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Chapter 1

I do not own Hetalia okay? I saw a fanart and since I don't see a lot of AmeBel fics, this idea kind of came to mind. Anyway, enough of this A/N, on with the fic.

The Christmas season drew ever closer as Alfred was busy running about the house preparing the decorations, wanting everything perfect. Growing up as a child, they were the one thing he had looked forward to the whole year, despite his parent's bickering, which was something that happened all the time. It was his favorite time of year although this year they would be spending it in Paris while his brother spent his Christmas in Germany with his very loud girlfriend. So noticing this, he decided to keep it just him and his wife, something that Natalya was happy for. She loved Alfred dearly, but his family did have moments where it took all she had to be able to stand them. As the holidays drew closer, the pile of gifts grew, even though it was just the two of them for Christmas.

Alfred was always one to dote on Natalya and she would dote right back in private. If they were in public however, she put on a very proper air, but Alfred knew just how she really was and wanted to do the best for her. There were signs of the Christmas she grew up with in Russia as well, with a Ded Moroz statue right beside the Santa on the mantle. And even though he was grown, he'd still leave milk and cookies out for Santa, knowing full well that there was no Santa to give him gifts but Natalya would often play along and take a few bites of the cookie to humor him. However, this year, she did not know quite how to feel. It had been a very long time since she had seen either one of her siblings other than a video call. A few summers before she had seen her sister when she had come for vacation in New York to see her and Alfred, but her brother, she had not seen in person since her wedding. From the moment that he had met Alfred, she could tell there was no way those two would ever get along. Looking at an old picture where he was dressed up like Ded Moroz, she sighed, wishing she could see him again and that hopefully her husband and brother would get along. At this, she got a call from one of her siblings that she was not expecting.

"Oh Alfred my darling," Natalya began once she had gotten off the phone. Alfred knew this couldn't mean good news. As much as he and Natalya loved each other, it was not in her personality to start a statement out like this.

"Oh yeah, what's up Nattie?" He asked looking over from the fridge where he was getting a coke out.

"I just got off the phone with one of my siblings, we are to meet them at the airport soon." Natalya began.

"Oh! Did I forget something?" Alfred panicked. He had thought this Christmas was going to be just the two of them, he hadn't planned on having anyone over.

"It was just on a how you say spur of the moment they said they could come for the Christmas season. I hope you do not mind." Natalya began.

"Sure, more the merrier I say!" Alfred said hugging his wife. "So what time does their flight get in?"

"At 3pm." Natalya said.

"Dude! I don't even have the guest room ready or anything like that! Nor anything bought for them!" Alfred began. Natalya headed to him and smacked him before she held him close. "Thanks Nattie."

"I know when you need someone to bring you to your senses." Natalya said. "I have the guest room made up already. You have to do nothing but drive us to the airport." She smiled.

After fighting their way through traffic, Alfred finally found a parking spot in the garage. "Geesh 5 bucks an hour just to park. I hope their plane isn't delayed." Alfred moaned.

He hasn't figured it out yet... Natalya thought. She had known well that he had gotten along well with her older sister, but her older brother, that was a disaster waiting to happen. But she had not seem him since their wedding and Christmas was a time for miracles, as they said. Maybe, just maybe they would get along. There were times Alfred had appeared like a complete and utter idiot but he was brilliant when he put his mind to it at his job. And also a hopeless romantic, something that she would never admit to liking but after giving into his pleas to go out with him, she found she liked the goofball more than she thought she would. As they headed from the parking garage to the baggage claim, Natalya looked at the departures and arrivals. "So is their flight on time?"

"Yes. The 8343 from Moscow has just arrived and is actually unloading now..." She read off the board.

"Wait, Moscow..." Alfred asked. "I thought your sister lived in Kiev..." As Natalya panicked Alfred felt his stomach growl. "BATHROOM! I shouldn't have had those grande nachos from Taco Bell with all that Diablo sauce..."

"I told you not to!" Natalya scolded. "I will meet you at baggage claim."

"Back atcha." Alfred moaned as he pushed people out of the way to the bathroom. Natalya rolled her eyes but had to smile slightly. It was things like that that was why she had loved him. She watched the signs as her brother's flight was announced to have arrived and the baggage was being unloaded from the plane and onto baggage claim. She noticed the conveyer belt start up when she felt a tall presence behind her.

"Privet mladshaya sestra" He said, causing Natalya to jump up. "So you are the one scared of me now?

"Privet starshiy brat" Natalya said recovering her composure. "Sorry, just was not expecting you this soon."

"Do not tell me your fool of a husband is still at home and had you come get me by yourself." Ivan scowled as they waited for his baggage to appear.

"No, he just had to use the restroom." Natalya sighed, knowing this would not endear him much to her brother. There was not much she could do that would change his mind. She remembered at the rehearsal as the pastor went over the part "Does anyone have any objection as to why these two should not be wed" it was Katyusha who had told him that 'thinking the groom is an idiot' was not a worthwhile response.

"Ugggghhhhh..." Alfred moaned as he had a bottle of sprite he had gotten from a vending machine nearby in his hand. "I think I ran off everyone in the bathroom..." He looked at his watch. "Shit! I didn't take that long did I?" He moaned as he ran to baggage claim. "So Nattie did your-" He looked over at Natalya seeing, not her older sister with the very ample bosom but her other sibling, her older brother. "Oh. He was the one that is coming for the holidays..." Alfred's normally jovial attitude turned darker.

"Yes, I am your family too you know, as you married my little sister." Ivan said calmly but with a manner both Natalya and Alfred knew meant danger. However, Alfred never knew when to stop.

"Well it is my house you will be staying at." Alfred scowled.

"Don't you mean your AND my sister's house? You are married after all. What is yours is hers as well. And what is hers is yours. Meaning you have to deal with me." Ivan smiled. "I am your brother in a sense."

"No you're not." Alfred said. "My brother is off in Germany right now."

"To get away from you?" Ivan taunted. "I know he is living in Canada right now, I have met him at your wedding after all."

"No, because it was his wife's idea." Alfred said. "She's quite loud and assertive though, that Julia..."

"Well that says a lot about him if he married someone who you think is loud. I was not aware you understood the concepts of volume and self control." Ivan said back.

"Here!" Natalya sighed, placing Ivan's bag in front of him.

"What the hell is that thing on your luggage tag? Looks like some weird mouse bear thing, like no animal known to science." Alfred pointed. "And sunflower stickers?"

"It is to tell it apart from the others." Ivan said. "And I am secure in myself to have Cheburashka on my luggage and think nothing of what idiotic people may call it."

"Let's just head back to the car," Natalya sighed placing her face in her palm. "I will drive. Last thing I want is for you to get road rage while driving my brother. Vanya, please do not antagonize Fredka. Can we just be adults here? I love you both. Grow up both of you."

"He started it." Alfred scoffed.

"No, he did." Ivan scoffed back.

"And I will finish it if you two cannot act your age instead of your IQ." Natalya replied as they headed to the car. God help me, this is going to be one long holiday. And all I wanted was to have a nice quiet Christmas with my husband and brother...

Translation guide

(Obtained via Google Translate)

Privet mladshaya sestra-Russian- Hello baby sister

Privet starshiy brat-Russian-Hello big brother

So how was that? Good? Bad? Short? Long? Let me know in a review. Like I said, this idea came to me randomly after seeing some fanart. I don't know exactly where it will end up but I had to get this down. So anyway, remember to read (well you just did) and to review. Ciao for now,




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