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Chapter 9

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Chapter 8

They were partway through Aladdin when Quinn got up to go to the bathroom. When she wandered back into Rachel's bedroom she found the movie paused and the girl scrolling on her phone.

"You didn't have to wait." Quinn spoke.

Rachel looked up from her phone. "I did, it was a good part."

"Are there any bad parts?" The blonde teased.

"Um… no I guess not."

Quinn smiled at the blush on Rachel's cheeks.

"Do you want to continue or talk for a little bit?" Rachel asked as Quinn climbed back onto the bed beside her.

"We can talk." Quinn answered, getting the sense that Rachel wouldn't have asked if she was happy continuing with the film. "About what?"

"I just want to know more about you. Your old life, your old friends, any exes, anything really."

"Well like I mentioned before, we moved a lot so I never really had time for friends, same with relationships."

"Yet you aren't a virgin?"

Quinn blushed slightly. "Before Lima, I lived in a town in Normandy. It was there that my family died, but it was also where I met Henri, he was a maths tutor at my school and I quickly became obsessed with him, I'm not sure what it was about him but I fell and wanted to take control of my destiny so one day I went into his classroom and… seduced him. A few days later he moved to Paris and that was that. I never imagined I'd like anyone else, until my eyes found you that day in the mall."

"Is Henri 'Mouse'?" Rachel asked, afraid of the answer. If Quinn said yes then it meant she'd been talking to her ex, that she missed him.

"What? No!" The blonde chuckled before catching the look on Rachel's face. "Wait, are you jealous? Did you really think I was talking to an ex? Calling him an affectionate nickname?"

"I have an overactive imagination." The brunette mumbled, embarrassed.

"You're too cute."

"So, who is Mouse?"

"He's a friend. The only friend I made in Sanctuary, unless you count Santana, but she wasn't a patient, Callum was. He moved to England when he was discharged."

"Oh, did you have a nickname?" Rachel asked, trying to move the conversation on slightly so she could stop feeling mortified at jumping to conclusions.

"Yeah, I was Slothy, because I moved so slowly when I first arrived at Sanctuary." The blonde explained. "I've just thought of the perfect nickname for you though. Jellyfish."

"Why Jellyfish?"

"Because you're small, cute and totally got jealous." Quinn smirked.

"Do jellyfish tend to get jealous?"

The blonde rolled her eyes. "No, but the slang for jealous is jelly, hence 'Jellyfish'." She explained, despite knowing Rachel was just teasing her. "But enough about me, your turn, tell me something."

"You already know a lot."

"Well I want to know more. I want to know everything."

"When I was four, my daddy bought me a pink microphone. It didn't plug into anything, or even amplify my voice but I always used to stand in my basement and pretend I was performing on a stage. I did it so often that they actually built me a proper stage down there."

"That's… adorable." The blonde grinned. "Little Rachel sounds like such a diva."

"What did you expect?"

"Touché." Quinn laughed.

"I really like you Quinn." Rachel admitted randomly after a few beats of silence.

"Good, because I really like you too."

Rachel then pulled Quinn into a kiss, it started soft and sweet before Quinn ran her tongue along Rachel's bottom lip causing the brunette to part her lips and their tongues came into contact for the first time. Quinn moaned into Rachel's mouth, it was the first time either of them had attempted to deepen their kisses and the blonde was so grateful that she did as this felt incredible, her whole body was reacting. She reached up to cup Rachel's cheek, running her thumb across the soft skin, Rachel's hand landed on Quinn's hip, pulling her closer until Rachel rolled onto her back and Quinn followed, ending up on top of the brunette. The hand that had been resting on Quinn's hip, roamed to the small of her back, under her shirt and goosebumps appeared wherever Rachel touched.

Eventually, Quinn forced herself to break the kiss and looked through hooded eyes at the girl panting below her. It was empowering to know that her kiss had done that to Rachel and she wanted to do it over and over again but she made herself roll off the singer, fearing that they would go further if they continued, which neither of them were ready for just yet. Especially as just yesterday they promised to go slow.

Once Rachel had caught her breath, she glanced over at Quinn who was lost in her thoughts.

"Quinn?" She spoke quietly. As the girl turned her head to lock eyes with Rachel, the brunette's breath caught at sight of the emotion swirling in those hazel eyes. It was clear that they were both turned on by that interaction and Rachel knew that Quinn had forced herself to stop, which she was grateful for. "Want to continue with the film?"

"Yes." Quinn breathed, thankful that the film would be a good distraction.

Once the film was finished, Quinn called Judy, asking to be picked up. She wanted nothing more than to stay the night but as it was Tuesday, and hence a school night, she knew she wouldn't be allowed. Plus after that kiss, she wasn't sure if she'd be able to trust herself.

Rachel walked her to the front door once the blonde had received a text from Judy, stating that she was outside.

They shared a brief peck at the door, both satisfied with the brief connection yet aching for more. Quinn shouted goodbye to Rachel's fathers before walking down the path to Judy's car, knowing Rachel was watching her go. At the car, Quinn turned, waved to Rachel then climbed into the vehicle.

As Judy drove them home, Quinn marvelled at how much had happened in just two days.

"How was it?" Judy asked, interrupting Quinn's thoughts.

"Incredible. We had a nap, I had dinner with her dads before we watched Aladdin and then we made out a little." Quinn responded bluntly.

Judy was a little taken aback by the confession, trying to wrap her head around the girl talking about dating so openly when they hadn't even discussed what Rachel was to her.

"Santana used to talk about killing Rachel Berry so often, I can't believe that this same girl has you so…" Judy trailed off, unsure of how to finish that sentence, luckily, Quinn started talking.

"Most kids don't know what they want from life so it can be frustrating when someone has it all figured out. I might have an idea of what I want to do but Rachel, she's so sure of herself and her love of performing that it could be annoying to others but I admire it."

They spent the rest of the drive in silence until they pulled into Judy's driveway and the woman rolled her eyes at the sight of Agent Stansfield's car parked outside her house.

"He's been here a lot lately." Quinn observed. "Is everything okay?"

"I think he's just trying to make up for a lot. When I was your age, he was a hard ass and could be sexist at times. He used to believe that I couldn't make it in the FBI so pushed me into becoming a shrink but I decided to do both against his wishes, putting a wedge between us. He also used to hate Russel so much that whenever he came over, he made sure we slept in different rooms." Judy explained. "When Russel died, my father wanted me to keep busy and barely showed me any sympathy. I thought at first it was because he was glad Russel was gone, but now I think it was to make me strong for if anything bad ever happened to him. It was hard at first but then I met Santana and now I have you. I have never felt so complete."

They shared a hug, it was awkward as they were still in the car but both of them knew it was exactly what they needed.

"Thank you, for everything." Quinn whispered as they pulled apart and made their way out of the car and into the house.

As soon as Robert saw them, he slammed a file down on the kitchen table.

"Mr Schuester has a secret child and it's someone from your past." He told them. Quinn was shocked, she wondered if this had anything to do with what Santana wanted to tell her earlier but she'd ignored the text and focused her attentions on Rachel instead, telling the Latina that they'd talk tomorrow. "It's nothing big but could cause complications as she could expose your family. Do you know a Stella Luthor?" He continued.

Quinn's breathing quickened and it soon led to her having a panic attack. Judy led her to a stool, sat her down and showed her pictures of her friends. Eventually, Quinn calmed down and Judy fetched her a glass of water.

"Seriously Dad! What the fuck did I tell you about tact? Surely you'd have learnt by now?!" Judy yelled once she was sure Quinn was settled.

"Belle… Er, Quinn…" He caught himself. "I…"

"She was Warren's first girlfriend, they were only young, 9 years old, and they'd only been together for three months when we had to start running. They had the kind of relationship you have when you're too young to know what love is, but still recognise the connection you have with another person." Quinn interrupted, saving Robert from stumbling over his apology. "She…"

"What is it Sweetie?" Judy asked when Quinn trailed off.

The blonde was lost in a memory, she was in her bedroom in New York and could hear her mother shouting at a man in the living room, she was only young, maybe 4 years old but she could still remember the details.

"How dare you leave Kylie? Who the hell do you think you are?!" She'd heard Maggie yell. From this information she'd figured out that her mother was talking to Stella's dad, she'd never met him but knew his name was William Schuester, Kylie Luthor – then Kylie Schuester – was Stella's mom and had been in tears when she'd visited Maggie the night before, claiming that her husband was leaving her.

"Stella's dad is Mr Schue, as you probably know Agent Stansfield but my mother threatened him, she didn't go into details but I know he left Ms Luthor to raise Stella on her own." Quinn eventually told them.

"There are no mafia families interested in you as, firstly, they all assume you are dead but mainly because all the families that did you want you dead, died alongside your family."

Quinn flinched at Robert's bluntness but continued to listen to him regardless.

"So at the moment, the only thing at risk is your social standing at school but if word gets back to New York there may be trouble." He resumed. "I'm almost certain nothing will come of it but it's better to be safe than sorry."

"So basically, I have to talk to Stella? The girl whose boyfriend, who just happened to be my brother, suddenly disappeared six years ago and is now dead? Does she even know what happened?"

"We don't know, it depends if word about your family has travelled around New York outside of the mafia community." Agent Stansfield explained.

Quinn nodded. "I'll talk to Santana first thing but right now, I'm really tired so if you'll excuse me I should get to bed."

The blonde stood, kissed Judy on the cheek and accepted a small apology from her 'granddad' before heading to bed.

Once Quinn was out of sight, Judy sighed.

"What if Mr Schuester knows?"

"I don't think he's a threat, but upstairs is Giovanni Manzoni's daughter, and she's friends with the daughter of Rosalina and Marco Lopez, I'm more worried about anyone who messes with them." Robert told her.

Quinn walked into school the next morning and immediately headed to Santana's locker. She found the Latina talking with Brittany.

"Code Red." She said instantly.

Santana took in the panic on Quinn's face, said goodbye to Brittany before following Quinn into an empty classroom.

"Have you heard of Stella Luthor?" Quinn asked as soon as they were alone.

"Coincidentally, I learnt about her last night. Why?"

"So you know who her dad is?"

Santana nodded and Quinn took a breath, at least that was one last thing to explain.

"Well what you don't know is I knew Stella back in New York. It was around 6 years ago, just before we started running and she was dating my brother. I never met her dad, only knew his name and honestly, when I heard the name of the glee club director I panicked slightly and it turns out I had good reason to. He left Stella and her mom when the girl was 2. My mother looked after her a lot, I think it was just to give the toddler an escape. When Stella became a teen she had to start to fend for herself, from what I gather, her mom got depression from the experience and stayed in her room a lot of the time. When she started dating Warren, I think my mom was relieved because it meant she could make sure the girl was eating. I don't know what happened after we left. I don't even know if Warren got to say goodbye, or if she knows he's dead."

It took a while for Santana to process all that information, she thought her family was complicated, being friends with Quinn certainly put that into perspective.

"So we talk to the chick." Santana shrugged, as if it were the most obvious option.

"Yes, but I'm on edge. What if she tells people who I am? Or what if word gets back to New York that I'm still alive and there are still families after me?" Quinn began to panic.

Santana didn't know what to do, her expression resembled that of a deer in headlights. She'd had panic attacks before but never had to deal with someone about to have one. Luckily she saw a flash of argyle move passed the window in the classroom door.

She yanked the door open and grabbed the strap of Rachel's bag, pulling the girl into the room.

Rachel was confused at what was happening and was about to turn and yell at whoever pulled her backwards when she saw Quinn.

The blonde was trying and clearly struggling to breathe so Rachel quickly wrapped her in a hug and began rubbing Quinn's back soothingly.

"What happened?" She asked softly.

Santana's voice came from behind her. "She just found out Warren's ex goes here and doesn't know if she knows what happened to him, so needs to talk to her."

Quinn calmed down significantly since Rachel walked in, it reminded her that she might be known as Quinn Fabray, but she'll always be Belle Manzoni, a girl who knew what she needed, and right now, she needed Rachel.

The future may be unclear but there were people in her life that were pushing out of the fog, but Rachel was always at the forefront. She could handle a girl from her past after everything she had been through.

"Oh Quinn." Rachel added sympathetically. "Do you want me to be there when you tell her?"

Quinn reluctantly pulled out of the hug. "No, it's okay, Santana is going to help."

Quinn couldn't tell her why she didn't want her there, and was glad at how Santana handled the situation. However she couldn't help but feel guilty when she saw the hurt in Rachel's eyes.

"Thank you though. For the offer and for calming me down, I'm not sure anyone's ever done it that quickly before." She added, planting a light kiss on Rachel's forehead.

The action made Rachel feel slightly better but she still felt put out that Quinn would rather have Santana with her, and that the Latina was the first person she told about this girl.

"No problem, glad I could help. Text me if you need anything?" The brunette said through a fake smile.

"Always." Quinn promised.

After Rachel had left, Santana pulled out her phone.

"I'll get Puck to tell Stella to meet us in the auditorium at lunch."

"She's upset about me choosing you over her…" Quinn had learnt from Warren about how to see through a poker face, and Rachel's fake smile was a bad one.

"After we talk to Stella, I have an idea on what you can say to Berry."

Quinn nodded and they went their separate ways.

Stella was at her locker when she turned to see her father teaching in the classroom behind her. She looked through the little window in the door, she had her brass knuckles concealed but ready. He didn't know the pain her mother had been through, but he was about to.

"Hey." Puck called from down the hall.

"Hay is for horses, do I look like one?" Stella quipped.

"Are you always a smart ass?"

"I could teach a masterclass." She bragged. "The only thing I'm better at is dancing."

"I can believe that. Anyway, my friend Quinn wants to meet you at lunch, she's like my boss…"


"She's been through some things, and the people here are assholes, I make sure people don't make her life hell." Puck explains with a shrug.

"So you're like the muscle. Impressive. So where does she want to meet?"

Quinn was pacing the auditorium stage, wondering what she was going to say, how much she needed to say. Would Stella even recognise her?

"Well, well, well." Said a voice from the back of the stands.

Quinn and Santana both looked up towards the doorway. They saw the silhouette of a tall, skinny girl but Quinn had recognised the accent.

"If it isn't Belle Manzoni."

Quinn's heart dropped into her stomach.

Stella remembered her.

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