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Chapter Three

So, this short story is dedicated to Carey Anne and the ladies who were in on my Zoom call, Clo, Aileen, Emma, Consuelo, Alyscia, Trina, Brier Lynn and Krida. It will be a drabblish story, with shorter chapters. Shorter chapters mean quicker updates! :-)

This is not mine. I don’t own Twilight, but I wish I did. Sigh …

Chapter Three

February 21st, 2020

Bella fluffed her mahogany curls over her shoulders. Alice spent the afternoon helping Bella get ready for her second date with Edward. The previous day they bought a pretty wine-colored dress and a pair of pewter heels at a local boutique. She had a black leather jacket she was going to wear since it was still cold.

For their date, they were going out to a new hotel called Sound to their Currant Bistro for dinner. Afterward, things were flexible.

She was incredibly giddy, eager to go out with Edward. There was something that made her comfortable around him. He made her feel safe, happy. When the buzzer went off near the door, Bella jumped in anticipation. Walking to answer, she blushed. “Hello?”

“Hey, Bella. It’s Edward,” he said through the tinny speaker. “Can you buzz me in?”

“Sure,” Bella grinned. “Remember my apartment number?”

“Yep! I’ll be up in a few,” he answered. Bella pressed the entrance code, opening the door for him to come in when he’d arrived. Several moments later, there was a quiet knock on the door. Bella called for him to enter and Edward walked inside. His hair was a tousled mess, but looked incredibly sexy. He had on a pair of black dress pants, a black turtleneck, and a black leather jacket. He grinned crookedly at her, holding out a beautiful bouquet of peonies, succulents, and eucalyptus. “Wow … Bella, you look absolutely gorgeous.” He handed her the bouquet. “These pale in comparison to you.”

“Charmer,” Bella quipped, taking the flowers, and inhaling deeply. “Thank you for the flowers. As you can tell, I love green things.”

“I’m surprised that with how much you travel, that these plants are alive. I have a brown thumb, black thumb? I kill all living things,” he chuckled.

“Doubtful about that, Edward. And, you’re right,” Bella laughed, putting the bouquet of flowers on the cocktail table in her living room. “I do travel too much and some of these are not real. The plants that are alive are cared for by my neighbor, Miss Alice Whitlock. She has a key to my place, as I have a key to hers.”

“The elderly woman you mentioned?” Edward asked.

“Yeah. Miss Alice cares for the younger people in the building. Her family has forgotten about her, living their own lives,” Bella frowned. “We’re close, though.” She walked over to the mantle, picking up a photo of the two of them. “This was taken at my birthday party, prior to a trip I took to Costa Rica.”

Edward took the proffered frame, smiling softly. “Miss Alice adores you.”

“The feeling is quite mutual,” Bella replied. “Are we ready?”

“Yes,” Edward answered, handing her back the frame. She put it onto the mantle reverently. Edward held out her jacket, helping her into it. After she picked up her purse, Edward took her hand and thread his fingers with hers. “I’ve heard good things about this place. My business partner, Emmett, went there with his long-time girlfriend. He ate the entire menu while Rose nibbled on a house salad.”

“Let me guess? Rose is a model wannabe that thinks air has too many calories?” Bella snorted.

“She’s superficial,” Edward clarified, guiding her out of the apartment and toward his sleek grey Volvo S60. He helped her into the passenger seat before jogging around to the driver’s side. Once he got out into traffic, he continued, “Rose is okay, but she’s a tough nut to crack. We get along because I’m friends with Emmett. I’ve known him nearly all my life. He’s my best friend and brother. Rose adores him and tolerates me. Speaking of Emmett, he wants to double with us this weekend. I said I’d let him know after I’d ask you.”

“Meeting the friends,” Bella sang. “Sounds serious.”

“Bella, I really like you. I haven’t felt this way about another person … ever,” he said honestly. “I’ve been in relationships. They were mediocre with clumsy conversation, bad sex and for them, dollar signs in their minds.”

“Those women dated you because you were rich?” Bella asked, her temper flaring. “Talk about superficial.”

“That’s why I like you. You don’t beat around the bush,” Edward laughed. “Besides that, I’ve never had a first date like ours. The hours melted away and I found myself more attracted to you, to your mind, your strength, your wit, and I’m not going to lie. I’m a guy. I’m turned on by your body. You are my dream girl.”

“I feel the same way,” she whispered, blinking over to Edward. His profile was outlined by the lights as they drove through downtown Seattle. “I don’t trust easily, but I feel like I can trust you. You make me feel comfortable, safe.”

Edward blinked over to Bella, arching a brow. “Were you in a situation where you weren’t safe?”

“It’s a long story and not really second date territory,” Bella said. “I want to have fun tonight. That story is not fun.”

“Fair enough,” Edward nodded, reaching over the console, and taking Bella’s hand in his. “So, back to the double date with Emmett and Rose? Yay or nay?”

“Sure,” Bella grinned. “Do you know what we’re going to do?”

“I’ll talk to Emmett tomorrow, and I’ll let you know,” Edward answered, pulling into a chic, boutique hotel. “Fancy.” He parked the car in the circle, in front of the valet. The keys were exchanged for a ticket, and they walked into the hotel, making their way to the Currant Bistro. Edward slid an arm around Bella’s waist when they arrived at the entrance. She was unaccustomed to the signs of affection, but she reveled in it. “Reservation for Cullen.”

The host grinned and picked up two menus, leading them to a quiet corner of the restaurant. “Enjoy your meals,” he said.

A server came and recommended a bottle of wine. Edward asked if Bella wanted to split the bottle and she eagerly nodded. It was one of her favorite vintages. Once the bottle was delivered and they ordered some appetizers, Bella leaned forward. “What made you decide to go into business with your best friend? That could have been a nightmare if things had fallen apart.”

“It was a struggle once we opened our first fitness center,” Edward laughed. “Emmett majored in kinesiology and athletic training. I got my degree in business and finance. We both have our strengths. He’s the face of the company, where I’m the brains. It took us a year to get our routine down, but we had days, weeks where the electricity was turned off because Emmett forgot to pay the bill, or we’d forgotten about a health inspection.”

“How did things even out?” Bella asked. “And how did you not kill each other?”

“I’m pretty even-keeled,” Edward shrugged. “But, I exploded on him more than once. I also used some of our dwindling funds to purchase a better computer system. With that, our payments were automatically deducted, and I didn’t have to rely on Emmett paying the bills. After those first two years of uncertainty, we were featured in a local magazine. We were a fitness center with the moxie of a larger gym, but the personalized, tailored vibe of a private personal trainer. That’s what we wanted. With that article, we had more interest, and we gained enough capital to open up another location.”

“How many locations do you have?”

“Twelve here in Washington and five in Oregon. We’re also looking to expand up into Vancouver, as well,” Edward said. “Our home offices are in the first gym we opened, and I act as CEO. Emmett is a highly sought-after personal trainer. He’ll take on clients on an as-needed basis, or if he wants to be challenged. We’re proud of what we’ve built in the six years since we graduated from college.”

“You should be proud. A lot of people would have crumbled, especially in the beginning,” Bella said.

“There were moments, to be honest. What about you? What made you decide to become a book editor?” Edward questioned.

“The freedom to work from wherever,” Bella answered. “I’m an avid reader. I majored in English and besides being a teacher, the other option I had was an author or an editor. I respect my teachers enough to know that I do not have the personality to mold the future generations. I have very little patience for bullshit. Teenagers? Yeah, no. So, my college advisor had an in with Eclipse Publishing and I did an internship with them. My boss at the publishing house loved my work ethic. I was hired directly from my internship as a junior editor. I started working at Eclipse after I came back from my graduate trip, backpacking across Europe.”

“Tell me about that,” Edward grinned. “I’m too much of a planner to just backpack across Europe. Did you have an itinerary?”

“Nope. Just a ticket to London, money from my graduation presents, my passport and a stuffed backpack,” Bella answered. “I traveled to where the wind carried me …” Over their meal, Bella told Edward about her travels. Her favorite place to go was a tiny village in Italy, near the coast of Capri. The place that she liked the least was Mumbai, India. It was gorgeous and exotic, but the mass of humanity that lived there made Bella unsettled. Edward was curious as to why.

“I’m not a people person. Hence, my decision to not be a teacher,” Bella answered honestly. “I am, by design, a loner. I’m inherently comfortable with just one other person, or by myself.”

“Is that due to your trust thing?” Edward asked.

“Yeah,” Bella sighed, grimacing slightly. “Like I said, I thought that Mumbai was beautiful, but I was happy when I left India and stayed in a secluded villa in Phuket for two weeks after that. It was just me, my lagoon, my tunes and the ten manuscripts I had to edit.”

“That sounds idyllic,” he mused.

“It was,” Bella smiled, sipping her wine.

“Do you have any travel plans this year?” Edward asked.

“Nothing yet, but I usually get a bug up my ass to go and I throw a dart,” Bella giggled.

“Throw a dart?”

“I have this huge map in my bedroom. When I want to get away, I pick up a dart. I make plans to travel to the closest location to where it landed. The only place I haven’t traveled to has been Antarctica, but it’s on my bucket list,” Bella grinned. “But, I think I’ll wait until it’s ‘summer’, so I don’t freeze my ass off.”

“I’m fucking impressed, Bella,” Edward smiled. “Your passport must be filled with so many unique stamps and each one tells a story.”

“Even if I travel locally, I keep a video log and post updates to my website,” Bella explained, a wistful grin on her face.

“Have you ever traveled with a boyfriend?” Edward asked.

Bella blushed. “I’ve only ever traveled solo. I’ve had … flings while on trips, but I’ve never had many boyfriends. You know what they say about vacation sex, hmmm?”

“It’s been a while since I’ve had a proper vacation,” Edward purred, picking up her hand and kissing her pulse point. “Perhaps, we could go on a trip.”

“This is only our second date, Edward,” Bella whimpered as his lips traveled up her arm.

“When you know, you know,” he growled lowly, pulling her chair closer to him, and nuzzling her neck. His parents knew within ten minutes of their first date that they were it for each other. They married within a month, and he came nine months later. Almost thirty years of marriage, his parents were still together and were still nauseatingly romantic.

There was something about Bella that made him know that she was his one.

Like his parents.

Bella melted against him as he tongue swirled along her pulse point and his hand inched up her thigh. “Edward,” she moaned. “We’re in a very public restaurant.”

“You’re just irresistible,” he sighed, pulling back, and staring at her intently. “Plus, the guy two tables away was staring at you. I wanted him to know that you’re here with me and not him.”

“He’s ninety, Edward,” Bella chided, giving him a smirk.

Edward just grinned crookedly, cupping Bella’s cheek and kissing her. His lips molded against hers and he slid his tongue into her mouth. Bella tangled her hands into his soft hair, nipping at his mouth. Sucking on his lower lip, she pulled back. “Fuck, I want to push everything off this table and taste every inch of you, Bella,” Edward muttered.

“Exhibitionist, much?” Bella quipped, stopping his hand from slipping underneath her dress.

“A little bit,” Edward quipped.

“You are filled with a lot of surprises, Cullen,” Bella chuckled. “You seem so uptight.”

“Oh, I’m uptight, but I love a good hard fuck,” he replied. “The more public, the better. Being discovered is such a turn on.”

“So, I shouldn’t wear panties around you?” Bella teased.

“That would be a bonus, Ms. Swan,” Edward answered.

“Miss Alice was right about a dress,” she giggled. “Easy access …”

“Is that an invitation, Bella?” Edward asked, sliding his hand under the skirt of her dress and closer to her core.

“Not here … not now,” she said. “A good hard fuck is a lot of fun, but the first time shouldn’t be for everyone to see. I want you to see me for the first time alone. Then, it’s on.”

“Again, is that an invitation, Bella?” Edward growled. “Tonight? I’d love to see you tangled in my sheets.”

“Let’s see how the rest of the evening goes, Mr. Cullen,” she answered, moving closer to him, and uncrossing her legs. With a gentle nudge, Edward felt the wet skin of her pussy. He crashed his lips against hers and she kissed him deeply, pulling away with a coy grin. Edward sat back, adjusting his erection and he slipped his finger into his mouth. “Good, Edward?”

“Better than dinner, Bella,” he said. “You ready to get out of here?”

“To go back to your place?” she quipped, finishing her wine.

“I think we need to get to know each other some more,” Edward said, gesturing for the bill. He handed the server his credit card with a grin. When he returned, Edward signed the slip with a flourish. He helped Bella to her feet and guided her out of the restaurant, through the lobby of the hotel. While they waited for his car, he stood behind her and pressed his lips to her ear. “You are wet, but when we’re done tonight, I want you soaked.”

“I don’t want to ruin my dress,” she panted. “It’s new.”

He turned her, taking her face into his hands. He stared into her eyes. They were swirling with desire and her hands gripped the lapels of his jacket. His hands slid down from her waist to just above her ass. “I’ll buy you a new one, beautiful, if knowing that your dress is ruined because you’re fucking wet for me,” he growled. They kissed deeply until the car pulled up. Edward helped her into the passenger seat and tipped the valet. Once in the car, he picked up her hand and kissed her pulse point. “How do you feel about miniature golf?”

Bella laughed and gave him a bright smile. “You are such a conundrum, Edward Cullen. You’re a walking sex god, but so goofy,” she giggled. His resulting grin was beautiful, but silly. “I’ve never been miniature golfing. Where would we go? It’s cold.”

“Indoors,” Edward answered. “Flatstick Pub.”

A/N: So, both of these guys are pervy. Edward’s an exhibitionist and Bella’s right there with him. Up next we’ll continue their sexual banter at Flatstick Pub, leading to schmexy times.

Pictures of the restaurant, their outfits, the flowers, and Edward’s car are on my blog. You can access that through a link on my profile. I’m also on FB: Tufano79’s Twilight Fanfiction Appreciation. Twitter, too: tufano79. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you soon!

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