A New Beginning @wondersx
Chapter 18

Sorry, it's bee so long. Life's been pretty crazy and I've gotten stuck in writing, but I've found it again and chapters should be coming more often!

Sorry, this chapter is short but I'm just getting back into everything again!


When their heads bobbed above the water they could see flashed of the white stone-like skin flitting through the water but were unable to keep up. When the leach reached the shore they could see him stand and wave before running into the trees. They swam as fast as they could to the shore and followed his fading scent as far as they could before it ended in the stream of a river nearby.

Frustrated they howled out their anger before turning to head back home.

Silent as they ran they made good time back to the clearing where Sam sat injured. He had shifted back against the tree naked as the day he was born, waiting.

"He got away?"

They nodded.

Neither of them wanted to shift back, not when they had no clue where the vampire went.

"My arm is broken." Sam told them as he stumbled to his feet, "It's already healed slightly, but it's crooked. I need one of you to break it."

Jared whimpered.

Paul shook his muzzle but shifted back. The muscles in his arms rolled, "Are you sure Sam?"

He nodded, "I don't want Jilly to see this. Do it now and it should heal by the time we walk home."

Paul approached with a grim expression, "Alright. You ready?"

Sam held out his broken arm and flexed his jaw, "Just do it."

Jared watched the surrounding area.

Paul gritted his teeth and took Sam's arm in between his hands. As quickly as he could he snapped his arm as gently as he could.

Sam screamed, so loud it echoed through the trees.

When Sam started to fall Paul was there to catch him. He held him up with strong arms and Sam was limp. They stood a few moments and waited until Sam was able to stand on his own again.

"Phase back. We need cover as we walk."

"A thank you is always nice." He snorted, but when Sam growled Paul did as he was told

They trudged through the trees, silent, watching, waiting, praying.

Jillian slipped out of bed and tiptoed out of the bedroom and down to the kitchen. She pulled out food for lunch and humming to herself she started to prepare something her boys would love.

While she was pulling bacon off the stove the front door flew open slamming against the wall behind it. She peered around the corner and when she saw Sam being held up between Jared and Paul her heart fell past her knees, "Sam?" her voice was soft, wavering on edge between fear and panic

His eyes closed and he grunted as Paul dropped him onto the couch, "It's okay Jilly," he fell back stiffy and groaned, "Just fell down."

Her eyes narrowed and she spoke before thinking, "Bull shit."

Sam looked up his eyes a little wide, but kept his cool, "Watch the language," He grunted adjusting himself on the couch

Seeing him in pain, and clearly avoiding what happened was something she wouldn't put up with. As she wanted him, anger was rearing its head inside her chest and she hated the tight feeling building in her chest, "Fuck that. Tell me what really happened, Sam."

A growl ripped its way through his throat and for a moment Jillian felt a twinge of fear tickle its way up her spine.

The room was silent. Paul and Jared slowly made their way to the edge of the room, not wanting to interfere with their alpha when he was in such a mood.

"Sit." The word was growled toward her and as much as she wanted to disobey and stand her ground she made her way to where Sam had pointed with his good arm and sat, far from him.

"What happened?" She held the last of her anger, "You left this morning and everything was fine. You said you were going to watch Jacob and Quill so they weren't alone."

He was silent for a moment, and when he looked into her eyes, she felt a little silly, "Do you think I tried to break my arm?"

The way he spoke so calmly put her on edge, "No, but I know you didn't fall. Do you think I'm stupid?" she asked in return. She could feel it her emotions were starting to get the better of her. Tears were starting to burn her vision and when he tipped her chin up to look at him she lost it.

"I don't think you're stupid." He pulled her onto his lap with his good arm and didn't even grunt when she brushed the broken one as she straddled his lap and hid her face in his neck.

His hand rubbed circles on her back and she could feel every muscle in his body relax along with hers.

"I didn't fall." He told her soft and slow

She huffed and he patted her butt in retaliation.

"When we left everything was fine. We were running to the edge of our land and we caught the scent of a few leaches." He stopped when he felt her body stiffen and kissed her cheek, "There were only two scents. I sent Jared after one and Paul after the other while I ran the reservation. If anyone of us were to find the leach the others were going to abandon the trail and help the others."

"He didn't count on the leach being insane and tossing him into a tree so hard his arm cracked in half," Paul shouted from the kitchen.

Jared nodded, "We ran as fast as we could but there wasn't much we could do. We're lucky that the leach just tossed him and chatted him up for a bit before we got there."

Sam squeezed her close and wiped her rolling tears away, "I'm fine. The leach just tossed me away, the only thing really injured is my pride."

Jillian squeezed him close and when her stomach rolled she begged and pleaded with herself not to throw up, "That's all?" she asked softly, "That's not a little thing. That's not just something that happens, Sam."

The room went silent. She could hear Embry rousing from upstairs and when she leaned back to look at Sam, her heart squeezed.

"It is something that just happens to us," Sam told her with sad eyes

Jared cleared his throat, "We're the tribe's protectors."

"We don't mind. Well not too much… As long as you're okay." Paul crept up behind her and cupped her chin tilting her back to see his small smile.

Jared plopped down beside her and Sam, "As long as they're okay, everything is worth it." he whispered as his hand caressed her lower belly

Their sincerity made her heart swell, "Just promise that'll you'll come home."

Paul smiled, "Of course."

"Always," Jared whispered leaning over and kissing her cheek

Sam grinned, "Nothing could keep me away," He pulled her into a tight one-armed hug.

They shared a moment of silence, just being near each other.

Her eyes narrowed and she glanced between three of her men, "This doesn't make up for the fact that you played it down and tried to hide it."

Sam laughed loud and clear, "Of course not."

She waited and when none of them made to tell her what happened she pinched Sam's good arm and reached to do the same to the others, "So? Is anyone going to tell me what happened?"

The three of them exchanged a look.

"Well, I was headed to Forks."

"I was headed to La Push."

Sam sighed, "I was going to patrol the rez until I picked up the scent of a leach. I followed the scent until I found the leach." He said it like it was no big deal. Jillian was sure if he could shrug, he would.

"He shouted when he found the leach, so we turned and ran for Sam."

"We told him not to be stupid, but look at him." Paul grinned, "He just can't help it.'

Sam growled

Jared laughed, "We ran as fast as we could."

"The leach was fast. I wasn't expecting it. When I attacked he was able to toss me into a tree, that's when my arm broke."

Jillian waited for the story to get better, to get less dangerous.

"Jilly, he talked about you."


"He said he knew you when he was alive. He said that he loved you."

Her head was swimming, "Wait I don't understand."

"He talked about your painting, and how he went to the coffee shop to see you every day."

"I've been on my own for years now, Sam. When my parents died I got in the car and started to drive."

"How long were you in Texas?" Jared asked sounding curious

"Maybe a few weeks. I don't stay anywhere for too long."

Jared took her hand and squeezed, "He said a lot of weird things, babe. Like he loved how you snored."

"That he loved the way your skin felt."

A shiver ran down her spine, "I wasn't close to anyone in Texas. I was low on money I couldn't even afford a hotel at the time. I slept in my car and spent most of my time at the beach, or getting coffee when I sold a few paintings."

Paul nodded, "We believe you. The way this leach talked was weird. Like he was there but almost like you didn't know he was."

The stairs creaked behind them, but she was concentrated on this new wave of information.

"We won't let anything happen to you."

Jared held her hand tightly, "One of us will always be with you."

"The others will be finding that leach."

Her heart seemed to stop, they were in danger now because of her. Her breath was coming faster, and she did her best to calm down but just thinking that they could get hurt, worse than Sam was now.

Embry stepped into the room and rubbed the sleep from his eyes. He gazed around a little confused, "Who died?"

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