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Chapter 1

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Story Title: Deepest, Darkest Desires

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Summary: For Bella's birthday, her Dom, Edward asked what she wanted. Nothing was off the table. The world was her oyster, and her sexual desires would be fulfilled. Her wish? To have sex in public with two men. Dominant Edward Cullen would give anything to his Submissive. Even her Deepest, Darkest Desires.

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Deepest, Darkest Desires

"Stand up, my pet," Edward purred. His eyes swept along the lithe, sensuous body of his collared submissive as she gracefully stood up, her gaze trained down.

His Bella … his beauty.

She was dressed to perfection with a sheer black negligee with matching crotchless black panties. Her breasts were on display underneath the translucent black fabric. Her nipples were taut. Edward gently tweaked them, and she bit her lip so she wouldn't call out.

Such a well-behaved little pet.

She also had on a pair of sheer black thigh highs, attached with a garter, and paired with sleek black stilettos. Around her elegant neck, she wore his exquisite collar. It was a Pavé diamond encrusted choker with a tear-drop shaped emerald stone dangling from the center. "You are exquisite, my beauty," he said, wrapping his hand through her curled ponytail. "You may speak."

"Thank you, Master," she said in a deep, sultry voice. "I wanted to look perfect for our night out at Heat."

"You do, my beauty, you do," Edward smiled, guiding her chin up so she could look into his eyes; his eyes that matched the emerald that was on her collar. She returned his smile and he leaned down, brushing his lips on hers. "Come, my beauty. We have a well-deserved night out waiting for us."

He put on her coat, covering her revealing outfit. He would have loved to show off his submissive, but they had to walk on the street after they parked near Heat. He did not want Bella to have an indecent exposure charge on her record. "What color are you, my beauty?" Edward asked.

"I'm green, Master," she replied, taking his proffered hand. "Very green."

"Eager?" Edward smirked, walking her out to his black Polestar 1 coupe by Volvo.

"I am, Master," she answered. "It's been too long since we've played."

"Agreed, my beauty," Edward replied, helping her into the car. Once the door was closed, he darted to the other side and gracefully slid into the driver's seat. "I do apologize for my work schedule, my sweet. I've too have missed our playtime. Don't get me wrong, our vanilla sex life is pretty fucking awesome, but fucking my pet? Hmmmm, I've missed that. I've missed you."

Bella smiled coyly. She and Edward had met at a party at Heat. It was nearly a year ago, she had just ended a contracted relationship with a longtime friend and was without a Dominant. She wanted to take a break from the lifestyle, and focus on her career, but she was immediately drawn to the handsome man at the club. He was tall, dark, sexy, and exuded an air of power and authority. They went into his private room at Heat to 'play' and after that night, they quickly entered a contracted relationship.

However, Edward felt so much more for Bella. They began dating, experiencing the joys of a relationship during the week, and playing on the weekend. When their contract was due to lapse, Edward collared her. They'd been together ever since, playing exclusively on the weekend with one additional day during the week if their schedules allowed.

Lately, the two busy young professionals, found that their schedules conflicted and had not aligned until this weekend. Hence, their much-needed visit to Heat.

Those three important words had yet to pass between them, but he knew he loved his Bella. So very much.

"My beauty?" Edward purred, his hand reaching across the console and to take her hand. "Are you with me?"

"I'm sorry, Master," Bella whispered. "I'm just so eager to play with you."

"As am I," Edward chuckled. The drive was quiet, save for the music playing. Edward pulled up to the club, Heat, and used the valet to park his car. He did not want to wait to walk to the club and judging from Bella's eager smile, she agreed. He looped Bella's arm through his, bypassing the line of patrons.

On the main floor of the club, there was a bar and dance floor. On the second floor, there was a VIP lounge with a smaller bar and dance floor. There was also a stage for BDSM demonstrations attached to the dance floor. Opposite of the bar, there were rooms available for members to play if they did not have a playroom at home. Some of those rooms had observation windows for those who were exhibitionists but did not want to play on stage. Most rooms, however, did not.

Edward owned a room that proudly had a window. Neither were ashamed of their bodies. Bella got off on being on display and fucked by Edward. Edward got off on being inside Bella and seeing her wet and wanting while he slid in and out of her lithe body, spread out for all to see. He was possessive of her and desired to show the world that she was his.

They'd never performed on the stage, but Bella had expressed interest in doing so. They just hadn't committed to a time and date.

Inside of Heat, Edward and Bella sat down at a booth next to the second-floor dance floor with a clear view of the stage. Their intentions were to play tonight, so they both ordered sparkling water with lemon. "My beauty, there's a demonstration tonight," Edward said, reading a card on the table.

"Who's performing, Master?" Bella asked, sipping her water.

"Your previous Dominant, Jacob," Edward answered.

Bella grinned. "It's been a long time since I've seen Sir Jacob," she murmured.

"Do you miss him, my beauty?"

"No, Master. I will always have feelings for him, but we had different priorities when it came to play," Bella answered. "He was more into using pain as pleasure."

"He never hurt you, correct?" Edward inquired.

"Oh, no Master. I just prefer less pain and more pleasure. He understood my position and our arrangement ended amicably. We had chemistry on a sexual level, but on a BDSM level, we were too different," Bella said. "What is his demonstration about?"

"'The Art of Spanking – Bringing your Sub Pleasure with a Flogger'. I'm not very fond of floggers," Edward said, wrinkling his nose.

"You prefer to use your hand, Master," Bella smirked.

"I prefer to feel your ass and know that it was my palm that makes it that pink," Edward breathed, moving Bella so she was in his lap. "Your skin feels like silk. But, when I spank you, you feel …" He kissed her lips, sliding his tongue into her mouth. Bella melted against him. "I don't know if I can wait until we get into our room, my beauty."

The lights dimmed and the stage lit up. Jacob and his submissive, Seth, were on the stage. Jacob was in a pair of jeans and his sub, Seth, was completely naked and his cock already erect.

"What color are you, Isabella?" Edward asked against her mouth.

"Green, Master," she whimpered.

Edward removed her coat and placed it on the other side of the booth. He spread his legs and lifted Bella to sit between his powerful thighs. "Spread your legs, Isabella, and lift up your nightie," he growled. His hands moved to her shoulders, lowering the straps of the nightie. His lips found her neck as his palms cupped her breasts that were gloriously bare. "So beautiful."

Bella bit her lip, not wanting to speak. Once he had obtained her color, she knew they were in dom/sub mode. Since her Master hadn't stated she could speak, she remained quiet. She kept her eyes on Jacob as he helped Seth to his feet and to the St. Andrew's Cross. Edward's fingers twisted her nipples, making her gasp.

"I want to hear you, my beauty," he breathed against her ear. "Does watching Jacob and Seth make you wet?"

"A little, Master, but your hands on my flesh and displaying my breasts to the world, makes me even wetter," Bella answered honestly.

"If I moved this table to show the club my beauty's pussy, would you be soaked?" Edward asked.

"Yes, Master," she whimpered. "I'm so wet for you, sir."

Edward continued to kiss her neck as he removed his hands from her breasts. He lifted her hands to her chest, whispering that she should continue touching her silken skin. Edward watched as he moved the table away. A server moved it completely away with a wink. Edward nodded in appreciation as he lifted Bella's legs over his. Her nightie was scrunched around her waist. Her fingers twisted her nipples and her hips moved. "Move your hands, Isabella. Put them on my thighs. I control your pleasure."

Bella's hands drifted from her breasts and tightly gripped her Master's legs. Edward suckled on her neck, palming her perfect, pert breasts. Bella moaned, her head falling back onto his shoulder. He growled as his hands slid down her torso to her thighs. "M-M-M-Master," she breathed. "Please …"

"I'll make you feel amazing, my beauty. Have I ever denied you?" he teased, cupping her mound. "Fuck, Isabella. You are soaked. Is this all for me, my pet?"

"Yes, Master," she gasped.

Edward's fingers moved up to Bella's swollen and slick clit. He blinked up, watching as Jacob flicked his flogger against his submissive skin, just above his erect cock. Some people were watching Jacob and Seth. Others were entranced, watching Bella and Edward. "So many people are watching us, Isabella. Watching as my fingers play with your pussy. No, correction, it's my pussy."

"Yours, Master," she panted.

Edward slid two fingers into her slick core. She trembled, her fingers clutching to Edward's pants, almost ripping the fabric. On the stage, Jacob was giving his sub a hand job, growling in his ear that he was so fucking hot, and he was trying to convince his sub to not come. "Isabella, do you want to come?"

"Yes, please," she pleaded.

"Open your eyes and watch Jacob and Seth. When Seth comes, you may come," Edward purred, curling his fingers inside of her body. With his other hand, he cupped her breast, tugging on her nipple.

Bella's breathing became erratic as her hips rolled. As Jacob twisted his hand around Seth's cock, Bella's body undulated and forced Edward's fingers deeper inside. Jacob commanded his sub to come, and Edward whispered the same to Bella. Both Seth and Bella cried out as they both exploded with pleasure.

When the lights went down, Edward fixed Bella's nightie and moved her back to his side. She was in a post-orgasmic haze, smiling drunkenly. Edward kept her tucked into his side and encouraged her to drink her water until she came back from that space she entered after she came. Normally, Edward would provide after care, but they had a lot more playtime to come.

Fifteen minutes after the end of the demonstration, Jacob and Seth walked out from the backstage area. Bella had returned to her normal relaxed state, sipping her sparkling water. Edward was speaking to another Dominant with regards to some difficulties he was having with his submissive. Edward was a respected member of the community and had trained the Dominant in question.

"You had to steal my thunder, Cullen," Jacob laughed as the other man walked away.

"Your demonstration was so arousing, Jacob, that my submissive needed release," Edward snickered. "You remember my collared submissive, Isabella, correct?"

"I do," Jacob grinned, his teeth blindingly white against his tanned skin. "You look exquisite, Isabella."

Bella looked at Edward. "You may speak, my beauty," Edward said gently.

"Thank you, Sir Jacob. I thoroughly enjoyed your demonstration with Seth," she smiled. "You both looked amazing up there."

"May we join you?" Jacob asked, gesturing to the booth.

"Of course," Edward nodded, waving down the server. Jacob ordered a beer while his submissive, Seth, got a gin and tonic. "I also agree with Isabella's compliment. You two have something special. I may not enjoy using a flogger, but I can tell that you both enjoy it."

"Well, tonight was our swan song," Jacob said, brushing his fingers down Seth's cheek. "Tonight, this marks the end of our relationship." He kissed Seth's bare shoulder. "Tell them about that amazing opportunity, Seth."

"Thank you, Sir," Seth said. "Sir Edward, Isabella, I would have loved to stay with Master Jacob, but I recently transferred jobs. I got an amazing promotion with the advertising company I work for and I'm moving to Arizona on Monday."

"Congratulations, Seth," Edward beamed. "What are you doing?"

"Head of graphic design," Seth answered. "I'll miss being here in Seattle and the community here, but I could not pass that up. There will be a significant increase in salary, and they're covering all of my moving expenses."

"Best of luck," Bella breathed.

"Thank you, Isabella," Seth nodded. He turned to Jacob. "Sir, it's been an honor being your submissive. I will remember our time together. Always."

"I'll miss you, too. Call me anytime, Seth," Jacob said. They kissed and Seth left the booth.

"Shouldn't you be with him?" Edward asked. "He's leaving on Monday."

"We decided that tonight, that demonstration, would be the conclusion of our D/S relationship. We'll always be friends and I care for him, but if I go with him, I'll start snot-sobbing and begging him to not go," Jacob quipped. He sipped his beer and sighed. "Now, I have to find a new sub. Seth was the best one I've had since Isabella."

"I won't dispute that," Edward laughed, nuzzling Bella's neck.

Jacob watched Edward and Bella, his heart lurching. He knew that he and Bella had not been a good fit as a Dominant and submissive. Their styles were too different, but Jacob was still very attracted to Bella. His eyes were fighting a losing battle in sliding down to her breasts.

Jacob loved sex.

He loved sex with a woman and loved sex with men.

He just loved pleasure, with an intense side of pain.

That had been the straw that broke the camel's back when it came to the demise of his relationship with Bella. She appeased him with his predilection of pain mixing with pleasure, but she was never into it. She'd told him as such when they went their separate ways.

Now, she was with Edward and she was incredibly happy.

"So, my beauty, your birthday is coming up," Edward said, breaking Jacob's reverie.

"Are you doing anything for Isabella?" Jacob asked.

Bella's nose wrinkled, not enjoying her birthday. It was a reminder that she was getting older. Edward kissed her nose, making her giggle and melt. "We haven't talked about it, but what would you like, my beauty? If you could have anything, what would you like?"

"Anything, Master?" Bella asked, arching a brow.

"Well, I'm not killing anybody. Don't ask me to murder your boss," Edward laughed. "I know she's a bitch, but … that isn't going to happen."

Bella huffed out a breath, giving her Master a wry look. Then, she ran her fingers over her lips. "Could my wish be something sexual?"

"My body is yours, Isabella," Edward replied. "What are your deepest, darkest desires?"

She turned, looking at her Dominant – the man who had brought her body untold pleasure – and she knew that he would oblige her request. "Master, I would like to be on stage. I wish to have sex with two men and have the entire club watch as I'm filled by two cocks. One cock pounding my pussy, your pussy Master, and the other fucking my ass. I want to do that with you and with another man … a man we trust," she replied. "That's my deepest, darkest desire."

You could have knocked Edward down with a feather. He looked at his submissive and saw that her cheeks were flushed. Her gaze was trained on her glass of water. However, there was no hesitation or embarrassment in her body language. He moved closer to Bella, sliding his arm around her waist. He wanted to give this to her, but he was a possessive bastard. He did not want to share her, but with the right rules and with a person they trusted, he could give her what she wanted. What she desired.

Her deepest, darkest desires …

"I think we can do that, my beauty," Edward murmured, kissing her temple. "Let me do some research and we'll go from there, okay?"

"Thank you, Master," Bella breathed.

"Jacob, if you don't mind, I think I want to have some time with my pet alone," Edward said. He slid out of the booth, looping Bella's arm over his. He kissed her lips, guiding her away from the dance floor.

"Have fun, Edward," Jacob smirked, picking up his phone.

In Edward's pocket, he felt his cell phone vibrate. Discreetly, Edward slid out his phone and saw a text from Jacob.

Call me … I can help with Bella's birthday wish ~ J

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