Authorized Personnel Only @woodyk
Chapter 1

In an area in Eggmanland, there was a place where only staff members was permitted entry and not the general public, Sonic the Hedgehog was told by Rouge the Bat to meet her in the executive lounge. She even gave her an invitation with direction and a location to meet her. He then opened the door that said only authorized personnel was allowed to be in the room. He opened the door and there was Rouge inside. Sonic said, "Hey, Rouge. I got your invitation."

Rouge kissed Sonic and giggled, "Hello, Sonic. Thank you for showing up."

"What exactly made you invite me here?"

"I wanna do something for you after you helped me out at Eggmanland."

"Exactly do you plan to do for me?"

The answer from Rouge was a kiss on the lips. Sharing the kiss together, Sonic and Rouge locked the door for the executive lounge. She then told him, "To answer your question, I came here for you to have your way with me."

Sonic grinned at Rouge while removing her clothes. Once Rouge was fully naked, they kissed again. As they kept kissing, Sonic then slid his hand between Rouge's legs, finding her wet. Breaking the kiss, he started rubbing his hand at her pussy while moving his muzzle to her neck and inhaling her scent. Rouge repeatedly moaned Sonic's name over and over again.

Begging Sonic to continue, Rouge felt him nibble her neck and rub her sex faster until his hand was soaked with her juices. Bringing his hand up, he then licked all of the juices clean and complimented Rouge while squeezing her rack, "You taste pretty good."

"Thank you."

She then spread her legs and said to the blue hedgehog, "There is way more where that came from."

Eager to taste more of her, Sonic sniffed the bat's sex. Rouge shuttered at the feeling of his cold nose on her sex and begged him, "Keep smelling me, please."

With a lusty growl, Sonic sniffed harder as his nose nuzzled and rubbed her folds while his nostrils inhaled deeply and exhale hot puffs of air on her labia, making it tremble and clench. However, when his nose pressed at her cunt, that was when Rouge could take no more.

Rouge climaxed and some of her juices entered Sonic's nostrils as he took another sniff, causing him to sneeze a little bit. He sneezed for a while before he started to eat her out with a passion. His tongue would slide along her folds rapidly before sliding in and out of her sex.

With every slide of his tongue, her juices would leak more and more in his mouth and as it kept going, she would thrust against his muzzle, begging him for more. As Sonic kept licking, he then moved his mouth to her clitoris. With a smug grin, he lightly bit down on Rouge's clitoris with his fingers pinching her nipples and started to growl.

The vibrations of the growl would increase in intensity while his fang pushed deeper into her cunt. This was all too much for Rouge, and with a final cry of Sonic's name, she climaxed into the hedgehog's mouth again. Licking her pussy clean, he gave her a nip on her labia and stood up, presenting his shaft.

Without hesitation, Rouge sucked his shaft, immediately bringing him to climax. As she drank up all of the juices, she removed Sonic's shaft from her mouth and slid it into her sex. The two of them were thrusting like primal animals intending to mate. They literally and figuratively were wild animals, so mating was definitely in character for them.

Suddenly, Sonic bit Rouge on the neck really hard, causing her to let out a sharp cry before returning the favor. The combined intentions of these bites soon made the two of them climax together in only three minutes.

Once both of them stopped cumming, Rouge pulled away and licked Sonic's nose, finding some of her juices left on it. Feeling a tongue on his nose made him sneeze again. The sight of Sonic sneezing made Rouge giggle as she started to fly away.

Noticing the bat flying away, Sonic smiled and was ready for the next time she came. He waved goodbye, hoping they would get to do it all over again soon.

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