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Chapter 4

So, this short story is dedicated to Carey Anne and the ladies who were in on my Zoom call, Clo, Aileen, Emma, Consuelo, Alyscia, Trina, Brier Lynn and Krida. It will be a drabblish story, with shorter chapters. Shorter chapters mean quicker updates! :-)

This is not mine. I don’t own Twilight, but I wish I did. Sigh …

So, both of these guys are pervy. Edward’s an exhibitionist and Bella’s right there with him. Up next we’ll continue their sexual banter at Flatstick Pub, leading to schmexy times.

Chapter Four

February 21st, 2020

Edward drove to the Flatstick Pub near Bella’s apartment in Pioneer Square. It was so drastically different from the posh restaurant where they’d eaten dinner. Neon beer signs and an indoor miniature golf course with AstroTurf grass made Bella giggle. “I’ve never been here. Do you mind if I take some video?”

“That’s fine,” Edward smiled.

“Do you want to be on film?” she asked. “I’ll respect your privacy if …”

“No, I’m proud to be with you,” Edward answered.

“Cool,” she beamed, pulling out her phone. She turned on the camera and grinned. “Hello fellow travelers. You know what they say about those hidden gems? They’re closest to home? Well, I’ve found one. I’m on a date with the handsome Edward. Say hello, Edward.”

He grinned crookedly, waving to her phone. “Hey, everyone.”

“He’s another hidden gem, but we’ll talk about him later. When we’re not on our date, hmmmm? Anyway, Edward’s the one who found this place. It’s awesomely cheesetastic and I can’t wait to try it out. Maybe you’ll get to see me suck it up playing mini golf in heels. Yes, folks. I’m in heels. Edward, take the phone. I should give them a glimpse of me dressed up like a girl,” she giggled.

“A sexy girl,” Edward cooed, taking her phone. “Turn around, baby. Show off those curves.”

Bella winked, turning around, and blowing a kiss to the camera. “Now, you all have visual and video proof that I do own clothing other than slouchy jeans, leggings and oversized sweatshirts. Would you like to see the same from the date? You saw a glimpse of his handsome face …”

“I wouldn’t say that much,” Edward laughed, handing back the phone to Bella.

“Turn around, baby,” she smirked, throwing his words back at him. Edward rolled his eyes, holding up his hands as he turned around. After he turned, she sidled up to him and grinned. “Aren’t we a cute couple? Maybe, you’ll see more of Edward on my channel and on my blog. Tonight, though, you’ll probably see me get my ass whooped in mini golf. Let’s head inside to Flatstick Pub near Pioneer Square.” She ended the video and smiled at Edward. “Thanks for being so cool about this.”

“I’ve never been on a vlog,” Edward said. “Something new.”

“Of course, I need to get permission to share this on my vlog from the manager,” Bella explained as she took pictures of the exterior of the pub and some more video of them walking inside.

“What place will deny some free publicity?” Edward asked.

“What if we had a bad time? It’s not publicity anymore,” Bella argued.

“There’s no such thing as bad press,” Edward quipped.

Once inside, Bella asked to speak to the manager and a cute red-head came to meet with her. “Hi, I’m Bella Swan and I run a travel blog and YouTube channel called The Weary Traveler. I’ve never been here and this place is so much fun. Would it be alright if I take some footage, including this place on my website?”

“Oh, wow! I follow you!” the woman said. “I’m Maggie and I’m a huge fan!”

“Nice to meet you, Maggie,” Bella said. “This is my friend, Edward and we’re here tonight on a date.”

“Can we take a picture?” Maggie asked.

“Sure,” Bella answered, handing Edward her phone. He took a few photos before handing the phone back to Bella. When he was done, Bella found her online release. “If you can fill this out and as soon as I get the footage edited, I’ll email you with a link for my blog post and video. I’ll also email you the photo.”

“Thanks,” Maggie said. “First round is on us!”

“Perfect,” Bella said appreciatively. “We’d also like to play some mini-golf, too.”

“There’s a wait, but I’ll add your name to the list,” Maggie explained. “Have a seat anywhere!”

Edward and Bella found a booth. Maggie personally took care of them, delivering a couple of bottles of a local IPA and some appetizers. Bella took some pictures of the beers and the food. She also took some video of Edward enjoying the appetizers, asking him about how they tasted and what he liked about them. By the time they finished their appetizers, their names were called, and they began their miniature golf game.

“I think we need a friendly wager on this game,” Edward said, finding the right size putter.

“You know that you’re going to kick my ass,” Bella argued, slipping off her heels.

“I may be athletic, but I suck at golf,” Edward snickered. “So, wager?”

“If I win, I plan our next date,” Bella suggested. “Beginning to end …”

“Seems fair,” Edward nodded. “If I win, you spend the night with me.”

“That’s a given, Cullen. You got me so turned on,” Bella deadpanned. “It’s the reason why I had to go to the bathroom so often because I had to address the issue between my legs.”

“Okay, okay,” Edward said. “If I win, you go on a trip with me.”

“A trip?”

“My weary traveler, you travel alone. I’d love to go with you somewhere,” Edward grinned. “I’ll plan everything … pay for our trip …”

“Edward,” Bella chided.

“What? I want to travel with you,” he shrugged. “So, what do you think?”

Arching a brow, she held out her hand to him. “You’re on, babe.”

“None of this shaking hands shit,” he laughed, tugging her into his arms. “Agree with a kiss, babe.”

“You drive a hard bargain, Cullen,” she purred, pressing her mouth to his. Smiling against his lips, she giggle. “You’re on.”

As predicted, Edward creamed Bella in the miniature golf game, but she couldn’t remember a time where she had more fun. They laughed, flirted and their sexual banter continued all throughout the game. Edward also took as many opportunities to kiss Bella as possible. He loved how she melted against him, sighing each time his lips connected with hers.

He also loved that with his win, they’d go on a trip together.

“God, I sucked,” Bella grumbled, looking at the scores as she took a picture of the scorecard.

“The score I received is nothing to write home about,” Edward chuckled.

“Act like you’re excited that you won while I pout,” Bella said, holding the scorecard up.

“I won’t have to act, Bella,” Edward grinned widely while Bella pouted as she snapped a selfie. “You ready to go?”

“Yeah,” she answered, plucking the card from his hand. “My place or yours?”

“I think I said that I wanted you tangled in my sheets,” Edward answered, taking her hand. “That vision has been dancing in my mind for the entire time we’ve been playing …”

“Then, what are we waiting for?” Bella replied, slipping her feet back into her shoes. “I’ve been anxiously anticipating feeling your body on mine.”

“Fuck,” Edward choked out.

“Exactly, Cullen,” she grinned.

A/N: Okay, so I lied when it came to the schmexy times. The whole vlogger/blogger thing got away from me and the bet was a perfect way to get them to travel together. Anyway, pictures of Flatstick Pub are on my blog. You can find a link for that on my profile. You can also find me on FB: Tufano79’s Fanfiction Appreciation. I’m also on twitter, too: tufano79.

Leave me your thoughts and thank you for reading! Much love to all of you!

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