A New Beginning @wondersx
Chapter 14

"Did she really freak about our ages?"

Sam chuckled internally, "Not so much our as Embry's."

"Awe that poor guy isn't gonna get any love because he's seventeen."

"Sucks for him. More for us."

They watched Sam's memory play past in their minds and lost it when Jillian said she was going to jail.

"I love that she's so concerned."

"It's cute she thinks she could take advantage of Embry."

"Maybe we shouldn't have left her alone with Embry. He could take advantage of her."

"Right. She'll kick him in his balls before she lets him do anything."

"Yeah besides, Embry has been dropping hints for weeks about wanting to take her out and she hasn't picked up on it."

"Thank god he finally found the balls to tell her he's taking her out."

"The last few weeks have been unbearable."

Their laughter died out slowly and Jared asked what they were all wondering, "I wonder what the leaches want."

"Sam. What do you think they want?" Jared asked as they charged through the forest at top speed

"I don't know."

"Hopefully it's to tell us they're leaving and never coming back!" Paul suggested with a wicked attitude

A silence fell over them as they ran. The forest blurred past them and their thoughts filled with their mate

Tension filled the air when they arrived near the treaty line, they waited back and waited for the leaches. As the night grew darker Jared and Paul grew restless.

"What is taking so long?"

"You think they would show on time."

The smell hit them all at once and they wanted to gag. It was overly sweet and bitter to their noses and grew stronger the closer the leaches approached.

Sam, was the first to step out of the trees. Jared and Paul followed ready for anything that could happen.

The leaches blonde leader stepped forward and smiled kindly, "Hello. We're glad you could make it. We are sorry for asking this of you on such short notice."

Esme stepped forward, "Would one of you mind changing so we could speak with you?"

They growled.

"They don't want to change, too much of a risk with so few of them here." The thin leach told them

Sam growled, he didn't like that the leach knew what they were thinking, "Cut the small talk."

"Yeah, get on with it, already." Paul groaned pawing at the ground ready to leave

"Not like we wanna be here." Jared snorted

"Get to the point Carlisle, they're getting impatient."

Rose laughed, "Just like a dog."

Emmett laughed and Jared growled back.

"We wanted to inform you that we will be leaving." Carlisle told them waiting and when Edward did not offer their reply he continued, "The six of us will be leaving tonight and my son Edward will be staying until the end of the day Friday."

"Are you coming back?"

"They want to know if we're coming back?"

Carlisle shook his head, "We are relocating for the time being. Our aging or lack of is drawing attention to our family."

"I would have thought it was the blood-sucking that drew attention." Jared laughed

"What my father is trying to say, is that we are leaving and we don't plan on coming back any time soon."

"At all is too soon."

"Is that all?" Sam asked his eyes focused on the mind-reading leach

Edward nodded, "That's all we wanted to inform you of."

He gave a curt nod, "Thank you for that kindness. If you plan to return make sure you alert us so we can stick to our own territory."

"We shall. Thank you for taking the time to see us."

Without another word, Sam backed away leading the pack from the treaty line and away from the filthy leaches, never once turning their backs

Sam didn't relax until the nasty smell of bleach and sugar faded from the air around them

Jared let out a howl of happiness and Paul followed along filling the night air with the call of wolves.

Jillian wore her new jacket and felt kind of like a gray marshmallow as she walked. Embry made no comment on her jacket and simply told her she was beautiful as he held her hand to lead her down through the woods to the beach. The night was quiet as they listened to the sounds of the birds and bugs calling for their lovers in the trees.

Embry pulled her closer to him as they neared the beach and Jillian hated that her jacket was separating their bodies. She longed to feel the heat of his body but struggled knowing that it would be taking advantage of someone younger than her. It was only two years but someone could grow a lot in two years and that could make all the difference between making a good decision and a decision that you would regret one day.

When they neared the sand she could see a small fire lit and a large blanket laid out next to a small red cooler.

The stars were bright and the fire cast a comforting warm glow about the area, it was beautiful.

They sat close together, "You can take off your jacket. I brought along a few extra blankets."

She smiled feeling a little nervous but nodded. She slipped her jacket off and was immediately covered by a thick quilt.

"The stars are beautiful." She whispered looking up into the night sky, it was a new moon and nothing could outshine the stars above them

"Nothing could ever be as beautiful as you." Embry whispered back clutching her hand, "Would you like a marshmallow? I brought stuff for smores."

Jillian's face lit up, "Yes! I love s'more's."

He handed her a long stick and the bag of puffy goodness, "Dig in. Once I get going, I don't know how much will be left."

She plucked three marshmallows from the bag and stuck them all on the end of her stick before roasting them over the fire. She waited and watched turning it slowly, and when all three were on fire she pulled it out and blew out the flames revealing burnt goodness.

"Eww. You burn them?" he asked with a wrinkled nose

She popped one into her mouth and nodded, moaning around the gooey beautiful creation, "It's the best way to cook 'em!"

"That is where you are wrong. You have to roast them evenly. Don't let them catch fire, just wait until they're golden and then you have perfection." He tried to demonstrate but his first marshmallow caught fire and he hastily blew it out, "Fuck." He said softly

She laughed and pulled the stick toward her. She slipped the burnt outer layer off and ate it before handing him the rest of his marshmallow back

He looked impressed, "Good thinking. I still get the perfect s'more."

She grinned, "And I get the crispy goodness."

They laughed together and continued chatting for hours on end. The sky seemed to grow darker and the night colder and before long Jillian found herself sitting in Embry's lap both of them covered by the thick blanket.

His hands were wrapped around her waist holding her close to his naked chest. Her heart was beating out of her chest. She was nervous being so close to him, her skin was on fire and he seemed so relaxed which made her even more nervous.

"Your heart is beating like crazy." He whispered staring into the fire

"You can hear that?"

He nodded and gave her a little smile, "Yeah. I've got super smell and super hearing. Not to mention super strength and stamina."

She nearly choked on air when he winked, "they were right. You are such a perv."

He groaned, "They're making it a big deal when it's not. I'm just a perv for you. We all are. You never leave our minds babycakes."

She couldn't help but laugh, he was being so goofy, "I love you, Embry."

He froze, "You do?"

She nodded, "Yeah. I love all of you. You're all so amazing. I never go a moment without thinking of one of you and you all make my heartbeat like crazy. Each of you is so so different but you're perfect."

His lips were on hers then, he kissed her hard and full of passion, "I love you too."

They kissed and held each other for what seemed like hours.

Their bodies responded to each other's like a chemical reaction, they were hot, and they were moving quickly when a howl broke the silence of their own world.

They stopped and Embry lifted his head to the sky, "That's Jared."

"What's going on? Are they alright?"

He shook his head, "I don't know. We should go back."

She stood and gathered the blankets while he put out the fire with fistfuls of sand. He gathered the rest of their supplies and together they raced off through the forest.

Jared, Paul, and Sam were slipping on their shorts when they reached the house, "What's going on?"

"Is everyone alright?" she asked panting

Sam nodded and gave her a smile as bright as the sun, "Everything is perfect."

Paul let out a yell of joy, "The leaches are leaving!"

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