Deepest, Darkest Desires @tufano79
Chapter 5

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Story Title: Deepest, Darkest Desires

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Summary: For Bella's birthday, her Dom, Edward asked what she wanted. Nothing was off the table. The world was her oyster, and her sexual desires would be fulfilled. Her wish? To have sex in public with two men. Dominant Edward Cullen would give anything to his Submissive. Even her Deepest, Darkest Desires.

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"What would you like to do pet?" he asked.

"I would like to suck your cock, Master," she replied.

"Hmmm, that sounds perfect, Isabella," Edward growled, kissing her again. Her hands flew to the button of his jeans, and she pulled out his rigid length. She wasted no time, wrapping her lips around his hardness. "Fuck. You feel so good, my beauty. But, tonight is about you."

She released Edward's cock as she saw Jacob position himself between her thighs. His dick was covered with condom, seeking her heat like a divining rod. "I want to fuck you until you come, Isabella," Jacob said.

"Yes, Sir Jacob. Fuck me," Bella pleaded.

"I'll fuck you while you suck off your master," Jacob grinned, slamming into her pussy.

She screamed, shattering around him but she turned her head to Edward's erection and focused on him. Jacob felt … different between her legs. She was so used to Edward and his cock. Jacob was smaller, but much thicker. He knew how to use his body, but it was her master who had planned this. She wanted her Master to feel just as good as she did. Every inch of her body was aflame with desire, need.

"Your lips around my cock are so perfect," Edward hissed, holding her ponytail as he rolled his hips. "Take all of me, Isabella, swallow me whole."

She didn't reply, but she relaxed her jaw to allow Edward's cock to slide easily in and out of her mouth, and deep into her throat. Her hand curled around his thigh, trying to bring him closer while Jacob pumped between her legs with his thumb circling over her clit. Bella began to shiver in the swing, gasping as her body trembled with another orgasm. Edward stepped back as he watched Bella come again.

Jacob eased out of her body, still hard, after she had her orgasm. He moved out of the way as Edward lifted her up from the swing. He removed the condom, which hadn't been filled. He wanted this moment to last, so he languidly stroked his length as Edward put Bella on the couch.

Edward spread her legs, looking at her wet folds. He kissed her thighs as she stared at him hungrily. "What color are you, my beauty?" he asked.

"So very green," she crooned. "I want you, Master."

"You'll have me," he said. "After I get my taste. Your pussy is so sweet, and I want all of your sweetness, on my lips, on my tongue, on the floor …" He ran his tongue along her slit.

"Oh, GOD," Bella gasped, her head falling back. He didn't stay between her legs for very long. He needed to kiss her. She clung to him, devouring his mouth as he teased her core with his fingers. "Master, I …"

"I know, my beauty," he purred, idly swirling his fingers over her clit. "You want my tongue in your cunt, fucking you, hmmmm? Or do you want my cock in your ass?"

"Yes, please! Both, sir," she moaned into his mouth.

"In good time, my greedy little pet," he replied, kissing down her body and plunging his tongue into her pussy. Her sweetness was masked by the latex of the condom Jacob used, but it quickly dissipated with each pass of his mouth. He devoured her, relishing in her taste as it coated his tongue. When he wanted more, he eased three fingers inside her, with his pinky grazing her ass. She shuddered, grasping Edward's hair as he plundered her essence from the source.

Jacob was in awe of the couple in front of him. As he picked up the camera, he marveled at Edward and Bella. They moved like one entity. He could see the love and the beauty in their relationship. While Edward dominated her, he still respected her. He treasured the gift that she was giving him with her submission. Stepping back into the light, he sat on the edge of the couch, palming Bella's breasts while he filmed them. He twisted her sensitive nipples. "Are you going to come for your Master, Isabella?" Jacob asked.

"Hmmm, yes, Sir Jacob," she grunted, her hips rolling against Edward's face. She looked at her Master, her Edward, and smiled when he winked at her, curling his fingers inside her pussy. Deep within her belly, she felt the familiar coil of her release. From the trembling of her body and the waves pulsing through her, this orgasm was going to be powerful. "Oh, God! Oh, GOD! Master!"

Edward groaned as her body erupted with her release, and Isabella squirted her release, coating his hands, mouth, and face. He kept curling his fingers inside, sucking on her inner thigh as her arousal sprayed across the stage.

"Damn, Isabella," Jacob mused. "I never knew you could do that."

"Hmmm," she answered, looking lazily at Edward as he removed his fingers from her core. He crawled up her body, kissing her deeply. She sucked his tongue between her lips, tasting her arousal on him. "Master … I want you … I need you, sir."

"You have me, my beauty," he whispered, sitting down on the couch, and pulling Bella into his lap. They kissed each other desperately until Edward grasped his cock. He gripped her hips and slammed her down his length. "Fuck! You're so fucking tight, my pet."

Jacob filmed them making love until Edward caught his eye. His thrusts slowed and he slipped from her pussy. Bella pouted, hating the emptiness. "Awww, don't be like that, Isabella," Jacob said, sitting down. A fresh condom was rolled down his cock. "You'll have both of us, baby."

"Let Jacob fuck your pussy, Isabella," Edward said. "Soon, you'll feel me inside you as well."

Bella moved onto Jacob's lap. He pushed into her, making her eyes roll back in her head. He kissed her neck, guiding her hips slowly over his cock. She gripped his neck, biting her lip. "Sir Jacob …" she moaned.

"Lean forward, my dirty little girl," Edward commanded. "Put your head on Jacob's shoulder." He was rubbing lube along his erection. With his other hand, he circled her ass. She jumped, smiling at him seductively. "Two cocks fucking you, my pet. Are you ready for double penetration, Isabella?"

"Yes, Master," she murmured.

Edward slid one lubricated finger in her ass, relaxing her and stretching her. One finger became two, and then, three. She hummed with each addition. Jacob's cock twitched inside her as her pussy tightened around him. "Relax, my beauty." Edward kissed her swollen mouth. "Focus on us. On what you're feeling. What color are you, pet?"

"Vivid green, Master." She replied. As she blew out a breath, Edward's swollen cock pushed into her ass. Every nerve was firing, and she was coming as Edward pressed into her. She'd never felt so full, so complete. She was moaning and keening with need.

"Holy hell, Edward. She's coming so hard," Jacob growled, gripping her hips tightly.

"I know," Edward gritted out. He slammed his mouth against hers once he was fully seated in her ass. "My Isabella … mine."

"Please, Master … I want to feel you move in me," she begged.

Edward began rolling his hips, growling at the tightness of her ass. Jacob moved opposite of him, pulling out as Edward pushed in. It was a unique sensation, feeling another man inside of his sub through the thin membrane between her ass and her pussy.

All three of them were covered in sweat. Bella's face was pink with exertion and her ponytail clung to her skin. Jacob's body glistened under the lights and Edward could feel beads of perspiration inch down his back. Jacob was on the razor's edge of exploding in his condom. Edward was trying to make this moment last, and Bella hadn't stop coming since both men's cocks were pumping inside her.

Wrapping her ponytail around his hand, Edward yanked her head back and kissed her. She gripped onto Jacob's shoulders with her fingernails digging into his muscles. She pulled away, panting heavily. "Master … may I come?"

"Not yet," Edward growled, sucking on her ear.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," Jacob panted, his hold becoming tighter and biting into her skin. "Isabella …"

"M-M-M-Master," Bella cried. "PLEASE!"

Edward whispered his command for her to come and she shattered, pushing Jacob out of her pussy. Her orgasm erupted from her once again, soaking Jacob's lap and spilling onto the couch. Edward remained inside her ass, his movements slowing as she came. "I want one more from you, Isabella," he commanded. "Give it to me."

"Yes, sir," she sobbed, as his cock pumped into her ass with abandon. "Oh, God! M-M-Master … don't stop. Please! I need you."

Jacob was in shock at how Bella was lost in her body, in Edward's dominance of her. His hands cupped her breasts as she was fucked from behind by her Master, her lover.

"That's it, my Isabella. Fuck, baby," Edward snarled. "Take my cum."

She screamed as another wet orgasm exploded from her and Edward yelled as he claimed her ass, streams of his own release pumping inside of his submissive, his beauty, his Isabella.

The lights went out and Edward eased out of her ass. Bella was in 'sub space' and practically boneless. Edward gently picked her up, carrying her backstage to the dressing room. Sitting down on another couch, Edward cradled Bella to his chest, pressing tender kisses to her sweat-soaked brow. She burrowed close to Edward's body.

Jacob followed them, carrying both pairs of jeans. The stage was being attended to by the crew, along with cleaning the equipment that was used. "Tonight … it was something," Jacob murmured, as he looked at Bella and Edward with awe. "Thank you for including me. Watching you and Bella was … I never realized that submission could be so beautiful."

"Thank you for sharing this with us," Edward replied, giving Jacob an appreciative smile. "I've never experienced anything like this before. Fuck, I'm in 'sub space.'"

"Nah, you're talking," Jacob laughed. "Bella's down for the count or out of it." He leaned down, brushing his lips along Bella's forehead. "You're lucky, Isabella. Keep this one." Turning to Edward, he kissed his lips, sucking his on his lower lip. "Perhaps, we can do this again, Edward."

Edward blinked a few times. "Um …"

Jacob straightened, laughing. "Just a thought. Take care of her, Cullen. Love her." With that, he put on his jeans and walked out of the dressing room.

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