A New Beginning @wondersx
Chapter 16

The room was as cold as the chilly early October air outside. She felt cold now when normally her men made her feel warm all over and hot inside. They were silent for a long time and Jillian swore she could hear her own heart drop to the floor.

"Oh fuck is right," She chuckled bitterly, "I thought Edward was nuts when he told me. I mean I had an IUD. I should have been safe no matter how much sex we were having."

"Edward?" Paul asked sitting on the floor next to her

She nodded, "Yeah. When my tire blew out he was there for whatever reason. He helped me change the tire and told me I shouldn't be doing any heavy lifting. Then said he could hear the heartbeat."

Jared's eyes went wide, "Your tire blew?!"

Sam sat on the floor and wrapped her in his arms, "Are you alright?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. I went to the hospital right afterward and told them I thought I might be…" she took a deep breath, "That I might be pregnant."

Embry sat on her other side, "You went to the hospital and didn't call us?"

She looked away, "I wanted to be sure. They gave me a pregnancy test and then took out my IUD just to be sure, and then the test came back positive. They also took blood and they were the ones who called just a minute ago."

"Took your blood?" Paul growled, "Is that god, damned doctor leach still there?"

She nodded, "Yeah. I have to set up a follow-up and figure out what to do."

Embry's eyebrows shot up, "Figure out what to do?"

"Yeah. I mean we didn't plan this. We're all so young and I don't wanna pressure any of you…"

Jared covered her mouth with his hand, "What we're going to do is set up that appointment."

"Then we're going to find out the due date. They can do that right? It is early…" Paul rambled

"After that, we'll go home and rub your feet and your back while we make you dinner. Or order dinner. Sam is a terrible cook and we're all worse than he is." Embry added in

Sam took her hand, "Why would you think you're pressuring any of us?"

She shrugged, "When I was younger about seventeen my mom got pregnant. At the time we were struggling with everything." Her face dropped, "My father got angry, said my mother was careless. That she was trying to put us in a hole." Her voice grew quiet, nearly a whisper, "I didn't want to force this on you when we just met."

"We had no idea."

Jillian shrugged, "It's alright. You can't know everything."

They were quiet, "Shows how much we know about each other doesn't it…"

"What did your mom do? What'd your dad do?"

"She didn't do anything. She was pregnant. She kept working, my dad got another job. I never saw them."

They waited for her to continue, "When my mom was about several months along found that she had been infected with toxoplasmosis and the baby as well.

Their faces fell.

"It was devastating, but deep down I knew my dad was relieved. She gave birth at forty weeks, it was a stillbirth. We never saw the baby and they sent her home.."

"That won't happen here. Not with us."

She looked into each of their eyes and felt her stress and tension dissolve.

Sam nodded, "Yes. You being pregnant is not a bad thing. It's a little scary because none of us have ever been a parent before but we'll figure this out." Sam hugged her close and pulled her onto his lap, "This is nothing you should be scared of, we love you and we love the little wolf inside you too."

The phone rang and broke their moment into pieces.

With a sigh, Sam stood and picked up the phone, "Hello?"

He nodded and grunted his affirmations before hanging up.

He turned his eyes to us, "Bella is gone."

"Charlie's daughter?" Paul asked

Sam nodded, "That's the one. Billy just called needs us to help find her. Neighbors saw her last walking into the woods with the Cullen kid and no one's seen her since."

Jillian started to panic, "He left her in the woods? She'll freeze, or get eaten by a bear."

"We need to go look for her. Billy is calling us in. Apparently Charlie is worried sick."

The boys stood and as Embry helped her to her feet Sam opened the door and lead them out.

"You should stay here Jilly," Jared told her as he gave her a kiss on the cheek

She shook her head, "I don't want to be left alone. Embry can drive us all there. If you just show up with her never checking in with them they'll think something is off."

Sam nodded, "Good point. We'll drive over and then shift in the woods."

They piled in the car and took off into the night. Their drive to Forks was uneventful but when they arrived in front of Charlie's house there was a mass of people crowded around.

They filed out and made their way over to Billy and his son Jacob who were trying to calm Charlie down to no avail.

"Hey, Billy." Paul greeted, "Hey, Charlie."

No one said a word.

"We'll start searching. Jillian wait here with Billy, we'll be back with Bella soon."

Charlie looked up met Sam's eyes with his sad ones, "We've looked through this section of the woods already," He said gesturing toward the map, "I would start over this way. Check-in if you find anything. I'll call the Cullens again. Her note said she and Edward went for a walk, and the neighbors saw her walking into the woods with him after school."

Billy frowned, "They left town, Charlie."

"Hospital said Doc Cullen got a big job somewhere else." Harry Clearwater puts a reassuring hand on Charlie's shoulder and squeezed

Jillian's heart was breaking watching them try to reassure their friend.

"We'll find her, Charlie."

Sam took off into the woods followed by Paul, Jared, and Embry. They disappeared into the trees with another handful of volunteers.

The minutes seemed to drag on as Charlie called the Cullens and attempted to reach someone, anyone. Their efforts were fruitless as the phone numbers had all be disconnected. With each failed call Charlie seemed to grow more and more worried.

"Dad. I should go help them find Bella."

Billy turned to face him swiveling in his wheelchair, "No. just stay here with me. We've got plenty of people out there right now."

Jacob was about to reply when Sam came rushing out of the woods holding A lifeless Bella in his arms. She was cradled close to his chest her arms hanging lifelessly at the moved.

"Charlie!" Jacob pointed over to where Sam was approaching from

Charlie spun to face them and ran to meet Sam holding his arms out to take her from him.

Billy sighed with relief, "It's Sam Uley. He found her."

Charlie bolted toward them. Running faster than he's ever moved in his life. He wraps his arms around Bella, lifting her from Sam's arms, "Thank you, Sam. Thank God."

Charlie carried Bella to the house, cradling her close. Harry and Billy give Sam a nod of praise and gratitude.

Sam backed away, avoiding any recognition.

Jacob jogged alongside Charlie, peering at Bella with worry. Then Jacob slows, feeling eyes on his back... he turned to see Sam staring at him before he could react Sam looked away and jogged over to where Jillian was already surrounded by Paul, Jared, and Embry. He took her in his arms and held her close kissing her head before turning to Billy and Jacob.

Sam nodded at the boys to follow him over.

As they approached Jacob moved away to avoid them as much as he possibly could.

Jillian watched as he approached her with his hands stuffed into his pockets.

He glared down at his feet, "Could you tell your boyfriend Sam to leave me and my friends the hell alone."

Jillian put her hand on her hip and glared back, "What in the 'hell' do you mean?"

His eyes snapped up, "I mean he always staring. Tell him to stop." He gave her a look that was meant to intimidate, "He took my friend and now he looks at me like he wants me to join him little 'gang' too."

"Gang?" She laughed, "I don't know what you're talking about. Embry came to us because he wanted to, the same for Paul and Jared."

He opened his mouth to speak but before he could Jillian cut him off, "I don't know what you think makes you so important but you need to get your head out of your ass. We don't want you to join anything." She sassed back before leaving him there gapping after her

She linked arms with Paul and Embry ignoring his eyes boring into her back

"Thank you for coming to help. I don't know what we'd had done without you." Billy told them with a grateful smile

"We help when we can. You know that Billy."

Jared smiled, "If you need us then we'll help you, but for now I think we should head home." He sent a look to Sam who nodded

"We should get Jillian home. She's probably tired."

She nodded agreeing.

Embry smiled, "Yeah growing a little wolf can do that I bet."

Billy's eyebrows rose, "Growing."

A blush rose over her cheeks, "Embry be quiet."

He looked a little sheepish, "Sorry."

"It's fine. I mean can't hide it forever." She gave Billy a smile, "I found out today that I'm pregnant."

A grin lit up his face, "Congratulations! I'm so happy for you five! It's about time we get some younglings around here!"

"Who's the father? Sam? Jared? Paul? Or maybe Embry?" Jacob snarked from behind them

They turned to face him rage blazing in their eyes.

"Jacob you should quiet down now," Billy warned wheeling forward

He laughed, "Why? Are they ashamed of their orgy?"

Paul was the one to snap first. He grabbed Jacob by the front of his shirt and growled, "You better listen to your dad boy."

"Put me down you fuck."

"Jacob. Watch your mouth."

Jillian tugged on Sam's arm, "Can we leave? Please?"

His eyes were still burning with rage but he nodded none the less and took her hand, "Let's go. We'll see you soon Jacob."

He glared back as Paul let him drop to the ground.

Paul took her hand tightly and without a sound, they walked back to the truck and took off into the night.

"Move over," Jared grumbled

"No. I wanna see too." Embry whined shoving him back

Jared pushed him to the end of the hospital bed, "You haven't even got a chance of this baby being yours. Just stay out of the way."

They had been waiting on her hand and foot for the last few weeks. The baby wasn't even there and they were already fighting. She didn't know who the baby belonged too and she honestly didn't care if it was Paul's, Sam's or Jared's.

"Get out," Jillian told them through gritted teeth

The room went silent and they all turned confused eyes on her.

"Just get out. If you can't just share this, I don't want you here."

Sam gave them all a glare before turning softer eyes toward her, "You're right. This is our moment. We're just here to support you." As he said the last bit, he squeezed her hand and gave a soft smile before glaring at the other three

"You're right. This isn't a competition. Were here for you."

Paul and Jared moved to stand near Sam and Embry took the back seat and tried to blend in.

"Thank you." She let out a breath, "I don't care who the father is. I hope you won't either because I don't want to know."

Paul smiled softly, "We're all one big family."

Embry took her hand and gave her a smile, "We promise not to fight over this."

"Just this though. Everything else is still on the table." Jared added in

"Fine, you can fight about everything else."

Sam spoke evenly, "This baby belongs to all of us. It doesn't matter who the father is. We all love you and when this baby is here we'll love her too."

Jillian smiled, "Her? What if it's a boy?

They laughed, "We don't want a boy. Just a pretty little girl just like her momma."

They exchanged a look but smiled before she could ask.

The nurse came bustling in and showed them off to the other side of the bed.

"Who are all these men?" she asked her eyes landing on every one of the large men taking up space in the small room

"We're family."

"Well, only the father should be here. Brothers can wait outside."

"They're not my brothers."

"Cousins outside too."

Jillian shook her head, "They're not my cousins."

"We're the fathers," Embry told her

When the woman's eyes widened, she turned away from them and turned the monitor on, "Alright, lift up your shirt slightly."

She obeyed and shivered when the cold gel hit her slightly rounded tummy.

The wand moved around her belly the black and white screen showing nothing at first until they saw a small gray baby curled up, "There's the baby."

A smile lit up her face, there was her little baby, no bigger than a strawberry.

"Seem the baby is about ten weeks along." She pointed to parts of the baby and named them off, "There's the head, an arm and the legs there."

The room was silent.

"From the baby's development, I would put the date of conception at about the first week of August."

"When can we know the gender?" she asked still in awe

The woman turned to them and smiled, "Not for another six weeks or so. We'll have you make an appointment in about sixteen weeks. We can check the gender then."

"Can we get some pictures printed out?" Jared asked with a soft voice, "Please?"

The woman smiled, "Of course we can do that. I'll get them printed out and then you can head on home. We just want you to keep on as normal for now. Take your vitamins daily and no heavy lifting. If you have any concerns just call us."

She left them then to their moment of peace and happiness, surrounded by excitement and filled with love and joy.

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