Head Girl @wondersx
Chapter 4

Nessa woke to find her clothes laid out and her wand polished smooth. A short note lay atop her clothes,

My dearest,

I have laid out your clothing for today. You will notice I have chosen not to include your knickers. This is because I do not wish for you to wear any.

I shall see you at three this afternoon for our class together, do not be late.


Her heart raced and her face flushed deeply. He didn't want her to wear any knickers to her classes today, how scandalous. She placed the note in her favorite book for safekeeping and rushed to be ready for her classes. She slipped on her blouse and tucked it into her skirt. She tugged her skirt low and still felt exposed without her knickers. She put on her school robes and felt only slightly better.

There was a small line of first years outside her door waiting for her. They were dressed so cutely in their brand new black and green robes.

"Good morning, Ms. Garcia…." A small boy greeted

She looked down the line of young students and smiled lightly, "Good morning you lot. What do you need this early in the morning?" she asked them with her hip cocked

A small girl stepped forward and looked sheepish, "We don't know where our classes are…" she explained

A soft laugh escaped her, "You all have the small classes?"

She received a series of nods and smiled. She went down their list and gave them detailed directions to their classes. They said their thanks and scurried away leaving her to walk to the great hall in peace.

She took a seat near the Professor's table and at her breakfast with her legs firmly closed. She has a sip of her tea and took a small peak at the table in front. Severus was sitting with a scowl on his face watching the hall as he had his morning tea.

"Morning beautiful!" A deep voice greeted her

She looked over and saw that Malfoy and Zabini had joined her. She picked at her food and choose to ignore them.

"Don't be that way, love."

Malfoy grinned, "Yeah we just want to chat with our head girl." He drawled

I rolled my eyes and stood to leave, Zabini grabbed onto her hand and tried to pull her back down.

"Let me go," she demanded panicking

They laughed at her distress but froze when someone cleared their throat. She looked behind her and up into the eyes of Severus. Her heart beat quickly picked up and her face flushed deeply

"it appears that she does not wish to stay in your company Zabini."

Zabini dropped her hand as if it burned her and leaned away, "Sorry professor."

Severus growled, "Do not apologize to me you dunderhead."

Zabini looked to her, "Sorry…" he muttered more to himself than to her

"Fine," she said softly

"It is not fine. Do it again Zabini, to any female student here and all you will see is the inside of a dirty cauldron for the rest of the school year."

He left the boys looking defeated and she watched him walked away with his robes swishing behind him. Without another word, she gathered her books and left the great hall following her professor. She stepped out from the great hall and found the corridors empty.

She let out a sigh and went to walk to her first class when someone snatcher her up by her upper arm and dragged her into a broom cupboard. Her heart was beating frantically, she wanted to scream in terror but the scent around her made her pause.

She looked up into nearly black eyes and melted. Severus had pulled her into a cupboard, and he looked extremely angry. She rested her head on his chest to hid her face and he huffed.

"Don't look so gutted darling, it's not you I'm bloody pissed at."

His fingers tilted her face back up so he could gaze in her eyes and his anger seemed to fizzle into nothing. She was not very aware that her back was pressed against a wall and his knee was between her thighs. When she tried to close her legs his knee wouldn't budge and he smiled down at her panicked expression.

"What's wrong?" he asked her innocently playing with her hair

She flushed, "I can't close my legs.." she whispered embarrassed

He laughed and moved his hands to grip her hips, "That's the point love. I don't want you to close your thighs." He whispered in her ear sending a million tingles down her spine. He lifted her up with ease and placed her knees at his waits, her legs now very firmly pressed open.

She had no idea what to do so she looked up into his eyes and saw him smiling smugly.

"Sir we can't. Not here." She huffed trying to pull away.

She only succeeded in wiggling in his arms and rubbing against the front of his trousers, He growled at her and mashed his lips against hers sealing her struggles away and taking what he wanted from her.

She held onto his biceps and kissed him back. No matter how sure she was that some student with the same idea would come bustling in and catch them she just couldn't resist him.

His hands slipped up her skirt and found her bear to his touch, just as he had instructed her to do. He trailed kisses down her neck and nibbled at her pulse point. She was panting now, she needed him but knew that he needed to control their time.

Severus stroked a finger down her wet folds and she whimpered. She was so incredibly sensitive to his touch and he took advantage of that. He slipped a finger into her tight body and she stopped breathing.

"In and out, sweetheart." He commanded her

She did as he told her to do but she was losing the ability to think the more he thrust his digit in and out of her core. He didn't seem to care, he just watched her face closely and allowed her to hold onto him as the pleasure took over her senses. She felt his thumb move to stroke her clit and she lost it. She cried out as she came undone around his fingers. When she relaxed against the wall she kissed her. He wrapped his hands around her hips and held her close.

"So, beautiful." He whispered softly more to himself than to her, "All mine." He told her trailing kissed down her neck. He flicked his fingers across her button up and her clothes torn in two leaving her bare under his gaze.

"So, perfect." He took her nipped in his mouth and shifted her so she sat higher on the wall.

She was so lost in his touch as he suckled on her breast she scarcely remembered where they were. She moaned again as she felt the crown of his cock at her entrance. He pushed up into her slowly savoring the connection it brought them. When he was fully seethed inside her he kissed her softly and thrust up into her hard and fast taking what he needed from her body. She held onto his shoulder lost in the bliss he brought her. She felt him bringing her closer and closer to the edge again when he cupped her cheek and kissed her.

She lost herself on his cock crying out against his mouth as his other hand stroked her clit. He pounded into her harder until his thrusts became jerky and he limply held her against his chest. She was exhausted and he was smug.

"Getting off even in a dingy broom cupboard." He teased her

She smacked his chest, "It's only because of you, sir."

He looked smug and kissed her before allowing her to repair her robes. When she went to vanish his cum from between her thighs when he caught her wrist and shook his head.

"It stays." He demanded grinning at her evilly


"No. It stays. I want you to be reminded of this moment all day." He whispered into her ear causing her to blush beet red

She nodded and he peaked his head out into the corridor. He stepped out and pulled her by the hand with him. He gave her a once-over, nodding in approval.

"You look lovely." He whispered softly pecking her cheek before walking away without another word

She was shocked, he had kissed her in the corridor. Her heart was fluttering and with a love hazed mind she walked to History of Magic and took her seat.

Professor Binn's floated throughout the classroom observing his students. He stopped at the front of the room and cleared his throat.

"Can someone tell me what they remember of the Giant Wars?" he asked

Nessa raised her hand feeling a little nervous but he gave her a smiled that encouraged her to continue.

She went on to explain what she remembered and was rewarded with a bright grin from her professor. He used her answer to propel the class into their discussion for the day.

Her mind drifted off to Severus and her legs clenched together as she remembered how he had left her satisfied, flushed and damp. She paid no mind to her ghostly professor's lesson. Her whole morning went peacefully, and to her relief, no one bothered her.

After the mid-day meal, she rushed off to transfiguration where McGonagall spent the class hour reviewing from the year previous. McGonagall had them turn buttons into beetles and do the reverse again. The hour droned on and one.

Her heart was beating wildly in her chest. Defense Against the Dark Arts was next and Severus was her professor this year. Her mind wandered and she blushed when she thought of his sneaky smiles and savage glares. He was hard and rough around the edges but when he was with her it was as if that sturdy wall he built up inside himself disappeared.

Her body melted just thinking about the secret smiles and laughs she was granted when they were alone together. He made her heart melt and her body ache in ways she's never felt before.

As she walked into Severus' classroom and found it empty. She decided she would sit near the front of the classroom. It's what she would do for any of her other classes she decided. Students filed in and took their places. The other seat at her table remained empty until the last moment when none other than a Gryffindor took the open space.

The girl huffed and puffed and glared at her friends from across the room, but never once did she turn to look at her table mate. As far as she was concerned the other space was empty and not taken by a Slytherin student. The girl looked on edge and was clearly feeling frazzled on her own. The girl mumbled to herself and pulled out her books ignoring the Nessa who was sitting silently next to her.

Nessa was fine with that. She pulled out her own book and began to read from where she had left off this morning before classes had started. The office door slammed and the classroom became silent. She glanced up and saw Severus blow into the classroom, making his yearly dramatic entrance. He glared at all the students and she was no exception.

"The darkness are many, ever-changing and eternal. Fighting them is like fighting a many-headed monster, which each time a neck is severed sprouts a head even fiercer and cleverer than the one before." His eyes met every student and within them, there was darkness and their professor instilled fear in each of his student's hearts, "You are fighting what is unfixed, mutating, and indestructible."

Through his entire speech, her heart beat out of her chest and she was scared. There was a war starting and they needed to be able to defend themselves but knowing how Severus saw the dark arts made it all that much more intimidating. Her eyes followed him as he paced around the room glaring at everyone in turn.

"But Professor! If it's always changing, how are we supposed to defend ourselves?" the noisy Gryffindor sitting next to her yelled out

Severus walked up to their table and glared down at the girl, "Did I say it was impossible?" he asked sneering down his nose at her

She huffed, "No, but you said it was indestructible."

He chuckled at her naïve defense, "Yes, the dark arts are indestructible. They are used in many different ways and that is what makes them so formidable."

She smiled smugly like she had won but Severus cut her off, "But even you, a dimwitted little girl, may be able to produce a shield charm in order to defend yourself against a Death Eater when your life is in danger. "

The girl looked shocked into silence and Nessa let out a little giggle. Of course, as these things go all eyes darted to her and Snape gave her one of his signature sneers. Her heart sank as he floated to her workspace and glared down at her, making her feel small.

"What is so funny Mrs. Garcia?" He snapped making her flinch

Her heart sank, "I just thought it was funny, Sir." She answered honestly giving him a small smile.

"And I suppose you already know how to produce a shield charm?" The Gryffindor girl remarked mocking her

Nessa nodded, "I do know how to produce a shield charm." Shouldn't everyone know how to produce a strong shield charm?

Snape narrowed his eyes at her and gestured for her to stand, "Care to demonstrate?" he asked with a small smile on his lips

Feeling on edge she nodded, "What kind of shield charm?" She asked hoping to her feet. Her face flushed beet red when she stepped in front of him and stood close to her looking down at her. The eyes of everyone in the class focused on her and the weight of their eyes rested on her, it set her nerves edge.

"Which ones do you know?"

Thinking back to over the summer she recited the list of shields she knew and had practiced in her free time. "Protego Duo, Protego Horribilis, Protego Maxima, Protego Totalum, and of course the Patronus Charm, but that one is more selective in its uses."

He looked at her with a slightly impressed look and his eyes smiled, "Show me the standard, against my Expelliarmus." He walked to the other end of the room and faced her with his wand raised, "Ready?"

She nodded and without a word cast her spell with her wand raised high. Wandless magic was useful for protective spells because it kept your opponent from knowing what you were doing before they attacked.

He seemed to wait a moment and then tired of waiting cast his spell, "Expelliarmus!"

The spell hit her shield with a flash of bright light and faded into nothing after Snape lowered his wand.

"Excellent work. Twenty points to Slytherin." He awarded before motioning for her to take a seat once again.

He went on teaching for the rest of the hour going over the material from last year and her demonstration was no longer talk of the class.

"Your first assignment is to write me a four-foot essay on shield spells and which is the most effective." The class let out an audible groan, "Make that five feet, due at the start of our next class." Severus sneered at them.

Fearing more work on the first day the class fled without another word. When the room was once again empty except for her and Severus she approached his desk and found him pouring over a lesson plan.

"Severus." She whispered standing next to him as he read.

He looked up at her and deep within his gaze she saw a smolder so strong that it set her heart on fire. He waved his hand at the door and it slammed shut locking them within the empty classroom. He pulled her down onto his lap and he held her close stroking her hair and rubbing her back.

"Did you enjoy your first lesson?" he whispered softly

She nodded and leaned further into his embrace, reveling in the comfort his touch brought her.

"I didn't know you knew so many shield charms."

"I taught myself over this last summer after I came of age."

"What else did you teach yourself?"

"I've practiced a few offensive spells, but not much else."

He cupped her cheek in his hand and his brows knit together, "What aren't you telling me, darling?"

Over the summer her mother took her away from her studying to prepare her to marry. Her mother insisted that she know how to cook and run a household in order to be a good wife.

Nessa looked away feeling a little ashamed for having kept something from him at all. Their relationship had taken off quickly and even though he had forced his way into her life, she never wanted him to leave.

"it's nothing, sir."

"What do you call me when we're alone?"

"Severus…." She whispered softly

"Good girl. Now, what haven't you told me?"

She sighed and looked away from his dark eyes, "My mother had me practicing over the summer."

"For what?"

"She is searching for a husband." He said nothing, "She wants me married at the end of the spring term."

Their filling the classroom became stifling. A weight settled heavy in her chest and when he let the silence settle she pulled away from him.

His hand wrapped around her wrist and he tugged her back down, "Did I say you could leave?"

"No," she admitted avoiding his eyes

"You are a pureblood correct?" He cupped her chin and forced her to look at him. She nodded in response and he looked thoughtful.

After a long moment of silence, he kissed her quickly and tucked her in his arms as he pulled out parchment and a quill.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm writing a letter to your mother." He explained

Shock filled her and she panicked, "Why?"

"From what I know your family is one of very few pure-blood families from the southern half of the world to come up to Britain." She nodded, "And from what I gather they are very proper and heavily invested into the Dark Lord's return."

Her family came from a long line of pureblooded witches and wizards from Mexico and when her father heard the rumors of a strong wizard willing to fight for the supremacy of their blood he brought them closer to the heart of the action.

It took her years to learn English and when she started at Hogwarts at age eleven she still spoke with a heavy accent. They took her for a fool when she was younger but after their first year when her grades beat out the best Ravenclaw, her peers let her be.

"How do you know all of this?" she asked confused by his knowledge of her family and her life

"I noticed you from the moment you walked into my classroom." He explained setting his quill to the side and peering deeply into her eyes, "You have always been bright, intelligence and as you grew I am ashamed to say I notice more than your school work.

I would never have don't anything until you came of age but it did not stop me from noticing your beautiful dark skin and your brilliant smile. I asked the headmaster about you and he told me what I needed to know about you and your family."

Her heart pounded in her chest, "That's so sweet."

He shook his head, "There is nothing sweet about me. I took an interest in a young girl and though It hasn't been sexual until now it still was not right of me." He kissed her neck and nibbled softly, "Now that I've had you, you're mine. Your mother won't be finding you a husband because I've already claimed you."

He wanted to marry her? Her heart swelled and then sank when she thought of her mother enraged at being told that she was marrying her professor, "She'll never allow it. You're so much older than me."

Severus laughed. His laughter brought her a sense of peace, "Darling she doesn't have a choice."


"Don't worry. It is taken care of. We'll be married at the end of the year." He stood and set her on her feet.

His eyes darkened and he pulled her robes off letting them fall to the floor. He undressed her slowly and sat back gazing hungrily at her naked body.

When she started to reach for him he flicked his hand and the force of his magic pulled her hands up over her head. Silken ties wound around her wrists and held her in midair.

He cupped her breast and rolled her nipple between his fingers, "You're mine for the night darling."

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