Deepest, Darkest Desires @tufano79
Chapter 6

Pen Name: Tufano79

Facebook Name: Josie Beckmann

Story Title: Deepest, Darkest Desires

Beta: CoppertopJ

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Summary: For Bella's birthday, her Dom, Edward asked what she wanted. Nothing was off the table. The world was her oyster, and her sexual desires would be fulfilled. Her wish? To have sex in public with two men. Dominant Edward Cullen would give anything to his Submissive. Even her Deepest, Darkest Desires.

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Shaking his head, Edward looked down at Bella. She had a relaxed smile on her face as she melted into his embrace. "My beauty, I need to take care of you. Are you with me?"

"Yes, Master," she said quietly.

"Hold onto me," he breathed, picking her up again and carrying her to the shower. Turning it on, he sat them down on the bench inside, holding her closely. For a few moments, they just let the water pelt down on them. After that, Edward washed her body, removing the sweat, lube and cum from her body. He scoured her hair, massaging his fingers into her scalp.

Bella trusted him completely. She reveled in his tender care and his desire to tend to her. She also realized that she felt more … "Permission to speak freely, Master?"

"Always, my pet," Edward murmured, rinsing her hair.

"Tonight, it has been a dream come true, but … it made me realize one thing," she whispered, brushing her fingers along Edward's jaw.

"What's that my beauty?"

"I love you, Master," she breathed. "I love you, Edward."

"I love you, Bella," he smiled, kissing her gently and pulling her into his arms. He kissed her and lifted her off her feet. Her legs were draped around his hips. She felt his renewed arousal nudging at her entrance. "I want to make love to you, Bella. But, not if you're too sore. You must be …"

"No, I want you, Edward," she breathed. "Make me yours. Only yours."

He pressed into her body. "I love you, Bella. I love you as my girlfriend and as my submissive," he whispered, slowly rocking in and out of her. "I love all of you."

"Edward," she gasped, gripping his shoulders. "You own me. Heart, mind, and body. All that is within me is yours …"

Their movements were slow, reverent. This wasn't about orgasms or exhibitionism. Their lovemaking was about coming together as a couple. It was about showing their love to each other physically and emotionally. Kisses were tender. Thrusts were unhurried. Caresses were soothing.

"I want you to come in me, Edward. Mark me. Claim me," she panted.

"Bella," he moaned, sucking on her ear. "Fuck …"

Her head fell back as her body began to quake once more. This orgasm was powerful, building from her heart. She grunted with each thrust, feeling him inside her. "Edward … I'm …"

"Me, too," Edward gritted out. "Yes, Bella … Ungh!" He spilled inside her as her pussy tightened around him like a vice. His lips found hers while his hips held her against the wall of the shower. "I love you, Bella. I think I've loved you for as long as I could remember."

"I love you, too, Edward," she smiled, brushing his wet hair back.

They finished the shower and Edward completed his aftercare for Bella. He massaged her tight muscles with some lavender massage oil. He also helped her into her post-scene outfit. "You have no idea how happy I am to see soft pajamas," she giggled.

"I know how you like to snuggle after an intense scene like that," Edward chuckled. "I also have it on film. So, we can watch it any time we want. After editing, of course."

"Of course," she snickered, sitting down, and putting on her ballet flats. Her hair was damp, pulled up into a messy bun and her face was free of all makeup. "Thank you for doing this, Edward. I know you … you're a possessive bastard and this must have been tough."

"I am possessive, but seeing you lose all control tonight? It was worth it," he smiled. "Besides, I get to go home with the girl."

"This is true," Bella nodded, smiling at her boyfriend and Dominant.

With a blush, Edward reached into his bag and produced a box. "Tonight, it was about your desires, your wishes. But, for my birthday wish for you, for us, is to explore us more. Move in with me?" He opened the box and inside was a keychain with his home keys on it.

"Is that your deepest, darkest desire?" Bella quipped, arching a brow at him. "Master?"

"More like my dream," he smiled, kissing her. "Happy birthday, my love."

"So, when am I moving in?" she grinned.

"The sooner, the better," Edward answered.

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