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Contains graphic descriptions of sex.

I will not waffle on with this. I own nothing but the plotbunnies.

Go on then, read it at your own discretion.

Elle, walked behind Roland, keeping her face down. They only met a couple of other late night stragglers, and they didn't notice that he was holding onto her wrist, as his suit jacket flapped somewhat behind him as he walked, covering their linked appendages.

Nonetheless her cheeks flooded with heat, as she felt certain they would know exactly what had just happened between the two. She knew she hadn't exactly been quiet as he effortlessly brought her to orgasm. Her nether regions were still on fire, and she felt something slippery in her knickers as she shuffled after him.

They reached the elevators, and stood in complete silence as they waited for it to ascend. She discreetly tried to adjust her panties, feeling they were sticking to her skin, the slight coldness of her release uncomfortable. Finally a ding, and the elevator doors had barely opened before he dragged her into the carriage, pressing a button, before pushing her against the side wall. As the doors slid shut, he kissed her demandingly, his teeth biting into her lower lip.

"What's the matter, Elle? Is your cunt all drenched for me?" He growled softly against her lips.

"What?" She asked, puzzled.

He smirked knowingly at her.

"I saw you fiddling with your clothes as we waited for the lift. Feeling like we are in a sticky situation, are we?"

Elle scowled at him.

"Well, it's your damn fault," she said, no longer trying to hide it as she put her hand into her jeans to pull the offending fabric loose from her skin.

He didn't answer, but only smiled widely down at her. Then he casually hit the STOP button, and the elevator clanked to a halt, lights dimming. As she looked towards the ceiling, confusion evident on her face, he began to unbutton her jeans. Swiftly dragging them down her legs.

"What are you doing?!" She asked, her voice startled.

"I'm making you climax."

She felt a sudden thrill of deja vu, as he knelt down in front of her.

"Again?!" She blurted, glancing around the tiny carriage. She spotted no cameras.

"Well, I don't like my fucking food cold, do I?" He said, casually removing her knickers. She grimaced slightly as the thin material peeled off her. She closed her eyes, as she waited for him to comment on the state of them.

He said nothing, but nudged her legs further apart. At his touch, she opened her eyes. He was intently studying her centre. He placed a bent finger just beneath her clitoris, dragging a knuckle upwards towards her pubic bone. The touch was light, but she was still very sensitive from her first orgasm, and she couldn't help but gasp softly. It was turned into a breathy moan as he suddenly sealed his lips around her clit, and prodded it gently with his tongue. Elle felt her legs almost give way, and she scrambled to find something to hold onto. A bar was bolted to the wall just behind her, her bare buttocks resting against it. She grabbed the top of it, her hands feeling slightly shaky.

She felt the rough surface of his tongue swipe a few times at her, before he gave a few tender suckles, releasing her flesh with a series of small pops as the seal broke. At every pop, her body jolted.

"So fucking tender, so responsive," he murmured. Suddenly she felt his teeth at her mons, biting into her skin, grazing them across her pubic hair, before he laved it with his tongue, breathing deeply, inhaling her scent.

"I can't wait to screw you senseless," she could feel his hot breath on her as he spoke. He licked her labia a few times, his tongue swiping in between, tasting her essence, then attending to her clit once more. Her knuckles were white as she gripped the bar fiercely. His slow, deliberate movements were torture. He had her right at the edge within moments, but it wasn't quite enough. She turned her head sideways and downwards, her eyes shut tight, as she felt him tug at the hood of her clit several times. She bit her lip to avoid making too much sound.

Suddenly he placed his fingers on her lips on either side of her sensitive little nub, and squeezed them inwards, trapping her clit in between. He took the bundle of nerves in his mouth and suckled gently, swiping it with his tongue, simultaneously pushing his hands upwards with his fingers still on either side. The indirect pull made her yelp, as she felt her walls clamp down hard several times. Her reaction made him growl, the vibrations transferring to her most sensitive area, and he used it as he suckled at her flesh again. She gave a pained gasp, air trapped in her longs for far too long, exploded from her as she was tipped over, the orgasm nearly making her crash to the floor, had she not been holding on to the bar for dear life. As she slowly came to her senses, he was suddenly in between her legs, having opened the placket of his trousers. She felt his cock as he dragged the broad tip across her swollen folds, ending at her clit, prodding it, making her entire body jump at the sensation.

"I can no longer fucking wait for this," he said.

She instinctively grabbed onto his shoulders, bracing for him to penetrate her.

"You better hold on tight, sweet girl, this is gonna be a bumpy ride," he said, a wolfish smile on his lips. She felt a thrill run down her spine, as his words registered. He moved closer, placing himself at her entrance. Just then, the lights of the elevator nearly blinded them both as they went to full capacity. They both heard the grinding of gears as the lift hummed into action. Roland gave a sibilant hiss of displeasure.

"Shit!" He hastily tucked his erection back inside his pants, and bent down to grab her jeans.

"Put these back on, quick," he said, handing them to her, beginning to straighten his own clothes.

She didn't hesitate, and it was only when she had buttoned the jeans that she realised she had forgotten about her panties.

"Wait, where are my-..?" She began.

"In my pocket, I'm keeping them," he said smoothly.

She huffed annoyed, earning a brief glance from him.

"My fucking balls ache, I believe you can manage with a missing piece of garment for a while, don't you?" He said darkly.

"Besides, it will grant me easier access, once we are alone again," he said, smirking. Just then, the doors of the lift pinged open.

A security guard was peering in at them, his gaze shifting from Roland's immaculate looks, to Elle's decidedly disheveled form.

"Are you okay?" He asked seriously. "The elevator appeared to have stopped, so I had to try and get it running again," he explained.

Behind him, the halls of the offices lay dark.

"And you did splendid, Zack!" Roland said, only a slight growl to his voice, giving away his irritation. With that he marched out of the carriage, side stepping the guard, glancing back to make sure Elle was following him.

"Excuse the mess," Roland said 40 minutes later, as he shook free of his coat, flinging it aside, before he grabbed Elle by the shoulders and pulled her in for a kiss. They were standing in his apartment, the rooms still dark. She hadn't even noticed any mess before he kissed her. She could smell herself on him.

As he released her lips, he said;

"The bloody house elf has the day off."

Elle nearly laughed. He winked at her, and then stepped back, allowing her to take off her own coat. Then he turned on the lights. As she hung her coat on the chair just by the front door, he hauled her through a wide door, entering into a lavish sitting room.

"Let me show you around," he said, grinning widely.

"This is not the bedroom," he added, casually sweeping a hand out.

"No shit," she said, chuckling. He winked again, and dragged her further into his apartment.

"This is not the bedroom either," he announced, walking through the kitchen. They went through another door, and Roland turned on the lights as they went.

"Let me guess, not the bedroom either?" She interrupted, as he paused for a brief moment in a room that appeared to be his TV room.

"Correct," he growled.

"But this!" He exclaimed as he pushed open a wide set of double doors.

"Is the bedroom! Bedjamin, meet Elle," he said in a voice filled with good humour.

"Who's Benjamin?" Elle asked, glancing around the lavishly furnished room.

"Bedjamin," he corrected. "He's my bed," he added.

"You named your bed Bedjamin?" She asked, voice shaking with suppressed laughter.

"I did," he confirmed, but didn't elaborate as he turned towards her, kissing her again. His beard prickled at her face, but she didn't care, she threw her arms around his broad shoulders, insinuating her fingers into his curly hair, reciprocating the kiss eagerly.

He wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her close, his need evident, as it pressed into her lower stomach.

Eventually he let her go, stepping back, divesting himself of his suit jacket and his vest. His dark blue shirt appeared black, as he loosened the collar button, revealing a sliver of skin beneath. She saw a few of his chest hairs as they peaked up, and she stepped close to him again, her fingers eagerly digging at the fabric, her mouth slightly a jar. She felt his burning gaze upon her face as she impatiently opened every single button, finally having the fabric fall completely open, revealing his chest to her gaze. She hadn't realised that she had been holding her breath, and she released it rather shakily.

She placed her cool fingers on his skin, allowing them to travel down, running through his thick chest hair, grazing his nipples gently. He gave a soft groan, and she noticed his hips rock gently. Biting her lower lip, she did it again, this time also placing her lips in the centre of his chest, wanting to feel his groan through her mouth. This elicited the same response from him. He smelled delicious, and she began to kiss his skin with an open mouth, her fingers gently tweaking his nipples.

"Continue to do that, and I will not be able to stop myself from fucking you right here on the floor," he said, his deep voice sounding slightly more raspy than was usual.

"You had other plans, did you?" She asked slightly breathless with anticipation, withdrawing somewhat to be able to see his face.

He swallowed dryly.

"As a matter of fact, I did," he said, his thumb grabbing her lower lip, once again pulling it out from between her teeth.

"You're gonna suck my dick for a start," As he spoke, he opened his belt and with practiced ease had his cock out in seconds.

"I wanna feel those fucking pretty lips wrapped around me," he said darkly, slowly running his fist up and down his length. Elle gulped slightly.

"I may even spill myself between your lips, and you'll have to be a good girl and swallow it all. Or I will have to reprimand you," Her stomach fluttered at the thought.

"If you do a good job, I will make you scream." His hand never stopped moving, as he slowly pleasured himself, and he watched her closely as she absorbed his words.

"I don't scream," Elle stated softly.

He gave a dark, seductive chuckle.

"You fucking will tonight," he said, cupping her cheek gently. Then stepped around her, standing close behind, he grabbed a hold of the hem of her shirt and carefully pulled it off her torso, revealing her bra. She felt his scratchy beard on her shoulder, then his lips descended, kissing her where her shoulder met her neck. His fingers opened her bra with practiced ease, sliding the straps down her arms, his fingers simultaneously caressing her skin. Removing the garment from her body, tossing it to the side, he began to fondle her breasts. He pulled her back against him, his erection pressing into her buttocks, his bare chest against her back. His caresses sent jolts straight to her core, and she was soon leaning on him, her hips bucking slightly.

"You see, how you respond to me? You will begging for fucking mercy before I am through with you." She groaned at his words, her core practically throbbed.

"That is, if you are willing to obey me for the evening," he added seductively, pinching her nipples. She paused for a moment at his words.

She had of course had sex before. Though she had had several partners, she knew that she had nothing on Roland Blum. She also knew that he would be like nothing she had ever experienced before. She shuddered as she thought of him, filling her, making her lose control completely, over and over. Would she be willing to obey him through the night? She had no idea.

She was what one would call a shy lover. She wouldn't leave a partner unsatisfied, but she was rarely vocal through the encounter, and though she doubted that Roland could bring that side out in her, she enjoyed the thought of it. She would like to be able to let go. Just maybe one day, she could. Might even be tonight. Sensing he was only waiting for her answer, she nodded slowly, feeling her face heat up. Roland made no further statements.

He simply removed her jeans as well, soon having her completely naked before him. He kissed and nibbled her skin gently.

"I have something for you," he said softly. He held up his hand in front of her, showing a pill of some kind. She frowned slightly. She had suspected that he did drugs, he wasn't exactly subtle about it, but she had never really had the chance to confirm it.

"What is it?"

"This!" He exclaimed brightly. "Is Maca," he said, tilting the pill slightly, showing it better.

The shape reminded her of a bullet.

"I won't do drugs," she said sharply, feeling cornered.

"It is not a drug," he explained. "It's a natural aphrodisiac. I would like to give it to you," he added. Elle bit her lips. Natural? She had never even heard of it.

"I assure you, it will enhance your experience," he said seductively, his lips just by her ear.

"More than it has already been, I mean," he chuckled. She considered it, and then not wanting to delay much longer, she nodded her consent. He growled approvingly into her ear, and pulled her tight against his body.

Her eyes widened as she saw his hand move downwards, instead of to her mouth as she expected. She felt him prod her folds gently, finding the entrance to her vagina easily enough, he inserted the suppository, making sure it went in all the way.

"Let's give that time to work, shall we?" He growled softly, slowly stepping around to face her.

He was still wearing his shirt, his trousers were loose around his hips. He removed the trousers, leaving them discarded on the floor.

"Have you given a blowjob before?"

She nodded slowly.

"Excellent!" He exclaimed delightedly.

"Now, Elle, get on your knees," he commanded. She did as he asked, and he walked in front of her, his cock bouncing slightly as he moved. It nearly hit her on the nose, and she saw that he smirked at the idea.

"Open your mouth, and let me see that cute tongue of yours," he said in a husky voice. Again she obliged.

"Keep those teeth at bay, or there will be consequences, do you hear me?"

Nodding, she watched as he placed the tip of his cock on her tongue.

She went slowly at first, allowing her tongue to circle his broad, mushroom head, getting the feel of him. She slowly licked the underside of him, swiping at the sensitive spot just beneath the tip. He twitched at the feeling, and she felt emboldened. She grabbed him at the root with her right hand, and her left hand she placed on his thigh.

"No," he admonished gently, his voice gruff.

"You may not use your hands," and he grabbed her wrist and placed her right hand on his hip. She felt the fabric of his shirt beneath her fingers, and grabbed onto it.

Then she continued, using her tongue to tease him, then taking him into her mouth, making a vacuum before slowly pulling back, sucking at him. She felt him twitch again, and he growled softly, his hips rocking slightly.

"Oh, you have definitely done this before, haven't you, you little minx," he said, leaning his head back, as she took him further in than before. He hissed as she drew back, her cheeks hollowed out as she created suction around him.

"Yeess, that's it sweet girl, fucking take it." His fingers were suddenly in her hair, she hadn't even noticed that he had loosened her ponytail. As he guided her tempo, showing her what he liked, thrusting into her mouth, only stopping short of hitting the back of her throat, she looked up at him, their eyes connecting. As he released her, she stopped and then lashed her tongue out at the frenulum. He gave a groan. She sealed her lips around it and suckled it, making his cock twitch again. His breathing hastened slightly, and he shook his head disapprovingly.

"You're disobeying me, Elle. Suck my fucking dick. Thank you," He said as she took him in her mouth again.

"Don't worry, you will learn soon enough," he crooned down at her, as she applied more suction. She found that she wanted to please him, so she eagerly continued, concentrating on shielding her teeth, and taking him in as far as she could without gagging.

Once in a while she would look up at him. His eyes were usually closed, and she would wander his body with her gaze. She could see his muscles move as he breathed deeply, baring his teeth, as she released him with a loud pop, then holding onto his shirt, she used it as leverage to pull him in, allowing him to thrust into her mouth Athos leisure. His hips undulated and he began to fuck her mouth in earnest.

"Fuck, you are devine!" He hissed. She could see his stomach muscles contract as he approached his climax. Seeing him like this had her rocking her own hips in tandem with his movements. She felt her nether regions tingle, and she groaned deeply at the feeling. A warmth was spreading out through her core, and she knew that the Maca was beginning to work.

"Oh, you're feeling it, aren't you?" He crooned, his fiery gaze upon her flushed cheeks, her heavy lidded eyes..

"Does it feel good? Do you need me to fuck you? I will, when I feel you're ready for it," He said darkly, pushing into her mouth again, coaxing her to suck him off again.

"You know, you are very pretty, but seeing my dick between those pert lips of yours, is a fucking vision," he said, his breathing coming in faster now, his hips thrusting equally fast.

"I'm gonna come, Elle. Be a good girl and take everything. I will reward you richly," he said breathlessly. She blinked up at him in confirmation, and he grabbed her around the neck, thrusting into her mouth. He wasn't undue rough, but her nose was nearly buried in the thick thatch of hair on his pubic area. He gave a deep groan, stiffening slightly as his climax washed over him.

"Take it, fucking take it," he growled, spurting his release onto the back of her tongue.

She swallowed thickly, his essence leaving a salty tang behind. He was breathing heavily, releasing her slowly, combing his fingers through her blonde hair.

"Well done, sweetheart." She felt her cheeks flush deeply at his praise.

He pulled her to her feet, and she bent forward slightly, her knees squeezed together, as she felt her pelvic area throb. She gave an involuntary whimper, her hand shooting down to cup her sex.

"That won't help you," he said gently. She looked up at him, her eyes wide.

"The itch you're feeling goes much deeper than that. And I have just the thing to reach it," he said, grinning wolfishly down at her.

Then he pushed her backwards until she hit the back of her knees on Bedjamin. Luckily he was a gentleman, and caught her head on. Roland crawled on top of her, spreading her legs out wide, placing her feet flat against his chest. He grabbed her hips and pulled her pelvis close, aligning it with hers. She felt his cock as it rubbed against her, and she realised that he was still hard.

He rubbed the broad tip against her clit for a few moments, then positioned himself at her entrance.

"What a pretty cunt you have, to be sure," he murmured.

Then his eyes snapped to her face. She only just managed to brace herself before his hips surged forward, seating himself deeply within her, in one slow thrust.

She gave a husky cry, her eyes squeezing shut. She hadn't even heard his cry of pleasure, so distracted was she. It had been awhile since her last encounter, and she felt like her vagina was suddenly on fire, everything just a tad too tight or too stretched down there. She took in a deep breath, trying to focus on the flicker of pleasure that was just behind the curtain of discomfort. His member was touching just the right spot, and she felt herself clench around him. He was breathing deeply, watching her carefully, not moving just yet.

"Too much?" He asked her gruffly. She opened one eye, her face scrunched with discomfort.

"Maybe just a bit," she managed, releasing her breath slowly.

"Sorry about that," he said softly. "Let me know when you're ready.

"It's okay, it's just, it's been awhile," she said, trying desperately to adjust to his size.

"Fuck, I can feel you squeeze me," he hissed, his entire body trembling with the strain of not just fucking her straight through the mattress.

She could feel it too. Suddenly he placed a knuckle on the hood of her clit, dragging it downwards, the soft caress made her moan sharply, her hips rocking in response.

"Shit!" He exclaimed, inadvertently pushing deeper inside her, the feel of her slick heat around him far too good, to stay completely still.

She groaned, jumping slightly, feeling him so deep inside her had her soon delirious with need, wanting nothing more than to feel him rub against her walls. She bit her lip and rocked her pelvis again. His fingers held tightly onto her hips, as he pulled out slightly before pushing back in.

"You are mischievous," he growled, feeling her tighten around him again.

"Keep it up, and i'm gonna fuck you so hard you'll be screaming your fucking lungs out,"

At his words, he gave a sharp swivel of his hips, and she moaned again, her back arching of the bed, as she felt something shoot up her spine, leaving her scalp tingling.

"Oh, you like my dirty talk, do you?" He gave another thrust, grunting as he seated himself inside her snug heat once again. She was literally quivering already, and he had barely fucked her.

"You're gonna come already, aren't you?" he stated as a matter of fact. He gave another thrust, and she was catapulted off the edge, her body shaking violently against him. He kept up a series of slow thrusts. He grabbed her one ankle and bit gently into it, scraping his teeth over the skin, before licking it. When she returned from her climax, he spread her legs wide and leaned down, pressing her body into the mattress.

"You're in for a fucking long night, my dear," he growled, showing her his teeth in a wicked grin. And then, he began to fuck her in earnest.

To be continued...

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