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Chapter 12

So, this short story is dedicated to Carey Anne and the ladies who were in on my Zoom call, Clo, Aileen, Emma, Consuelo, Alyscia, Trina, Brier Lynn and Krida. It will be a drabblish story, with shorter chapters. Shorter chapters mean quicker updates! :-)

This is not mine. I don’t own Twilight, but I wish I did. Sigh …

Up next will be conversations with Miss Alice, Emmett, and Edward’s parents about their changes to their vacation plans, along with a jump ahead in time. How long will they be in São Paulo?

Also, I wanted to let you all know that I’m aware of the politicized nature of COVID-19. I’m not here to start a debate or to say who’s right or wrong or about how it was handled (though if you know me, you’re aware of my thoughts about what happened). This is a light-hearted trip with Bella and Edward. The drama that will happen is not COVID-related, it’ll be relationship-related. You know? Again, it will be based on Bella’s trust issues.

Chapter Twelve

March 15th, 2020

After both of them took a shower, they set up Edward’s laptop for some phone calls. They started with Emmett, who was in between clients at the gym. FaceTime rang and Emmett grinned as he answered the call. The grin quickly turned to some cackling laughter. “Eddie! You are so … pink! Damn, did you put on sunblock?” Emmett laughed.

“I did, but I’m pasty. You know this. Not everyone can be a naturally bronzed God like you,” Edward deadpanned.

“Even Bella is darker than you,” Emmett snickered.

“I’m feeling the pain, too, Emmett. Not so much on my face, but on my shoulders and boobs,” she smirked. “Topless beaches are popular here. My tits haven’t seen the light of day since, well, ever. But, I don’t have any tan lines.”

Emmett’s eyes bugged out, shocked at her statement. Edward just laughed, kissing Bella’s temple. “You’re imagining my girl naked, aren’t you?”

“Um, uh, well?” Emmett babbled. “She said her tits were out and I was just imagining that.”

“Don’t you have your own girl to ogle?” Edward asked, arching a brow. “How are things with Rose?”

“To be honest, rocky,” Emmett shrugged. “Rose told me that she was pregnant and I’m excited. Very excited! I can’t wait to be a dad, but she’s not too keen about being a mom. Suffice it to say, she wants to terminate the pregnancy while I’m begging her not to. Because of that, I can’t see myself with her. I don’t agree with how she’s handling everything. She’s secretive and dismissive of my feelings.”

“I’m sorry to hear that,” Bella frowned. “Do you love her?”

“I love the idea of her, but I don’t love how she treats my friends,” Emmett frowned. “I know she gives Edward shit and the way she acted around you that night we went out for our double date was a little suspect, to be honest. Perhaps, I should cut my losses. Besides, she’s in Portland, spending time with her family. Her parents had a big wedding anniversary. The governor of Washington announced that the state was being shut down, as did the governor of Oregon. So, she’s stuck there, while I’m here. We’re all supposed to shelter in place. I can’t believe that everything’s shut down.”

“That’s why we’re calling you,” Edward explained. “It’s shut down here, too. Well, we can’t fly out. We’re stuck in São Paulo for the time being.”

“I’m jealous. You get to be stuck in paradise,” Emmett snorted. “I’m stuck in rainy Seattle. Not like I could do anything … everything’s shut down.”

“What about the gyms?” Edward asked.

“Closed. But, the trainers are using the online exercise programs. They’re all booked up, teaching from home. Since I’ve moved everything online and they’re using our platform, we’re getting a portion of their profits,” Emmett explained. “A lot of other people are unemployed, but with our trainers using the platform, they’re still employed and getting a majority of their salaries.”

“I’m glad we started that online training option before I left,” Edward said. “I’ll be able to work down here, maintaining the books and handling some technical aspects of the gym.”

“Good, because the whole payroll program is all Greek to me,” Emmett snorted humorlessly.

“Em, you just need to hit a button and everyone gets paid,” Edward said, rolling his eyes. “But, I’ll handle it. Anyway, can you go to my condo and check on things in there? Clear out my fridge and shit? I got most of the perishable stuff, but just make sure that there’s no science experiments growing in there.”

“Sure thing. What about your mail?” Emmett asked.

“Most of my mail is junk. I get all of my bills sent to me electronically. If there’s anything important, just scan it and send it to me via email?” Edward grinned.

“That’s doable,” Emmett nodded. “What about you, Bella? Do you need me to check your place?”

“I have a neighbor, but she’s pretty old. I’m going to check on her. If it’s too much, I may have you take over the care of my plants and all,” Bella explained. “I’m like Edward. Most of my mail is sent to me electronically.”

“Just let me know. You can get my email from Edward,” Emmett said. He held up his wrist. “Shit, I’ve got an online session in five minutes. I’ve got to go. Be safe, you two!”

“You, too, Emmett. Also, I hope things with Rose work out,” Edward added.

“I don’t know what to think about that whole situation,” he sighed. “Maybe this separation will do us some good, give me some answers. I’ll be in touch. Bye, guys.” The call ended, leaving Bella and Edward in silence.

“What do you think about what Emmett said about Rosalie?” Bella asked, brushing Edward’s hair back.

“I wouldn’t put it past her to say that she ‘miscarried’ and had an abortion,” he frowned. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that.”

“I was thinking the same thing, Edward,” Bella said, kissing his cheek. “Rosalie is as self-absorbed as they come.”

“This is true,” Edward retorted, pulling Bella closer to his side. “Do you want to call Miss Alice?”

“Yeah. I’m worried about her,” she sighed, dialing up her neighbor and adoptive grandmother on the phone. She put it on speaker, frowning as it took some time for Miss Alice to pick up. Bella gripped Edward’s hand until the call connected.

“Hello?” came Miss Alice’s shaky voice.

“Hi, Miss Alice. It’s Bella. How are you doing?”

“Oh, my sweet girl. It’s so good hear from you,” Miss Alice replied. “How’s the trip?”

“It’s going to be longer than I anticipated, Miss Alice,” Bella answered. “We’re stuck here until the travel ban is lifted.”

“At least you’re with your handsome beau,” Miss Alice tittered. “Thank you for setting up the grocery delivery service. It’s been a godsend. Things have gotten crazy here, I swear.”

“I can imagine,” Bella said. “Look, I wanted to let you know that I’m stuck in Brazil for the foreseeable future. Edward’s best friend and business partner said he’d be willing to take over checking on my apartment.”

“No, it’s not a big deal, sweetie,” Miss Alice said. “It gets me out of the house, even if it’s down the hall. I’ve got my mask, gloves, hand sanitizer and Clorox Wipes.”

“What about a hazmat suit? Would that do?” Bella teased.

“Tempting, Isabella Marie,” Miss Alice growled. “One of my friends from bridge got that virus. She’s in the hospital. It doesn’t look good. I don’t want that to happen to me.”

“It won’t, Miss Alice,” Bella said soothingly.

“You can’t say that. Some people are walking around, no masks, no protection and they don’t know that they’re infected. They’re spreading the virus to people,” Miss Alice huffed. “That’s what happened with my friend. If she doesn’t make it, she won’t even be able to have a funeral. I hate this!”

“I’m sorry. I wish I could be there …” Bella frowned. “I’m so sorry.”

“No, I’m just rambling like a neurotic idiot,” Miss Alice sighed. “Be safe, Bella. You, too, Edward. I know you’re listening in.”

“I didn’t want to interrupt,” Edward said. “My friend, Emmett, can help you if you need any assistance. He’s a good guy.”

“I have no doubt, but for now, I’ll take care of it. Less people I’m in contact with, the better,” Miss Alice explained. “If you could give me his phone number, just in case. My best girl is a world away …”

Edward gave Miss Alice Emmett’s phone number. He also shared his parents’ number, as well. His father, Carlisle, was a doctor and could help her more than Emmett could, if need be.

“If you feel sick, Miss Alice, call me. I’ll move heaven and earth to get to you,” Bella said. “I love you, Miss Alice.”

“I love you, my sweet girl,” Miss Alice cooed. “Take care of her, Edward. She’s special.”

“She is, Miss Alice,” Edward grinned, brushing his lips along her temple. “Very special.”

The call ended. Bella pouted deeply. She shifted on her seat. “I’m worried about Miss Alice.”

“I can tell. That’s why I gave her my father’s number. He’s a doctor and he can help her,” Edward explained, pulling Bella into his arms. “I texted my parents while you were on the phone with Miss Alice. You ready to meet them?”

“They’re going to hate me,” Bella groaned.

“No, they’re not. My mother has been giving me shit about being single and alone for far too long. She’ll be happy that I’m dating,” Edward snickered. “I told her a little bit about you before we left and she’s over-the-moon that I’m with you.”

“She probably wants grandbabies,” Bella quipped.

“More than likely,” Edward retorted, giving her a crooked grin. “But, the grandbabies will have to wait.”

“Yes, they will,” Bella snorted, rolling her eyes. “Call your parents.”

“We’re using FaceTime to call them,” Edward said, dialing his family. “I know my mom would want to meet you, see your face.” He opened up FaceTime, dialing his parents. After a few moments, an older couple was on the screen. The woman had rich, auburn hair with a heart-shaped face. The man had lighter brown hair with gray at the temples along with a pair of glasses and a crooked grin. “Hi, Mom, Dad … how are you doing?”

“Good,” the woman said. “How are you?”

“Well, I’m fine. We’re fine. This is my girlfriend, Bella. Bella, these are my parents, Carlisle and Esme Cullen,” Edward introduced.

“It’s nice to meet both of you,” Bella grinned shyly. “I’m sorry that it’s over FaceTime.”

“We’re happy to meet you, too, Bella,” Esme replied. “Edward has told us all about you. I’ve never heard him so excited about a girl.”

Edward groaned. “Mom, really?”

“Hush,” Esme chided. “It’s nice to see you so twitterpated.”

“Es, you’re going to embarrass Edward,” Carlisle laughed.

“Too late,” Edward sighed, his head falling back.

“This is a new side to Edward,” Bella giggled. “He’s so pink! Even pinker with his sunburn.” She poked his cheek and he scowled good-naturedly at her before kissing her mouth. It was now her turn to blush crimson. She rolled her eyes with a smirk. “Twitterpated … that’s cute.”

“Are we done giving me shit?” Edward huffed. “Yes? Good. We’re stuck down here.”

“I kind of gathered that,” Carlisle said. “Things have been gotten really bad up here. It’s all hands on deck at the hospital. Due to my age, I’m mainly covering the office.”

“Your age and my immunocompromised status,” Esme added.

“What’s wrong?” Bella asked. “Are you okay?”

“I’m okay … now,” Esme explained. “I just have a lot of the risk factors that make me more susceptible to COVID-19.”

“My mom had leukemia when she was a kid,” Edward explained. “Because of that, her immune system isn’t what it should be.”

“Oh, no,” Bella frowned. “I’m sorry …”

“Don’t apologize, Bella. I’m healthy as can be. I just need to take precautions since I can get sick pretty easily. I always get a flu shot and having a doctor as a husband is good, too,” she quipped, kissing Carlisle’s cheek. “Other than being sick as a kid, dealing with chemo and such, I’ve lived a full life. Edward was a welcome surprise, too!”

“The doctors said she might not be able to have children because of the chemo and radiation,” Carlisle said. “When she showed me a positive pregnancy test, I fainted and then cheered when I heard the heartbeat. Anyway, back to your delay in returning to the states. Do you have an estimate when you’ll be back?”

“No, not yet,” Edward answered. “We just found out this morning. Our flight was scheduled to depart the day after tomorrow, but it was canceled. I got the email early this morning.”

“Okay,” Esme said. “You be safe. Don’t take any unnecessary risks. Take care of each other.”

“We will,” Edward replied, kissing Bella’s temple. “Love you both. You take care, too.”

“We love you so much, Edward,” Esme cooed.

“Let us know if anything changes, Edward. Bella, it was so nice to meet you,” Carlisle grinned. “When this is all over, perhaps we can meet face-to-face.”

“I’d like that,” Bella nodded with a shy smile.

Edward and Bella waved as they ended the call. She collapsed against Edward’s side, exhausted from their overnight camping trip and from reaching out to their friends and family. Edward hugged her close. “You okay, Glitter?”

“Just tired,” Bella replied.

“Come on. Let’s get some sleep. I know my brain is spinning. Yours must be, too,” he murmured. He closed his computer, taking Bella’s hand and leading her to their bedroom. “A nap is a must.”

“But, we have to …”

“We have to sleep, Glitter. Everything will seem less stressful after we get some sleep,” Edward said, pulling her onto the bed and tucking her to his side.

A/N: A bit of a shorter chapter. We got to meet Edward’s family, even if it was over FaceTime. They also let their friends/family know that they’re stuck in São Paulo. Up next will be some citrusy moments between Glitterella and Sparkleward. We’re also going to some jumping ahead, time-wise. We’re going to see how they’re adjusting to sheltering-in-place on a tropical resort. Will they lose their shit? Who else is stuck at the resort?

Not a lot of pictures with this one … just photos of characters. That will be posted on my blog. A link for that is on my profile. I’m also on FB: Tufano79’s Twilight Fanfiction Appreciation. Twitter, too: tufano79.

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