The Story About Quinn @queendiannaagron
Chapter 5

AN: So, this is chapter 4 but because I started with a prologue, it's the fifth chapter and I'm too lazy to continue changing the chapter name every week so while the name is wrong, the title below is right and that will be the case from now on, so don't think you've missed a chapter. If people don't like it, then complain and I will go back to changing the chapter name, that or change the prologue to chapter 1 etc.

Anyway, plenty more Faberry action in this chapter and it only gets better from here ;)

Chapter 4

Rachel sat in the choir room that afternoon, doodling hearts in her notebook. Santana sat in the row behind her with a smirk on her face.

Suddenly, they heard a scream come from the hallway. The Latina was the first one out of her seat, followed closely by Brittany and Rachel, who had also recognised the voice, then the rest of the glee club.

They found Quinn outside the room, covered in red slush. A jock rounded the corner at the end of the corridor, disappearing from view but Santana soon followed him. Rachel and Brittany led Quinn into the nearest bathroom whilst Mr Schue instructed the rest of the club to return to the choir room.

Once Brittany had closed the door behind them, Quinn lost it.

"I don't fucking understand your school! Who the fuck would do this to someone?" She ranted.

"No one's ever been slushied on their first day." Rachel commented, slightly scared of the angry blonde.

"Oh well don't I feel special." Quinn spat sarcastically, splashing some water onto her face.

"Did they say anything?" Brittany asked.

"Yeah, actually they said it was because I helped you, Rachel."

"What?" The brunette panicked. "Quinn, I am so sorry."

"Don't be. Even after experiencing this, I'd still help you."

The two stared into each other's eyes, trying to read the other. They jumped when the door slammed open and Santana stormed in.

"It was Karofsky." She explained.

"Who's that?" Quinn asked, struggling to rinse her hair in the small sink.

"The biggest jerk in the whole school, he wasn't one of the guys who got Berry this morning but he probably ordered it. He's been bullying Kurt since Freshman year too because the kid's gay." Santana described.

Quinn instantly knew he was the main reason Santana and Brittany were keeping their relationship a secret.

"Hey San..." She started, wiping the remaining slush away from her face with a tissue. "Does this school have a tennis club?"

"Why? You wanna try out?" Santana asked.

"Fuck yeah." Quinn replied, taking a page out of her father's phrase book. Everyone might know her as Quinn Fabray, but she was still the daughter of Giovanni Manzoni.

A smirk found it's way onto the Latina's face whilst Rachel and Brittany exchanged confused glances.

Moments later, after a swift kick between the legs, Quinn threw down the broken tennis racket beside the beaten and bruised guy below her. The plan was clear, Santana would keep watch from the school, making sure no one walked by whilst Quinn 'took care' of Karofsky.

"If this is your approach to women, you're not going to get very far…" She threatened, paraphrasing her speech from her last beatdown. "Girls are not some toys that you can just fuck with. Your future depends on women, don't you care about your future?"

As she talked, Quinn noticed something flicker behind Karofsky's eyes and it all fell into place in her mind, there was a very precise reason he seemed not to care about women, but he did care about something, or rather, someone.

"You tell no one who did this understand?" She demands, kneeling down beside him, waiting for him to nod out of fear. "From now on, you stay away from Rachel, Kurt and the rest of the glee club or else I might just tell everyone exactly why you've been picking on Kurt."

Karofsky looked up at her, confusion and terror mixed in his expression. Once he'd nodded again, she kicked his side and walked back towards the school, leaving the jock under the bleachers.

"Remind me to never piss you off." Santana laughed as soon as the blonde had reached her at the school's side entrance. "Anyway, are you ready to rock your audition?"

"I've never been more ready." Quinn smirked, high-fiving her best friend. "Let's do this."

As Santana walked into the choir room, followed by Quinn, all eyes looked up at the new girl.

Quinn started to panic, they were looking at her with sympathy, she couldn't tell if it was because of the slushie or because they'd finally heard about her family, or at least, the lie that Judy had come up with about her family.

"Mr Schue, Q wants to audition."

"Of course, the floor is yours… Q…?" The teacher responded awkwardly, not knowing the girl's full name.

"Quinn." The blonde aided. "Quinn Fabray."

Mr Schuester nodded and took his seat at the side of the room, Santana had moved back to sit with Brittany, leaving Quinn alone in the middle of the room.

"Um, right, so I'm going to sing Fly Me To The Moon." She started, handing sheet music to the band, nerves suddenly flooding her system.

As she looked back up at the club she noticed every pair of eyes still trained on her. Her breathing quickened until she found Rachel's gaze. The brunette smiled and nodded slightly, calming Quinn instantly. She took a deep breath and nodded to the band to start the song.

Quinn's smooth alto tones soon filled the room and Rachel was mesmerized, she'd never heard such a beautiful voice, aside from her own of course, she was still a diva after all.

Santana watched Rachel's expression and smirked, getting Quinn her girl might be easier than she'd initially thought. Despite the brunette never admitting anything, the Latina had sensed that Rachel wasn't entirely straight and her reaction to this song proved it. Santana was nothing without her gay-dar.

Once the song was over, Mr Schue welcomed her to the club.

"Don't you think we should vote first?" Finn interrupted, trying to stall Quinn's welcoming.

"Dude, she did Frankie, she's in." Puck added, eyeing up the blonde as if she were an ice cream sandwich.

"Okay, let's vote." Mr Schue sighed.

"I'm co-captain and vote that she's in." Rachel said, eagerly raising her hand and soon, everyone but Finn had agreed.

After Mr Schue had shaken Quinn's hand to officially welcome her, everyone was dismissed for the day and Finn glared at Quinn as he stormed out.

"Berry is always the last one out of here, find a way to hang back." Santana whispered into Quinn's ear as she left.

The blonde slowly walked around collecting her sheet music as the band and the rest of the club filed out, finally leaving her alone with Rachel.

"That was a beautiful audition." The brunette commented. "Why did you choose that song?"

"My dad used to sing it to my mom." Quinn explained, leaning her back against the piano to face the girl still in her seat. "It's one of my favourite memories."

Once she'd decided to sing that song, she'd been pleased with herself because she'd been able to think about a happy memory, Judy took her out for ice cream to celebrate.

"Hey, I, erm… I heard about your family. Is that why you walked out of the bathroom this morning?" Rachel asked awkwardly.

"Wow that didn't take long, but yeah, that's why." Quinn mumbled, looking down at the floor. A pair of feet appeared in front of her own, causing her to look up again.

"Brittany let it slip, as far as I know I'm the only one that heard but I'm not sure who else was listening."

Quinn's breathing was coming quick and fast, partially due to the fact that everyone could know by tomorrow but mainly because Rachel was now standing very close to her. Suddenly, the brunette wrapped her arms around Quinn, hugging her tightly.

After pulling back, Rachel gave Quinn a small smile before moving to walk away but a hand on her elbow stopped her, pulling her back into the hug.

"The last person to hug me was my brother, well aside from Judy." The blonde muttered after releasing Rachel but keeping her within arms length, using the close proximity to stare into the girl's eyes.

"What was he like?"

"Super smart but shifty, he could weasel his way out of every situation. He was already more of an adult than I was. We had each other's backs, always teaming up on the first day at a new school to size everyone up, debriefing at lunch."

"Sounds like you two had a really close relationship. I'd love to have a sibling."

"We did, we had to really. We moved so much that we didn't have time to make friends so we stuck together."

Rachel absentmindedly tucked a stray lock of Quinn's hair behind her ear. "If you want, I'll be your friend. I know I could never replace your brother, and you have Santana and Brittany but I've never really had a friend either."

Quinn grinned. "Careful, are you sure you want to be the girl who befriends the orphaned new girl?"

Her heart hammered as she said it, she'd never joked about it before. It felt strange yet good. It felt like progress.

"Anything's got to be better than being the girl that everyone hates right?" The brunette sighed, moving out of Quinn's personal space.

"I really don't understand that, how could anyone hate you? You've been nothing but nice to me."

As Rachel sat back in her seat, Quinn took the place next to her.

"People think I talk too much, and I mentioned that they think I'm annoying just because I'm driven and know what I want and exactly how to get it." Rachel explained. "They never take the time to get to know me, to find out that I'm nice. Either that or they don't even notice me."

"How could someone not notice you? You're beautiful." Quinn thought aloud before she could stop herself.

"You think I'm beautiful?"

"Very." The blonde commented, deciding to just roll with it.

Rachel furrowed her brow in confusion. "I don't think anyone's ever said that before."

"Not even Finn?"


"Well he's a fucking idiot, they're all idiots, I saw your beauty from halfway across the mall." Quinn chuckled, trying and failing to reign in her Manzoni vocabulary, it always came out when she was speaking passionately or out of anger.

"What was the first thing you noticed about me?"

Quinn suddenly flashed back to sitting opposite her brother at their last school.

"What do you notice first about a guy?" He'd asked her, noticing the way her attention was focused on Henri.

"The eyes." Had been her response.

"Your eyes." Quinn told Rachel.

"But they're just brown, they aren't a pretty colour, like yours."

"It's not just about the colour. Someone's eyes are like a window to their soul, I like that you can read what someone's thinking just by studying their eyes, sometimes before they even know what they're thinking themselves." The blonde explained, completely missing the compliment she'd just received.

"What am I thinking?"

Quinn turned her head to look directly into Rachel's eyes, noting how the girl gulped at the intensity of her gaze.

"You're intrigued."

"By?" Rachel prompted.

"Me." Quinn grinned.

Suddenly they were interrupted by Quinn's phone ringing.

"Sorry, it's Judy, she's probably just wondering where I am." She explained, answering the call.

Once she'd hung up she turned back to Rachel.

"Who's Judy?" The brunette asked her, noting that this was the second time Quinn had mentioned her.

"The woman who adopted me. I should get going but I really don't want this conversation to end, do you want to come over for dinner?"

"Yes." Rachel answered without taking time to even think about it. "Um, if that's alright with Judy."

"It should be. Will your parents be okay with it?" Quinn asked, taking out her notebook to write down her address before handing the torn piece of paper to Rachel.

"They aren't home until late on weekdays anyway." The singer shrugged. "I'll send them a text but ultimately it shouldn't make any difference to them."

"Awesome, be there at 6?"

As Rachel agreed and picked up her bag, Quinn couldn't stop the grin that spread across her face at the thought that she and Rachel were becoming friends, and maybe more.

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