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Chapter 19

Surprised by the massive amount of blood pooling on the ground, the medi witches froze in place as Nesa held pressure to Severus' wounds.

Frustrated she screamed, "Don't just stand there help him! He's dying!"

They sprang into action, rushing to his side and pushing Nessa out of the way as they began working.

"What happened?" a short witch asked as they lifted him into the air

Nessa followed worriedly behind them, "He was bitten by Voldemort's snake during the battle."

They flinched almost simultaneously, "Please don't say his name."

"Just help him, please. I can't lose him… please."

An older witch nodded sincerely, "We've seen this once before. We'll do everything we can, starting with blood replenishing potions. Unfortunately, he's already lost a lot of blood."

"Just stop his bleeding."

She shook her head," We can't. The venom prevents any treatment while it's inside the body," she looked a little lost, "all we can do is allow him to bleed it out and replenish his blood as he needs it."

Nessa was stopped from following them into the room by another witch who held up paperwork for Severus, "Please, can't I go with him?"

The woman shook her head, "I'm afraid not, we have some paperwork for you to fill out."

Her mind rushed as quickly as the blood down her legs, "No! You can't file anything. If he finds out Severus is still alive he'll send someone to kill him!"

The witch took her hand and led her to a soft chair, "We won't, not right away darling. I promise. There are just things we need to know..."

She allowed the witch to help her sit, and then she answered the questions asked before bombarding the woman with her questions.

"How is he?", "Can I go see him?", "Why haven't the others come out yet?"

"Please don't forget to breathe. I don't think he'd like to wake up to you in the hospital bed beside him."

Nessa took a deep breath and waited…

"Nothing changed. We're doing all we can but without the magical creature there's only so much we can do," She rubbed her face and then took Nessa's hand, "Is there anything you need now? Clothes, water or food?"

She pondered for a moment but ultimately decided that she didn't need anything because she needed to go back.

She needed to see him die with her own eyes.

"I need to leave actually. I have to see to something, but I'll be back as soon as possible," Nessa looked the woman in the eyes and gave her a grim smile, "Take care of him. He hasn't met his son yet."

The witch was at a loss for words as she watched Nessa walk out of the building the same way she came. Walking through the trail of blood and at the front door.

After a moment she heard a pop and then nothing at all.

The apparition did wonders to clear her mind. Almost like all her thoughts had been squeezed out on the way over.

She landed near the boathouse again and jogged her way back up to the castle in the dark. The silence surrounded her and darkness embraced her as she grew closer to the all but destroyed walls. Her wand was out and she was ready but there was no Death Eaters insight.

Climbing over the rubble she passed by a few students dragging their dead classmates inside and felt her heart clench.

Who else was dead?

Inside the castle she found the walls damaged and crumbling as students walked into the great hall covered in dust and rubble. Inside there was a dull roar as friends and family tended their wounds and mourned the dead.

Harry stood at the doors covered in dust and blood. Anyone could tell he was struggling right now as he watched his housemates, his family and the love of his life inside doing the best they could. Fiddling with a cloak in his hands he wiped away tears she couldn't see

"Why are you out here?" she asked softly

"They died for me, because of me."

"No. They died for the world they saw without Voldemort. Without fear."

He contemplated this and then shook his head, "I shouldn't have told them I was coming back. This is all my fault… And now they have to clean up my mess."

"What do you mean? You aren't going to stick around after you kill Voldemort?"

"I would if I could..."

"Harry, what are you talking about?"

He made to answer but was cut off by Hermione and Ron who embraced him in a tight hug, "Where've you been?" Hermione asked

"We thought you'd gone to the forest, we thought you might be…"

"I'm going there now."

"Are you mad! No!" Ron tugged on his arm

Harry gave a heavy sigh and pulled free, "It's... meant to be."

"Harry, are you going to Voldemort?" Nessa took his hand

Harry nodded

Ron interrupted, "Rubbish! You can't just give yourself up to him."

Hermione squeezes Ron's arm, silencing him, "What is it, Harry? What is it you know?"

"There's a reason I can... hear them, the Horcruxes."

Hermione begins to shake her head as tears run down her face.

Harry simply nods, touches the center of his chest, "I think I've known for a while," He looks into her eyes, "I think you've known too."

Hermione looking miserable and broken offers her hand, "I'll go with you. I'll…"

She falters hopelessly as her throat begins to tighten with grief. Harry reaches out, squeezes it before letting go.

"Kill the snake." his face was blank but you could see the fear in his eyes, "Kill the snake, and then it's just him. Then it will be over." He turns then, leaving them with his last words.

"We love you, Harry. We always will." Nessa shouted after him

They stood there silently, watching every step he took until he reached the end... and was gone.

None of them seemed able to move for a long time. They stood staring where Harry had once been as the castle moved around them.

Ginny popped in their field of vision and waved a hand around, "Hey guys. Where's Harry?"

Ron looked grim, and Hermione looked as if she'd kicked a puppy, "Ginny he's..."

"... up in Dumbeldors office, looking at a few memories." Nessa finished for her with a small smile

Ginny gave them a weird look before shrugging it off, "Tell him I want to talk if you see him."

Nessa nodded, "We will for sure."

She walked away leaving Nessa with Ron and Hermione.

"Why did you lie to her?"

"Because she loves him too much. Do you think there would have been anything to keep her from running after him?"


"He knows what he has to do. We know it too. All we can do now is support him and make sure we finish this."

They knew it was true. Harry had to do this and they had work to do to prepare.

"We need to help these people," Hermione said, "Nessa we need to help as many as we can. Ron, you need to talk with McGonagall and prepare for When Voldemort comes. Don't let anyone but her know about Harry."

He nodded and walked off to find her and Hermione took Nessa's hand, "Are you alright being here?"

"Yes. Severus is being treated now, but I'm needed here."

Hermione nodded and they walked into the great hall together, wands at the ready.

More were injured than they could have imagined, and even more were dead, including Tonks, Remus, and Fred.

For almost an hour they patched up students young and old as they waited. There was so much blood and pain around them it wore their emotions down thin.

When Nessa was about to call it quits a young boy ran through screaming, "They're coming!"

It was time to face the end.

In large groups, they filed quickly out into the courtyard where Neville stood holding the old ragged sorting hat.

Ginny was the first to reach Neville who stood tall in the falling night, "Who's that?"

Neville turned to Ginny who was stumbling down the broken steps and staring at the menacing procession.

"Who's Hagrid's carrying?" She asked again a little more shaken as the dots started to connect

Neville just stared at her, mute.

Her eyes shift then, to who was laying limp in Hagrid's arms, "Neville, who is that?"

Before he can answer her, Nessa and Hermione begin to spill out of the castle followed by anyone who could still walk. Luna and Seamus. Cho. Arthur Weasley and Ron emerged and upon seeing the procession... already know.

Hermione drew a sharp breath and something about it, the unadulterated sense of loss contained within it, caused those around her to look upon the body in Hagrid's arms.

"What's going on here, Neville?" Arthur asked seriously as he came up behind the boy

Neville turned away from Ginny's desperate eyes and looks anywhere but her to avoid her question

Voldemort and his Death Eaters arrived and the world around them seemed to be sucked of all air and soundless.

"Behold, Nagini. Our work is done." Voldemort laughed as he grinned at their battered and beaten forces

Nessa stood silently with the others as the dark procession came to a halt before them. All eyes drift to Hagrid and the body that lay in his arms.

Ginny saw now that Harry was lying limply in the large man's arms, "No... NO!"

Her screams echoed over the grounds as she rushed towards Voldemort with her wand raised.

Arthur stepped between the Dark Lord and his daughter and wrapped his arms around her struggling form as she began to cry

"Silence!" Voldemort screamed as pointed his wand to the sky with a crack that sent shivers down anyone's spine, "Stupid girl. You cry for that?"

Voldemort gestures to the body lying still in Hagrid's arms, "Tell me. These last few hours, as you collected the dead and tended your wounded, was he by your side?" Voldemort surveyed the throng of young wizards and witches, who stood mute.

He nodded as if their silence were answer enough.

"While your hands ran dark with the blood of mothers and sons, fathers and daughters, brothers and sisters, his were clasped in prayer, but it was a prayer for one and one only. While you battled courageously, until you could no longer will yourself to stand, he had long since fallen to his knees. While you cursed me until your voices grew ragged, he begged me for mercy in a voice as meek as a child's,"

Voldemort's eyes narrowed, "So do not cry for that. He's not worthy of your tears. And do not despair of his betrayal. You were never in his heart. Not for one single solitary beat."

Outraged Ron threw himself forward, "Liar!"

Unfazed Voldemort flicked his wand and Ron dropped to his knees, grimacing in pain. "Did you not hear me! Harry Potter is dead! From this day forward, you put your faith in me or suffer the consequences," He pointed his wand in a sweeping motion to everyone who opposed him, "HARRY POTTER IS DEAD!"

The mad man took a deep breath and smiled, "Now is the time to declare yourself."

Around her, the crowd broke out into hushed murmurs. Whispers of joining spread like wildfire, "He's dead. What chance do we have now?"

While their side contemplated Lucius Malfoy timidly stepped forward and waved his arm in a come here motion, "Draco..."

Silence fell as Draco looked up to see his father summoning him forth with a short nod.

He hesitates.

Lucius smiles thinly, nervous, "Draco, don't be stupid..."

"Come, Draco," Narcissa said firmly without moving, her voice quiet but loud in the deafening silence around them

For a split second, Nessa thinks he'll take a stand and go against his mother and father but after looking into his eyes ducked his head and stepped forward, avoiding the baleful glances directed his way as he crossed the massive gulf between factions.

Ron mutters poisonously as he passes, "He saved your life."

Draco's feet falter briefly, his pride stung by their words, then he continues and joins his mother where she hands him a wand, Harry's wand.

"Well done, Draco. Who will be next? Hm? Come now, don't be shy." Voldemort welcomes with a wide crooked smile

Nessa watched as Neville stepped forward, face to the ground, "Neville no..."

At her words Voldemort's eyes snap to hers, filled with anger, "Nessa Garcia… we've been looking for you. I'm only sorry Severus isn't alive to see you here defying his lord."

"You were never his lord," she told him between clenched teeth

"I believe that you're mistaken. Severus was my most loyal servant for many years."

Nessa couldn't take his lies any longer, "BulIshite."

"Excuse me?" Voldemort asked with his brows raised

"You heard me. He wasn't your servant. He's been working for Dumbledore since you killed Harry's mother."

He was furring now. He clutched his wand and shook his head as he plastered on a fake smile, "Couldn't be darling. I've seen inside his mind."

"You saw only what he wanted you to see."


She stepped up beside Neville and held her head high, "How do you think I managed to avoid your lackeys," She taunted him, "I knew. I knew you were looking because Severus told me. Protected me. That's why you never found me."

"Cheeky girl. If you've been hiding so well, why come here now?"

"I needed to see you die."

"That won't be happening. Ever."

"You'd be surprised what great witches and wizards can do when they stand together."

At her words, he broke into a menacing laugh that echoed, "As you can see. Your only hope betrayed you. He is dead, your only choices are to join me or die."

When Neville was the only one to step forward the Dark Lord laughed, "Well, I must say, I'd hoped for better. Is this truly the best Hogwarts has to offer? A whore and a boy..."

The Death Eaters laugh loudly, sounding fake and hollow. Bellatrix grins in cruel amusement at her Lord's jokes.

"Who might you be, young man? I didn't catch what name the whore called you"

"Neville Longbottom."

"Well, welcome, Neville. I'm sure we can find a place for you in our ranks."

Bellatrix screeched out a laugh, "Someone has to do the washing."

The Death Eaters roared, this time their laughs loud and full of bass.

"Now, now, Bellatrix. Let's not underestimate our young friend. By stepping forward, he lives to see another day..." Voldemort's eyes shift, regard those standing before him. The implication of his statement is not lost on them, they would die if they didn't join now.

Neville raised his hand, "I'd like to say something."

Voldemort's brow furrows vaguely. As he studies Neville, "Alright. Maybe you can inspire your friends to make the correct choice..."

Neville turns to the others, leaving his backside exposed to the Death Eaters and Voldemort.

The crowd that now stood before Neville held weary faces that regarded him with confusion, suspicion.

"It doesn't matter that Harry is gone."

A troubled murmur rippled through the crowd as they watched him with eyes narrowed.

Seamus lunged forward with fists at his sides, "Stand down, Neville!"

Neville ignored his friends' angry outburst, "People die every day. Friends.

Family. Yes, we lost Harry tonight. But he's still with us, here," he told them tapping his heart, "And so is Fred and Remus and Tonks and... all of them. They didn't die in vain."

He turned back to the Death Eaters now, "But you will. And you and you and you will," he said pointing at every group of Death Eaters, and then finally to Voldemort, "And so will you. Because you're wrong. Harry's heart did beat for us. All of us..."

Neville took a step forward, and looked Voldemort in the eye before spitting at him as he reached into the sorting hat to pull out the sword of Gryffindor, "This isn't over!"

At that moment Voldemort shot a spell at Neville to try and destroy both him and the sword, but Neville Was too quick.

He used the blade to deflect it and send it flying to a group of unprepared Death


Hell broke loose then and in the confusion, they saw Harry Potter drop from Hagrid's arm and onto the ground.

It seemed as if the world had slowed as everyone on both sides realized what was happening.

Cheers broke out and Wands were drawn simultaneously.

The most unlikely of all was Draco who tossed Harry a wand, "Potter!"

"Well done, Malfoy! Can't believe I just said that." Ron said in utter shock

Moments later Hurry began to fight, "Confringo!" he cursed the giant snake, "The snake! We've got to kill the snake!"

Neville, only a few yards off, sword in hand, pulled Nessa with him toward the snake, "Help me."

Her eyes shifted to Voldemort and Nagini, who were closing in on each other.

Harry wheels on toward Voldemort with Neville and Nessa hot on his heels. They see Voldemort drawing a bead on him and Harry begins to raise his wand, Nessa steps with Neville between Harry and the Dark Lord, brandishing the sword just as Voldemort's wand blazes and Neville's world explodes.

Having taken the full brunt of it all, Neville grimaces, watching as Voldemort's spell travels like lightning and races up the sword's blade to the hilt throwing him back fifty yards toward the Great Hall.

Suddenly both sides were throwing spells and Harry was leading Voldemort away from everyone.

Without thinking any longer Nessa threw up barriers and tossed curses around to any Death Eater within reach as they were being pushed back inside the castle.

The sounds of Bellatrix's laughter were ringing around them as students screamed, "Run piggies run!"

Nessa pushed through toward her while trying her best to protect those around her when Bellatrix attacked Ginny.

The spell flew and nearly hit the little redhead but Molly stepped between them and shielded them both.

"Not my daughter you bitch!"

"Come on, granny, give us your best."

Molly Weasley fired a volley of spells and Bellatrix's smile faded as she fought.

As Bellatrix counters, colourful spells fly back and forth, skitting off the tables and overturned benches.

"You will never touch my children again!" Molly screamed

"Be thankful we only took one." She smiled cruelly, "Besides… It's not like you don't have a spare." She gloated

Bellatrix laughed harder and sent another green spell flying.

Nessa watched as Molly blocked and sent it flying back to the maniacal woman who never saw it coming.

She fell and landed with a thud, never having seen it coming.

Molly went on to take on another Death Eater and another without so much as a thought.

The sight empowered Nessa and encouraged her to keep fighting, even when they began to push them out of the castle again she kept fighting with the strong Mother, daughter duo at her side.

Screaming lessened and howls of happiness rang through the air as Harry landed with a thud next to Voldemort.

"We finish this here, Tom."

Everyone around them stilled as the two of them shot their spells and locked into a battle of strength and endurance before their eyes.

Nagini slithered from under the rubble toward Harry.

Hermione, Ron and Ginny followed behind Nessa. They all tossed spells at the slimy creature, trying to stop it before Harry suffered.

They were all nearly on top of it when Neville jumped out with the sword of Gryffindor held high.

He swung on the creature and brought down the blade on its neck, lobbing its head off.

A smile filled Harry's face and he pushed harder against Voldemort's spell.

The snake was dead. Everything came down to this. It would make or break it all.

The victor would determine the outcome of the entire wizarding world. Collectively both sides held their breaths and their wands close.

It felt like forever that they pushed and pulled between them. As if the world was standing still around them, but it all came crashing down when Harry gave a final push.

The spell travelled down the current and cracked the tip of Voldemort's wand and shattered it a moment later.

The curse Voldemort had cast filled his body and stiffened his limbs. He fell to his knees and gasped for breath as his body turned to ash and drifted through the air until there was nothing.

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