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Chapter 10

So, this short story is dedicated to Carey Anne and the ladies who were in on my Zoom call, Clo, Aileen, Emma, Consuelo, Alyscia, Trina, Brier Lynn and Krida. It will be a drabblish story, with shorter chapters. Shorter chapters mean quicker updates! :-)

This is not mine. I don’t own Twilight, but I wish I did. Sigh …

I’m not going to lie. This is going to be one huge, giant lemon. Anyone thirsty? Want some lemonade? Let’s just say that our pervy exhibitionists will have some fun at the club, D-Edge.

Chapter Ten

March 12th, 2020

Edward ordered room service while Bella took another shower to wash off the copious amounts of aloe from her body. He was also covered in the lotion, but since she had to get ready for the club and women tended to take longer to get gussied up. All Edward had to do was shower, throw in some pomade into his hair and splash on some cologne after he got dressed.

They ate dinner and Edward hopped into the shower. Bella arranged for a car service to drive them to and from the club before she got ready. She did her makeup first, applying smokey eye makeup and dousing her entire body with shimmery lotion.

Might as well own the nickname ‘Glitterella’.

Holding up a sheer thong, she arched a brow. With a smirk, she tossed it back into the drawer. She slipped off the fluffy robe she’d put on after her shower and slid the barely decent sparkly dress. It was a rose gold color with a draped halter. It dipped well below her breasts, giving Edward a sexy sneak peek of her breasts. It was backless, with the skirt beginning at the very top of her ass and ending at mid-thigh with two slits on either side of the skirt. She’d bought this on a whim, never thinking she’d wear it.

And yet, here she was, wearing this indecent, sexy dress. She wanted to make Edward explode with need. She sat down on the edge of the bed, crossing her legs, and putting on her high-heel sandals. Bella was putting her passport, some Brazilian real and her cell phone into a small wristlet when Edward walked out of the bathroom.

“Holy mother fuck,” Edward growled. “You are sin personified.”

“You like?” Bella asked, giving him a coy grin.

“I never thought I could cum by just looking at a woman, but I’m fucking close, baby,” Edward said, his eyes moving from her legs and up her curvy, lithe body.

Bella’s grin widened as she saw his hardness grow underneath the towel. She walked toward him, gently tugging the towel away. “Do you want some help, babe?” Her fingers wrapped around his length, idly pumping his cock.

“Fuck, Bella,” he growled, watching as she languidly stroked him.

“How does that feel, Edward?” she asked, nipping at his jaw. “Does it feel as good as my pussy?”

“Nothing feels that good,” he panted, sliding his arm around her waist, and palming her ass. Kissing her deeply, Bella twisted her wrist, focusing her attention on the sensitive head of his dick. Her palm spread the pre-cum at the tip. “God, you are …”

“Do you want to come?” she purred. “Does seeing me like this make you want to come?”

“Seeing you in general makes me hard, Bella,” he snarled. He kissed Bella harshly, bruising her lips as his hips thrust in concert with her strokes. “Don’t stop. Don’t fucking stop, Bella.”

“I’d suck your cock, but I don’t want a stiletto up my ass,” she mumbled against his lips. He groaned, his hand squeezing her ass and pressing her hips closer to his. “I’m getting so wet, babe. Everyone will see what you do to me.”

“Fuuuuuck,” Edward growled as his cock twitched and his release spurted out of him, coating Bella’s hand. She kept stroking him until his cock softened. He collapsed against the wall, panting heavily. Bella demurely picked up the towel and wiped off her hand before cleaning him. “You are …”

“Rendered speechless, Sparkles?” she quipped.

“I think you jacked off my entire brain,” he snorted, pulling her closer and planting a deep kiss onto her lips. She just giggled. “At least, you took the edge off. I would have been hard the entire time we were out.”

“Get dressed, Edward,” Bella said, stepping back and giving him a sexy smile. “I’m going to address my own arousal.”

“Bella,” he growled, scowling at his growing cock. “I thought we … addressed this.”

She laughed, ducking into the bathroom, and closing the door.

An hour later, they were in the back of a black Range Rover with Benjamin and Tia, who had also decided to go to the club as well. Benjamin was friendly with Bella and Edward, but Tia was still quiet. She was looking at Edward, taking in his looks and body.

Tia wanted Edward.


Tia loved her husband, but she’d settled for him. Edward Cullen was sexy and powerful. The complete opposite of her husband. Benjamin was safe and kind, but so boring.

Pulling up to the club, Nahuel gave all of them his cell phone number, asking them to call when they were ready for pick up. If he was unavailable, he also gave them a name of a trusted car service that the resort used when Nahuel or any other of the resort drivers were busy.

Once inside of the club, the couples split up. Benjamin dragged Tia to the bar while Edward guided Bella to the dance floor. Bodies were writhing to the heavy electronic beat. Edward’s hands rested on Bella’s hips as he slid his thigh between her legs. Bella draped her arms over his shoulders, grinning at him. “Not wasting anytime, Sparkles?”

“Never, Glitter,” Edward said. “I had to get away from Benjamin and his wife …”

“She’s going to lose her eyeballs,” Bella sneered. “Her gaze was on your dick the entire ride.”

“Well, my dick is unequivocally yours,” Edward said, rocking his hips. She felt his cock and she grinned, turning around, and rubbing her ass along his length. “Fuck. You are a goddamned siren.”

“Would you fuck me on the dance floor?” Bella asked, looking at him over her shoulder. “Unzip your fly and slide into my pussy?”

“You’ll be the death of me, Bella,” Edward growled, turning her back around. He pressed her against his chest as they moved rhythmically to the pulsing music. She kissed him, plunging her tongue into his mouth and they devoured each other until the music morphed into something else. “I will claim you, but not yet.” He smacked Bella’s ass. “I need a little alcohol to lose my inhibitions.”

“And, an audience,” Bella snickered. “You want Tia to see, hmmmm?”

“That, too. She needs to know that you’re mine and I’m yours,” Edward smirked. “That my cock will be dripping with your arousal. Not hers.”

“Trust me, I’m drenched,” Bella moaned, guiding his hand between her legs. He ran his palm up her thigh, caressing her outer folds with his thumb. “See?”

“You are a tease, Isabella,” Edward said, spinning her into his arms and kissing the shit out of her. “Come on. Let’s get something to drink.”

They walked to the bar, ordering a couple of drinks. Well, Bella did the ordering in Portuguese. Edward was in awe of her confidence as she flirted and got their drinks. He knew that Bella was only obliging the bartender since she was idly rubbing his cock as he stood behind her, making him painfully hard.

Walking to a table, Bella and Edward enjoyed their drinks as the music thumped, reverberating through their bodies. The lights pulsed, making the dancers look disjointed.

“Have you seen Benjamin and Tia?” Bella asked, nearly shouting in Edward’s ear.

Edward nodded, indicating to the corner with his chin where they were dancing. His lip curled up when he saw Tia find him in the crowd, licking her lips while she danced with her husband.

“She’s going to lose her eyeballs,” Bella snarled. “Normally, I’m not a possessive person, but she’s trying take you away. You’re mine.”

“I am, Bella,” Edward purred, finishing his drink. “Just like you’re mine, right?”

Bella got up, kissing Edward deeply, sliding her tongue into his mouth. He lost himself in her kiss, her body, her scent. Everything about her called to him. They pulled apart, panting heavily. “Come on. I want to dance,” Bella smiled, tugging on Edward’s hand.

Edward spun her, sliding his arms around her waist, and moved to the music. They kissed languidly to the slower, more Latin beat, all while rolling their hips in time with the song. When the beat changed, Edward twirled her. Her back was pressed to his chest. Lips caressed her neck while Edward gripped her hips. “I want you,” Edward said. “I always want you.”

“Yes,” Bella moaned, dropping her head to his shoulder. “I want Tia to know that you’re mine, but …”

“Come on,” Edward said, tugging on her hand. They ducked down a dark hallway. It was far enough away that they were alone, but close enough that anyone could find them. The music thumped, making the walls vibrate. “Turn around, Bella.”

“Fuck me, Edward,” Bella pleaded. “I need to feel your cock in me.” She wriggled her ass as Edward made quick work of his zipper. His fingers plunged into her core, making her call out. “Feel that? All for you.”

Grasping his cock, he slammed into her. She groaned as he filled her to the brim. “Feel that, baby? All for you,” he mimicked, thrusting into her with abandon. There was nothing soft or sweet about their coupling. What they were doing was fucking, pure desire and need overflowing.

“Ungh,” Bella grunted, pushing back against him. “Harder, Edward. More.”

His hand gripped her hip, bracing her against the wall. His other hand slipped into her dress, pinching her nipple. “I’m not going to last, baby. You’re so tight and wet around me,” Edward growled.

Bella slammed her hands against the wall, moaning as her body clenched around him. “Oh, God! Fuck! GOD!”

“That’s it, Bella. Come for me,” Edward snarled. “I can feel you squeezing my cock. God damn, baby. Fuck!” He tightened his hold on her hips as his cock hardened and filled her with his release. His thrusts slowed and Bella collapsed against the wall, panting heavily. He eased out of her, pulling her dress down and scooping her into his arms. He pushed into a bathroom, but Bella giggled. “What?”

“We had an audience,” she said. Edward put her on the counter, flipping the lock, so no one would come into the bathroom.

“Tia?” Edward asked, pulling her forward and gently spreading her legs. He wiped between her thighs, cleaning up the evidence of his release. It was strangely comforting and so very intimate. “You okay, Bella. I didn’t hurt you, did I?”

“No, Edward. I had a lot of fun,” she said, smoothing her skirt down. “And, yes. Tia watched as you fucked me. She looked pissed, like I was taking you away from her.” Bella brushed his hair away from his eyes. “I was. You’re mine. She can’t have you, Edward. I wonder of Benjamin knows that his wife is a whore.”

“I don’t know. I don’t honestly care,” Edward smirked. “As fun as this was, I think I want to take you back and ravage you completely. Fucking you in this back hallway sated the exhibitionist in me, but I want to make love to my girlfriend.”

“Call Nahuel,” Bella smiled, pulling him close and kissing his lips. “This was just a taste. I need more.”

“Me, too, Bella. Me, too.”

xx Destination Date xx

March 13th, 2020

Edward and Bella spent most of the night making love and exploring each other’s bodies. When the sun rose, they collapsed in a naked heap and fell asleep, physically exhausted. Late in the afternoon, Edward woke up when his stomach started snarling. He got up, groaning quietly as his body creaked. Writing a note, he got dressed and walked to the main resort.

“Ah, Senhor Cullen,” Osvaldo beamed. “What can I do for you? Planning a romantic date for you and Isabella?”

“Not today,” Edward chuckled. “Though, I do like that idea. Perhaps later on, before we leave?”

“When are you scheduled to depart?” Osvaldo asked, his smile falling.

“In four days,” Edward replied. “Why?”

“I just got an email from the tourism board. There’s a possibility that travel will be suspended because of that coronavirus thing,” Osvaldo frowned. “A number of guests have already checked out, hoping to beat this thing home.”

“Anything specific about the states?” Edward queried. “I asked my best friend and business partner. He said that there wasn’t a ban yet, unless you were traveling from China.”

“Nothing yet, but things are changing minute-by-minute,” Osvaldo shrugged. “Do you want to use our business center to schedule your return flight?”

“I’ll hold off for now,” Edward said. “I just wanted to pick up some goodies from the gift shop. Some snacks and ibuprofen. I thought I’d packed some, but I didn’t.”

“Of course, Senhor Cullen,” Osvaldo nodded. “My wife, Huilen, is running the shop today.”

“Thanks, Osvaldo.” Edward turned, walking into the large gift shop. Edward picked up some snacks and drinks before ambling to grab some ibuprofen. He also got a pretty pair of earrings for Bella. Huilen explained they were raw opal, but Edward wanted to get Bella something pretty to remember their trip together. Something more than just pictures and memories. He added some perfume when Huilen said it was a popular scent, specifically made for the resort.

Walking back to his villa, Edward was sipping some water and eager to get back to Bella.

“You deserve better than her,” Tia purred, following Edward back to his villa. “She’s so plain. You’re not.”

“She’s also so single. You’re not,” Edward threw back. “You have a husband, who clearly adores you, but he doesn’t realize that his wife is a whore.”

“Benjamin is safe,” Tia shrugged, moving to touch Edward’s chest. “You’re hot. Exotic.”

“Look, back off. I’m not interested. I’m with Bella and you’re with Ben. Back the fuck off,” Edward snapped. “How would your husband feel if I told him that you were trying to fuck me?”

“He wouldn’t care,” Tia smirked. “I don’t want him. I want you.”

“I’m unavailable,” Edward yelled. He brushed past Tia and practically ran back to his villa. He slipped inside, double locking the door and panting angrily. He scowled out the window, where he saw Tia on the beach outside of the rental property.

“Edward? You okay?” Bella asked, walking to him, wearing a sheet toga. Her hair was a ravaged mess and she still had sleep lines crossing over her face. She shuffled to him, snuggling up to his side. “I missed you.”

“I’m sorry that I was gone when you woke up,” he said, sliding his arm around her body. “I needed to get some ibuprofen and I was hungry. I didn’t want a heavy meal, just some snacks. I picked up a couple salads and some chips.”

“That sounds pretty awesome,” Bella grinned. “I’m going to take a shower. I feel like my body is jelly.”

“Come on, Glitter. We’ll soak in the hot tub … inside,” Edward said. “Then, we’ll just have a quiet night alone.”

“And, Sparkle, as much as I love your cock, the lady bits are off limits,” Bella snorted.

“As much as I’d love to slide into your pussy, my body is also barking. Hence, my need for ibuprofen,” Edward laughed. “Come on, Bella. Hot tub, salad, snuggles … in that order.”

A/N: I think you can see where this is going, but we’ll see what happens. Pictures from this chapter are on my blog. You can access that through a link on my profile. You’ll see the club, Bella’s sexy dress and the gift shop. I’m also on FB: Tufano79’s Twilight Fanfiction Appreciation. Twitter, too: tufano79.

Up next will be some more Brazilian exploration and spending time with our favorite couple. I’m thinking an excursion in and around the resort on horseback with a picnic, with some news about their return. Will they be heading home early or be stranded in São Paulo?

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