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Chapter 14

The sun rose high into the sky and Nessa felt arms wrapped around her belly. For a moment She didn't dare move because right then in the silence of the morning she was content to imagine Severus was holding her tightly and stroking the swell of their child within her.

But her peaceful delusion could only last as long as Charlie remained silent.

"Good morning," he whispered, letting at a rather loud yawn

She let out the breath she had been holding, "Morning."

Wiggling free she sat up and stretched

"You're beautiful."


The seconds ticked by… slowly…

Nessa stood and crossed her arms, "I should get dressed now..."

"Ah… Right. Today is the big day. I better go get my trousers on."

She stepped back to give her space but he invaded her bubble and wrapped his arms around her, "Charlie please let me go."

"Sorry, just couldn't resist." he grinned before twirling around and walking out the door

Whipping out her wand Nessa flicked the door shut, locked it and collapsed onto the bed once again.

She needed to steel her nerves and get it together for Bill. She didn't want to ruin his wedding day with her hormones, so she shook it out and got herself dressed and her hair looking presentable.

The door creaked open and the stairs groaned as she stepped lightly down. The family was already gathered, with the exception of the bride, her mother and Molly. Everyone else was preparing and relaxing before guests arrived.


Behind her, Hermione was rushing down the stairs holding her little bag of tricks excitedly.

"Good morning Hermione. What's going on?"

"We know you can't take Polyjuice because of the baby so we found a few other things we can try."

Nessa couldn't help but smile at her, she was too cute when she was excited, "Alright. Let's see What you've got."

Hermione pulled her away and back up the stairs. The rooms were all quiet as they passed until Hermione pulled her into Ginny's room.

Nessa sat with her hands on her slightly swollen belly and gave the girls her full attention.

Ginny turned the bag up on end allowing an odd assortment of items to fall onto the bed.

They dug through it all until they pulled out what seemed to be a large ball of hair, knotted and nearly not recognizable.

"Gross, what is that horrid thing?"

"Muggles call it a wig!" Ginny told her excitedly, "Dad found it and told us we could use it to disguise you for the wedding."

"What do I need a 'wig' for?"

Hermione held the tangled wig out from her body and waved her wand over the locks, her spell untangling it slowly, "You wear it top of your head to hide your hair."

"We had Ronald wear it last week and even fixed the falling off the problem."

"Falling problem?"

Ginny laughed, "Ron wore it and every time he moved the wig would just fall off."

Hermione smiled, "We created a spell to keep it in place." she placed it on top of Nessa's head and waved her wand. Nothing seemed to happen but when Ginny gave it a yank the hair stayed put.


The girls set out to work over the next few hours to change Nessa's appearance enough so she wouldn't be recognized. Ginny tugged and pulled her new 'hair' into a stylish bun that sat on top of her head.

Hermione worked hard and fast on casting a glamour to change the details of her face. When she was finished Nessa looked like a relative of the bride. Blonde, pretty, and French.

"If only you spoke french," Ginny pondered, "maybe then you could pass as part of Fleur's family."

They all laughed, picturing a proper family dinner with Ginny's new sister-in-law

"I have to go get ready now," Hermione interrupted," I also have to make sure that Harry is awake and Ronald hasn't ruined his dress robes already."

Ginny sighed, "I'll have to pop over to Fred and George's to make sure that they've got everything they need."

She hurried away and left Nessa alone to ponder her new look.

Many witches and Wizards had come for the wedding. Men and Women young and old, all with smiles on their faces and a drink in their hands. Food was passed around and everyone was in a fantastic mood.

The ceremony had caused even the toughest of magical folks to tear up. Their vows had been handwritten and beautiful.

Bill told all and spilled his heart out, "I've done a lot of stupid things. Many of these things have gotten me into a shit load of trouble. I've been through it all, got suspended for trying to drain the black lake while I was in school, I maintain that I was framed by Fred and George. I've gotten into fights, duels and even exploding snaps battles and I've won every time. I wandered into the forest at night to watch the full moon and even made it out alive. I took out my wand on a former professor. That didn't go so well. There has never been a day where I felt more alive than the day I found you walking down the streets of London."

"You were the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. Stunning and elegant and I was lost. Just as quickly as you had walked by you were gone down the street and I damn near had to run to catch you and catch you, I did. I can't wait to spend my life with you. I'll care for you, love you and protect you every day of my life." he slipped a ring on her finger and kissed her hand softly.

Tears were springing and everyone was touched more by his words of love than they were by the war all around them.

Fleur began slowly in her thick accent, speaking of her past relationships and their faults, how she was seen as nothing more than a pretty face, how she always longed to be treated as an equal, "Bill, I've never met a more wonderful man in all my life. You treat me as a partner and a friend. Something no man has ever done for me before. I must admit that when you approached me I was skeptical, I was sure you'd be like every man before. You quickly proved me wrong with your strong family bond, your sense of equality and your strength. All like I had never seen before. I know many thought that I would leave after your attack, but I love you for more than just your looks. I love you for your humour, courage and your caring heart."

She paused for a long moment, gathering herself, "Bill I promise to care for you, protect you and always be by your side. Forever." She slipped a ring on his finger and kissed his knuckles gracefully.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride."

They locked lips, in a passionate kiss and applause broke out.

The crowd continued to applaud as the newly married couple walked hand in hand to the end of the tent, "I hope you'll all join us for food and dance in the tent just under the large willow. Thank you for coming."

For hours after anyone ate, danced and laughed. It was a true celebration one that will forever be remembered.

Bill took his new wife to dance and others joined them slowly swaying to the music. Nessa only watched and let a hand rest on top her belly allowing herself to relax as everyone was enjoying themselves

"Can I have a dance?"

She turned and found Charlie looking dapper in his dress robes, "I'm sorry Charlie We really shouldn't."

"Why not?"

"It's not right."

He was beginning to grow frustrated, "There's nothing wrong with us having a dance."

"Dancing isn't the problem. It's about me being engaged and pregnant by another man."

"God damn it Nessa. He's not even here. He abandoned you."

She pulled out her wand so quick he flinched, "Watch it Charlie. He didn't abandon me or our baby. He's fighting a war."

"On the wrong side."

"Leave me alone. Please."

He shook his head, "I won't wait forever for you…"

"I don't want you to wait at all."

His shoulders slumped as he walked away and she slipped her wand up her sleeve.

Nessa took a step out into the night and it was dark as the stars were brightly above her. The air was hippy, refreshing and relaxing, but only for a moment, then a rumbling ball of bright blue light dove through the tent disturbing the merry celebration.

The lynx materialized and Shacklebolt's sonorous voice spoke loud and clear, "The Ministry has fallen. The Minister of Magic is dead. They are coming..."

Everything was silent for a long moment until a loud echoing scream tore through

Black smoke stents shooting through, tearing holes in the tent. Screams rang out and every guest with enough sense made their exits.

Nessa watches as Bill and Fleur disappeared along with Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Others were gone too, making their escapes quickly with a loud pop.

Nessa kicked herself into gear. Pulling out her wand and throwing defensive spells at any death eater insight.

She was holding her own until something hit the back of her head, then she was surrounded by darkness and fading quickly.

"Nessa. You need to wake up now, it's been almost two days." Charlie Weasley whispered at her bedside

He was hoping that his voice would wake her and he would be the first face she saw, but she lay motionless under his gaze, almost as if she was refusing to wake up for him.

She did want to wake up but her body was tired, sore and her eyes were too heavy. So instead she listened to everyone around her.

"Has she woken yet?" Lupin asked softly

"No. She's still sleeping. She seems well but we can only be sure when she wakes."

"The baby?"

"Seems to be well. No bleeding and no distress."

"She needs to wake up and eat So we can keep it that way." Charlie mumbled

"Just give her time."

"We don't have time. They're looking for her. You heard what they asked last night. They wanted her. The Dark Lord wants her back."

Some one cleared their throats,"Maybe we should turn her in..."

Sounds of anger rang out and Nessa felt herself relax

"Just listen for a second. If we turn her in then it'll take some heat off of us. keep the Death eaters away for awhile."

"We wont be doing that." Molly interjected

Arthur spoke quietly, "We wont. She's become like family."

"She's engaged to one of them!"

"Don't bring it up again. Shes confused but she's still my friend." Ginny defended

They spoke a lot after that about the ministry and The Order's plan to protect their families, but they never brought up turning her in again.

Her eyes opened fully when they began talking about Severus' betrayal late one night. Her heart was breaking as they spoke such awful things about her love, but she didn't move. Nessa just listened, knowing they were all very wrong.

"Severus. My, most loyal, step forward." a deep voice hissed out, long white arms motioning him forward

Severus moved quickly, and frothy to where he was directed, dropping to his knees to show respect, "My lord..."

The Dark Lord stood tall and proud, he twirled his wand around his fingers, while he walked a slow circle around the kneeling Severus, "We raided the Weasley home tonight. Looking for Potter."

No one said a word.

"It seems he managed to avoid us once again. We searched everywhere before setting the home ablaze. We even searched for your previous fiance. To no avail. It seems as if she too escaped our grasp."

"Thank you for searching, my Lord."

The Dark Lord smiled, "We need to hunt her down Severus, along with Potter. There's no knowing what she may be hiding from. Perhaps she's even being held against her will. We need to be sure before we dole out her punishment for abandoning your side."

Severus took a deep breath and looked up at the Dark Lord, "Thank you. If she is indeed held against her will I would gladly see her by my side once more."

The Dark Lord nodded, "And if she has been hiding from you? Or found to be a traitor to our cause?"

"I would gladly make her rue the day she betrayed us."

Severus felt his mind being pushed against and strengthened his shields. He was sure to hide his treachery and his dealings with Nessa so the Dark Lord would find only truth.

"It is done. I want everyone searching for Vanessa Garcia, Harry Potter, his blood traitor companion and the muggle-born as well."

The others around them bowed and disappeared in a cloud of black billowing smoke.

"Stand Severus."

He did as he was told and stood strong.

"I know this is difficult but no matter her stance on her disappearance I want you to marry the girl. Punish her obviously but convert her to our side."

"Yes my Lord."

The Dark Lord smiled, "I believe she'll be a good representative to the young people questioning us and tip them over to our side," he gazed out the window and then nodded, "Go Severus find her and bring her back to us quickly."

"It will be done."

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