Lost- One Shot @halfofmysoul
Chapter 1

AN: So I've had this stuck in my head, and I don't really see a LOT of Loki/Bella stories, so I wanted to write a one-shot. I know I leave my one-shots semi-incomplete but NOT TODAY!

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Anyway, enjoy.

Summary: Bella meets the God of mischief who has no idea who he is. She lives a life of solitude, and for good reason. As Loki slowly starts regaining his memory, Bella's past starts to catch up with her. What happens when Thor shows up to take her happiness away?

Hard rain pelted down from the sky, causing the already icy roads to become more dangerous. The windshield wipers frantically moved back and forth, clearing the heavy water out of the way so the young woman behind the wheel could see.

She squinted her eyes as she drove along the empty stretch of road, trying to see in the heavy weather. Her eyes suddenly widen at a figure in the middle of the street, and she steps on the brake, her tires screeching against the asphalt.

The truck stops mere inches away from the figure, and the woman lets out a single breath, staring into green eyes. She fumbled with the door handle, snapping her seatbelt off, stepping out into the street. Her hair was instantly soaked, her clothes becoming soaked in a matter of seconds.

The rain slightly blurred her vision, and she raised her hand to shield her eyes, peering at the man that stood in front of her. She looked him over, seeing him dressed in a weird type of clothing, green all over, with golden-like plates over his shoulders and arms, and a weird golden-shaped helmet on his head.

She hesitantly stepped forward, his eyes flashing to hers as if he just realized that she was there. "Are you alright?!" She called out, waving her hand. She hesitantly approached him, craning her head up to look him in the face.

The man looked down at her confused, "Where am I?" He asks softly, and the woman had to lean up on her toes just to hear him. She looked at her truck before looking back at him. "Forks, Washington," He tilted his head at her. "What planet is Forks?" The young woman raised her brows, deciding that this man was clearly out of it. She brushed her hand against his feeling his absolute icy skin.

"You're freezing! You need to get out of the rain!" She advised, shivering as the wind howled, blowing the rain in their direction, slapping her in the face. The man seemed unfazed though, his black hair dripping with rain.

The young woman guided him to her truck, helping him into the passenger seat. She shut the door, hurriedly running across the street, catching herself on the front of her truck as she almost slipped on the ground. She hopped into the truck, closing her door, cranking up the heat.

She started back on the road, slicking her hair back and wiping the water from her face. She glanced over at her quiet companion, a frown on her face. "Um, can I drop you off somewhere?" She asked, turning back to the road.

The man didn't respond, and she sighed. "What's your name?" She asked. She got a delayed response as the man looked at her, and then his hands and attire. "I…don't know," The woman's frown deepened, and she looked at him again. "Um, well, my name is Bella. I…you can come back to my place and get in some dry clothes. Do you have anyone you can call? Do you even know anyone?" The man immediately shook his head, his brows crinkled.

The ride to her house was quiet and she pulled into her driveway, cutting off the truck. She opened the door, waiting for the man to get out. He struggled a bit with the door but managed to get out, closing the door behind him.

He walked behind her, taking a look around as she opened her door. She fiddled with the lock and the door, pushing against it. The man looked at her perplexed and Bella got the door open.

"It's a little stuck, sorry," She moved out of the way to let him inside, and he came in looking around. Bella's house was pretty small, with green walls and rustic furniture. In front of them was the living room, and another little adjoined room that looked like an office.

To the right was a small kitchen, a darker shade of green covering the walls. To the left of the living room was a staircase that led upstairs.

Bella closed the door, shutting out the wind, both of them dripping wet. "You can take off your shoes, and I'll lead you upstairs okay?" The man just nodded, watching her as she locked the front door, noticing that she had a lot of locks on the door.

Bella noticing his questioning gaze, blushed. "You can never be too careful," She took off her shoes, and led the man upstairs, wondering what the hell he had on his head and why he asked what planet was Forks?

Upstairs there were two bedrooms on either side at the top of the stairs and the bathroom right at the top. She pulled the man into her room, looking him over.

She went to her drawer, pulling out a pile of clothes. She looked over at him again, sizing him up. "This will have to do. The bathroom is right there, and you can hop in the shower, I'm going to put these in the dryer, um, your clothes…."

She trailed off, wondering what to do with his garments. He looked down at himself, looking at his clothing perplexed. Bella walked forward, reaching up and taking off his golden helmet. She almost dropped it, grunting at its weight.

"What the hell is this made of? Solid gold?" The man just shrugged at her, taking it from her, and Bella eyed him curiously as he seemed to have no trouble holding it, placing it on her dresser. Bella's eyes widened as he started to undress, and she turned around quickly, covering her eyes.

"Oh my…." She mumbled, turning back around after a minute or so to see that he was holding his clothes in front of him, hiding his intimate parts. Bella gave him a nervous smile, trading clothes with him praying to god that he knew how to work the shower.

He went into the bathroom, closing the door softly behind him. She heard him fiddling with the handles before the shower cut on. She stripped down to something more comfortable and picked up his clothes, tilting her head at the fabric of his clothes. It was incredibly soft, unlike anything she ever touched.

She shook her head, heading downstairs and by the stairwell was a door leading down to the basement to the washer and dryer. She placed the dry clothes in the dryer, tilting her head at his soaked clothes. She was able to remove the heavy plates, those too almost bringing her down to the floor.

She wasn't sure if she should wash his clothes, so she sat them on the washer for later and headed back upstairs. She went about making something light to eat, looking outside the window at the raging storm outside.

She made a few grilled cheese sandwiches and put on a pot of chicken noodle soup. She turned up the heat a bit in the home, and after 20 minutes, she heard the water shut off. She went back into the basement to retrieve his clothes and made her way back upstairs. She knocked on the door, "I have some dry clothes for you," She stated softly.

The door opened, and she swallowed heavily, unable to stop herself as her eyes wandered his body, eyeing his abs that were glistening with droplets of water, until her eyes stopped at the pink towel. She snapped her eyes back to his, turning a dark red.

"Um, here. When you're dressed, you can come downstairs. I made lunch," She swiveled on her feet, mentally berating herself. She made her way downstairs, turning on the tv, flipping to the news. She turned the volume down and started plating plates.

A few minutes later her guest came down, giving her a look, she didn't decipher. He went into the kitchen looking down at the food in wonder, pulling out a chair, waiting as Bella sat. He picked up the grilled cheese sandwich, raising it to his nose, causing Bella to snort out a laugh.

"Don't worry, it isn't poisoned," She joked. He bit into it, his eyes widening a bit. Bella tilted her head at his reaction, smiling a bit. "This is really good," He mumbled behind his bite. Bella noticed that he had an accent, but one that she couldn't place to a specific origin.

"I'm glad you like it. It's grilled cheese," He pointed to the bowl, picking up the spoon. "What is this?" He took his spoon, spooning in a mouthful. "Chicken Noodle Soup…. you've never eaten any of this before?" She asked, too focused on him to even eat her own lunch.

The man shook his head, clearly loving it. "Interesting," She turned to her own plate, asking him questions here and there, basic things to gauge the extent of his memory loss. He knew his favorite colors were green and yellow, and that his mother, whom he has no idea what she looks like or where she is, likes yellow. He has an older brother, of whom he oddly remembers being playful and boisterous. One thing that he was very adamant about was that he was not from Earth. It slightly weirded Bella out, and she knew that by looking in his eyes that he believed this to the fullest extent.

"There's a place, a large place in space, in a world full of magic and….it's all so fuzzy…" Bella frowned at him but listened anyway. "Do you remember your name?" She asks, picking up his plate.

He nodded. "It came to me while I was using the facilities," Facilities? She thought. "Okay…" She said, waiting for him to tell her so that she could stop calling him a guest in her head. His green eyes met hers, making her breath catch in her throat.


"It's Loki. My name is Loki,"

Over the next few days, Bella learned that Loki knew absolutely nothing about anything. He had a basic understanding of how things worked but was otherwise clueless about anything else. He tried helping her wash dishes one afternoon but used too much soap and broke a few plates.

She introduced him to television and things like YouTube. Bella could only chuckle, and as the days went on, she was more convinced that he truly wasn't from Earth. He talked with a vernacular that was very poise and well-practiced, and sometimes he'd call her 'Bella darling', a slip on his part as he apologized the first time, but it had seemed to stick after she told him it was alright.

She also found that his clothing was unlike anything she ever saw. She had washed them the very first day and it was like it was never wet in the first place, the feeling of the fabric stayed the same. She had given it back to Loki who had said it wasn't made from her planet.

She had questioned him about what planet he was from, but he couldn't remember. He did however note it was a place he did not wish to go back to. It kind of made her sad that he didn't want to go home. Crazy or telling the truth, there was truly something interesting about Loki.

Forks was overcast for the past five days, cold and wet, too dangerous to be out on the slick roads. Loki was particularly interested in snow, and Bella had never laughed so hard in her life when he went outside in the flannel and sweats she had given him.

"Aren't you cold?!" She had called out, wrapped in a blanket, her slippers on her feet. Loki had turned to her with a look of complete joy on his face, his arms outstretched, the snow landing in his hair. She couldn't help but smile at him in return.

He moved towards her then, taking her hand, pulling her outside. "Woah," Bella held onto his arms as her slippers slid across the icy cement. "Loki…I don't have the best balance…" She cautioned, gripping his shirt as they slid across the ground.

"I've got you," He replied, holding her at the waist, laughing in delight at her wide and cautioned eyes. "You're barefoot," She stated worriedly. He just shrugged at her, twirling her around slowly causing her to smile. Bella looked him over from head to toe, seeing that he wasn't even turning pink. "You really aren't from here, are you?" She asked, slightly awed.

Loki just shook his head. "That's one of the things I am sure of. How come it doesn't worry you?" Bella furrowed her brows. "I don't know. You….you're harmless," Loki's expression changed for a second, and zoned out before he focused on her once more.

"What if I'm not?" Bella tilted her head at him. She was about to say something, but the sound of a car rolling by made her freeze. Loki immediately noticed her expression. "Is everything alright?" Bella heavily swallowed, her jaw tightening as she kept her eyes trained on him. "I think it's best we go inside now," She whispered, blinking rapidly.

Loki frowned, but nodded, keeping an arm around her shoulder as they walked back inside. Bella immediately closed the door behind them, locking the front door. Loki watched her silently as she bolted the chain.

She scurried past him to the back door, similar locks on it, locking them up too. She proceeded into the kitchen making sure the window was locked and did the same with every window in the house. Loki had followed behind her silently stopping when she came back down the stairs, flipping on the news.

She started to bite on her thumb nail, shivering slightly. "Bella?" He called out. Bella turned her eyes to him, looking like a scared animal. "What's going on?" She sat on the couch, scrubbing a hand down her face. "Do you ever notice how no one lives out here? No one comes by except the mailman. Why I have all the locks on the doors? I had a boyfriend once, and he was everything to me. One day though something changed, for the worst, and I found myself in this toxic relationship. This dangerous relationship. It got really bad one night, and the police were called. He's been…."

She was interrupted by the tv, Today, at 2:45, Edward Cullen was released from jail on one count of assault, and domestic violence. He is said to currently be on probation. Now if you were following this story 3 months ago, Isabella Marie Swan, daughter to retired Police Chief, Charlie Swan….

Bella shut off the TV, pursing her lips. She kept tapping her leg against the couch, her eyes sweeping across the room. Loki frowned and went to her side, sitting down next to her. "Everything will be alright," He soothed and wiped away a lone tear that slipped down her face.

Why do mortals cry?

5 days had turned into a week, and a week into two. Bella had slowly let her guard down again, finding some comfort in having someone in the house with her. Loki had been very patient, helping where he could, and one day he took the time to look outside, truly realizing that Bella lived in a secluded area, and for 6 days in a row, the mailman comes to the door, dropping off any mail she may have.

He collected it for her one day, looking down at the envelopes. "Bella, I think the postage man gave you the wrong mail," He moved inside, closing the front door behind him, locking it. Bella came up from the basement, raising a brow at him. "Hmmm?" She asked.

He went to her, showing her the mail. "They all say Helena…." He looked at her oddly as she just smiled at him, taking the mail. "It's the name I took in order to stay under the radar. You're the only stranger that knows my real name," She went about opening the mail, moving around him.

Bella glanced at him oddly as he seemed to be in a daze. She could always tell when he remembered something by the look on his face. She sat the mail on the table, waiting for him to come out of it.

He went to the couch, heavily sitting down, leaning his head on his hand. "What did you remember?" She asked curiously, coming to sit next to him. He furrowed his brows. "Nothing…it's confusing," He replied, shaking his head.

Bella frowned, laying her hand on his arm. "You're going to have to remember one day," Loki looked down at her hand for a moment before meeting her eyes. "Then I'll have to leave," He whispered. Her frown deepened, and she took in a deep breath before letting it out.

"Why?" She asked, tilting her head. He ran his thumb across her forehead, smoothing out her worry lines. "I don't belong here, and it wouldn't be safe for you," his face was set in a frown as he thought deeply. Bella leaned forward, wrapping her arms around him in a hug.

"What…what are you doing?" He asked confused, stilling in her arms. "It's called a hug,"
She replied softly, and Loki relaxed a bit, wrapping his arms around her, squeezing her gently as if she would break. He breathed in the soft scent of her shampoo, closing his eyes.

Memories flashed behind his eyes, images of his mother hugging him. He closed his eyes tightly, his grip tightening just a little. His brother, a face he didn't recognize, nor a name to boot, embracing him here or there. He let his head drop to her shoulder as some things came to him in flashes.

Definitely wouldn't be safe for a kind mortal like you….

Bella pulled back, seeing the focused expression on his face. "Hey…" She murmured, touching his face. His eyes focused on hers and he frowned. "How much are you remembering?" Loki just shook his head, laying it on her shoulder once more, holding on to her more tightly.

Bella's brows raised in surprise, but she ran her fingers through his soft hair.

"Loki…" Bella's soft voice pulled Loki from his dream, waking up instantly. He sat up quickly, Bella's hand on his shoulder keeping him in place. "What's wrong?" He asked her, looking her over in the dim light. Bella shook her head, her hair swaying with the movement.

"I'm okay. You were having a bad dream. I came to wake you," She murmured softly, peering into his eyes. Loki just let out a sigh. "My apologies darling," Bella chuckled softly, patting his face with her hand. "It's okay. I know what it's like to have bad dreams,"

They silently sat there for a moment, neither one of them going back to sleep any time soon. "Come on. I'll put on some coffee and find something on tv," She hopped off his bed, and left the room. He could hear her going down the stairs, and he followed after her.

She was in the kitchen, turning on the coffee machine. Loki tried coffee the second day being there, and Bella remembered his eyes going wide like a kid in the candy store. She fell out of her seat from laughing so hard. To say he was jittery after that was an understatement.

He grabbed the remote off the couch, one of the few things he knew how to work, looking for something interesting. He flipped through the channels as Bella fiddled with cups in the kitchen. "Loki? Sugar?" She called out. "Black," He replied, finding something that caught his eye. It was early in the morning, and the movie channels were playing romantic movies. Bella had taught him the different types of ways people drank coffee, and he found that he liked it straight with nothing in it.

"Oh, the notebook!" Bella gushed, handing him his cup. She sat alongside of him, holding her cup in her hands, turning up the volume. Loki was more focused on her than the movie, watching her expressions change during certain scenes. "Why do mortals cry?" Bella turned to him confused.

"I'm sorry?" She asked, pausing the movie. He motioned towards her wet face, using his thumb to swipe across her cheek. "Why do mortals cry?" He repeated, running his thumb and forefinger together. Bella sat her cup down on the table in front of them, grabbing his empty one as well, placing it next to hers.

"I heard that. You said mortals…. humans you mean?" Loki gave her a one-armed shrug. "We cry when we're sad or happy. Hurt…." She trailed off. He just nodded, and Bella un-paused the movie, feeling more and more curious.

An hour into the movie, Bella had fallen asleep, her head on Loki's shoulder. She was wrapped in her blanket, snoring softly. Loki continued watching the movie, tilting his head at the main character's relationship.

As she slept, Loki gingerly wrapping his arm around her shoulders. Once the movie was over, Loki debated against waking her up or letting her sleep. He lifted her from the couch, cradling her in his arms. He stared down at her face for a moment, thinking to himself about how beautiful she was.

She was more beautiful than the actresses on screen. She shifted in his arms, and Loki held her closer to his chest, carefully heading upstairs and into her room, laying her on her bed. He covered her up with the covers, taking a gander around her room. He'd only been in here a handful of times, but he was now noticing that there were no pictures of her or anything on the wall. It was very bare.

He noticed a little bag that she kept by the bed in a chair. He curiously opened the bag, finding a change of clothes inside and a set of IDs with different names on them. He got the picture pretty easily, upset that she was that afraid to where she was prepared to run at any given second.

He zipped her bag back up, turning to look at her sleeping form. He started to leave her room but paused at the door when he heard Bella's voice. "Loki…" She mumbled. He turned to her, but he realized that she was still asleep.

After about a month of staying with Bella, Loki realized that she had everything she needed and what she didn't, someone would bring it to her. It was always the same person every time, bringing her essential items like food and water.

She had informed Loki that her father had set it up that way so that there would be no outside sources that knew of Bella's actual whereabouts. Loki was remembering more and more details about himself, seeing flashes in his dreams of a man dressed in almost a golden robe and eyepatch.

He assumed it was his father but didn't want to dwell on it too much. As much as Loki wanted to piece these little pieces of his life together, he also knew that by doing so he'd have to leave Bella. He just knew that whoever he really was deep inside, would bring trouble, and he didn't wish that on her.

He knew that he'd never do anything to hurt her, but he knew it wasn't safe. He didn't want to leave her though. She needed someone with her, and he found himself quite attached to her. She was kind, patient, quiet, beautiful, and many other things he didn't have words for.

She was his friend. His only friend really. He loved to see her laugh and smile. Her eyes would light up, and her smile would widen. She talked a lot about her childhood, and he could almost imagine her life through her eyes. He did whatever she did mostly, and that was fine with him. She had a few books in the living room, and he'd flip through those from time to time, sometimes he'd read it, and she'd lean over his shoulder, reading with him.

She liked romance movies along with comedy movies. Sometimes he'd absentmindedly run his hands through her hair, and she'd fall asleep with her head on his lap. She was warm like always and it made him happy.

They were currently in the living room, Bella lounging next to him doing what she called knitting. He found the process absolutely ridiculous and confusing, but it was something she had picked up on YouTube. Loki personally despised it as there was just too much information for him to process.

He was reading one her books, one of his hands resting in her ankle. A knock sounded at the door and he could feel Bella stiffen immediately. This time, she had reason to be. It was Sunday so he knew there was no mail. She hadn't ordered anything lately, and there wasn't a package.

She moved her feet off of him and stood shakily, her face draining of all color. Loki stood with her, and she snapped her eyes to him. "I'll check it out," He said soothingly. He headed for the front door, and he felt Bella grip the back of his shirt.

He unlocked the door, opening it partway to see a man outside. "Can I help you?" Loki asked, keeping the door only partly open, his other hand behind him, keeping Bella in place and out of sight. The man had hazel green eyes, and bronze-colored hair, a small beard covering his chin.

The man frowned at him, but immediately hid his expression. "I'm looking for Bella Swan," Loki could feel Bella's fingers dig into his skin through his shirt. "I'm sorry, you have the wrong house. There's no one that lives here by that name," The lie slipped off his tongue so easily, and an image of himself dressed in the attire Bella found him in flashed before his eyes.

The man scoffed. "I've seen her. She lives here. Bella! It's me, come on!" Loki narrowed his eyes, glaring at who he assumed was Edward. Edward stepped on the porch and tried to barge his way inside. It only pissed Loki off, so he pushed Edward back off the porch, stepping outside.

"You filthy mortal," He spat. "I said you have the wrong house, so I'd advise you to leave," Edward stood a bit straighter, tilting his head. "Mortal? Dude, just get the fuck out of my way. Bella! Get out here dammit!"

Bella stayed inside behind the door, covering her mouth to hold in her terrified whimper. Edward, becoming enraged, lunged for Loki, unaware that Bella was peeking through the crack. "Edward no! Leave him alone!" She ran out on the porch, stopping as Loki dodged Edward's punch, landing one of his own to Edward's gut sending him flying a few feet away.

Bella covered her mouth in surprise as Loki stalked forward. Bella went to grab his arm, intent on stopping him from doing anything more. "You ever lay your hands on her again, or even come near her again, and it'll the last thing you do!"

Bella caught up to him, grabbing his hand, pulling him away. "Loki…" She whispered, and Loki composed himself, pulling Bella against his side, and ushered her inside the house. He locked up behind them, watching through the peephole as Edward left with the last bit of dignity he had left.

Bella was waiting behind him, shaking all over. "Is he gone?" Loki nodded, turning back to her, frowning. She burst into tears, and Loki caught her before she could drop to her knees. She wrapped her arms around him tightly and he held her steady, shushing her. "Why did he have to come back?" She rasped, shaking in his arms.

"Shhh now. As long as I'm around, he won't," Loki promised, kissing the top of her head.

After that terrifying experience, Loki had offered to stay with Bella in her room until she fell asleep. She declined at first but caved as she was doing nothing but driving herself crazy. He'd stay up with her until she fell asleep, then he'd venture on to his own room.

It took him a while to fall asleep most nights, and the longer he stayed awake at night, the more he was remembering about himself. He was convinced that he already wasn't from Earth, and he believed that wherever he was from, he was like a god. He didn't know if that scared him or not, but that was another thing he was 100% sure of.

He knew that he had a family somewhere, although it wasn't the best, and that he was here for a reason. Good or bad, he didn't know. He also knew that by looking at his clothes that high power was involved, and something deep inside of him craved it. He pushed it away most times though.

He kept thinking of the name Thor but had not any clue as to what it meant just yet, but the name alone annoyed him to death and gave him a feeling of mixed emotions. He had an inkling to use the internet, but he wanted to figure it out on his own.

The nightly ritual with Bella started to become a normal thing, and sometimes he'd fall asleep in bed with her, waking up most nights to her talking in her sleep or she snuggled up against him. Edward had heeded Loki's warning, and didn't show his face around again, somewhat easing Bella's fears.

Loki assured her that he'd never let any harm come to her or there would be 'severe' consequences. She had chuckled at him at first, then realized that he was completely serious which all the more made her smile. Loki was unlike any man she'd ever seen or known for that matter. He was handsome and tall; with the most intriguing eyes she had ever seen.

He was slightly cooler than she was in body temperature, his voice like velvet. He was comfort and a feeling of peace all in one. He looked at her every day like he was seeing her for the first time, and it made her feel special.

She was convinced that she was falling for the man that clearly was from out of this world. He'd looked at her over one of the books she'd give him, his black hair framing his face in a way that made her breath hitch. Sometimes she'd ask Loki to stay the night, knowing it wasn't necessary, but she wanted to be close to him.

Falling was an understatement on her part.

She was downright in love.

It was late in the night when rain, thunder, and lightning jolted Bella from her sleep. Her shifting woke Loki who had stared down at her in concern. He shifted underneath her, flicking on the lamp beside the bed. "Are you alright?" He asked, laying his hand on her arm.

Bella swallowed heavily, nodding. "Yeah…" She murmured, swiping her hair back. Loki stared at her intently as she let out a breath. She patted his hand, clambering out of the bed, and going over to her window. Loki adverted his eyes from her bare legs, looking to the blankets instead.

"I didn't mean to wake you," She murmured, leaning her forehead against the glass. Loki got out of the bed, coming to stand behind her. "Can I ask you something?" He asked, and Bella lifted her head, eyeing his reflection. She nodded. "Of course,"

He moved beside her, laying his hand on the windowsill. "That day you found me in the rain. What were you doing out there? You don't go anywhere so….why were you out?" Bella bit her lip, narrowing her eyes in thought.

"I….that's a good question. I'd been cooped up here at the house and it was a nice day. I don't know, something just told me to get out a bit. Then it was raining and there you were in the middle of the road like a maniac," She snorted, smiling up at him.

"Why?" She questioned. Loki shrugged. "Just wondering. I've been remembering some things, and I think where I'm from I'm a god…or maybe a king. God feels…right," Bella raised her brows. "Well there are some people out there missing their god huh? I doubt they'd think to look for you with us mere mortals," She snickered, smiling when he gave her a grin.

"Well hey, that's a good thing, no matter how bad you think it is. You can't stay lost forever," She turned around, her back against the window, crossing her arms. Loki frowned again, meeting her brown eyes. He could get lost in them. Lose his train of thought or remember exactly what he was thinking. She had that effect on him.

"What if I want to stay lost? What if I wanted to stay lost with you?" He asked softly, raising his hand to her face hesitantly, unsure if she would be comfortable with such intimacy. Her eyes immediately filled up with tears at the question.

"Loki…." She trailed off, leaning into his hand. Loki moved closer to her, peering down at her. "It's nice here. Quiet. I don't want to remember if that means I have to give you up," Bella closed her eyes as Loki dipped his head, capturing her lips softly, hesitantly swiping his tongue across her sweet lips, his hand sliding down from her back to her waist.

Bella slightly tilted her head, running her hands up the front of his body and around his neck, letting out a breath as his other hand grabbed her thigh, hiking it up his side. The hand on her hip slipped down to her other leg, lifting her off the ground.

Bella broke away to take in a breath, leaning her head against his, opening her eyes a bit, her heart racing in her chest. Loki audibly gulped, sounding out of breath. "Do you wish for me to continue?" He breathed, and Bella silently nodded, her lips finding his again as she closed her eyes.

Loki slowly walked them back to the bed, laying Bella down, breaking away for just a second so that he could get his shirt off. Bella pulled him back down, her kiss intensifying with each passing second. He slowly ran his hands up her legs and under her shirt, making her shiver, a small moan passing her lips.

The sound alone made Loki shudder, his fingers wrapping around the hem of her shirt, slowly pulling it up her body. Bella suddenly opened her eyes, grasping his hands. "Wait…" She breathed out, and Loki stopped, breaking away from her.

He took in her expression, eyeing her patiently. "Do you wish to stop?" He started to ease up off of her and Bella shook her head, grabbing his hand. "No I…I don't know if you'll like what you see," She whispered, looking at his face.

"You're beautiful," He immediately replied. Bella smiled at him, but Loki could tell that something was bothering her. He slowly lifted her shirt, and Bella nervously waited as his eyes flashed to different sections of her stomach, taking in the few burns that had lingered, and would permanently linger on her body.

He gently ran his finger across one, "What are these?" When she didn't answer right away, he looked to her curiously. "Cigarette burns," She whispered, unable to stare him in the eyes for so long. Loki was silent, and Bella sniffled. "I know I'm probably not as beautiful as the women are from your planet or your world, but this is what being mortal is….we all have scars…these are mine,"

Bella stilled as Loki pressed her lips to her stomach, kissing each mark he came across, her eyes flashing back to him. He lifted his head slightly, "Mortal or from another world, there's no one as beautiful as you,"

Tears slipped from Bella's eyes, freely flowing down her face as he dipped his head back down, placing soft kisses up her body, pulling her shirt up the farther he went. Bella arched her back to help him slip the shirt up her arms and over her head. He kissed the valley between her breasts over the fabric of her black bra, trailing his lips up the side of her neck and jaw, finding her lips once more.

Bella sucked in a breath as his tongue sensually explored her mouth, her fingers trailing up his strong back. He reached under her, unclasping her bra, gently pulling the straps off her shoulders, slowly venturing down her body again, throwing her bra in another direction of her room.

"Loki…" She whispered, her eyes closing as he lavished her breasts, each one receiving equal attention. He swirled his tongue across each nipple, gently pulling on them with his teeth, her pants reaching his ears. He continued his descent, kissing around the place she wanted his lips most, and down her thighs.

He caressed her soft skin with his hands as he ventured back up, kissing around her underwear. Bella's soft plea urged him forward, and he slipped his fingers on each side, pulling down her underwear, those following the same fate as her other clothes.

Bella turned a bright shade of red as he stopped to just look at her. She slightly squirmed under his gaze, and he flashed his eyes to hers, and Bella could've sworn that they seemed a darker shade of green, almost glowing. "Simply beautiful is what you are,"

His voice sent goosebumps down her spine and Bella felt like her soul left her body when he dived in, working her body in a way that has never been done before. She shook underneath him, wrapping her legs around his upper back, her hands gripping the sheets as he licked and sucked, eliciting loud moans from her throat.

She rocked her hips against his face, gasping as he brought her to the edge. She let out a shuddering breath, cumming harder than she ever had in her life, white flashing behind her eyes. She blinked her eyes open to see Loki lifting his head, his tongue swiping over her lips.

"Mmmm. Delicious…" Bella swallowed at the look in his eyes, and he rubbed against her as he loomed over her, his lips grazing hers. "Breathe…" He whispered, kissing down her chin as she sucked in a breath, a whimper passing her lips as she could feel him rubbing against her.

She didn't even realize that he had taken off his pants until she felt him at her entrance. Bella would never be able to describe the feeling of behind whole, not only physically, emotionally, or spiritually when he entered her.

He slipped into her with such ease, slowly filling her until he was fully sheathed. They both groaned at the sensation. He slipped back out till he got to the very end before gently snapping his hips forward. Bella shuddered each time as he set a slow and gentle rhythm, grasping his arms, moaning at each thrust, a string of profanities slipping from her lips every few minutes.

Bella didn't know how many times she came, but she knew that her sheets would need to be changed the following day. Loki worshiped her body like the goddess she was, finding complete enjoyment in act of bringing her body to the precipice of euphoria.

He bent down to kiss her lips, his thrusts slowly as he finished, groaning in her ear, burying his face in her hair.

Bella ran her hands up his back, kissing his shoulder, totally spent, her body still shaking underneath him. She closed her eyes, feeling completely at peace for once in a very long time.

Unfortunately, Bella's peace would not last.

She and Loki had only grown closer after their passionate night, almost every night ending in a desire of lovemaking. They were so in tune that it was unreal, a bond growing between the two that would one day become inseparable.

They hadn't said the words to one another yet, but it was clear that they both loved each other. Bella had stopped pushing him about his memory, and Loki hoped that he'd never remember. There was a light in his eyes that Bella had the inkling hadn't been in his soul for a very long time.

It was now rolling on three months since Bella brought Loki out of the rain, and it was currently September, just a few days before Bella's birthday. He wanted to do something special for her.

He'd finally caved into using YouTube and learned how to cook. He worked with what she had, and she'd ask what he was up to from time to time.

She'd tase test some of his samples and he was proud to learn that he was doing well in the arts of cooking. He wanted to make her a nice dinner and would finally admit that he was in love with her.

Only the day never came.

The two were camping out in the backyard as it was a clear night. Bella was laying on a sleeping bag in his arms, pointing up at the sky at the stars. She giggled as he whispered something in her ear, turning over in his arms, smiling at him.

"Loki?" She questioned, and he looked down at her with a brow raised. "I…" She was cut off as a large boom of thunder cracked through the air, making her eyes widen. She had never heard of a sound like that before.

The wind started to pick up and Loki quickly rolled them over as lightning striked the ground, illuminating the whole yard. He lifted his head slowly, his eyes widening at the figure that stood in the yard. "No…." He muttered. He leaned up, pulling Bella up with him.

"Loki…." Bella gasped, grabbing onto his shirt. The tall figure glared down at Loki, electricity zapping around him. "Did you think you could hide forever brother? You think that you can just escape Asgardian prison and think I wouldn't find you?"

Everything came rushing back to Loki at a blinding speed, and he grasped his head. Thor eyed Bella, then their sleeping bag. "I'm sorry for any disruption my brother may have caused to your life, but I am here to take him home," Bella shook her head frantically, standing up.

"What? No!" Thor stepped forward, and Loki stood swiftly, standing in front of her. "Don't you dare step any closer to her," He warned. Bella's eyes widened as Loki's clothing changed into that of which he was wearing when she found him.

"I don't know what you have going on here, but you will come back with me. I'm trying to help you. If Father finds out that you've been on Midgard…with a human…a Midgardian woman no less…." Loki narrowed his eyes.

"I don't give a damn about what father thinks Thor. Never have!" He spat in fury. Bella could only look between them in fright. "You know as well as I do that it will be unsafe for you to remain here. You endanger her just by being here,"

Loki flickered his eyes down to Bella's terrified face. Bella gasped as Thor suddenly grabbed Loki by the throat, holding him by the neck, slapping on a pair of shackles for his hands.

"I can't allow you to stay," Thor stated. He dragged Loki to the center of where he arrived. Bella tripped over her feet as she followed behind Thor. "Wait!" She choked out, grabbing onto Thor's red cape. He looked down at her, frowning.

"Please, step back. I do not wish to hurt you," Bella ignored him, slapping his arm away. "Put him down dammit. Just…let me say goodbye…" Thor let go of Loki's throat, keeping a firm grip on his arm. Bella swallowed the lump in her throat, grabbing Loki's face, bringing him down to meet her lips. Loki grasped her by the shirt, pulling her as close as he could.

Thor had to look away, thoroughly confused.

Bella pulled away, closing her eyes as Loki wiped away her tears. "There's nothing stopping him from taking you is there?" She whispered brokenly. "No. Not without risking you, and I won't allow that," Bella's lips wobbled, and she felt like her heart was breaking into a million pieces.

"Don't forget me," She whispered, staring into his eyes.

Loki kissed her forehead, "I'll find a way back to you. I promise. Now please, step as far away as possible," Loki had to pry Bella's hands away, and she tried to keep a brave face as she stepped more so into the confines of safety. Her chest heaved as Thor swung his hammer, the wind picking up around him.

In the blink of an eye they were gone, and with them her heart. She dropped to her knees, a sob wracking her body.

"I want you to know that I hate you. Let's just make that clear," Loki muttered as Thor walked him to Asgard's dungeons. "I've heard this before," Thor replied. "No. I really hate you. You took me from the only thing I cared about,"

Thor looked down at him, brows furrowed. He placed Loki back in his 'cell', frowning at him. "As my brother, you owe me one thing," Loki stated, placing his hands upon the transparent glass. Thor didn't respond but waited. "Please check on her. It's my only request, and if anything seems amiss, you do whatever it takes to make sure she's alright. I love her, the only thing I'll ever love,"

Loki turned away from his brother, sinking down the wall.

Thor left his brother alone, something telling him deep in his gut that he was making the wrong decision. He sighed to himself, making his way to Heimdall. Heimdall turned to him as he entered his line of sight. "Thor. What can I do for you?" Thor cleared his throat, walking forward. "There was a woman when I found Loki. I need you to check on her every once in a while, and let me know if something comes up. Loki seems…very fond of her, and it's the least I could do. To be truthfully honest with you old friend, I think I'm making a big mistake…" Heimdall frowned at him. "Of course. A piece of advice Thor, if your gut is telling you something, you should listen…"

Over the next three months, Thor watched his brother deteriorate into nothing like himself. His feeling of making the wrong decision was coming back tenfold. Over the last week or so, Loki had become extremely agitated and kept telling Thor that something wasn't right, but every time he checked with Heimdall she seemed to be okay.

Thor kept trying to tell Loki that she was alright, going as far as to get Frigga. As soon as she laid eyes on him, she knew something was wrong. "Oh my…" She noticed that he kept rubbing his chest, over his heart. "What is it?" Thor asks curiously, and slightly worried.

Before Frigga could say anything, Heimdall stalked his way through the dungeon, an expression of distraught on his face. "The Midgardian woman you asked me to look out for…she's in grave danger," Loki slammed himself against the confines of his cell, "Get me the hell out of here," Frigga nodded, moving out of the way as Thor broke Loki free.

Frigga watched her children leave, hoping that Loki would get to his love in time before something horrible happened.

She didn't erase his memory for nothing.

The ground shook as Thor and Loki appeared in Bella's backyard. They both froze as Bella's screams pierced the night air. Loki was the first to move, disappearing into the house. Thor followed after Loki, breaking down Bella's backdoor.

Her home was a mess, everything toppled over and out of place. All of her tables were broken and glass littering the floor. In the middle of the room, Bella had rolled out from under someone, barely dodging the knife that was headed for her face.

She raised her arms to shield some part of herself, waiting for the strike of the blade, but it never came. Loki had grasped her shirt, pulling her out from under her assailant, lifting her to her feet. Thor was by her side, steading her from being lifted at an unfathomable speed.

Loki grabbed the man by the neck, lifting him off the ground. He immediately recognized him of course, his grip cutting off his air supply. "I thought I told you that if you ever came near her again or touched her that it would be the last thing you do," Loki tightened his grip, so close to squeezing the very last breath from his body. "Loki…" Thor warned, enough to gather his attention. Loki dropped Edward to the ground, his eyes landing on Bella whose eyes were as wide as saucers.

Thor moved to the side as Loki all but stalked to Bella, gathering her in his arms, kissing her like he needed air to breathe. Bella squeezed him tightly, "You came back…" She murmured against his lips. Loki caressed her face, his eyes darkening at her busted lip and some of the visible bruises he could see on her.

"I promised…." He replied softly. Thor had picked Edward up by the shirt, looking him over in disgrace. "I'll never understand you Midgardian males and mere stupidity…" He flipped him over his shoulder, turning to his brother and the woman that seemed to capture his heart.

Loki had her wrapped in his arms, holding her like a lifeline. Bella pointed upon Thor, looking him up and down. "He stays or I go," While none of this excused Loki's actions before meeting Bella, he took the advice of Heimdall, shaking his head.

"He stays, and I will not interfere. Just know that you can come home any time you please brother. If not for my sake, then for Mother's. Father be dammed. I will take care of this…thing for you Miss Bella. Please…take care of him,"

With a semi-conscious Edward over his shoulder, Thor exited Bella's backdoor, leaving them alone.

Bella ran her hands down his face, noticing the bags under his eyes. "Looks like neither of us fared any better," She murmured, giving him a bright smile, her lips stinging from the pulling of the skin. She ignored it though as Loki caressed her face.

"I love you," He whispered, leaning his forehead against hers.

"I love you too…" She kissed his hand, turning to look around at her now-destroyed house. "I can have this clean in 2 seconds…" Loki murmured, looking around. Bella hummed softly, leaning against him. "Then what are we talking about it for?" She retorted, and in the blink of an eye, it was exactly the way it was before.

"I could get used to this…" She chuckled, wincing a bit at the pain around her ribs. Loki glanced at her from head to toe, brushing her hair from her face. "Wanna get lost for a few days?" She asked, looking up at him with a look he could only describe as sinful.

Loki shook his head at her. "Heal up nicely, and we'll aim for more than just a few days,"

Bella beamed up at him, "So you did learn something from us mere mortals,"

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