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Chapter 8

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Chapter 7

Rachel and Quinn walked out of school hand in hand, Santana and Brittany watched them go.

"Hey, Satan." Puck called out from behind them.

"What up Puckerman?" Santana asked as he'd reached them.

"This news about Quinn is going to get around, it ain't right and I want to offer my services to help 'sort out' anyone who talks trash." The boy explained.

"Why?" The Latina questioned.

"People are assholes, I want to protect Quinn, I want to make up for not being able to protect my mom."

Santana met Brittany's eyes, a silent conversation passing between the couple.

"Meet us tomorrow and we can discuss this." Santana said, feeling sympathy for the boy, his mother was abused and he still flinches at loud noises because of it. After Puck walked away, Santana called out to Quinn who had just kissed Rachel goodbye.

"What's up?" The blonde asked and Santana filled her in. "Puck wants to watch my back? Why? What do you know about him?"

"I have to go call my cat." Brittany suddenly interrupted before walking off.

"Does the cat listen?" Quinn asked but Santana chose not to answer.

"Listen, Puck walked up to us and didn't hit on us or ask for a threesome and that's impressive. When he was younger his dad used to hit his mom and he wants to make up for being too young to protect her." The Latina said instead. "We're meeting up tomorrow if you wanna be there?"

"Hell yeah." The blonde laughed. "You know, this might be the start of something…"

Santana smirked at her best friend because she'd just had the same thought.

Meanwhile, Puck was walking passed the auditorium when he heard music coming from inside. He looked into the room and saw a girl who was about Brittany's height with a similar body type dancing on the stage to Janet Jackson's Pleasure Principle. The song soon changed to Nasty and Puck couldn't help but stare. The girl looked up and saw him lurking in the doorway.

"You can come closer… I don't bite, unless you want me to." She said, her voice had a hint of Harley Quinn in it and it intrigued Puck so he walked into the room and stopped in front of the stage.

From here he could see that the girl had deep red hair and was dressed in biker-girl style clothes, his attraction sky-rocketed.

She lay down on her stomach on the stage and smiled. "Who might you be?"

"Puck." He answered and she gave him a surprised look.

"So if I change the p to an f, and add 'boy', you would be a…" She laughed and he rolled his eyes. "I'm Stella."

As they shook hands, Puck realised the girl had a Brooklyn accent.

"Are you from New York?"

"Born and bred. Just moved from Manhattan when I heard that my 'daddy' moved here after denying I was his." Stella explained.

"Last name Puckerman?"

"Is that yours? Are you my long lost brother?" She asked overdramatically and cracked up with laughter shortly afterwards.

Puck couldn't help but smile at the sound.

"No, the fucker's name is Schuester."

Rachel had texted Quinn shortly after glee had ended asking the blonde to come over to her house and Quinn got Judy to drop her off almost immediately after replying.

They were lying side-by-side on their backs on Rachel's bed. Quinn hadn't been surprised to see that the girl had a fourposter bed, and she stared up at the canopy, lost in her thoughts. It was a light pink material but Rachel had stuck little gold stars all over it, it was like what Quinn imagined a night sky to look like on an alien planet.

As Quinn stared into space, Rachel stared at the blonde, studying her. She really was beautiful. Rachel liked her, a lot. At first it confused her because she'd only ever been interested in Finn and Quinn was the complete opposite of the boy, not only was she slimmer, shorter and blonde, she was a girl. It didn't bother Rachel but it was interesting. Despite being raised by two men, she'd initially seen herself as straight but now, now this beauty had arrived out of nowhere and stolen her affections, turning her head the minute she laid eyes on her, yet she barely knew anything about the blonde.

Eventually, Quinn realised she was being stared at and turned her head to meet Rachel's gaze. They shared a shy smile and the brunette blushed slightly at being caught watching Quinn.

"Can I ask you something?" Rachel enquired.

"That depends."

"What did you mean when you said to Finn that you'd been in a mental hospital?"

Quinn paused. What was she supposed to say to that? Judy had devised a good enough story that she would still develop PTSD from the experience but could she trust Rachel? Maybe. But more importantly, could she trust herself? If she started talking about it, would she share too much? Would she give away that the car crash didn't actually happen? Though at the same time, she didn't want to lie to Rachel, they were just starting this relationship, what if Rachel somehow found out the truth and then didn't trust Quinn again because she lied?

After taking a deep breath, Quinn decided that she could do this, she could talk in vague sentences that answered the question but at the same time, didn't give away too much and hopefully, didn't require much lying.

"Well, I got PTSD from… watching my family die so they decided it would be best if I went to Sanctuary."

"Oh I've heard of that place." Rachel commented lightly. "But it worked?"

"As well as it could have done. I still have the occasional nightmare or freeze up when something triggers a memory." Quinn shrugged, turning her attention back to the canopy above her.

Tears sprung to Rachel's eyes at the thought.

"I know it doesn't compare but, when I was 12 I visited my sick Nan in hospital and she took her last breath in front of me."

Quinn rolled onto her side and gently pulled Rachel into her until the brunette was her little spoon.

"I should be the one comforting you." Rachel chuckled through her tears.

"This is comforting me and at the same time thanking you for firstly listening and for sharing that story."

Rachel turned in Quinn arms and pressed a light kiss to the blonde's soft lips.

"You're amazing, you know that?"

"I wasn't, until I met you." Quinn whispered, a smile gracing her features.


The voice startled Quinn, pulling her out of her slumber. At first she thinks she imagined it as she looks down at the sleeping girl in her arms, but then the voice speaks again.

"Sweetheart? Are you home? Have you eaten dinner yet?"

Quinn then registered the sound of footsteps ascending the stairs and panicked. Quickly, she rolled away from Rachel, without realising how close to the edge of the bed she was, ending up in a heap on the floor.

The sound of Quinn hitting the carpet woke Rachel but before she could check on the blonde, her dad walked into the room.

"There you are, did you not hear me calling?" He asked.

"Sorry Dad, we were just taking a nap." She explained, climbing out of bed.

Hiram glanced around the room confused, his view of Quinn blocked by Rachel's bed.

"We?" He questioned.

Quinn raised her arm and waved before sitting up, Rachel immediately rushed to the blonde's side as if she'd just remembered that Quinn had fallen. Her urgency was met with a smile from Quinn.

"Oh, hello." Hiram said, shocked at the fact he didn't know the girl sat on his daughter's floor. "Why are you on the floor?"

"I, um, I fell off the bed." The blonde blushed.

"Are you okay?" Rachel asked her.

"Yeah, more embarrassed than hurt."

"Have you girls had dinner?" Hiram asked, pretending not to notice the intense eye contact between the two girls.

"No, we fell asleep soon after getting back from glee club." Rachel explained.

"Oh you're in glee?" The man observed, turning his attention to the blonde.

"Right, sorry, where are my manners. Dad, this is Quinn Fabray, she's new to Lima. Quinn, this is one of my fathers, Hiram Berry."

Quinn smiled shyly at Hiram as she finally stood from the floor, taking the hand Rachel offered her to help her up.

"Well it's nice to meet you Quinn, what do you fancy for dinner? I assume Rachel is the fussier one in this friendship but do you have any allergies or dietary requirements?"

"No Sir, I'll eat pretty much anything."

"Ah my husband will like you then and please, call me Hiram."

"Yes Sir, er, Hiram."

Rachel bit her lip to stop herself from grinning at Quinn floundering under Hiram's gaze, their hands were still connected but neither of them made a move to release the other.

"In that case, why don't we order pizza? Vegan for Rachel and me, meat feast for LeRoy and…" He paused, waiting for Quinn to fill in her order.

"Um, pepperoni please."

"Great, I'll give you a shout when it's here." Hiram grinned and exited the room, pulling the door behind him but not closing it fully.

"You're cute when you're nervous." Rachel commented once they were alone.

Quinn's playful nature kicked in. "Are you implying there are times when I'm not cute?"

"Hmm, now that you mention it… No, can't think of any."

"That's what I thought. Ditto by the way."

"Really Quinn, that's all I get? 'Ditto'?"

The blonde smirked, leading Rachel to the bed before crawling onto the mattress herself to hover over the brunette, not worrying about the partially open door as she could hear Hiram on the phone downstairs.

"Alright then, Miss Rachel I-don't-know-your-middle-name Berry, you're gorgeous."

The brunette grabbed Quinn by the front of her t-shirt and pulled her down, crashing their lips together. It was still just a peck but it was more forceful than their previous kisses, slowly they were progressing.

"Barbra." Rachel said once they'd parted.


"My middle name, it's Barbra."

"Oh, like Streisand?"

"Yep." The brunette smiled, popping her 'p'. "What's yours?"

"My middle name?" Quinn asked, gulping slightly. "Um, Belle." She replied without thinking.

"Like from Beauty and the Beast?"

"Er, maybe?"

"You've never seen Beauty and the Beast?!" Rachel exclaims.

"We never really had time for film nights." The blonde explained lamely.

"Have you seen any Disney films?"

Quinn shook her head no, avoiding eye contact and finally moving so she wasn't hovering over the other girl.

"Well I know what we're doing on our next date." Rachel commented. "In fact we may need multiple dates to give you a proper Disney education. We can start today."

Hazel eyes lit up at the prospect of more dates. She felt the urge for time to move both faster and slower at the same time, wanting to get to those dates sooner but also wanting to spend as much time as possible with Rachel. She wanted to spend all her time with Rachel.

As Rachel was preparing herself for a movie night, gathering blankets and mumbling to herself about what snacks she should bring up from the kitchen, Quinn pulled out her phone.

'Hey San, how many Disney movies are there?' She typed, the response from Santana was almost instant.

'You're joking…'

'Not in the slightest.' The blonde sent back.

'Britt and I will give you a brief explanation tomorrow but Q, Puck just told me something.'

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