A New Beginning @wondersx
Chapter 21

"Darlin. Wake up." Jared whispered shaking Jillian gently

She rolled away from him into the pillows and groaned into her, "Go away."

He shook her again, "I can't. It's Christmas and everyone is already awake."

She reached back and swatted at him, "Go away. I'm tired."

Laughing he crawled into bed next to her and wrapped his arms around her middle. He let his hands rest on her growing belly and felt a sense of pride fill him. She was carrying their babies. A little girl and boy as sweet and beautiful as their mate.

His heart was going to explode.

Jared buried his face between her neck and shoulder to take in her scent as he pressed his body along her back, "You're so beautiful, baby."

Her voice came out gravely and tired, "I'm huge. I have stretch marks, my hips are a mile wide and my ankles are swollen. Don't lie to me."

"Aww, baby. Why do you doubt me?"

"Because I know how to use a mirror. I just get bigger every day." her voice was soft and her heart aching

He couldn't listen to another word, so instead, he rolled her onto her back and settled himself between her thighs, "You're growing our babies in your beautiful body. Every change that happens only makes you more beautiful."

Her eyes began to water as he cupped her face and rained small kisses down on her cheeks, eyes and lastly her lips.

Jillian gave him a small smile and blushed as he let his hands travel down her body. He paused to kiss her breasts, over her heart and lastly her bump.

"You're perfect," he told her as he slipped her shorts down her legs

"Jared. You don't have to just to make me feel better."

"Make you feel better?" He pulled his hard cock out of his shorts and held it out for her to see, "I'm helping myself to your perfect body."

She let her eyes linger on him before turning away flushed, "Jared..."

"Shh. I need to make myself feel better," he whispered to her as he moved down between her thighs, "I've been hard for you since we met, it's starting to hurt."

He silenced her protest with his tongue on her clit. Moving in slow lazy circles he drove her up a wall before slipping two fingers into her tight heat.

Her breath was coming rapidly and the only words slipping from her lips were 'Oh god' and 'Jared please'.

He took mercy on her and licked her firmly allowing her to come on his face before he sat up grinning, "I feel a little better but I still need more. I need you."

He pushed his dick into her soft pliant body and pulled her nightshirt over her head before claiming her lips in a firm kiss

"I love you." she breathed out against his kiss

"I love you too baby. I love your beautiful body too. Every stretch mark. Every extra inch, it's all perfect. All of it made to worship."

She whimpered as he thrust into her and clawed at his back to bring him closer.


"What is it beautiful? What do you need?"

"Make me come please..." She begged

Without words, he reached to stroke her clit just how she liked and it sent them both into their pleasure grunting and gasping for air

He filled her up before collapsing on of her.

Peppering her face with soft kisses as he moved to rest his head against her belly. Feeling completely at ease until he felt a soft tap against his cheek.

"What the fuck was that?"

Jillian let out a loud laugh that shook her entire body.

Feeling a little worried he took her hands in his and squeezed, "Jilly, baby. What the fuck?"

"It was the babies." She gasped out still laughing hysterically

Footsteps approached them quickly. His brothers entered the room and crowded around the bed confused.

Embry rolled his eyes, "Jared, we told you not to wake her up."

"Why is she laughing? Can't you get it up?" Paul teased

He let out a growl and glared, "Yes I can get it up. Have you seen her? You'd have to be dead not to get hard," he grinned then, "And if you didn't notice I've already finished with our beautiful imprint."

He winked at her wickedly.

Sam smiled, "Then why is she laughing at you?"

Jillian did her best to regain her composure but was failing miserably, "The babies kicked his face."

He couldn't help the feeling of awe that took over, "They kicked?"

She nodded and reached for his hand, "They're awake now." She placed his hand on her lower belly and waited.

Almost as if on cue, he felt a light tap against his palm.

"Oh my god. They kicked for me."

Nothing could have taken his eyes off his hand at that moment. His babies moved for him. He was the first one besides Jillian to feel them.

"Best Christmas ever," Paul exclaimed, "Now move. I wanna feel my babies."

Paul pushed him over and rested both his hands on her belly.

Nothing happened.

After a few more moments of nothing, Paul frowned, "What. Not fair."

"Paul, I don't think they're trying to hurt your feelings," Jillian explained

Sam chuckled, "Come on. We have presents downstairs. You can feel Jillian up later."

"Yeah. We have to feed our girl." Embry added in

Frowning Paul helped her to the edge of the bed, but when she tried to stand she winced.

"My ankles are too swollen," she pouted, "Can I just go back to bed?"

Sam knelt and scooped her up into his arms, "No way. I leave in just a minute for patrol."

"Fine, but after breakfast, I'm taking a nap." She bargained

He laughed at that and nodded, "Don't forget presents."

Sam carried her downstairs and set her on the couch, I'll grab you some juice. Stay here."

Sam left her there and Embry set a little box on her lap while Jared settled in on the couch to watch her, "Don't open it yet."

After a moment Sam returned with her juice and everyone moved in around her. It had been weeks since they had all been together for longer than a minute or two and he couldn't help feeling happy.

Paul gave her a little smile from his place on the floor, "We couldn't afford to get you everything you deserved but we got you something special."

"It's almost as beautiful as you," Embry added in with a wink

"Just open it already," Sam ordered her

She did as she was told and tore the beautiful golden paper off. It revealed a little blue box edged in gold.

Jillian couldn't help but hold her breath as she opened it. Inside was a delicate silver chain with a heart locket in the center. Tears pricked her eyes and her hands shook as she tried to open it until a pair of strong hands enclosed around hers and held her steady.

On one side was a picture of their beach, where she had met Paul, Jared and Sam and on the other was the photo of their ultrasound shrunk down.

The longer she said nothing the more nervous her boys seemed to become. Sam began to explain, "We can change the pictures once we have the babies but we thought tha..."

"It's perfect." she breathed looking up to them with tears threatening to fall.

Jared leaned over to wipe them away, "Don't cry. You know we hate that."

"Then don't be so damned sweet."

Sam gave her a firm look, "Language."

"I'm sorry."

He gave in and embraced her, "I love you."

"I love you too." She told him crying now

"Don't cry. I can't leave you here crying."

Jillian smiled, "I'll be okay. Now go so you can come back already."

He kissed her cheeks and stood, "Jared you'll stay here and watch her with Paul. Embry, you're going on patrol with me."

Embry groaned while Jared and Paul smiled wickedly.

"Come on baby, we're gonna feed you and take a nap," Paul told her as he pulled her to her feet as Sam and Embry marched at the back door.

She whined as she stood and his face fell.

"Shit, I forgot. New plan. You stay here and I'll make pancakes and Jared will rub your ankles."

She laughed and did what she was told as Jared laughed, "Good girl"

Their morning was amazing. Jared never left her, he rubbed her aches away until she fell asleep and Paul cleaned up after himself before joining them in bed.

It was a good day.

The hospital staff did not spare him a glance as he confidently walked into the staff's small and dingy lockers and stole a pair of scrubs. He was able to dress and steal a badge before anyone even said good morning.

The narrow halls were bustling with doctors, and nurses and full of pointless chatter as he smiled and nodded his way through to the empty record room on the second floor.

He was going to find her file, because he needed to know why she was coming here to the hospital every few weeks, and why she was changing. Morphing before his very eyes.

She was thick and curvy in Texas, but her hips were fuller, her breasts larger and she was putting on more weight than possible in such a short time. She was also lighter, and more airy and free than he had ever seen her before.

They stored the records as old-fashioned files so when he forced the cabinet open he moved to the M's in search of hers. Easy enough because there were several Jillian's but only one Mcknight.

Her file was hefty. Full of information on his darling harlot.

The first page held her photo. Beautiful elegant face framed by long luscious hair, full lips he wanted to bite until they bled scarlet.

She's five foot three inches, blood type A negative. Delicious, no wonder she smelled so fragrant and full-bodied. Negatives were always more desirable in his opinion.

His eyes scanned over each line and took in everything about her until he reached the last line.

Due date: May 8th, 2006.

She's pregnant.

That stupid cunt was pregnant by a fucking dog.

Containing his rage he tore to the next page and skimmed until he found another reason to be angry.


Her body was infested with a litter of the damned dogs.

She was supposed to be his.

She was supposed to warm his bed and feed him until her last breath.

Now she would suffer in the way that she was making him suffer. Her dog would suffer as he ripped out its throat and so would those damn puppies in her belly when he tears them from her womb.

He slammed the cabinet shut and stuffed her file into the front of his pants for safekeeping.

On his way out he didn't bother to smile and nod. He pushed himself through the crowded halls until he met the fresh December air.

His rage was cooling but his thirst was not. Rounding the corner he followed the smell of cigarette smoke and found a lone curvy blonde nurse leaning against the wire fence.

"Hello there darling."

Her eyes narrowed. "Who the hell are you?"

"I've transferred here today. From Texas," he lied moving in closer to her, "Can you spare one?" he asked pointing toward her lit cigarette

Melting under his charming smile she turned away for only a second before he lunged at her smooth neck.

Her scream was muffled by his hand and the blood that slowly filled her throat.

It tasted like ash but it would have to do until he had that stupid cunt in his arms.

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