A Quiet Little Dare @woodyk
Chapter 2 (Rosalina x Pauline)

Some time after Peach and Daisy did their little naked dare for Rosalina, the space princess sent her recordings to Pauline, who replied with text, "Wow. That looked fun. I wish I could have been there."

Rosalina responded, "You wanna stop at the Mushroom Kingdom Library after work? I can get Peach and Daisy to meet us there so we can engage in some naked lesbianism for their enjoyment."

"I would love that very much."

At night, Pauline met Peach, Daisy, and Rosalina there. Peach smiled, "Glad you could make it."

All of them stay dressed... for now.

Everyone glanced around to check and see if anyone could see them. They were on the top floor than again, and the entire floor they were on was definitely empty. Since it was later at night, it was easier to go naked and undetected.

A male librarian was a few shelves away, he appeared not to notice their conversation. After seeming to make sure the princesses and mayor were behaving themselves, he disappeared into the shelves again like some kind of library gnome.

Rosalina then giggled at Pauline, "Shall we start now? The idea is already making my pussy tingle with electricity."

To someone that wasn't as brave or confident in their birthday suits, streaking in a library or any other public place was not something they would do. Pauline then giggled back, "Let's begin. I'm ready too."

Peach said, "Me three."

Daisy added, "Me four."

Now officially ready, Peach, Daisy, and Rosalina quickly took off their gloves, shoes, and socks before they unzipped their dresses and pulled them down. At the same time, Pauline removed her hat, shoes, socks, shirt, and pants.

Being half-naked had their hearts beating faster and they could feel the dampness building between their legs. If they stripped completely and someone walked by, they would have no place to hide, they thought of that as they took off their bras. Excitement from stripping down to nothing made their skin show hundreds of goosebumps as the air conditioning hit their exposed breasts.

It always felt nice when they took off their bras, letting the soft cups fall away from their big boobs to reveal their dark brown/pinkish nipples. Peach, Daisy, Rosalina, and Pauline's nipples were all rock hard already. God, they wished that someone were here to suck and nibble on them as they moaned in arousal from pinching the nubs with their thumbs and index fingers.

After playing with them for a few moments, their knees started to wobble and their breathing became raspy. The princesses and mayor all felt their hearts beating even harder as they all ran a finger up the middle of their own panties, feeling the heat and the wetness of their shaved pussies. It made them shiver and shake as they could feel electricity in their toes and fingertips, the way they always did when them touched themselves.

Finally, Peach, Daisy, Rosalina, and Pauline all pulled their wet panties down their thighs and stepped out of them, while hooking their fingers around them to keep them from falling on the floor.

Peach, Daisy, Rosalina, and Pauline were all completely naked. Being totally naked meant that nothing covered their breasts with erect nipples, the arousal was what caused their vaginas to be all wet and the pink folds were starting to open up like they always did when they were wet. They all took their own panties and brought them to their faces, inhaling their own scents and moaning aloud again several times because how they smelled.

Completely nude, the princesses and mayor wanted nothing more than to give in to the electricity that was moving through their naked bodies as their hands were shaking in excitement. Knowing that they could be discovered any moment only added to the feeling. Rosalina liked what she saw and got out her phone, giving it to Peach as she asked, "Would you like to record Pauline and I touching our vaginas?"

Peach nodded, Daisy grinned, "Peach and I would be delighted to."

Once Peach and Daisy started filming, Rosalina and Pauline smiled at each other and they both fingered themselves. The pleasure their fingers were generating became overwhelming as they masturbated themselves for the camera. Both of them closed their eyes as they gave into the throbbing between their legs and slowly used their fingers to make circles on their smooth skin near their vaginas.

Barely touching the skin, their fingertips glided over their bare skin almost without making contact. Rosalina moaned, "I'm naked in public and playing with my own privates. It's like having butterflies tickling me."

Pauline moaned, "Me... too..."

Electricity was crackling throughout Rosalina and Pauline's nude bodies, they loved the feeling and the anticipation. Their breathing became deeper and more irregular as they felt the pressure of an orgasm starting to build because of how turned on they were from finger-fucking themselves.

Rosalina and Pauline imagined being watched by strangers hiding in the bookshelves. Thoughts of being nude and on display filled their minds as they used their fingers to explore their folds and softly caress their clits.

More and more, the naked princess and naked mayor tried to stifle the moan that escaped their lips, but it became harder as their orgasms approached. As their hips flexed and buckled, more moans escaped their mouths while they shivered in the grips of a wonderful orgasm.

Rosalina and Pauline enjoyed cumming because of how intensely their bare bodies reacted. The ones they had now were awesome. Their hips flexed and went rigid as they almost moaned aloud, only stifling themselves at the last second, but had anyone been listening, there was no mistaking what they were doing.

When the the orgasmic feelings finally receded, the nude princess and nude mayor kept enjoying the throbbing for a little longer before catching their breaths. Their heartbeats eventually became normal, then they took their fingers and brought them to each other's noses, savoring the scent of one another's pussies, even bringing them to one another's lips and then using their tongue and licked each other's sex juices.

Looking at the clock, the library was still open for another thirty minutes. Surprisingly, the orgasms had revitalized Rosalina and Pauline and the electricity of their excitement was still coursing through their naked bodies. The mayor asked Rosalina, "Why don't we do a little exploring?"

The space princess looked around and said, "Ok."

Given that their nipples were still fully erect with their pussies enflamed and glistening with their juices, Rosalina and Pauline felt like they would be crazy not to explore a bit in the buff. They slowly walked to the end of the closest bookshelf with Peach and Daisy following them and still filming.

The cool air felt awesome, and Peach and Daisy watched Rosalina and Pauline slowly pull on their hard again nipples for the camera. The sense of being exposed in a public place made the space princess and New Donk City mayor realize how bold and adventurous they wanted to be.

Both loved the feeling of be naked in a public place and knew they wanted to keep doing this. They had to stop and steady themselves a couple of times as they strayed further and further away from their clothes and the safety they represented. To Rosalina and Pauline, they had beautiful bodies and felt that they had to be naked to live. They eventually came to a large open area that had windows and opened to a hallway beyond and further beyond that was a water fountain between the bathrooms.

After one big orgasm, they realized how thirsty they were. However, to get there, they would have to cross almost 100 feet of open space, and the restrooms were right next to the elevator. Thankfully, it was way closer to closing time than last time, so the streaking princess and mayor took their time walking to the fountain and getting a drink. The way they did made them bend over a little and made their butts stick out, Peach and Daisy even pinched both of their bottoms.

Once they drank enough water, Rosalina and Pauline walked back to the safe spot where their clothes were. Everyone's hearts were beating so hard that they were sure the audio feed would hear it. With Peach and Daisy still filming with the camera, Rosalina and Pauline smiled as the air conditioning and the dampness between their legs made them shiver with the brunette moaning, "All of it is almost too much."

Rosalina agreed, "I know, right?"

As both nude women stood in front of the camera, the space princess and mayor asked the princesses recording them to make sure her camera had a full view of their wet pussies. Once Peach and Daisy confirmed it, Rosalina and Pauline ran their fingers over their sexes and then licked their fingers for the camera. Turning away from the camera, they then gave it a full view of their bare bottoms as they bent over. They wished Peach and Daisy would put their hands on their thighs right now with their tongue between their legs moving in and around their sweet little pussies.

Both Rosalina and Pauline noticed the aromas of their own arousal, the scents of their wet cunts made the woman filming and the ones being filmed feel lightheaded. While bent over for the camera, the bare women slowly reached behind them and each ran a finger between the lips of their vaginal openings again. This time, they penetrated themselves, then licked and sucked on their fingers like they were small cocks. Inhaling deeply, Peach and Daisy let out small moans as Rosalina and Pauline looked at each other and shared a kiss.

For the next few minutes, Peach and Daisy recorded Rosalina and Pauline just standing with their arms at their sides, letting their total nakedness be filmed. If their nipples were hard before, they were almost painfully hard now, they were begging to be sucked, pinched, and pulled. All of them were roughly as big as erasers. In addition to showing off their nude bodies, the space princess and mayor even embraced each other in a naked hug, kissing and pressing their breasts together. It made Peach think to herself, "Man, I wish Daisy and I did that last time."

With Rosalina and Pauline still holding each other, the nudies used their fingers and thumbs to pull and pinch each other's nipples for the camera. Their nipples have always been extremely sensitive and several times, they had been able to orgasm just from letting someone play with them. The combination of pain and pleasure was making them feel drunk with pleasure.

Rosalina and Pauline felt like they were on a roller coaster, slowly building up the anticipation of cresting the top of the coaster. As their knees were shaking, they each used one hand to play with one another's nipples and used their free hands to finger each other's pussies for the camera. Gently at first, the fingers in their vaginas traced their openings and their clits. Faster now, Rosalina and Pauline used their fingers to penetrate each other with increasing frenzy. Meanwhile, Peach and Daisy masturbated while filming because of how hot the lesbianism in front of them was.

Everyone lost track of time, nothing else mattered to Peach, Daisy, Rosalina, or Pauline. Only the feelings of intense electricity that their fingers were generating mattered to the performing naked females, recording mattered most to the ones filming it all.

The space princess and mayor knew they could only make it last a little longer, they moaning and whimpering seemed non-stop as their roller coaster finally approached the edge of the precipice and they plunged over the edge. It was like they were free falling as another massive orgasm gripped and shook their bare bodies. With one hand, they steadied themselves as aftershocks rumbled through their bodies. Rosalina giggled at Pauline, "OMG, that was incredible."

Pauline giggled back, "It was awesome. Wait...doesn't the library close soon?"

Looking at the clock, Peach said, "We have five minutes to get out of here."

Everyone got dressed in a bit of a hurry, then exited the library before they got locked in.

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