The Story About Quinn @queendiannaagron
Chapter 6

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Chapter 5

Judy stood in her kitchen and ran her hands over her face, she was exhausted.

"I know my opinion means nothing to you." Robert Stansfield said, watching his daughter shake her head in agreement. "I just want to be involved in her life, I know you two have hit it off but I still feel as if she's my responsibility."

The woman sighed. She just wanted him to leave before Quinn got home.

"Look…" She started just as Quinn ran in to the kitchen then stopped cold.

"Belle…" Robert started.

"I'm so sorry Quinn." Judy interrupted, emphasising her name.

"Don't worry about it." Quinn said, she was in too good of a mood right now to be affected by this. "Nice to see you again Agent Stansfield." She added, surprising everyone in the room.

"How was school? Why are your clothes stained?" Judy asked.

"Oh well I got slushied, made a joke about being an orphan and sang Dad's song and am now in glee club." The blonde girl forced out quickly.

"Could you go into more detail sweetie?" Judy said, concerned about a couple of those statements.

"Later, I promise, but first, Rachel is coming over for dinner. Santana said she's a vegan but I don't really know what that means."

"It means she doesn't eat products that come from animals, like meat or dairy." Judy explained, laughing at confused expression on Quinn's face.

"That concept must seem foreign to you Quinn, I know your family loved their meat." Agent Stansfield added. "I know a place, if you'll allow me to help?"

Judy was pacing in the kitchen, she hadn't had much experience with teenagers, the majority of her clients were adults and Santana was very mature for her age. Robert was watching her as he prepared the food, he could tell she was pondering what to say to Quinn, who was upstairs getting ready.

"Well Doc, I can see you're great when dealing with mental illnesses but don't know anything about first dates." He mentioned.

"We don't even know if it is a date, she hasn't exactly talked to me about this kind of thing yet." Judy pointed out. "I'm just worried, Quinn is getting better every day and Rachel better realise how special she is or she might have to deal with Santana."

Her dad gave her a look. "You're starting to sound more like a mom than a guardian, that's good."

She knew what he was getting at, when Russel's car had blown up, she was six months pregnant and the stress caused her to go into premature labour and she lost the baby.

Eventually, Judy summoned the courage to head upstairs, as she entered Quinn's room she had to dodge all the clothes that were flying everywhere.

"Quinn, it's going to be okay." Judy commented, surveying the scene. She picked out a pair of tights, a cool top and a pair of mid-calf biker boots.

"I was thinking about them too." Quinn said, taking the clothes from her guardian.

It was funny how she'd adapted a new style of wardrobe since becoming Quinn. Belle had been mainly into girly clothes but Judy had shown her that it's possible to look sexy and comfortable with other styles.

"I was never a dress-up type of girl, I always wanted to look like a badass but still feminine. That's why I love your leather jacket." The blonde girl added.

"What about this?" Judy asked, noticing a jersey on the door handle.

Quinn turned to find her holding the Derek Jeter jersey, she walked over and put it on.

"It was my dad's. He used to think baseball had gotten boring but then Derek Jeter gave him a newfound love for the sport. Whilst Warren just saw good odds to take, I saw Jeter through my dad's eyes, it was something we could always talk about no matter the circumstance."

The jersey fell to halfway down Quinn's thighs so she slipped the tights on underneath and then pulled the boots on before checking her reflection.

"You look perfect." Judy told her.

"Can you stay close?" Quinn asked, waiting until Judy nodded before heading downstairs.

Rachel had just arrived and Robert let her in, introducing himself as Quinn's adoptive grandfather. She complemented the food politely and he mentioned that Quinn made sure to tell them that she was a vegan.

As soon as Quinn came into view, the first thing Rachel noticed was the jersey.

"You're a Yankees fan?"

"Yeah, possibly one of the best baseball teams of all time." Quinn replied. "Derek is my favourite."

"I agree. He's clearly loves what he does, very crush-worthy." Rachel added. "You look beautiful in it though."

Quinn blushed. "You look lovely too, hardly recognisable based on what I've seen you wearing before, is that leather?" She gestured to Rachel's skirt.

"Fake, it's vinyl." The brunette assured her.

The four then sat down to eat. Agent Stansfield grilled Rachel, wanting to find out every detail about the girl, which got a few looks from Quinn and Judy, then Rachel asked questions about Quinn which were mainly answered by Judy and even Robert occasionally chimed in. At some point, the questions came back round to Rachel and her family life.

"Well I have two dads, I found my mom last year but she didn't want me as I was all grown up so she adopted another child. I also found out that Mr Schue was part of the reason she left and have spent all summer trying to get over that. Then I found out about Finn and Santana which also contributed to the terrible summer." Rachel summarised. "However, I am happy now that I have met Quinn and feel very relaxed in your home." She added politely.

"Why did Mr Schue do that?" Quinn asked.

"He thought that I would follow Shelby to Vocal Adrenaline, which is the show choir group that egged me last year. However, I am very loyal to the New Directions and sometimes come off as OCD just because I want them, as well as myself, to be the best."

Quinn flared her nostrils at the action Mr Schuester took to keep Rachel in the glee club, no one but Judy noticed.

"Quinn, could you give me a hand with these plates?" Judy asked. She started to clear the table and Quinn followed suit, walking into the kitchen with Judy.

"I can see how much Rachel is affecting you Quinn. Everything you told me earlier has to do with her doesn't it? From what Rachel told us, you got hit with that slushie because you helped her, you made a joke about being an orphan to her, and you joined the New Directions which she is co-captain of. Dare I ask what happened to the one who slushied you?"

Quinn took a breath. "I'm not sure you want to know, it involves a tennis racket."

"No okay, I don't want to know, and don't tell your 'grandfather' either." Judy responded, mocking Robert's earlier comment. "What's going to happen to Mr Schuester?" She asked and Quinn shrugged as if she had no idea. "Nothing is going to happen alright? Say it with me."

"Nothing is going to happen to…" Both Judy and Quinn trailed off before the end of the sentence.

"You're not finishing the sentence." Quinn observed, though Judy already knew.

"I might research him, background check and all that. No tennis rackets though." Judy told her before they both moved back into the dining room.

After dinner, Quinn was saying goodbye to Rachel at the door. For the first time all evening, they were alone. Despite having asked Judy to stay by her side, this was Quinn's favourite part.

"I had a wonderful evening Quinn." Rachel complimented.

"I hope dinner was to your liking." Quinn smiled, hoping Rachel didn't know it was takeout.

"Oh yes, I love BreadStix's vegan menu." The brunette said, busting Quinn and laughing at the look on the blonde's face. "The fact you made the effort was very thoughtful, but can I ask, was this a date?"

Quinn pondered over this for a moment, she'd never imagined their first date to be with Judy and Robert in tow but she had enjoyed the evening and she realised that what she felt for her maths tutor in Normandy was nothing compared to this.

"I hope so. This could be something, you and me." Quinn told her and Rachel nodded shyly. "Can we take it slow though? You're the first girl I've ever dated and although I'm not a virgin it was a really bad experience."

"Of course. I am more than happy to take this at whatever speed you want. I will, however, admit that I can be very…" Rachel trailed off, unsure of whether she should finish that sentence and scare Quinn away, although she knew she was a diva and could be a high maintenance girlfriend, it was still hard to admit.

"It's okay, Santana made sure I knew what I was getting into, but I don't care, you're passionate about what you do and I respect that." Quinn smiled kindly before going for broke and kissing Rachel softly on the lips.

Small hands grabbed onto the material of Quinn's jersey as Rachel pulled away from the kiss, to stop herself from falling due to the intensity of the connection. Never before had a kiss affected her that way and it was in that moment that Rachel knew Quinn was going to be someone special to her, it wouldn't be their last kiss.

Judy was watching from the background and her dad walked over to her.

"Thank you." Judy said to him.

"Not a problem. You really are doing a good job here." He complimented.

"I say again, thank you."

"Just keep away from tennis rackets." He told her, and she looked at him confused and slightly feeling like a child about to be told off. "I wasn't listening in on purpose but I overheard."

The next day, Rachel was delighted when Quinn sat down opposite her at the lunch table. She was used to eating alone, but should have known that this was going to happened after last night. What surprised her was when Santana sat next to Quinn and Brittany slid in next to her, opposite the Latina.

"So, I hear you met AJ." Santana commented casually, as if she always had lunch with Rachel.

"AJ?" The brunette questioned.

"Aunt Judy." Quinn explained. "San knew Judy before I did, that's how the two of us met, through Judy."

"Oh, right yes, I did meet her and Mr Stansfield."

"Woah, you met Judy's dad?" Santana said, shocked. "I heard he was out of the picture for good."

"He was, until me." Quinn emphasised and realisation suddenly hit the Latina, she had to force herself to not give away the fact that he was an agent and was in charge of Quinn's family's safety.

She'd been wanting to meet him ever since she found out about Russel but after what happened to Quinn, she wanted to meet him even more, which is exactly why Judy was doing everything she could to keep them apart.

However, what neither Judy nor Quinn knew was that Santana didn't entirely hate Agent Stansfield, she couldn't, not after what happened five years ago, when an intruder broke into her home. As she locked eyes with Brittany over the lunch table she was hit with the memory of that horrible night when she was home alone with Brittany, the reason she had panic attacks, the night Robert saved her life. Both their lives.

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