Head Girl @wondersx
Chapter 1

"You're Head Girl this year." His voice rumbled out. His hand moved to her lower back as he leads them through the corridor.

"What does that mean?" Nessa asked looking up at him curiously

He smiled slightly. His strong jaw flexed as he looked down at her.

She felt heart stop and her eyes go wide. He gazed at her with burning passion in their depths and her heart skipped a beat and almost hopped out and onto the floor.

He smiled and his hand moved down to her waist and held her closer, his thumb almost grazing the underside of her sensitive breast.

"It means you're going to have more responsibility in leading the first years around and helping with the head boy to keep everyone in their place throughout the year." He said as his voice got lower and rougher, he pulled her tighter to his side as he took them through the empty common room.

"Oh, so I'm like a leader for Slytherin house?" she asked softly as he pulled them up the stairs. His griped slipped from her waist to her hand and he held it tightly in his much larger one

"You'll be a wonderful head girl. Your room is over here at the top of the stairs near the girl's rooms." He explained

"Do you know who my roommate is this year?"

They had stopped in front of the door

"You don't have a roommate this year. This room is entirely your own." He said leaning down to whisper in her ear

A shiver raced up her spine and her legs felt like jello as they stood inches apart from each other. She tilted her head up and her lips almost brushed his, but instead, she looked into his deep black eyes and melted in his arms.

"Are you alright?" he asked softly

She tried to speak but no words came out, so she nodded and he pushed their way into her new room. It was spotless and her bags had been brought up by the house elves so they sat in front of her bed

"This is your room this year." He told her with a smile, "The password is yours to change but I've set it to teacup for now. So, don't go forgetting your password." He warned her with a shake of his finger as he turned on his heal and went to leave the room.

"Thank you!" she called out, "Thank you, Professor Snape," she said again even though he was long gone and she was alone in her room

The sun had set and the sky was dark now. She gazed out the window and the sky was littered with stars that shined beautifully

She decided it was best to go to sleep and ready for the school year tomorrow morning. She was just too tired to unpack and try to start any new projects, so she crawled into the bed and the silken bedsheets glided against her skin. She relaxed and when she closed her eyes she saw him.

Professor Snape smiling at her.


He crawled out of bed when he was sure she was sleep and made his way over to her room. The door was shut firmly and he smiled wickedly, nothing was going to keep him out, not tonight.

"Teacup." He whispered and the door popped open slightly and he pushed his way inside and closed the door softly, careful not to wake her.

The room was dark but the light of the moon gave him just enough to walk over to her bed in the center. Standing over her he saw she was asleep and cuddled into her bed covers. He reached down and pulled the cover down her body slowly, revealing her body to his gaze.

She was wearing a large shirt and her legs were bare. Her skin looked like milk and her grey-black hair was spread out over the pillows. He ran a hand up her calf and she was softer than anything he had ever felt before. He ran his fingers up her leg and under the hem of her shirt and lifted it to his view.

She was bare under her shirt, and perfect.

She shifted onto her back in her sleep and he spread her thighs open slightly just enough to touch her.

Her mound was covered in a soft peppering of curls. He ran a finger down and to her slit, she was wet for him.

He pushed a finger inside her wet opening and she shifted again arching her back slightly, still sleeping. He climbed into bed with her and between her thighs and gripped her thick hips in his hand as he leaned over. He growled and pulled her nightshirt over her head and tossed it onto the floor, leaving her completely bare for him now.

Her chest was heaving slightly now and he went back to playing with her. He ran a finger down her cheek and pinched her nipple with his other hand, rolling it between his fingertips. She moaned when he cupper both her breast in his rough hands and squeezed.

Her eyes fluttered and she woke and stared at him over her body playing with her breasts.

"What's going on?" she asked reaching for the covers trying to hide her soft curves from his gaze.

He snatched them away and ignored her. He licked her nipple and pulled one into his mouth sucking and nibbling on it lightly

She moaned and arched her back into his mouth, "Stop. Please, professor. Please." She begged so he complied.

He moved a hand down her hip and pushed two fingers into her body while his thumb stroked her clit firmly.

"Stop. Professor. Please." She let out moaning

"Do you really want me to stop darling?" he asked softly letting her nipple go with a wet pop

She moaned when he pulled back from her body and leaned over her

"This is wrong." She said trying to cover her breast from his view

"Baby. This isn't wrong." He whispered, "Do you like me?" he asked kissing his way up her neck, his hair brushing her soft skin, sending tingles down her spine and straight to her clit.

"Yes…" she moaned out clutching at his biceps

"You're seventeen now. This is perfectly fine for us to want. This isn't wrong. I'm loving your body. You're beautiful, perfect body." He said kissing her lips. She flushed and looked away.

"Don't look away. Your eyes are like starlight, just beautiful." He told her smiling. His long black hair fell in front of his face and she smiled slightly and pulled his face down to hers.

"Kiss me?" she asked

He did. He kissed her and ran his fingers through her hair holding her tight to his chest. He pulled back and pulled his shirt off. She flushed a deeper red gazing at his toned bare chest.

"Professor?" she asked

"Call me Severus." He said pulling his slacks off. Now they were completely naked together and her heart was beating out of her chest. She looked down at his waist and quickly looked back up to his face.

He captured her lips with his own again and pressed his chest against hers. Being this way felt so right, the passion drove them further and their bodies moved together.

He moved the head of his cock to her entrance and pushed in slowly until he was sheathed to the hilt and she was moaning his name as her body pulled him deeper.

He thrust in and out and cupped her breast in one hand as his other stroked her clit and she went wild. Her hips rocked with his and he held her up to his chest as he rocked with her. Their bodies moved together and she dug her nails into his back pushing her breast into his mouth.

"Oh god. Severus!" She called out her hips started shaking jerkily against his seeking her pleasure with his body.

"Jesus, sweetheart. Yes." He thrust harder and harder and she shuddered around his cock. Her inner muscles squeezed him for all he was worth as she fell over the edge. He latched onto her nipple and he lathered it with attention.

Her fingers threaded through his hair and she held on as he started to roll her clit between his fingers again.

"I can't." she gasped out

"You can. And you will," he demanded, thrusting into her wet and willing body harder than before. She moaned again and pulled his hair as he forced her over the edge of another orgasm.

She went limp in his arms and stared up at him as he spread her legs wider and rolled his hips into her, now seeking his own release inside her soft body.

He gripped her soft hips in his hands and roared as he tumbled over the edge. He came inside her body, damn the consequences and pulled her into his arms.

"Professor?" she whispered softly from the crook of his neck

"Call me Severus, when we're alone, and in this bed. Anywhere else you call me Professor or Professor Snape."

"Oh, okay. Severus?"

"Yes, darling?" he whispered to her while running his fingers up and down her spine feeling the softness of her beside him in bed

"I don't know whats going on. Why did this happen?" she asked

"This? This was me claiming you. Your delectable curves and your beautiful ass." he sat up and leaned over her. He cupped her breasts and she whimpered, "You've got the most perfect handful of tits I've ever seen and I wanted you."

"Me?" she squeaked out

"Yes, you. I've been your head of house for six years now. I've watched you grow up, from an awkward string bean, into a fine woman. I wanted to wait until you were out of school, but you walked into the castle tonight. Your breast having grown so much and your ass practically showing in your skirt I couldn't wait any longer." he leaned down and kissed each of her nipples softly, looking up at her he smiled.

"Nothing was showing," she argued

"I don't care what was showing, or who could see. It was too much, and I won't have some snot-nosed young prick looking at whats mine," he growled out leaning over her again



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