All it Took @halfofmysoul
Chapter 1

AN: Hey guys! So, I am currently rewatching Teen Wolf, and I am getting my sister into the show, and you guys know me lol There aren't many Twilight/Teen Wolf Crossovers, and not many with Bella involved, and the few that I find, she's with Scott or Derek.

This time, I want to make one where we see Bella with Jackson.

All would be explained within the story.

Here is a side note: If any of you read my Wolf Pack Series, you guys know how I write my wolves, and I'd like to do the same here.

Also, Peter didn't 'die' in season 1, and is kind of like a lone wolf. Scott is in between Derek and his own pack. I am not following a particular timeline, but this is taking place after season 2, but without any specifics of season 3.

Chapter 1

Charlie sat down the phone, sighing heavily. He beckoned his daughter forward, and she leaned against him. "There are some things I haven't told you, and considering you just filled me in on everything that is going on…it's only right I tell you the truth," Bella frowned, tilting her head.

"I didn't want you getting mixed up in all this supernatural business, but I guess that's pointless now, right? I have a brother; you've met him when you were just a child. His name is Peter Hale, and he has a nephew, Derek Hale. Derek and Peter are werewolves, not like the shifters here. Full moon, walk on hind legs…but they're good people, and I think they can help you. They live in California, and I think it's best you go to stay with them. They can protect you better. The shifters here don't give a shit, and I can't just let some blood-thirsty bastards think they can terrorize you," He sighed heavily.

"Derek will be here in a few days to collect you. Now kid, you're 19, and I can't tell you what to do, but I wouldn't tell you this for nothing," Bella hugged Charlie close. "No, I can't protect myself against them, and what about you? I can't just leave you to face this on your own," Charlie shook his head, rubbing her back in comfort. "Yes, you can. I'll be alright. As much as the wolves don't like this situation, I'm untouchable. I want you to start packing and get whatever you think you'll need for this. School is over, so there's no obligation to that. I promise you, we'll figure this out,"

Bella frowned, looking over her shoulder once again, eyeing the black Camaro that was slowly moving across the street. It would just be her luck that some weirdo was following her a day before the cousin she never knew she had was supposed to pick her up.

It would be a better way to go out than being killed by a vampire or shapeshifter though. After Edward left, and the whole fiasco with saving his life in Italy, Edward had become dark. While his behavior never escalated to something physical, Bella was terrified that something bad would happen if she let their relationship continue.

Only things didn't go the way she thought they would. Edward had started threatening her, using Charlie against her, or even her mother. She locked the window in her bedroom and woke up many nights to small cracks from pebbles being thrown at a hard force.

She had gone to Jacob, telling him that Edward was becoming a threat, and to not only her but her father and maybe even the population of Forks. She was surprised when Jacob gave her the cold shoulder, leaving her on her own to deal with the problem herself. She had tried to go to Sam, and he too basically kicked her to the curb. Seth and Embry were the only two wolves that tried to fight in her corner, but an alpha order later, and all she had to turn to was Charlie.

Charlie had noticed a change in her, begging to know what was going on. He had noticed her recluse over the last year, his once-vibrant daughter was like a shell, always walking on eggshells. She stayed quiet at first, not wanting to put her father in any danger, but after a while, she knew that she had to warn her father of the danger she had unknowingly put him in.

She broke down one morning, giving Charlie any and all information on the supernatural world she was living in. She didn't go into detail about why she was in danger as she didn't want to unload on him all of her problems. It was just the other day that she told him everything, including the shifters and their blatant hatred for her that they didn't really care whether she lived or died and how dark things had really gotten.

Charlie was determined though, and he would do whatever it took to save his daughter.

He immediately called Peter, and Peter was all too willing to get him in touch with Derek to help save his niece from the situation she was in. Derek was reluctant at first, having to deal with his own pack at the moment, but eventually knew that he couldn't just let the poor girl rot, and she was family.

Blood or not.

He'd make his conclusions about her when he met her.

So here he was, following his unnaturally, very observant cousin down the darkening streets of Port Angeles. He had to shake his head though as she was walking alone, hurrying down the street. It seemed that she was picking up some things for their move, and he had come a day early.

He wanted to scope things out a bit, get a feel for the place.

He put his car in park, and cut off the ignition before stepping out, and following her on foot. He knew he should probably introduce himself, but he wanted to see what she was like. He could tell that she was observant for one. She had turned many times to stare in his general direction and he knew that he probably looked like a creep, but he wanted to lay low. She could be being followed, and he didn't want to alert any creatures of his presence just yet.

He followed for a good few minutes at a safe distance before she turned the corner. Derek paused, tilting his head to the side to listen for anything important. He heard her spike in heart rate, wondering if it was him who was causing her heart to pump faster.

"Hello?" He listened as she seemed to be having a conversation with someone on the phone. Her voice wavered as she answered. He heard her sharp intake of breath before she was uttering, "Just leave me alone," Derek listened closely as he heard something clatter to the ground before he heard a crackling sound.

He threw being observant out the window as he stalked his way towards the alley where she had disappeared off to. She was rounding the corner as well, screaming in fright as they bumped into each other. He brought out his hands to steady her, narrowing his eyes.

Bella swallowed heavily, looking up at him. "Excuse me," She whispered, making a move to go around him. He stopped her, "I'm assuming Uncle Charlie hadn't gotten around to showing you what I look like," He smiled a comforting smile at her, hoping to ease her nerves and rid the scent of fear that assaulted his nose.

Her eyes widened and she looked around before looking back at him. "Derek Hale?" He nodded, holding out his hand for her to shake. She grasped it, a feeling of safety already washing over her at his presence. He looked her over, finding that she had long brown hair, very small for a girl her age, and it looked like she needed to add on a few pounds. He could smell the stress rolling off her in waves.

She was very pale, with big brown eyes and a heart-shaped face.

She stood at maybe 5'3. "You're early," She says, and he turns to walk with her. "I am. I wanted to scope things out a bit. Peter wasn't very helpful with providing me with all of the information so…why don't you fill me in,"

Bella walked next to him, telling him everything. How she met Edward, how she had even fallen in love with him. The horrible baseball game and that event, as well as the birthday disaster and what followed. How she found out about the shifters. She didn't leave anything out, even telling him about Edward's threats and his darkening behavior. "I feel if I don't get out, he's going to kill me," She whispers, rubbing her hands up and down her arms as it was getting chilly.

Derek shrugged out of his jacket, and placed it on her shoulders, keeping alert as they walked back in the general direction of her truck. "It won't come to that. I'll stay the night, and we can leave in the morning. I drove. It was easier, besides, plane tickets can easily be traced," Bella nodded at the idea. "Will my dad be alright here?"

Derek looks down at her, seeing the worry in her eyes. She was more worried about Charlie's life than her own. "He can handle himself. His main concern is you right now," Bella shuffled closer to him, not really understanding why she felt the need to do so.

She was unaware of just how deep pack dynamics went. Derek was alpha, and with or without his pack, he carried that status. To Derek, she was family, even if he didn't know a thing about her, but in his mind, he was already placing her as part of his pack. She was feeling the effects of the emotional and physical attachments that being a part of a pack came with. Members seek their alpha out in fear, comfort, guidance, and Bella being human and vulnerable, her body was responding to the claim that Derek had already made.

"I'll help you get through this, I promise," Derek was slightly surprised when she leaned into him, brushing her shoulder against his. It was something that Jacob and the boys did, and she kind of just picked up on it.

They finally came across her truck, and he curiously watched as she placed her bags in before pulling out her keys. "My car is back up that way. I'll follow you home," He waited for her to get in, watching as she attempted to start the truck.

It sputtered, and Bella groaned. "No…No…" Derek wrinkled his nose at a weird smell and looked to Bella in thought. "Pop the hood," He said, and he heard the small thump as she hit the lever. He opened the hood to her truck, frowning immediately.

He slammed the hood down, and Bella gulped as she saw his eyes flash red. "Get out of the truck," He urged, and was opening the door before she could even think. He blinked once, and his eyes were back to their hazel color. "What's wrong?" She asks, and he takes her hand, helping her out of the truck. "Someone tampered with your engine," He starts to lead her down the street, keeping his nose, ears, and eyes sharp. Bella shivered, her legs moving faster to keep in stride with Derek.

The street was pretty much empty, and Derek had made it to his car, and opened the passenger door for Bella, all but shoving her in. As he made his way to the other side, he could hear growls in the distance. He felt his fangs elongate, and he turned around in the central direction of the noise, letting out a roar of his own.

He was letting whatever this was that he meant business. Most likely the creatures had never encountered anything like him so he hoped that they would be kept at bay for now. He got into his car, his face back to normal as he pulled out his keys, starting the car, and making a sharp U-turn.

Bella held onto the door, letting out a breath as they went speeding down the street. "Is everything alright?" She asks urgently, looking over at him, fear coursing its way through her. Derek nodded. "Relax. We're okay for now. Creatures just trying to be the dominant ones. Most likely those shifters. Comes with the territory," He explains. Bella let out a breath, and Derek felt bad. This poor girl was being stalked, her things being sabotaged, her life was hanging on a thin line.

"What…what was that thing you did…that growl?" Derek was nothing like the LaPush tribe, and she knew that just by looking at him, that his species was far more superior than the pups here. "Alpha roar, growl, whatever you want to call it. It's a warning. Where do I go from here?"

Bella instructed him on the turns, slowly relaxing as he drove with ease and precision. She noted that he had a thing for speed, but it wasn't terrifying. Derek calmed a bit at hearing her heart beat drop back to a normal rhythm.

He talked to her a bit about his own life, so she wouldn't feel so awkward when she came to stay with him. He told her everything he thought she should know about him, Peter, her father who was adopted into the family. He broke down to her that there were more wolves like him, some good, and not so good.

He told her of his own pack, and what she would be getting herself into when she came to Beacon Hills.

"There are other things out there, but you'll be well protected. These cold ones…I've only heard legends of them, I'm not surprised that they exist. They're dangerous, narcissistic, cold-blooded. We're not like the shapeshifter pack here, our dynamic is completely different than there's. Yes, you have the alpha, beta, omega, but we can drop status, and alpha can become an omega and a beta can become an alpha. When you're in a pack, you're one of ours, very in-tune with one another. Right now, you feel very comfortable, am I right?"

He glanced over at her, seeing her small nod. "It's me. I'm not doing anything special, just my presence alone. That's a good thing,"

Bella nodded, glancing over at him. "Not that I'm not grateful, but why did you decide to help me?" Derek sped down the highway, looking over at her as she wrapped his jacket a bit tighter around her. He turned on the heat. "You're family. After getting a bit of an idea of what was going on, I decided to come down, hoping to gather more information from you or Charlie. Your father is right. You can't stay here. It's too dangerous, and if these vampires decide to follow…well…it won't end well for them,"

Bella swallowed at the threat. "Thank you," Derek nodded. He followed her instructions back to Forks and pulled up to a stop outside of the home. "This looks like Charlie," He chuckles. Bella smiles fondly. "Yeah, he's simple like that," He cut the engine, and Bella stepped out, grabbing her bags.

She closed the passenger door, and Derek followed behind, his nose wrinkling once again as that smell assaulted his nose. It was fresh, and Derek moved forward, "Stop," He commanded, heading in front of her. Bella paused, looking around frantically.

He inches his way towards the home, hearing Bella behind him. Bella came to stand next to him, her heart beating fast. She looked around again seeing that Charlie's cruiser wasn't in the driveway. That filled her with a bit of relief.

She twisted the door open and reached inside flicking on the light. Derek moved in first, sniffing the air. His eyes widened as he rounded the corner towards the living room, and he was about to tell Bella to not come inside, but it fell on his tongue as she was already pushing her way through and past him.

She stilled immediately, her bags dropping to the floor. She slowly walked forward, refraining from touching anything. In the living room all over the walls were pictures of her, various ones at different places, in her bedroom, the shower…Bella shivered.

"Don't touch anything," Derek states, pulling out his phone. As he turns in a circle, he spots a message written on the wall in what looks to be black paint.

You're so beautiful…I'll be waiting for you…

Bella softly gasps as she notices it too. Bella's heart rate starts to rise, her breathing becoming slightly erratic. Derek ushers her outside, sitting her down on the steps. "Breathe, okay?" He soothes, about to dial Charlie.

He snaps his head to the side however as a man and two younger boys come from the woods. He knew these to be shifters from their scent alone but knew they weren't the ones that had left Bella this…message.

"You need to leave," The one in the middle stated, pointing a shaking finger at Derek.

Derek just raised a bushy brow. "Don't take orders, sorry. You're supposed to protect people, right? How the hell do you allow the undead to stalk the innocent and expect her to fend for herself? Or is it because she befriended the enemy and to you, that makes her not worth saving?" He asks calmly, keeping himself in check.

Bella had since stood, her fight or flight instincts kicking in. She was petrified. On one hand, she wanted nothing more than to stalk over to the trio and slap them in their faces, but her fear of one of them tearing her to shreds was keeping her in place.

Sam spoke up then, turning to glare at Bella. "You told!" Bella clenched her teeth together, gathering some strength to stalk forward, yet kept herself behind Derek. She wasn't sure how fast he was, but the shifters weren't slow.

"I didn't say anything that didn't need to be said! You won't protect me and I am scared that when I wake up, I'll be somewhere facing death. I didn't ask for this! I tried to leave him alone, and he won't let me. You can't blame me!"

Paul lowly growled, "If it weren't for you, the Cullen's wouldn't have stayed any longer and we could be living a normal life!" He moved to step forward, and Derek growled in warning.

"Don't. I'll snap your neck before you even have the chance. We want the same things. You want her gone, and I want her safe which means getting her the hell out of town. We're leaving tomorrow, but until then, keep these bloodsuckers off the property,"

Sam scoffed. "The best I can do is keep Charlie protected. You're on your own here," Derek bared his teeth as Paul tried to inch forward. "Take him or I kill him. I don't want to see you around here again,"

The three inched away, back the way they came, and Derek went to call Scott. These shifters were proving to be a problem. He knew that the creatures of Forks knew he was in town and he couldn't be off his game.

Scott answered on the first ring.

We're about to board a plane to you.

Derek's brows rose. "We? How did you know?"

Jackson and I. We just felt like you could use some help. Send us the address.

Derek nodded to himself, keeping an eye out for Bella as she paced. "These things aren't making it easy. They won't protect her so that leaves me, and I don't trust anyone right now. Be prepared when you get here,"

He and Scott hung up and he turned to Bella. "Give Charlie a call, and I'll work on getting that mess down, okay? Are you alright?"

Bella nodded, sucking in a deep breath. "I'm just on edge," She replies, walking back inside, Derek following behind her.

She went to call Charlie and give him a brief update. He wouldn't be home tonight since he had a 24-hour shift to do. Before she called, he was about to call her and ask her to stay at the station until he got home, but he was eased at knowing Derek had arrived and briefly spoke to him.

Derek could take the couch or his room if he liked, and there was food in the fridge. Derek told Charlie that the young boys would be down to help them get set up and keep an eye on things until he got Bella out of Forks safely.

Bella had poked her head out the window to look at his car, and she glanced back at him as he worked on the writing of the wall.

"I don't think my things will fit in your car," She murmurs. Derek didn't turn from what he was doing. "Make it fit. Pack the essentials. We can get wherever you need when we get to where we're going," He purposely didn't say where they would be going if there were any prying ears listening in.

Bella nodded before turning to head upstairs. Derek focused on cleaning, hearing Bella shuffle around upstairs and move back and forth as she packed and tossed things.

He started pulling the pictures off the wall, disgusted at the mere thought of them. There were very intimate photos of her either sleeping or in her room naked or even in bra and panties. He started dumping them in the trash, shaking his head.

As the night went on, Bella had tripped over a loose floorboard. "Are you okay?!" Derek called up, stopping at the door of the stairs. "I'm fine!" She calls back. Charlie had informed him of how clumsy she was. She looks down by her feet and decides to pull it up. A cloud of golden dust rises and assaults her nose making her sneeze.

She looked to see that they were her birthday gifts from when she turned 18. She frowned, snatching them up before tossing them in the trash. Derek had taken it upon himself to order pizza and once it arrived, he called Bella down, watching as she came down with at least three bags full of trash.

He just raised a brow, and went to eat, watching her for a moment. She sat on her couch next to him, grabbing a slice. "Tell me about you, before all of this," he asks curiously. Bella nods and tells him about her life before Forks, before she moved in with Charlie. Derek had never met Renee, but Peter wasn't very fond of her at how she broke Charlie's heart.

"It was boring really. A lot of moving around. I came to visit Charlie almost every year and spent most of my summers with him. When mom met Phil, I decided to just move in with dad. I felt she wanted the freedom to follow him during his baseball career," Derek nodded in thought. "Do you regret it?"

Bella shook her head almost immediately. "I only regret the relationships I built. I wouldn't trade dad for anything in this world," She whispers. She went for another piece, glancing up at Derek. "You love him," He states quietly. "I do," She replies, her brows lowering as she seemed to be thinking about something. "What about friends?" Derek asks, closing the pizza box.

Bella shrugged. "Never really had any. Mom and I moved so much it was pointless, and well, here…everyone is the same. I always felt out of place. I'm not a gossiper, or the popular girl, or even the quiet kid. I'm nothing like these people, and with the Cullen's….it was one of the reasons why I felt so right with them. I didn't feel so…out of place," She says, her frown deepening.

"They left me so easily. Sometimes I wonder if it was all a lie. With everything going on, it makes me question their every motive. Why befriend me? Why take the time to converse with a human? Do everything within their efforts to give me a cut and dry departure, and then when I'm ready to call it quits, it's suddenly a problem? How is that fair?"

Derek crossed his arms over his chest, leaning back against the couch cushions. "It isn't. Vampires are…enchanting for a reason. I believe that you were merely a toy to them, and your ex wanted to push you as far as he could until you broke. You were stronger than he realized, and he can't let you go. Now that I'm thinking about it, he won't stop. He'll need to die one day," He states, glancing over at her as she yawned.

"Get some rest kid," He says to her, watching as she stands, swaying a bit on her feet. She yawns again, "Goodnight Derek,"

He nods, "Goodnight Bella,"

"What's that god-awful stench?" Jackson utters as they step out of the yellow taxi. Scott shrugs. "No idea. He's waiting for us," Jackson tilts his head, hearing the second heartbeat upstairs. It was more sporadic, and nervous sounding.

They walked their way up the driveway, each wolf looking around in passing before Scott went to knock on the door. Derek was pulling it open before he could bump his fist against the wood, staring at the two of them. "Were you followed?" He asks, looking around them before allowing them inside. "No," Jackson responds, that smell hitting his nose again. He stopped though, smelling something a bit more potent, in a good way that seemed to stick to the home.

Derek eyes him curiously as he closes the door behind him. Scott and Jackson turned their heads towards the stairs as Bella started to come down with a box. Derek goes to her aid, taking the box from her hands. She smiles in thanks, turning to greet them.

"Bella, this is Scott McCall and Jackson Whittemore. Part of my pack. They'll be helping get you packed up and keep an eye on things for now," Bella shook Scott's hand, feeling the warmth of his skin. They didn't run as hot as the shifters, but they were abnormally warm. She turned to Jackson next, her breath hitching in her throat. He was handsome, with short brown hair, an angled face that almost made him look like a model, and blue eyes. He towered over her 5'3 frame a good 6 inches. She guessed he was about 6 feet tall.

She swallowed as they met eyes, and he gave her this smirk that read cocky. "The good-looking one of the group," He grabbed her hand, shaking it while maintaining eye contact with her. Her scent wafted towards him, something primal within him reacting at the smell. She smelled sweet and spicy, and for some reason, it was calming.

She chuckled. "I can't thank you guys enough," She states, and her voice washes over Jackson making him shiver a bit. Derek eyes him again, his eyes narrowing. "You're pack," Scott shrugs. "So I've been told," She responds. She moved to head into the kitchen. "Are you guys hungry?" She called out, rummaging through the fridge.

"We can eat," Derek called out, letting Scott move around the house. He watched Jackson who was transfixed on the short brunette in the kitchen. He could tell the young wolf had just experienced something. He could feel it.

"She smells…calming," Jackson admits, turning to look at Derek, hoping he'd be able to make sense of that statement. Derek just hums. "Your wolf likes her," Jackson just raises a brow. "Likes her?" Derek nods. "It's different for everyone, and not all wolves just tolerate anyone right off the bat. For some wolves it's strong, and for others, not so much. You may find yourself being in tune with her or picking up things about her that others can't. All I'm going to say is that she's had it rough, so don't be an asshole towards her,"

Derek walked away, going to grab Bella's box and load it into his car. "Wasn't planning on it," He murmurs to himself.

Bella made some sandwiches, and she figured they could eat more than the usual.

She came from the kitchen, finding Jackson curiously looking around with Scott. "What's that smell?" Scott murmurs, looking to her for permission as he wants to go upstairs. Bella nods, leading him up. "I hope it's not me, but most likely it's the vampires…one was here yesterday," She says quietly, shivering slightly.

Scott turned to glance at Jackson, the smell getting stronger the more they walked up. Jackson followed, and they ended up in her bedroom.

The boys looked around curiously, and Scott moved to the window, looking down outside. It faced the woods, away from prying eyes.

Bella fidgeted as Scott started to stare out there for longer than usual. Jackson turned his eyes to her, seeing her pull her lip between her teeth nervously, her fingers intertwining together as she shifted from one foot to the other.

He could smell it rolling off her, and feel it course through him at the same time. "Relax," He said, crossing his arms over his chest, not used to being so supernaturally observant with a human.

It was making him slightly uncomfortable.

"Nobody is out there," He said a few seconds later, watching as she visibly tried to calm herself, taking a few deep breaths.

If he hadn't been around Stiles as much as he was, he wouldn't have been so sure about what she was feeling, but he could see the oncoming signs.

"Do you have panic attacks?" He questions, his focus entirely on her now, although he was aware of Scott doing something else within her room.

Her brown eyes shoot to him in surprise. "Once. How did you know?" Scott spoke up next. "Stiles has them. We can usually hear it in his heart rate before he starts to experience his attack," Bella turned to him questionably. "Stiles?"

"His idiot friend. He's practically the only other human that hangs with us on a daily basis," Jackson shrugs, meeting eyes with Scott who just shook his head minutely.

Bella picked up on it of course and frowned. "If I'm going to be spending time with you all, I would really like it if you guys didn't treat me as if I'm not in the same room. I catch the small things you know?"

She looks to both of them, her face holding just slight annoyance, but she otherwise smiled at them.

"Scott's just eyeing how far he can see out there. Your trees prove to be a disadvantage, and we need to be able to see who's coming,"

She nods, kicking a box in Jackson's direction. She then pushed on Scott's way. "If you boys can take those down for me, that would be great," They each grabbed a box with ease, and she went to grab her duffle on the floor so that she could open it up to put more clothes in.

She quietly started to pack clothes, her thoughts in other places as she thought about California. She's never been there and wondered what it was like. She was happy she at least had a family member or two.

Derek was quiet, as was she, and she figured they'd get along nicely. He was the brooding type she gathered, but he was making sure to make her feel comfortable around him which she was immensely pleased about.

Even if they weren't blood-related, they looked like they were. She headed downstairs after a while to see Jackson, Scott, and Derek munching on their sandwiches.

One thing about Derek she noticed was that he was very intuitive and more observant than she liked.

"Are you going to eat?" He asks around his food, watching her with keen eyes. Bella hadn't really thought about food since last night. She's been so nervous and stressed that food didn't tend to taste so great anymore.

She shook her head, and he slid his plate over with half of his sandwich left. "You need to. You haven't eaten in almost 12 hours,"

She furrowed her brows. Had it been that long? He gestured for her to take the plate. She begrudgingly grabbed it, taking a large bite of it just to spite him.

He just shrugged. "No offense, but you're thin, and as stressed as I know you are, you've still got to eat. You won't be of help to yourself,"

She swallowed her bite, pointing towards him. "You're bossy," She murmurs.

Derek just chuckles.

Normally he wouldn't care what a teenager did or didn't do, but even he was feeling his own primal connection to her. He was going to help his cousin in any way he could. "Scott and I are going to go get your truck from the city and bring it back. At the rate we're going, we can possibly be out of here by midnight or early morning tomorrow. We can get your truck either towed or shipped to where I live. Your choice,"

Bella nods. "I'll be thinking on it," Scott finished scarfing down his sandwich throwing out a "Thanks!" as Derek dragged him from the home.

Jackson knew the deal, and that his job now was to be alert. He figured that with Derek and Scott leaving, these other creatures Derek mentioned would want to follow. They'd be more concerned about numbers.

Jackson found himself too noticing how thin she was. She wasn't disgustingly skinny at all, but she could use a few pounds to be considered healthy.

He wasn't aware that he was doing it, but he didn't finish his food until after she had finished her half.

Once she was done, she glanced over at him curiously. Like Derek, she found herself calm around Jackson, something she hadn't been in a long time.

"Do you like being a wolf?" She asks quietly. Jackson nods. "It was a bit rocky at first, but I find nothing better than this," He says, finishing off his plate.

She just nods, getting up to take it away from him. He glanced down at her wrist, grabbing her hand. "Is that a bite mark?" He asks stunned.

Bella nods, pulling her hand away. "Can I?" He asks, holding out his hand. Bella sits again and holds out her wrist.

Their skin tingles as they touch, and he runs his fingers across the marble-like skin that held cool temperature.

"What happened?" He asks, looking up to meet her eyes. She frowns. "The Cullen's, the vampires, we're playing baseball, and these three nomadic vampires heard them playing. They wanted to join, but seeing as I was human, the leader of the family said it wasn't a good idea. The wind just picked up, and before I knew it, I had a bloodthirsty vampire after me. To make this painfully boring story short, I fled to Florida with two of the family members, and I was tricked into thinking the vampire had my mother, so I snuck off and got my ass kicked. He bit me just to piss Edward off, and this is the only good thing he's ever done for me. He sucked out the venom. It's very painful, and burns…"

She rubbed her wrist at the sensation it brought just by memory alone. Jackson frowned. "It's certainly not a boring story," He says, letting her wrist go.

She smiled at him and stands back up to grab her plates. He watches her go into the kitchen, deciding to follow after her.

He watched her for a moment as she took care of the dishes, and he noticed that she keeps glancing towards the clock. "Waiting for something?" He asks.

"Charlie usually checks in by now…" She murmurs. "Maybe he's just busy," Bella sighs and nods. "You're right,"

Bella was very pretty, and Jackson could see there was fire behind her somewhere, but it was lost under all the fear she was going under.

He could tell that she had a big heart, and would do anything for the people she loved. She wasn't like the girls back home. She was certainly different.

He perks up as he hears a truck outside, and he went to the window in the living room to look. "You know a boy on steroids?" He calls out, hearing Bella come shuffling behind him, looking outside as well. Her long hair brushed against his arm, tickling his skin.

"Oh no…" She murmurs. Jackson turns to her. "Oh no?" He repeats, watching her go pale. "Hey…" He says, wrapping an arm around her shoulders to keep her grounded. "He's a shifter. Derek and I were supposed to be gone…" She jumps as a loud knock sounds on the door, and a young voice carried through. "Bella! Open up!" She squeezes her eyes shut, fisting her hand, her fingernails digging into the flesh, drawing blood.

Jackson moves to stand in front of her, unraveling her hand. "Bella…" He whispers, getting her to open her eyes. She stares at him as he gets her attention to stay in him.

"Relax. I'm not going to let him hurt you," She jumps again at the loud bang on the door, her eyes now shifting towards the door. Jackson resists the urge to growl, knowing he'd just scare her more. "Hey, eyes on me, that's right. It's okay, I'll take care of this,"

She nods frantically, flinching again as the door was pounded on. "Wait a damn minute!" He snaps back and moves to go to the door.

Bella is behind him almost instantly, and he feels her fist on the back of his shirt. He wondered what happened to make her so terrified.

He wrenches the door open, standing in front of Bella, eyeing the young teen. "Who the hell are you?" The teen snaps and Jackson raises a brow. "God. We'll all be leaving soon so you can stop your whining. You're scaring the shit out of her,"

The young teen scoffs. "That's not what I came here for. Not yet anyway. It's about Charlie, he's been in an accident," Bella stepped out from behind Jackson, her own fears pushed to the side, a new one settling in.

"What? What happened?" She asks, and Jackson kept his arm on the door frame to prevent her from stepping out or the shifter from stepping in.

"I'll take you to the hospital," He says, waiting for her. Jackson raises a brow as the boy is clearly waiting for Bella to come outside and go with him, alone.

His wolf growled at the thought.

"Yeah, well make room for two," Jackson says, turning down to look at Bella. "He comes with, Jacob,"

Jacob rolled his eyes. "Whatever. It's not like I'm going to hurt you," Bella frowns. "Yeah, but you let them hurt me, so that means you're willing to do the same. What happened to you?" She asks in disbelief.

Jacob glared down at her and stepped forward. Jackson growled, moving in front of Bella. "Watch it," His claws came out, and Jacob looked down in surprise and slight fear.

Bella looks down as well, a bit awed. She realized that Derek did the same thing last night.

"Let's just go. He's at the hospital," Jacob turned around and stalked towards his truck. Jackson turns back to Bella as she was slipping on her shoes. "What did you mean just now? That he let them hurt you?"

Bella stills for a moment, turning to look at him. She shakes her head, clearly not wanting to say anything with Jacob outside. She pulls Jackson to the side and lifts up the back of her shirt a bit.

He sucks back a breath at the claw marks on her skin. Jackson runs a finger along them making her flinch slightly.

Anger courses through him as the pieces connected. She moves away from him as he started to move his fingers up, getting the feeling that her whole back probably had claw marks.

"Come on," She says and closes the door behind them as they head for Jacob's truck. Jacob pushed open the passenger door for her. "He can hop in back. There's only room for one back there," Bella bites her lip, knowing she'd rather drink acid.

Jackson closes the passenger door, and opened the back door, sliding in first. Bella blushed as she'd be sitting on his lap, but she would rather do that than sit with Jacob or sit exposed by herself in the back.

He grabs Bella's hand hoisting her up, and into his lap. He closed the door, and put the seatbelt around them, giving Jacob a wink in the rearview mirror.

Her scent calmed his nerves a bit, and he wrapped his arms around her waist, feeling her relax against him.

His wolf preened at the feeling, looking to Jacob as he gave him a what tried to be a death stare. "You look like a constipated kitten. Are we going or not?"

Bella snorted out in surprise, and Jackson grinned at seeing some form of positive emotion flash across her face.

His eyes glowed blue as Jacob turned to glare at her. Jacob drove to the hospital, the truck filled with tension the whole ride. Jackson had sent a text to Derek letting him know what was going on and Derek responded that they'd meet them at the hospital.

Bella was quiet, fiddling with her hands again, her heart erratically beating. It only made Jackson nervous for some reason, and he attributed to what Derek had said to him. It made sense that he could sense things off of her, he could become affected by it.

Derek, Scott, and Jackson were one of the few wolves that really patched in with their wolves, making their physical connections stronger as well as their senses. Jackson was the only other person outside of Isaac to control himself during a full moon.

He stilled her hands with his own, holding them together. Bella let out a shuddering breath, mentally counting to 10 to calm herself.

Jackson pulled her back against his chest, hoping that it would do her some good. Bella could feel his heart beating at her back, and she timed her breaths with it.

He couldn't help but gently nose her hair. Keeping her calm was the main priority right now. Bella closed her eyes for a moment, drifting off somewhere else for the moment.

Jacob pulled to a stop outside of the hospital, and cut the engine, waiting for them to get out. Jackson unbuckled them, and slid over with Bella in his lap and out the truck, keeping a firm grip on her shoulder.

He could smell the shifters inside, and wouldn't be taking the chances of one of them getting close to her.

He wrapped an arm around her shoulders and he could tell Bella was trying to be strong, doing her best not to tuck herself into his side.

He brought her close anyway, following Jacob inside. There were 3 other boys waiting for them. Jacob joined them, intently whispering to them. "I can hear you, you know?" Jackson says, annoyed with them at this point. They obviously know he isn't human and yet underestimate him.

He'd slit their throats in a second.

Bella moves from him and goes to the receptionist, asking for Charlie. Jackson gave them a glare before moving towards Bella.

A nurse led them to his room, and Bella stooped in the doorway, her hands covering her mouth.

"Oh my god," She whispers tearfully. Charlie was all bruised up, his head wrapped in gauze.

He was unnaturally still and Bella looked to the nurse. "What's wrong with him?" The nurse frowns. "He was in a bad accident miss. His car had flipped almost 10 times, and he was even lucky to be alive. Unfortunately, he experienced major trauma to the brain and is currently in a coma. We don't know if or when he'll wake,"

Bella nodded tearfully. "Can he be transferred?" The nurse looked Charlie over and then to the grief-stricken Bella. "I can see. It's a bit early to tell, but he's very strong. His vitals are immaculate, and if you can sign a few papers, it can be done," Bella eagerly nodded, and the nurse patted her shoulder along the way.

Jackson stood guard outside the room as Bella went to Charlie's side, silently crying. He could hear her talking to him and the pain in her voice made him want to howl at the sky.

He could hear her breaking down even more, her soft cries becoming sobs of despair.

Jackson looked up as Jacob came by. "You know you're not getting in there right?" Jackson states, raising a brow.

"I'm her friend, I just want to pay my respects," Jacob says, looking past him and to Bella. "A friend isn't terrified of her friends, or is your head too far up your ass to know that she's scared of you and every one of your little mutts for pack-mates?"

Jacob lowly growled, stepping closer. Jackson only smirked. "Oh, did I hit a nerve, steroids?"

Bella pulled Jackson by the shirt inside the room, closing the door in front of Jacob's face.

She locked the door and leaned against it. Jackson didn't say anything, instead offering to be there if she needed him.

She sat beside Charlie's bed, laying her head down. She fell asleep pretty quickly, and that's when Jackson decided to call Derek.

Derek needed to know, if he didn't already, what these shifters were truly capable of and if Bella could get Charlie transferred, they needed to leave ASAP.

Is everything alright? That was Derek's first question as soon as he answered the phone.

"Yeah. Charlie isn't looking so good. He's in a coma. Bella's here, she's knocked out. I know why she's so scared of them. They attacked her. She has claw marks running down her back like they mauled the shit out of her," Jackson lowers his voice as Bella shifts in her sleep.

Is that so? I can probably guess which one did it. We can get Charlie transferred. Tell Bella to tell the nurse to reach out to Melissa McCall at the hospital here. She can get him moved by tonight.

"Are you almost here? Something doesn't smell right," Jackson mutters confused at the situation.

I have the same feeling. As dangerous as these vampires are, I don't trust the shifters. They're weird. The three I encountered last night followed us here and is pushing us to leave. I know they want Bella gone, but they're not the protectors they lead people to assume. We'll be to you in about 30 minutes. Any problems?

Jackson sighed. "None really. This Jacob person is an asshole and I'm going to rip him a new one. He scared her at the house and I just…it took everything in me not to rip him to shreds. She's not safe here Derek, not at all,"

Derek agreed and told Jackson to keep himself in check. He was realizing their connection was stronger than he thought.

Bella signed the papers and gave the nurse a tired smile. "You're all set. In the next hour, we will have a transport team get him in a helicopter to your destination. You will be called when he has entered the hospital and is set up,"

Bella said a quiet thank you, her bloodshot eyes turning to look at Charlie. Jackson was waiting for her by the wall and she gives him a smile. "You don't have to wait there. Right across the hall," She says, moving towards the room.

"I don't trust them," He says simply, following after her. He sat down in a chair, and she sat across from him. "About your back…did one of them do it or…?" Bella leaned forward a bit. "It's okay, they left an hour ago," Bella visibly relaxed, and nodded.

"Just one. Paul is the one that had a problem with his temper and I had come by one more time to get them to change their mind, and he just… flipped. The only reason Sam took me to the hospital is because he knew that Billy, Jacob's father, would be severely upset if they didn't get me any help. Charlie and Billy used to be best friends. After the incident though, Charlie stopped talking to him.

It's another reason Jacob can't stand me anymore I think. His father lost his only friend. Jacob has always had a crush on me I guess and because I chose the Cullen's, he hates me,"

Jackson shook his head. "That's doesn't excuse being a dick. I've had my fair share of moments but…to let you die simply because you don't like him? That's extreme,"

Bella shrugs, agreeing with him.

"So, you're an asshole?" She asks, trying to lighten her mood a bit. Jackson shrugs himself, "I can be, but that's what makes me so damn good," Bella chuckled at him, rolling her eyes.

"Sure," She says lightly, her eyes going back to Charlie again.

Meanwhile, Derek and Scott were leaving the police station. "So we agree that it's time to get the hell out of Forks?" Scott asks, hopping into the passenger side, Derek speeding off towards the hospital.

"Yeah. Call Jackson and tell him to be ready with Bella. We're leaving right now and anything else she needs, we can have it shipped or I'll get her new things,"

Derek made a quick stop by the house, leaving Bella's truck there and popping inside to see if she had anything else to pack. He grabbed a few sentimental items like pictures and things of that nature before giving them to Scott and hurriedly heading off to the hospital.

Derek and Scott pulled up just as the other shifters did. He left the car running and Scott stayed outside as Derek made his way inside.

"You're too late," Scott says, tipping his head towards the alpha. Sam just glared, making his way inside, his pack staying outside to watch Scott.

Derek was speaking to a nurse. "No one goes in this room unless it is for him to be transferred. No one is allowed in. She and I are his only family and no one else is to be put on this contact list. Derek Hale, write it down so I can sign the papers. I'm over 21, and I'm signing for an early release. I want him on a helicopter within the next 5 minutes,"

The nurse frantically nodded, quite terrified. Derek signed the papers as well, and since there were two signatures, one being over 21, it had jurisdiction.

He made his way down to where he could hear Jackson and Bella talking. Bella looked at him as he came to the room. "It's time to go," He states, and Bella looks like she's about to go into shock.

She could feel that something was very wrong. "What's going on? I don't like being left out of the loop, what's happening?" Derek pulled on her hand and started leading her towards the entrance, Hospital personnel entering Charlie's room as soon as they left.

Jackson brought up the rear, seeing Sam coming towards them. Derek passed Bella off to Jackson who hurried his steps, wrapping an arm around her waist as Derek moved Sam out of the way.

"Jackson…" Bella murmurs, looking back to see Derek coming behind him, a stunned Sam on his ass in the middle of the lobby.

"Keep ahead," Jackson warns, leading them outside. Scott was waiting by the car, facing off against a few shifters.

"3 against one, that isn't a fair fight," Derek called out, his face changing as his fangs elongated. Jackson ushered Bella into the car, and he bent down to make eye contact with her. "I need you to breathe, okay?" She nodded, slowly counting to 10 out loud.

"Stay in the car," He said, his eyes flashing. Bella locked the back door, and he went to help Scott and Derek.

Derek pointed upon Paul. "You want to know what pain really feels like?" Derek flashed forward before Paul could even follow, clawing at any part of Paul he could get his hands on. Derek felt Paul's flesh tear underneath his nails, going as deep as he could go. Derek knew that these scars wouldn't heal the way they would if they weren't so deep. He clawed down Paul's face and neck, and even though his shirt.

The marks were deep, and blood immediately oozed from the wounds. Paul fell to the ground in agony as it burned, and while he was down, Derek gripped him by the hair, raking his nails through his shirt slowly, hearing his cry of pain.

"That's for mauling my cousin," He whispered in his ear.

Seeing that Paul was down, the others started to back away, realizing they were dealing with something they've never encountered.

They went to grab Paul, and he screamed at the touch of their hands on him. Sam had come back outside, worry now evident on his face. Derek and the boys got into the car, Jackson sliding in next to Bella, and Scott in the passenger seat.

Derek burned rubber as he peeled out of the parking out. Bella was having a hard time breathing again as Derek had blood in his hands, and with the quickness of removing her from the hospital, she didn't know what was going on.

Scott turned around then, he too hearing her breathing. Derek glanced back at her, before looking at the road.

"I'm sorry you had to see that but we needed to get you and Charlie out. The wreck your father had, it wasn't an accident. There were large claw marks in and on his car. The shifters deliberately caused his crash,"

Bella's ears rang as Derek explained it to her, the pictures of the scene he and Scott were able to get their hands on. They found out that Charlie knew some things about them, dark things, and planned to expose them to their people, and Sam and his pack couldn't have that.

It was another reason why they hated her so much, and they were hoping by tormenting her on top of the Cullen's, that it would get Charlie to stand down.

Charlie just didn't know they were that willing to keep him quiet.

Derek expected her to freak out even more, but all she did was ask him to stop the car.

He pulled over on the side of the road, and she hurriedly got out of the car. Each wolf wrinkled their nose as they heard her throwing up.

"Watch the tires," Derek mutters, looking at her through his side mirror.

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