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Chapter 4

A short interlude before the big fireworks. I'm working tomorrow again, and will hopefully update on Saturday if everything goes as planned.

Elle sat at her desk, biting at the nail on her little finger, resting her chin on that same hand. She was daydreaming yet again. Her boss was at a meeting, and she hadn't seen him all day. It had been more than a month since their… Encounter, and he had left quite an impression. Literally.

She had woken in the morning, her bladder jolting her from her sleep. During the night, Roland had rolled her off of him, and she woke with her cheek plastered to his sternum. He was still asleep, and she quietly crawled down the massive bed, searching for his bathroom. His bedroom had three doors, all closed. The first she tried was locked. The second was his closet. Man, this man had a lot of clothes. She hit the jackpot with the third door, his enormous bathroom welcoming her with heated tiles in the floor and a soft light, from hidden panels on the walls. Everything was in a delicate beige marble.

She hastily relieved herself, wincing slightly as she felt a sudden sting in her private area. It had been a night alright.

When she went to wash her hands, she looked in the large mirror above the sink. Her jaw dropped. She was a mess. Her hair was disheveled, tousled beyond belief, her cheeks were flushed and her lips red and swollen. She also saw evidence of several love bites on her throat and shoulders. Even in places she couldn't recall he had been with his mouth. As she examined herself in the mirror, she felt like she had slept in a large dryer, her body hot and sore.

She had hastily sorted herself out as best she could, and went back to the bedroom. Roland had awakened by then, and greeted her by yanking her back into bed, easily rolling on top of her, his eager morning erection searching out her heat like a cruise missile. As he entered she hadn't been completely unable to hide her discomfort, and he eased off a bit, only resorting to slow and sensual love-making. He had easily enough brought her to climax a few times, before he had asked her to blow him until he came too. And then they had showered together, and she had left for her own apartment. And then nothing since. Not that he had ignored her, on the contrary. He had been more attentive than usual. For instance, in the week after, she had resorted to wearing a silken scarf around her neck, since there were still traces of his passion on her skin. When he saw it, he had smirked softly, walked up close and tugged at the slippery fabric. He made no comment, but she knew that he knew exactly why she had worn it. He had also been more free with his praise, when he felt she had done a good job. He'd done it in his usual crass manner, but still, it was something new.

A door slammed shut somewhere, and Elle sat bolt upright, just as he came strolling around the corner.

"I'm gonna need you to clear my schedule for a few weeks, it would seem I need to travel," Roland said, running a hand down his face. Elle hastily opened his calendar on the computer.

"Travelling?" She asked, perplexed by this news.

"I have a client in Switzerland. It should be no more than a month," he said, coming to a halt in front of her desk.

"A month?" She croaked, feeling her stomach settle some 15 floors below her.

Roland paused, regarding her for a moment. She tried to appear aloof, hastily tapping away at her keyboard. He kept silent.

"When will you be leaving?" She asked, trying to focus, even if her eyes stung slightly, tears threatening to appear. She willed them to stay away.

"I will be leaving on the next flight. Probably in a couple of hours," he answered her, watching her intently.

She nodded shortly, swallowing thickly at this.

"Are you okay?" he asked, his voice slightly disconcerted.

"Yes," she said shortly.

She continued to tap away, not looking up at him.

"I would like to see you in my office, miss Thomas," he said eventually, walking straight to the set of double doors leading to his domain.

Elle kept her eyes on her screen, only glancing up when she heard the doors close behind him. Taking a deep breath, she got up and, only slightly unsteady on her feet, she walked towards his office. The doors loomed in front of her, and she almost didn't dare take the handle, but then she did.

As soon as the doors closed behind her, she found herself caught in a pair of strong arms, pulling her sideways, swiftly pinning her against the wall just beside the door. She only just managed to keep silent as she was staring into Roland's face, his nose only an inch from her own. His cologne enveloped, making her breathe deeply, the smell swirling inside her.

"Are you sure you are quite alright?" He asked her, his eyes roaming her face.

She wanted to say yes, but the word seemed to be caught in the quagmire of her feelings. She gulped slightly, and then shook her head.

"Tell me," he said, his deep, soft voice melting her insides like molten lava.

"I just," she took a shaky breath, not quite able to put her feelings into words. She looked down, not able to meet his gaze.

He stared at her for a long moment.

"Did I leave you dissatisfied?" He asked softly.

Elle shook her head.

"No, you didn't!" She hastened to assure him.

"I just need-" She struggled to get the word across her lips. Admitting to it, meant that he had a larger significance in her life than she wanted to admit.

"You needed more," he finished her sentence for her. She finally looked up into his blue eyes.

"I have just been unable to get you out of my head since-" she managed, her voice low and hesitant.

"Since I fucked you senseless?" He asked, his tone not unkind.

She gulped.

"Yes," she said, breathlessly, nodding.

He straightened somewhat, considering her.

"And now I'll be gone for some time, rendering you unable to fulfill certain needs again," he said, voicing her thoughts exactly.

She nodded, biting her lips uncertainly. His eyes dropped to her mouth, and without warning he kissed her, his lips descending in a bruising kiss, making her knees go weak. His beard scratched her face, but she had so missed that feeling, she rather enjoyed it. He kissed her deeply for a couple of minutes, making her breathless, her head spin. Eventually he desisted, pulling back. She felt his lips depart with great disappointment.

"I can't do much about it at the moment, Elle. I wish you had told me sooner. I have things I need to prepare, and I should pack as well. If it is of any consolation, I will fucking miss you. We will be in contact via facetime. I can't fucking wait to fuck you senseless next time I see you. I will leave my apartment key for you, and you can reside in my home if you wish. If you choose to stay at my place, I will expect to see you naked whenever we are talking via facetime. Is that understood?"

Elle felt herself almost instantly growing wet at his words. She nodded again, almost smiling in spite of herself. How did he do it? He gave her a last kiss, and then departed his office, leaving her to deal with the gentle tingle he had left at her core.

Roland is not completely without compunction, eh?


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