A New Beginning @wondersx
Chapter 4

This chapter is mature. Read with caution.


Her heart was dead in her chest. She stopped breathing and tried to think through all the thoughts running through her muddled mind.

They tried to comfort her but she refused to let them touch her.

"Jillian. Please try to understand…."

She scoffed, "Understand? Understand what? Your spirits are trying to pimp me out to three crazy-ass wolves?"

Jared chuckled and Paul glared at him.

"No one is pimping you out…." Sam pleaded

"Like hell, they're not." She practically yelled, "You're telling me you looked at me and knew I was what? Your woman? Your 'mate'? Or what am I supposed to carry your puppies?" she verbally jabbed

Sam flinched and Jared stopped laughing as Paul seemed to start shaking in his chair.

"Paul you gotta calm down," Jared told him softly

Jillian covered her face and groaned, "Great, now I'm gonna be dog chow."

Paul stood abruptly and Sam raced to drag him out of the house, Jared followed and made sure the door was closed behind them as Jillian took her chance and ran out the front door. She gripped her keys tightly and jumped into her bug locking her doors before even starting the car.

She looked up at the house and saw Jared standing in the doorway his face pleading for her to come back.

Her nerves ran wild as she pulled away from the house denying every instinct in her body and drove away down the twisting roads as quickly as she could manage. Her heart was racing and she felt a strong urge to turn around. She denied the urges and kept driving as quickly as possible until she reached Forks. Her breathing calmed but a sense of dread and anxiety overtook her.

She wanted to turn back.

She pulled into her hotel parking lot and fell back in her seat taking deep breaths. She could still feel the panic of it all running through her veins. She didn't want to leave not really but she knew she needed to think without the presence of three ravishing men staring at her like she was a well-done pork chop.

With her heart pounding reached for her notebook and groaned. It wasn't in the front seat and upon further searching it wasn't in her car at all. She sighed and went into her hotel room empty-handed.

It was the middle of the day and without shame, she crawled into bed and hid under the comforter. She let her eyes close and the last image to pass through her mind was Jared sad face standing on the porch begging her with his eyes to stay.

The world was dark and the wind was howling around her sending chills down her spine as she stood in front of the open water. Her toes dug into the sand as the water lapped at her skin. Letting her eyes wander she saw a row of trees along the beach and without her meaning to she moved closer to the trees felling drawn to the concealment of the thick woods.

The sand morphed into hard dirt and as she walked the twigs snapped under her bare feet and the trees surrounded her the deeper she traveled into the trees. She heard no animals just the howling wind soring past her ears. She traveled further feeling deep within herself that she was looking for something or someone and she couldn't stop until she found whatever it is.

Seeing a light through the dense trees she started to run for it. She felt her lungs burning and pushed on until she broke through the tree line into a small field. She twirled around trying to see anything, but couldn't manage in the dim light. A deep growl filled the air and she turned to find three pairs of yellow eyes watching her from the point where she had entered the field.

She felt no fear as she approached the yellow eyes slowly. She felt her warmth and comfort growing the closer she got to the tree line again. The eyes grew closer and so did their faces. Long muzzles covered in thick fur.

Their ears were drawn back but as she made eye contact with each set of terrifying eyes they softened, their ears perked up and the growling stopped.

Holding out her hand she was approached by the largest wolf. He sniffed her extended hand and rubbed his face against her. Tingles traveled down her spine and she was suddenly surrounded by the other wolves. They rubbed against her and their rumbles reverberated throughout her body causing her to let loose a small laugh as they fought for her attention.

The largest wolf nudged her to grasp her attention. Looking down she saw a sad look echoing in his eyes. Her heart started to break and his howl rang through her bones….

Gasping Jillian shot upright covered in a cold sweat as the sun broke through the window and strained her eyes. Her heartfelt hollow and her chest ached as she tried to collect her thoughts. The clock read four-thirty in the morning. She groaned before deciding she best start her day lest she wished to see another dream to pound at the back of her mind.

She stood and stretched before going to shower to wash away the night away. As she stood under the warm water she felt alone. More alone than she had ever before.

She had been traveling since she was twenty-two after her mother and father died in a car crash. She had spent weeks feeling broken and alone after their funeral. She hurt deep inside and when her family seemed to move on with their lives she decided there was nothing left for her in New York. After clearing up their affairs she took her father's old bug and left with her clothes and everything she needed to write and paint as she went. She stopped along the way in all the beautiful locations and wrote her feelings and thoughts down in the form of poetry.

She never stayed too long in one place always moving to see and feel new things. She traveled for three years before deciding to stop in Forks Washington to see the beautiful La Push beaches everyone recommended. They were right the beaches were beautiful and when she was there she felt a sense of belonging that she didn't wish to forget. She hadn't felt so at peace until she sat in the sand and wrote in front of the waves as the sunset.

Jillian laughed remembering when Paul joined her as if he had known her for years, and Jared who just scared the life from her body as he admired her work. They were something and each of them brought up different feelings within her.

Paul made her feel safe and warm. Jared made her feel appreciated and worthy. She felt safe with them while Sam made her feel on edge. He gave off a strong controlling vibe while he also made her feel protected when she sat in his arms. She felt so cold down to her bones even in the spray of the hot water and she shivered.

Her feelings were scattered and the only thing she knew is that she wanted to go back. Wanted to see them and be near them, all of them. Deciding there was nothing else to do she stopped turned off the water and set her mind on going back.

Jillian's nerves were filling her to the brim as she pulled her sweater over her head and stepped into her knee skirt and tugged her long hair back and made an effort to look nice. It wasn't every day that she met three men who were supposed to be her soul mates, she might as well, try to look decent.

Jillian gathered her courage and took her bug down to La Push. The weather was grim and the rain was already starting to pour she could only hope that thunder would follow soon. She arrived at the beach and turned off in the direction she vaguely remembered Sam going the day before. She took the twists slowly and watched the roads carefully making sure to pay close attention, not wanting to get caught off guard by some pixy race.

After the short drive up the winding road, she pulled in front of the small cabin and parked. She took a deep ragged breath and froze. She didn't know what to do. She left them so suddenly yesterday and she kept seeing Jared's sad face flashing in her mind. It was almost like she was seeing him again on the porch begging her not to go.

Jillian closed her eyes and took a deep breath before opening her door and gathering up every ounce of her strength before walking up to the front door.

She brought her hand up the knock and tapped just slightly, "Oh come on. You have to knock louder than that." She chided before knocking once more harder than before.

Her breath held as she waited for someone to answer, after a long moment when no one did she slumped.

"Must be sleeping." She groaned turning to head back to her car when a hand pulled her back into a solid object.

A growl rumbled through the chest and she felt warm for the first time since she left last night, "Sam?" she whispered softly afraid to lookup

He grunted and pulled her inside the house. He said nothing as he led her through the small house and up the stairs. He pulled her into a small bedroom at the top of the stairs before slumping back into bed dragging her with him. He curled around her and buried his face at her neck before breathing deeply.

"Sam?" She whispered again trying to peer around at him

"Ugh." He grumbled

"I'm sorry."

"It's okay."

"No. It's not okay. I just left and didn't say goodbye or even tell you if I was coming back… I shouldn't have left like that."

He squeezed her tight, "It's alright. We scared you. You panicked and ran."

"It still wasn't okay that I ran away. I won't do it again…"

"Stop." He insisted before covering her mouth with his large calloused hands, "You won't do it again." he looked into her eyes before cupping her face in his hand, "If you do. I'll spank you until you can't sit for a week." He threatened before kissing her lips roughly. He nipped at her bottom lip and nuzzled against her neck again

Arousal flooded her belly and she felt warm all over as he cuddled against her slightly damp body.

He breathed her in deeply and growled taking in her aroused state of being. Sam was fighting his control as he smelled how turned on she was, "Jillian?" he whispered

"Yes?" she squeaked out

"You're turned on." He said his voice sounding gravely

She blushed and nodded not saying anything as he shifted his weight on top of her. He nuzzled her neck and cupped her face as he went to kiss her again. She moaned against his lips and threaded her fingers through the hair at the back of his neck to kiss him harder.

She looked into his eyes and saw they were hooded with a deep desire within their shadows. A warm sensation rolled over her skin when she saw the dark desire in the depth of his eyes. Her body felt alive and when his hands roamed over her waist down to her hips she moaned.

Sam hiked her legs up over his hips and she wrapped them around his waist. When she felt his erection rub against her center between her thighs she arched into him reveling in the pleasure his lips against her neck felt.


He ignored her and trailed kissed down her neck until his face was settled between her breasts.

"Oh. Sam." She groaned gripping at his hair pulling on it every time a tremor went through her blood.

"We shouldn't do this… You don't trust me yet…." He seemed to be fighting himself and Jillian wished he would stop, "If you don't want this Jillian you have to tell me to stop." Sam told her nipping at the swell of her breast sending a shock through her system.

Her mind fell through pleasure and she couldn't think. Her senses were numb to the outside world, she was overwhelmed with Sam and how he was making her feel.

"No." She groaned as Sam went for the bottom of her sweater.

He froze and looked down at her apprehension etched in his features, "I'm sorry, Jillian. You smell so damn good. I couldn't help it…."

"Sam…" Jillian squeezed into his rant before he could keep going, "Sam! I didn't mean stop. I was agreeing with you."

Sam gave her a confused look but let her continue.

"I don't know if I fully trust you. I mean you could be lying to me about this whole imprint thing…"

"…..We're not lying." He grumbled

She held two fingers in front of his lips, "Shush. I may not know everything. I might not know you very well but I trust this feeling in my heart, and in my gut." She smiled. "If this is half of what you can make me feel I don't want you to stop. I want to follow this through to where ever this might go, with you, Paul, and Jared." She whispered gazing up into his eyes

He looked deep into her eyes and smiled, "You are so confusing."

She smiled and held his face in her hands to pull his lips down to hers, "Is this confusing?"

She kissed him hard and tightened her legs grip around his waist and ground her hot center over his hard cock clad in khaki shorts. He mind was hazy again and she clung to Sam's hard body cherishing every moment he was touching her.

Sam let his fingers trail along the small sliver of skin between her skirt and sweater sending further tingles down her spine. He gripped her sweated her pulled back just long enough to pull it over her head exposing her breasts to his view.

"Jillian… No bra?" he whispered before leaning back to lavish her chest with attention

She shrugged and blushed, "I didn't want to wear it. So I wore a sweater instead. Is something wrong?"

He shook his head, "No. Nothing. Is. Wrong. You're perfect." He complimented kissing her nipples between each word

She held her breast to his face as he trailed his hand down to her thighs. He was acting like a man on a mission. His fingers brushed over her panties just where her clit was hiding and rubbed gently against her nerves. She let out a loud moan thrusting her hips into his fingers as he slid underneath her panties and played in her wetness as she moaned, lost for words as he ignited a fire deep within her.

"You're so beautiful. So smart, and sassy." He crooned thrusting two fingers within her heat as he watched her face contort in pleasure.

She road his fingers as she started to feel a coiling need to build and grow within her core.

Jillian was panting as he removed his fingers and hooked his thumbs on the waist of her panties before pulling them down and off her legs.

Sam spread her thighs wide and looped his arms under her ass and brought her pussy close to his face. She felt his breath on her heat and shivered at the thought of what he was going to bring her. She felt selfish and didn't care. He was lavishing her body with the attention that she was craving. She gripped his hair in her fists as his tongue swiped past her clit and his fingers sought out her soft spot.

She lost it. She moaned and held him tight to her body as he licked her most sensitive area. He squeezed her butt in his hand and curled his fingers up as his tongue pushed firmly against her clit.

"Sam. Please. Sam please." She begged him attempting to tug his head up to hers, "I need you." She whined trying to tug him up again.

He froze and gave her clit one more swipe of his tongue before trailing gentle kissed up her body until he was kissing the corner of her mouth, "What do you need, Jilly?"

"You. I need you, Sam. Please." She wasn't lying.

His tongue brought her so many sensations that she hadn't felt before but she ached for him. Ached to feel him move within her and she needed it now.

A growl ripped through his body that caught her off guard but in that same moment, Sam was sitting on his hunches undoing his pants and pulling out his cock.

She watched him as he stroked his cock in his large hand, "Sam…", he leaned down to kiss her with a smile and she could feel the head of his cock prob her hot entrance before he thrust into her body as he kissed her hungrily

Her head flew back as she arched into his body wrapping her legs around his waist once again. He cupped her face in his left hand and brought his right down her clit where he rubbed her firmly as she thrust into her willing body.

She felt her release coming so fast she could do nothing, say nothing but moan as he brought her pleasure in ways she hadn't felt before.

She looked up and met his eyes and smiled, "Sam…" She felt safe, she felt wanted and loved more than she had in a long while.

He grunted feeling her pussy clamp around his cock as he thrust faster and harder.

She felt the heat spread over her body starting in her toes and traveling up her body causing her to arch and moan as Sam captured her lips in a searing kiss as he thrust harder, faster and deeper than before. She let his pleasure wash over her and when the tingling sensation stopped she felt Sam curl into her and his lips kiss her neck, "You're so perfect Jillian."

Jillian was panting as her eyes closed. Her body was warm and she felt at peace laying underneath his strong body. She was captured in his arms and he held her tightly as she drifted into a deep, hot sleep.

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