Deepest, Darkest Desires @tufano79
Chapter 2

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Story Title: Deepest, Darkest Desires

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Summary: For Bella's birthday, her Dom, Edward asked what she wanted. Nothing was off the table. The world was her oyster, and her sexual desires would be fulfilled. Her wish? To have sex in public with two men. Dominant Edward Cullen would give anything to his Submissive. Even her Deepest, Darkest Desires.

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A week after that night, Edward met up with Jacob at a local sports bar. Bella was out, spending time with her best friend, Alice, and enjoying some girly pampering.

"I never thought you'd call me," Jacob said, pushing a bottle of IPA to Edward. "You are notorious for being possessive of your submissives."

A week after that night, Edward met up with Jacob at a local sports bar. Bella was out, spending time with her best friend, Alice, and enjoying some girly pampering.

"I never thought you'd call me," Jacob said, pushing a bottle of IPA to Edward. "You are notorious for being possessive of your submissives."

"I am, but with Bella, it's more," Edward explained. "Thanks for the beer."

"You want to give her everything," Jacob chuckled. "She has that effect on men." Edward blushed, pulling at the label on the beer bottle. "Holy fuck. You love her."

"I do love her, but we haven't admitted it," Edward answered. "Look, I always thought I'd go from sub to sub, never finding someone I'd want to share everything with. With my dominant nature and my position within the community, I never thought past six months at a time. Prior to Bella, my longest vanilla relationship was with the girl I dated in high school."

"Did you tie her up?" Jacob teased.

"Yeah, no. I was a late bloomer and didn't come into my own until I was in college. I lost my virginity at nineteen and I struggled with vanilla sex. It wasn't until I took a human sexuality class in college that I realized that I was into the concepts of BDSM. So, long story short, I found reliable mentors within the community and by the time I graduated with my master's degree in business administration, I was a respected and sought-after Dominant. Anyhow, when I got together with Bella, I realized that we had something so special," Edward explained.

"Tell me about it," Jacob sighed.

"You're still attracted to my girl," Edward murmured, arching a brow at the other man.

"I'm not going to deny it. She is my dream woman, physically. Perky tits, tight pussy and kinky as fuck," Jacob laughed. "The only thing that we didn't mesh on was the pain aspect of our relationship. She didn't like floggers, paddles, or canes. You don't use those?"

"The harshest thing I use to spank her is my hand," Edward said. "I rarely use anything else. Part of it is being able to feel her skin warm with each swat. The other part is a previous sub had a bad experience with floggers, paddles, and canes. She'd been abused by her previous dominant. He was malicious and cruel, taking out his shortcomings on the woman who had trusted him with her body and safety. After I'd helped her to find the beauty in our lifestyle again, and healed her broken spirit, I also helped her find a Dominant who would treat her like a queen … I just don't want to use those things to implement punishments."

"Jasper and Alice?" Jacob asked.

Edward nodded, almost forgetting how small their community was. "It was after Alice that I met Bella and the rest is history. I just cannot fathom causing pain to a woman. Punishments are rare, but if I have to dole out a punishment, it's more psychological as opposed to physical," Edward explained. "Anyway, the reason why I called you …"

"Is this about Bella's birthday wish?" Jacob asked, waggling his brows. "I knew she was kinky, but damn … Two guys at once?"

"Bella surprises me at every turn," Edward sighed. "And, I want to give this to her. I do not want to have some random schmoe on the stage with us." He looked at Jacob, a brow arched. "We want you."

"Excuse me?" Jacob asked.

"After we got home from playing at Heat, Bella and I decided to discuss her deepest, darkest desires. She recognized that what she'd asked for had thrown me for a loop. So, that weekend when we'd usually play, we planned and discussed what she wanted. Even though your relationship ended, she still respects you as a sub and knows that you would honor our agreement," Edward explained. "Bella trusts you. I trust you."

"Even though I'm going to be fucking your collared sub and girlfriend?" Jacob asked.

"Yeah, I struggled with that and Bella understood my trepidation. She said that this is something she had wanted for some time. We'd dabbled in filling her completely with toys, but it's not the same," Edward sighed, looking around the sports bar. Perhaps we should have this conversation at Heat … not smart, Cullen.

"Come on, Edward. I can tell you're about to have an aneurysm about talking about this in public," Jacob laughed. "For a Dom, you're awfully Victorian when it comes to your discussions about sex." Jacob tossed some money on the bar. "I live a few blocks away. I've got some Glenlivet at home. I know that's you're drink of choice."

They both got into their vehicles – Edward in his Volvo and Jacob on his Ducati – driving to Jacob's condo. Once inside, Jacob gave Edward a hefty glass of Glenlivet.

Edward quickly downed it, blowing out a breath. "Thanks for recognizing my Victorian sensibilities," Edward quipped wryly.

"Anytime," Jacob snorted, swirling his own glass. "So, you want me to be the extra cock in your relationship, hmmm?"

"That's one way to put it," Edward shrugged. "Look, you and Bella didn't mesh on a Dominant and submissive level, but you had sexual chemistry."

"I won't deny that," Jacob replied. "Bella is gorgeous. Exquisite, really."

"She is," Edward murmured. "Anyway, after talking about this for most of the weekend, we would like to invite you to join us. There will, however, be rules. Bella and I figured those out as equals, not as a Dominant and submissive. Because, regardless of that relationship, she's still my girlfriend and there needs to be boundaries set, both in regard to my relationship with her and with us as Dominants." Edward reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a contract. "For you."

Jacob opened the envelope, seeing a list of seven rules that they would all agree to. Edward was in charge and Bella would be collared to him. That made complete sense since, as it was Edward and Bella's wish. Another was a complete STD screening. Attached to the contract was information about Edward and Bella, with their last medical tests and STD screening. Jacob would need to get one prior to the agreed-upon date and show proof of a clean bill of health. Even with that, Jacob would still need to wear a condom.

"A condom?" Jacob asked. He usually wore one when he was a top, but rarely with female submissives.

"Bella is mine," Edward practically snarled. "If anyone is going to come inside her, it's me."

"Okay, okay, I understand," Jacob nodded. "That's fair. I would probably feel the same way." He read further. "No kissing? Come on!"

"I just wanted you to be the extra dick, but Bella encouraged me to relax the reins," Edward grumbled. "Her lips are off limits, but everywhere else is fair game. Also, when it comes to sex, you can only be with her vaginally. I have all access."

"Again, that's fair," Jacob smirked. "Oooh, a video? Can I get a copy?"

"We'll let you know," Edward retorted dryly. "This is for Bella. Her deepest, darkest desires. Not yours, not mine, hers."

"Am I permitted to have some fun with you?" Jacob asked, waggling his brows. "I'd love to suck your cock … or take your ass."

"Tempting," Edward snickered. "But, this is for my beauty. Not me. Besides, I'm very much straight. I think you're a handsome man and I do find you attractive, but I love sliding into a tight, warm pussy."

"Bella's pussy," Jacob smiled.

"Exactly," Edward replied, grinning crookedly. "So, are you interested?"

"I'm interested, but I need to think about this," Jacob shrugged. "I was thinking of taking some time to myself. Take an extended vacation. After Seth left, I … I miss him."

"You could have gone with him, Jake," Edward offered. "Even though I was otherwise distracted, I did see something more than just a Dominant with his submissive. You and Seth have something more." He gave his friend a smile. "However, I do understand that you need to think about this. Bella and I have a date reserved at Heat. It's in the paperwork."

"Her birthday," Jacob grinned. "So, I have a month."

A/N: So, things are being planned ... up next will be the beginning of the kinkiness!

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