to come here as a kid. It's never changed since," She listens intently as he tells her a bit about his childhood, and she gathered that while he was left to his own devices as a child and even more so as a teen, he despises it somewhat. He seemed to always be on his own. Bella kind of understood where he was coming from, having dealt with that with Renee. As they order and wait for their food, Bella takes the time to admire Jackson, her cheeks flaming when she realized that he was doing the same. "Are you up for a little ride?" He asks, and Bella shrugs. "Sure. Is it going to be a surprise too?" He crosses his arms, and just smiles. Bella softly groans, her smile still in place. "So it's like that huh?" Their food arrives, and Bella decided to go with something safe like a muffin and fruit, giving Jackson his props for the suggestion. He of course ordered the stack of blueberry pancakes, and Bella was reminded of the shifters. They too could eat hefty helpings.

The little diner was bustling with noise, and oldies music playing in the background. Bella found her feet tapping against the floor, and a small smile crosses her face. Jackson raises a brow, an amused expression on his face. "I know this song," She chuckles, leaning back and humming with the tune. Jackson had heard it many times actually, but just smiled at her as she seemed to enjoy herself. After they finished eating, Jackson had decided to drive her around town, taking her down to the high school to show her around a bit. It was empty of course due to the summer, but would be opening again in about a month. He gave her a tour of the school, ignoring her reprimand of 'breaking and entering'. She looked upon the trophies with wonder, admitting that she wished she had played a sport in high school. "Why didn't you?" Was his question as they left the way they came. Bella just shakes her head. "I'm literally the clumsiest person on this planet. On my very first day, I hit a boy in the back of the head with the volleyball. I told them not to let me play," She mused, lightly hitting his arm as he laughed. "I see why they stopped letting you participate," He chuckles, grabbing her hand again, this time looking at their fingers in slight wonder. "You keep doing that. Why?" Bella asks, staring up at him, curiosity flowing in her eyes. Jackson just shrugs. "I'm not sure…" He responds, looking down at her, confusion in his eyes. He felt like a school boy with a crush which was kind of pathetic considering he hasn't known Bella long.

Her small smile though made it worth the confusion.

Jackson had indeed gotten her home before work, both of them promising to go out again, next time to lunch or a movie. Derek had simply asked her how her brunch had gone, nodding when she replied that it was, in her words, 'perfect'. One thing about Derek was that he also didn't hover. He left her to her own devices and was gone more often than not due to getting his own pack under control. Bella would finally get a chance to meet the pack this upcoming Wednesday as it was her day off, and she was excited. She was hoping that she could make friends with them at least, it would be good to know familiar faces. Unfortunately, after today, Bella wouldn't be seen for two days.

Sunday's shift was the usual, and she noticed that it was less hectic than a weekday. It was like the calm before the storm. She had gotten used to the sight of blood, not a lot, but enough to not feel queasy. Melissa had finally convinced her that shall she go to school, she should go for nursing. Bella would honestly be good at it. Melissa thought she had the compassion and kindness that it took, and also believed Bella could keep herself under control during tense situations. Bella liked it so far, and got along well with everyone. Charlie was still out, and the odds of him waking up were more and more slim. Bella's relationship Renee was only getting worse. She had finally called Bella, freaking out as usual, but made up excuses not to come to California, using Phil as a scapegoat. Bella had started to give up on Renee a bit, and being close to Melissa, the woman could see that some of Bella's life was crumbling. Bella had confided in Melissa about Renee and what has been transpiring between their phone calls. Melissa kept her thoughts to herself, but she believed that Renee just didn't care and was wrapped up with her own life to do anything supportive. She would just nod, and hold Bella's hand as she cried silently, trying to understand why Renee was being the way she was. This shift was no different in terms of her mother. This time Renee had called Bella, asking how she was doing, and Bella gained a false hope that she was coming around. Instead, Renee gave Bella an ultimatum. Bella could come live with her, or, she could stay with Derek but they'd never speak again. Bella didn't know how much Renee knew about Charlie's adopted family, but Renee simply didn't like them, and harshly told her daughter that it was them or her. Bella didn't want to choose, why should she? But, she had been down that road before and she chose Derek.

Renee had told Bella to simply give Charlie her condolences if he ever woke, and metaphorically washed her hands of her daughter. Bella didn't understand it, and she tried to ask Renee what was the problem, but like always, Renee was living her life. That's what she wanted. No child to take care of, and no one else to worry about. Bella had tried to keep a brave face during her shift, and by the soft looks Melissa kept sending her, she knew that something was bothering her. At this point, Bella just wanted to go home and have a good cry. She sat with Charlie for a while, holding his hand, but it didn't help ease the comfort. Melisa's voice startled her out of her thoughts as she walked into the room. "If you need to go home, I understand," Bella glances up at her, pursing her lips. "It's okay. It's a slow night," She whispers, and hands Bella her bag. Bella comes to a stand, and Melissa pats her back in passing. She runs into Scott on the way out who can easily see that something is wrong and he gives her a concerned glance. "Everything okay?" He asks her, and follows her outside. Bella sucks in a deep breath. "Everything is just fine," By the crack in her voice, they both know it isn't, and Scott isn't sure what to do. "Hey, if you ever need to talk, I'm here," Bella gives him a watery smile, and he watches her get into her truck and drive off before heading inside to meet his mother. Melissa just shakes her head, feeling sorry for the girl. Things were going quite well. Bella drives through the darkening road, wiping away the tears angrily that kept flowing that just wouldn't stop. She stopped at the stop sign, laying her head on the steering wheel. She can't stop the broken sound that passes from her mouth.


The eerie whisper has her looking up in fright, and she looks out of the window where the trees sat just a few feet away, her heart stuttering at the sight of that creature. It beckoned her forward, and Bella had no control over her body as she unbuckles her seatbelt, opening the door, and stumbling out of her running vehicle.

Come to meeeee….

Bella shakes her head in a futile attempt to stop herself, but her legs move forward, the demon hissing at her in an almost purring manner. Bella blindly walks her way into the trees, the figure slipping deeper into the woods, and Bella's shoes walked across the hard leaves and twigs, her eyes seeing nothing but darkness, her hands out in front of her as she stumbled.


The whisper sent chills down her spine, and her grief was replaced with fear, a whimper slipping from her lips as she felt the extreme heat circle her.

You….will help me rise….

She could feel ice cold breath on her ear as the words were whispered harshly to her. She couldn't speak, or move other than the direction her body was going. She let out a small hiss as something sharp runs down her back, and she could feel the cool air biting at her skin. Her shirt had been sliced down the middle and she wrapped her arms around herself, willing herself to stop moving.

"No," She murmurs, and her foot catches on an uprooted tree, and she stumbles forward, unable to catch herself and she falls onto the forest floor. Panic was slowly overtaking her. She hates the woods, and Peter had warned her not to follow this thing, but her body couldn't help it. It was pulling her in the direction it wanted her to go. She freezes as she feels her shoes being yanked off of her feet, but couldn't feel a hand. She scrambled away as best she could, sharp wooden pieces digging into her hands. She shrieks out as her pants are suddenly yanked off as well, leaving her in her bra and underwear.

Up… It hisses, and Bella shakes her head as it starts to rain. This time, she could feel something surrounding her, and even though she couldn't see it, she knew what was targeting her like this. "Leave me alone!" She cries, shielding herself if it tries to attack her. She feels a force of some sort grip her by the hands, dragging her up to a stand.

It is time to come home

Bella's unable to pull away, and her legs move on their own accord. She's trying to remember how far from home she was. She wasn't sure how good werewolves hearing were, but she would do everything she could not to end up lost here, wandering these woods until she died of starvation. So, she'd scream his name until she couldn't muster a sound. Her lungs burned with the force, Derek's name bellowing from her chest with a high pitched screech, terror in her voice, and she was jerked harder in whatever direction.

He can't save you…

Despite the warning, she kept up, yelling out for Derek or help in general, for hours, her legs soon giving out on her. She was still being dragged along, unable to break the iron grip on her hands, the rain saturating her hair and body making her shiver violently. "Please…" She whispers out hoarsely, and her hands are suddenly dropped, and she falls to the ground again, just laying there. Her legs burned, she was hungry, tired, petrified, and she had no idea where she was. She couldn't see a damn thing, but she knew she was alone, her torturing friend having left her there. She hadn't the energy to move, shock still rocking through her at the fact that something invisible…or intangible had gotten her out her with an intent she wasn't sure of.

Late Sunday Evening

Derek almost crushed his phone, looking towards the door, hoping that Bella would walk through. Her phone had finally gone straight to voicemail, and he ran a hand through his hair. He looks up as the door opens, his hope dwindling as it's just Scott who just shakes his head. "Nothing, but, we found her truck," Derek was moving before he even realized it, following Scott out. He paused briefly at seeing Stiles and Noah. "This isn't good, is it?" He asked, closing his eyes as Noah gravely shakes his head. "It's not looking too good…it's weird actually," Derek lifts his eyes at that, getting into the car with Scott as Stiles and his father lead them to the last place Bella had been. She had barely even left the hospital, maybe a good 10 minutes away, and another 20 from Derek's. Scott pulls over and Derek hops out, going towards her truck. "Don't touch anything. We turned the car off, but based on his things look, we can assume she's wandered off but there's no sign of a struggle although it could possible be a kidnapping. I'm not sure. She left her purse, phone, everything is here, just not her," Noah says, coming to stand next to him. Derek tries to catch her scent or anything for that matter, but the rain had washed most of it away.

"I can't smell her that well, but there's a tiny trace of it, barely, going in that direction," They all look over where he was pointing towards, and dread filled Derek's gut. "What?" Noah asks, noticing the look on his face. "Oh don't tell me…this is something supernatural, isn't it?" Derek can only nod, pulling out his phone to call Peter.

I'm kind of busy.

"Well, un-busy yourself. What did you find out about that thing Bella had mentioned?"

Not much. It's too broad. Why?

"I think she followed it, or it lured her somehow. She's missing, and the only way she'd go into the woods would be unwillingly,"

How long has she been gone?

"Melissa sent her home around 8, and it's almost midnight. 4 hours. It's been raining heavily so I don't know what kind of scent we're going to be able to catch,"

I'll meet you at Deaton's. He seems to know a lot about the unknown.

Peter hangs up and Derek looks at Noah. "She's in there, I know she is. How soon can we start a search party?" Noah goes back to his vehicle and gets on the radio. He looks back at Derek with a nod. "Once everyone gets here, we'll start,"

Derek, Scott, and Stiles meet Peter at Deaton's. Peter had already told him what was going on, and Derek helped fill

in the information about Bella's dreams and what Charlie had told him in his letter. Deaton's expression didn't help any. He led them inside where he then sat down with a book. He flipped through it for a few seconds, stopping at a page. "This demon that she claims to see, did she describe it like this: black, like darker than the night itself, had almost a compelling type of nature. Pretty much something out of a nightmare?" They all nod aside from Stiles who looks slightly weirded out. "Well…I'm afraid this isn't looking good for your friend. Based on what her father has told you, this is an ancient demon, very old, and most likely it draws energy from its victims, usually people that are feeling low and upset. Now you said she saw this thing the other day, but it was unable to influence her. How was she feeling today?" Derek thought back on her mood today, confusion evident in his voice. "She was fine. Happy, well as happy as can be for the most part," Scott frowns. "She didn't look so happy when mom sent her home. She was very upset. My mom thinks it had something to do with her mother," Peter's lips curled up at the mention of the woman, shaking his head. "I mean if it was something that upset her to the point where this demon could lure her then I'd say she was feeling very upset. Do you know what transpired between her and her mother?" Scott shakes his head. "No, sorry,"

"That doesn't matter. What does this thing want with her?" Peter asks, irritation clearly seeping from him at the thought that this was Renee's fault. "Based on what you've told me of her dreams, everything really, it wants her for something, maybe even to come through our world. I have no idea. Only these shifters may know the answer to that question. I do however suggest that you find your friend and family member. Not only because of the potential danger she may be in spiritually but also the current weather we are about to go through. A large storm front is hitting in a few days. We're getting nothing but rain this week, and this weather is only going to get worse,"

At that, Derek's cell rings, and he answers without looking to see who was calling.


Derek, it's officer Parrish. We found some female clothing in the woods, and we need you to identify them if they belonged to your cousin.

To Derek, this was becoming more bizarre.

After confirming that the clothes belonged to Bella, Derek didn't like what these clues were leading up to. The humans believed that somebody had lured her out here and have either planned on doing something heinous or have already done so. Derek just knew that whatever happened at that time, she was petrified. He could still smell it, sticking to her clothes like glue. Each wolf split off with a search team, going as far out as a 10-mile radius. One team had found her tennis shoe 2 miles from the road, and Derek found the other 5 miles out. Derek's panic was slowly skyrocketing as 8 miles from where her truck was found, her underwear and bra were found just feet away away from each other. It was almost like another Lydia situation all over again. Out there was a naked girl running around. She was much farther than they anticipated. Finding nothing more to go on, Noah released her picture into the press the next morning, keeping it strictly in the Beacon Hills area. They didn't think she was in another city, and if by chance the shifters or Cullen's were snooping close by, they didn't need a straight shot to her hiding place. Having seen the news or being called by one of the pack, everyone met at Derek's the following morning to search on their own. They were attempting to get out and look before it started to rain again.

Tuesday Morning

Isaac shakes his head as Derek wearily heads up the stairs. Derek knew that she was out there, lost probably, wandering around. He just didn't understand the bizarre circumstances surrounding her disappearance. It was weird, eerie, and frustrating. It's like she just vanished. The whole police department was out there, looking in every place they could. Dogs seemed to loose the scent after a while, nothing else to go on. The pack had no such luck. Derek had spent Monday night searching the woods on his own, opening up his senses to gather anything that could be useful, but the rain washed away anything that could have been of help. Stiles was with his father, trying his best to see what he could find or pick up on, but the authorities were just as clueless. Their theories stemmed from kidnapping to assault or one they didn't want to think on just yet: murder. Derek believed that she was still alive, a feeling was all he could hold onto at that thought. He believed that the figure she fears was most likely connected to Charlie's story, and it wanted her. What for? He didn't know. He wouldn't be going back to Forks to find out though. He'd have to do some research on his own and figure out how everything connected. But first? Finding Bella was top priority.

Jackson seemed just as frustrated as Derek, not understand how a girl could just go missing. He had heard the many theories of what people thought happened to Bella and they just irritated him at best. Some people believed that Derek had something to do with it or that she just ran away. Others thought she was a nut case, and some believed that there was a kidnapper/killer out there ready to take on Beacon Hills.

He was questioned about Bella the day before as he had saw her that morning, but he was quickly ruled out along with Derek. Officers had taken to questioning the hospital staff who had all seen Bella leave, alone. Scott was questioned as he was the last person to speak to her, and like everyone else, he had no idea what could have possibly happened. It was baffling, and Noah was getting pressure from worried parents and guardians about their own children's safety. He had advised that everyone stay away from the woods, and unfortunately for Beacon Hills, some people didn't get the memo. A teenage girl had gone missing the day of and hasn't been seen since her shift at work. People were starting to panic, and these three days were turning into a nightmare.

Wednesday night

It was raining again. It flowed down the dark roads freely. Jackson laid in bed, worry consuming him the more he sat still, the more the night went on. He was as clueless as everyone else. All they could go off was supernatural related, but there was nothing to do about it at this point. Searching the woods was only taking up time, and it was proving to become challenging.

Jackson's cell rings, and he's this close to letting it go to voicemail, but he grabs it, answering, hoping for some news. It was more than news when the girl herself came on the other line, her voice hoarse, shaky, and hopeful. Jackson? Jackson sat up so fast he gave himself whiplash. "Bella? Where are you? Are you okay?" He was already getting out of bed, throwing on some clothes and his shoes within a matter of seconds. I'm okay…I…I'm at the you are now leaving Beacon Hills sign. Is Derek okay?

Jackson's brows rose. "You're on the outskirts of Beacon Hills? I'm coming to get you. Derek's fine, just worried like the rest of us," Bella murmurs something softly and Derek could hear someone in the background. "Who's with you?" This couple found me and let me hold their phone. Yours was the only one I memorized. Jackson, can you bring me some clothes please? "Clothes? Oh, yes. Stay put, okay?" Okay.

Bella hung up the phone, and Jackson was grabbing his keys, heading out the door.

Jackson's headlights shined on the blanket wrapped figure, pulling up to a stop just a few feet away from Bella. He raked his eyes over her shivering form, her sunken eyes squinting back at him, her hand shielding her face. He steps out, grabbing the bundle of towels. He tries to scan her over, but the blanket hid her from his prying eyes. He's surprised however as Bella was suddenly clinging to him, shaking, her head against his chest. Jackson wraps his arms around her neck.

He leads her to the passenger side, opening the door and sitting her down. He crouches down, swiping his dampening hair back to get a good look at her. She looked like she took a literal tumble through the woods, and there were twigs and leaves in her hair. He plucked a few leaves out, swiping his hand along her cheek. "You're okay now," He soothingly says to her.

Her hands are shaking as he hands her a towel, and he reaches towards the dash for the clothes she had asked for. "They're some of my old clothes, so…" He trailed off, clearing his throat as he stood. She grasps his hand, an indication she wanted him to stay put. He crouches back down, keeping his eyes on her face as she swiftly put his shirt on top of the blanket, pulling it down as the shirt fell over her body. She shuffled into the pants her had given her, and he took the blanket from her, wrapping it into a ball. He closed the door, and raced to the driver's side, getting in and cranking up the heat.

Bella held her hands to the vents, her teeth chattering slightly. Jackson leaned back in the seat, glancing over at her. He didn't want to pull off just yet. "Are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere?" He asks, turning towards her slightly. Bella shakes her head, glancing over at him. "Just a few scratches," Her voice was raw from screaming, and she winced as she talked. Jackson thanked whatever higher up there was that told him to bring water. "Here," He handed her the bottle, twisting off a cap with the flick of his wrist.

Bella took the bottle, gulping down the cool liquid greedily, letting out a long sigh. Jackson took it from her, setting it back in the cup holder. They stare at each other for a moment when Jackson can't take the curiosity any longer. "What happened Bella? You just…vanished," He sighs, his eyes raking over her face closely. Bella swallows heavily and turns to look outside, shivering. "I don't remember anything after I lost my clothes. I remember waking up, right there on the edge of the woods. Under the sign. This couple found me and gave me the blanket and loaned me their phone. I didn't want to call the police because they wouldn't understand. The woman was pregnant, and they didn't plan on going back to Beacon Hills, but they let me borrow their phone. It was there with me, chasing me, speaking to me. How long have I been out here?"

She looks back at him, her already pale face, paler than normal. "3 if you count Sunday night. It's Wednesday," He says softly, easily hearing her sharp intake of breath. "Jackson, I'm scared," She murmurs, staring out into the darkness, her eyes slightly wide, mouth set in a frown. Jackson reaches over to take her hand which Bella accepts, squeezing his hand with the last bit of strength she had.

AN: While this chapter is kinda long, not much going on in a sense, but we get a look at this creature, a bit more information about Bella and Renee's dwindling relationship. Next chapter, Derek reunites with his cousin while Bella struggles to put the pieces together of her blackout. I'm sorry it's probably not as good as chapters 1-2, but I'm getting back into updating here soon. I've just been busy and had a bit of writer's block going on.

Please excuse any mistakes.

Tomorrow is my 22nd birthday so I am very excited! I'll be updating soon J

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