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Chapter 19

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Elle had felt his chest rumble gently as he spoke, and she had heard the words coming from his mouth, but she couldn't seem to connect it with the, quite frankly, scary machine she was staring at. It almost looked like a drill, except it was bolted to a steel chassis of some kind, clearly intended for maximum flexibility. It had a wireless remote control lying casually on top of the chassis. Attached to the end of a metal rod, pointing towards the end of the divan, a large, glistening, red dildo sat perkily waiting. It was bowed gently by gravity, as soft silicone would be.

"I chose red since you seemed to enjoy my red suit so much." He crooned into her ear. "Aren't you pleased, slave?"

"Yes, master," she said hoarsely.

"Sit down," he instructed, his voice tender yet quite assertive.

Elle did as he asked as fast as she could.

"Good girl. Now spread those legs of yours, slave. Let me see that pretty little cunt glisten up at me."

Feeling a torrent of butterflies in her lower abdomen, she couldn't help the gasp escaping her. Her legs flew apart, her upper body leaning back a little as her center of gravity shifted.

Roland inspected her so closely she shivered under his scrutiny, practically feeling his caressing gaze on her nether regions.

"Lean back all the way," he said softly.

Elle did as he asked, keeping silent as he walked closer. He was at the head of the divan now. "Bring your arms up over your head." Again she obeyed, and felt him attach her cuffs to a chain. She couldn't bring her arms down now. Her chest rose and fell sharply as she watched him walk past her to the machine now placed almost between her legs.

"Your thighs, my dear, are trembling. Fucking delicious." His leather clad fingers skimmed the soft inner skin of her thigh. "Is that because of nervousness, or anticipation? Or is it simply desire?"

"I think it's all three, master," she answered softly, swallowing thickly, staring up at the ceiling.

"No wonder. You will experience how it is to be truly filled tonight, slave," he said softly, and began to prepare, though she couldn't see what he was doing.

She tensed slightly as she felt something prod her entrance, and then she gasped as the slightly cool dildo entered her body, her vaginal walls stretching deliciously around it.

It wasn't moving as of yet, and she tried to relax as her body accommodated the toy. His lips were suddenly on her thighs, kissing wetly, soothing her nerves and inflaming her desire. The feeling was wickedly exquisite, and she couldn't help but let out a throaty moan.

She arched her back sharply as he started the machine and it began to pump into her rhythmically. The tempo was fairly slow, which was needed because the sensation was quite new and daunting. She felt it enter all the way, jolting her slightly just as it began to pull back.

"Now that is a lovely sight. Your cunt being used for its intended purpose. Does it feel good, slave?" He asked gently, looking up at her.

"Yes, master," she ground out, her muscles already tensing and trembling.

"I wonder how this will feel then," he stated just before his lips sealed around her clit, giving it a gentle pull.

"Holy shit!" Elle swore loudly as her walls clenched so tightly she forced the intruding member out of her. It bumped against her left ass cheek repeatedly before Roland made it push back inside her again.

"Mind your language, little one, or there will be penalties," he admonished in a low warning voice, and she groaned deeply, her legs parting even more.

"Sorry, master," she breathed.

He licked her clit once, making sure she wouldn't push out the pistoning piece of silicone, before he sealed around the distended bundle of nerves again.

Grabbing at anything she could get a hold of, with her hands pinned in place, Elle felt his tongue flicker lazily across her folds, the rhythmic push of the machine inside her sharpening every sensation to a keen point. He suckled her hot flesh, applying just the right amount of pressure, making her innards melt and pulse, as her body imploded violently on the spot, the orgasm tearing through her with such force that she was left utterly breathless.

"Your succulent clit is so distended, slave. I feel it twitching as you climax," he crooned softly, still massaging the bundle of nerves, making her incoherent with need. It wasn't long before he coaxed her to another orgasm. She was moaning and thrashing now, unable to sense which way was up and which was down. Then he pressed his thumbs on either side of her clit while suckling it tenderly. Combined with the machine fucking her brains out, she climaxed instantly, her walls squeezing fiercely around the ruthless silicone. Feeling like a puddle of whimpering need, her hips were rolling gently in anticipation.

The machine's pace suddenly increased exponentially, and Elle arched her back sharply, her eyes closing as she felt slightly overwhelmed.

His lips were unexpectedly on her mouth, kissing her fiercely, and she kissed him back, smelling her own essence on him. Then he straightened up, and she saw that he had his cock out. He pressed it wordlessly to her mouth, making her part her lips for him. Without much preamble he began to thrust, pushing in deep, holding onto the back of her head. The machine was still pumping away inside her, and combined with the taste of his precum on her tongue, she couldn't suppress a shudder, her body tensing like a coil. He was mercilessly fucking her mouth, groaning softly, all the while her cunt was being pounded as well.

Suddenly she felt the caress of a familiar crop, the soft, flexible tip slithering across her sternum. It found a nipple and circled a few times before doing the same to the other breast. Then he delivered a sharp whack with the whip, hitting her nipple hard, leaving it tingling from the impact. He did it to the other, and there was nothing she could do as she climaxed hard, her brain and body on fire with the mental image of herself being used like this. Roland kept spanking her breasts, making her climax again within minutes. Then again. It wasn't long before he came too, his cock literally slamming into the back of her throat, her nose pressing into his pubic hair as he held her tightly in place for a few seconds.

When he released her, he bent down to kiss her passionately again. The machine stopped its motions, and Elle sank boneless onto the divan. He released her hands, removed her blindfold and extracted the dildo from her body.

"Up you get, slave. We're not fucking done yet."

She almost groaned, but managed to gather her limbs and get to her feet.


She got into the position he had shown her earlier, waiting with slightly bated breath.

Her eyes widened as he began to undress in front of her. He smirked deviously as he allowed her to watch him discard every piece of clothing, and he eyed her hungrily as he opened his shirt, pulling it off his body.

He was rewarded with a loud gasp, her eyes widening even further as she took in the leather harness he was wearing. It was fitted with four leather bands that met in a cross on his sternum, held together by a large metal ring. The straps rested on his pecs above his nipples, crossing beneath his arms before meeting on his back in another large metal ring. The two other straps went over his shoulders to each metal ring as well, encasing his chest neatly.

She gave an audible swallow as she took it in.

Roland didn't comment, but simply proceeded to smirk at her, making sure she saw the intricate detail of the harness by turning his back to her as he placed the clothes on a chair. Then he turned back towards her, eyes glinting. He looked absolutely amazing with the harness, his dark trousers accentuating it perfectly, his masculinity oozing off him like a tsunami, punching the air from her lungs.

"Master?" She said in a slightly squeaky voice.

He hadn't given her permission to speak, but he understood her desperate need to communicate.

"Yes, my little slut?" He asked silkily.

Her eyes were filled with wonder as she studied him closely.

"You want to touch it, little one?" He asked softly.

Gulping slightly, she nodded eagerly.

"Use your words, slave."

"Yes, master," she croaked.

"Stand up and come here then."

She obeyed immediately, her eyes glued to his body.

"You are allowed to touch it this once, slave. Next time you touch this harness, it will be because you need the support it gives. Do you understand me?"

She frowned slightly as her fingers lingered on the black leather, clearly confused.

"For instance, like this," he said and without warning, he lifted her up, making her legs close around his hips. She yelped in surprise and flung her arms around his neck, her fingers finding the leather straps, giving her the opportunity to cling more securely to him. She stared into his eyes, biting her lower lip. He could feel her stomach trembling, her chest heaving, her hips jerking gently as she understood the implications.

"It's very practical, see?" He chuckled as she nodded mutely.

He put her down gently, and then considered the setup he wanted.

"I would like you on your feet for now, slave," he mused, turning around to ponder something she couldn't see.

"Close your eyes, Elle."

She obeyed instantly, her breath spiking slightly as she wondered what would happen next.

He grabbed her wrists and led her forward, making her stand with her back to the wall. Grabbing her hand one at a time, he locked handcuffs to something that felt like a bar, keeping her arms above her head.

"No matter what happens, you will remain on your feet and keep your eyes closed. Your legs will be spread at all times, or I will have to use the bar on you. Understood, slave?"

"Yes, master."

"Good girl." As he spoke he spread her legs wide apart. She wasn't exactly dangling by her wrists, but her body was stretched out nicely. She was quite nervous by now, not knowing what to expect.

"Hmmm, this looks so good. Such a nice and presentable slut you are. You are at my tender mercy now, aren't you?"

"Yes master," she said, her voice rasping slightly.

What was he going to do to her? She had expected him to use the machine on her, but apparently not. Just as the thought occurred to her she heard him turn on his heel and walk away from her. A loud snap startled her so much that her eyes opened on instinct. She couldn't see what he was doing because his back was to her, but he seemed to be preparing something for her. Then he turned around, his eyes glinting dangerously as he caught her staring.

She let out a gasp as she realised she had made a mistake. "I-I'm sorry master. I was startled," she whispered, even as he, smirking wolfishly at her, walked back towards her. In his hand he was holding a large black dildo attached to a metal rod. He lifted the device up as if it was a fearsome axe, the large black and highly flexible dildo attached to the end slapping his neck almost comically.

Elle couldn't suppress a loud gasp as he got near.

He stopped right in front of her. "Naughty slave, I told you to keep your eyes closed," he crooned darkly. "This will need addressing," he added, putting the device down at her feet.

He walked away again. She eyed his ass greedily, the fabric of his trousers hugging it snugly. "Those nefarious eyes better be closed when I turn back around, slave," he said in a calm voice.

Caught again, Elle gasped and shut her eyes tightly. She heard nothing for a long time, the silence complete. Then something slapped across her abdomen. It wasn't hard, but even so, she yelped in surprise. He ignored her outburst and began to spank her body carefully. She sensed he was using a flail, as the strings caressed her skin almost lovingly after each slap. The blows landed on her stomach, chest and thighs, and he managed to make it sting enough to leave her skin tingling after a short while, leaving her panting and groaning, her body ignited now.

"Hmmm, your skin has acquired a delightful hue, little one. This... is the color of sin," he hissed even as he intensified his efforts. He hit her mons expertly and Elle grit her teeth against the fierce quivering of her insides. She realised he would make her climax like this. The man seemed to sense her need, because he focused more on her vulva, slap after slap landing on the sensitive area. Elle was moaning and groaning now, her chest heaving, muscles taut with the need for release. Just a little more.

"You do not get to fucking come, slut," he suddenly commanded sharply, and Elle had to scramble to pull her mind and body back from the abyss.

The tenacious man made it difficult as he expertly landed a slap on her clit, the reverberations ringing through her body like rings in the water.

"Master!" She practically sobbed, beseeching him to end her misery. He stopped instantly.


"How much more?" She managed, her voice slightly torn as if it was riddled with the cracks of her self control.

No answer came. She strained to control her breathing so she could hear him. Suddenly she felt his lips wrap around her clit, suckling it gently. She released a sob at the tender feeling, her body growing rigid. He prodded her distended nub with his tongue, his hot breath skimming her skin as he did so.

"Not long if your rock hard clit is anything to go by, Elle," he said smoothly, releasing her flesh. "You are practically throbbing against my lips. I'm tempted to use my cock to fuck the living daylights out of you just to hear you scream my name." He paused as she shuddered against the wall. "However," he added in a low voice. She sensed him move slightly. "Not just yet."

Elle was helpless as Roland knelt in front of her, peering intently at her puffy folds. Grabbing the device he had first intended to use on her, he stuck the metal rod in the machine he had silently placed between her legs. It was similar to the fucking machine by the divan, but this one was smaller, less powerful, but it would do nicely even so. He placed the dildo at her entrance, pushing it inside her without much preamble. The young woman cried out, her tender walls stretched to the limit.

"Does that feel good, slave? Being filled and stretched like this?"

"Yes," she replied immediately, clearly hoping good behaviour would make him give her what she needed.

He slapped her thigh. "Manners, Elle!" He admonished darkly.

"Master!" She ground out through clenched teeth.

Grinning slightly, he switched on the machine. It started pumping into her at a slow pace, and his little slave moaned at the sensation. He increased the speed after a short while, smirking with delight as she shook and hissed, helplessly taking the large dildo deeply inside her aching cunt. Roland got to his feet and stood silently in front of her, enjoying the way her eyes were squeezed shut, her cheeks flushed with need.

Then he stepped back and grabbed the flail. "Remember, slave. No climax," he admonished darkly. Then he delivered a blow right on her clit.

The young woman screamed, her body flung into an intense orgasm, her limbs convulsing and straining against her bonds. Fluids spurted from her body as she squirted, dripping onto the floor.

"Sooo disobedient to your master, little one. Such a mess you have made," he said smoothly, caressing her trembling stomach with the soft end of the whip.

"I should punish you for this mess," he mused darkly, considering her trembling form. "Ah, I know!" He stopped the machine, adjusting the angle slightly, and began to slowly press the soft dildo into her ass. She whimpered as she felt it, but made no move to protest. Once it was fitted neatly inside her, he started it again, the speed slow so she could adjust to it.

She began to moan, her hips rolling and gyrating of their own accord.

"You little whore," he said, and she could hear the smugness in his voice. "You love being fucked in the ass don't you?"

Elle strained and panted, already feeling the stirrings of another climax. Roland whipped her on each thigh, stinging her skin. "Answer me, slave!"

"Yes master!" She squeaked, her womb clenching fiercely as he delivered another set of slaps to her hips.

"Oh!" She was so close, she threw her head back sharply.

"Don't you dare fucking come again, slave!" He demanded, flogging her stomach.

"No sir," she sobbed, trying her best to hold back.

She might have succeeded too, until he placed a blow right in her clit. Then another. Elle screamed again as she convulsed, her legs nearly giving way beneath her. Roland suddenly was right in front of her, his breath skimming her face.

"You defied me again, slut," he crooned darkly. "You need to learn to withstand that particular temptation, or this is going to be a very long night for you."

Elle groaned softly, still recovering from her powerful release. "That's maybe what you want, slave? For me to spank that brattitude out of you?"

She shook her head. "No, master."

"Hmmm… Would you rather be fucked in the ass and sweet little pussy at the same time, then?"

She shook her head again.

"Those are the choices, slave. Thorough spanking or double penetration. Pick one."

She sighed, frowning with her eyes closed. He could tell she was quite distracted by the machine still pumping away inside her. He waited.

"Can I have the double penetration, master?" She finally said in a low voice.

"Certainly, Elle. That is a brave decision. So that is your choice?"

"Yes, master."

"As you wish. She felt him move closer, and then she felt his cock at her entrance. She had no time to even brace herself. He penetrated her hard, pressing her back against the wall. Then he matched the rhythm of the machine, pushing in at the same time. Elle was howling now, her body on fire as she felt him pound her, as well as the machine pummeling her ass.

"Such a tight little slut. This is what you need, isn't it, slave? To be fucked into submission. You need your fucking holes used until you can no longer walk, isn't that right?"

"Yes master!" She sobbed desperately. "Please, can I come?" She begged, tears leaking down her cheeks.

"No, slut." He kissed her deeply, suddenly grabbing her legs and lifting her up, keeping her pinned against the wall, legs spread wide, his arms hooked beneath her knees. Her cries only increased in volume as she fought to stave off the impending climax. She was reduced to chanting his name and the word please as he kept her there for minutes, helpless.

"Such a good girl," he panted eventually, when she had managed to keep from coming for ten minutes all the while keeping her eyes closed.

He slammed into her hard, deliberately crashing his pelvis against her clit over and over. "Come for me now, slut," he hissed.

She couldn't stop the scream from escaping her as he practically wrenched the orgasm from her, her inner muscles squeezing him hard. He grunted deeply, his release suddenly overwhelming him as well. Slumping briefly against her, he took a series of deep breaths to gather himself. He let her legs down, kissing her more gently this time. Then he bent down and pulled the machine from her body, before releasing her hands from her bonds.

Elle could barely stand, her knees shaking so violently that they practically knocked together. He gave her a wolfish grin. "What's the matter, slave? Knees gone weak?"

"Yes master," she answered hoarsely.

"Hmmm, I bet you could use a break."

"Yes, sir. Please."

"Kneel then. And close your eyes again," he said, his voice commanding now.

She obeyed, sinking down in front of him. "Good. Now clean me up," he added darkly.

She looked up at him, not expecting a command. "You heard me, slave. Close your eyes and clean my cock with that sinful tongue of yours."

Elle leaned forward slowly and took him in her mouth, licking his shaft gently. Then she closed her eyes, feeling him press in further.

"Good girl," he crooned, leaning his hands on the wall behind her, delivering a slow thrust into her mouth. She received him more eagerly, tasting her own essence on him. She did her best to take all of him. "So hot, so greedy. I think I will reward you with my seed, slut. You think you earned it?"

She moaned in response, his words igniting her flames again. "Well then, here you go," he said hotly. He bent down and grabbed her arms, pulling them above her head, pinning her wrists against the wall. He stepped closer, pressing her backwards until the back of her head was flush against the wall as well. Then he let loose, fucking her mouth deeply, pushing down her throat. She had nowhere to go, and could only take him. The very idea left her core hot and tingling. She applied suction, making him thrust unevenly into her. His groans deepened. "Fuck that feels good, slave. I can tell you want to please me." He increased the pace, his broad shaft filling her until her jaw was nearly unhinged. "You may know your master is pleased, '' he panted, his voice practically a moan now. "Very pleased, ugh!" He shuddered against her, his pelvis rolling hotly against her face as he shattered. Some of his sticky release smeared across her tongue as he thrust unevenly against her before stopping suddenly.

"That was amazing, Elle," he said, stepping back, still slightly breathless.

He knelt in front of her, kissing her deeply. She was the one panting when he released her lips hotly. "I hope you are ready for more. I am not fucking done with you yet, slave." His eyes were gleaming wickedly, yet she couldn't see it. His voice revealed enough though.

She gulped noisily, then nodded.

"Great. Let's get you ready then." And he proceeded to pull her up, steadying her. "Come here, kitten," he instructed, pulling her back towards the divan. "You can open your eyes for now. And sit back down," he added, as he turned around, walking to the mini fridge. He opened a bottle of mineral water, handing it to her as he returned. "Drink up. You're gonna fucking need it."

Shivering lightly, she took the bottle from him and began to empty it.

"Well done, now brace yourself. This is going to be rough." With that, he bent to adjust the machine between her legs. Her eyes widened and she watched as he readied everything. She wasn't prepared when he swiftly blindfolded her, making it impossible for her to see anything, hearing him move around some more, before he sat down behind her, making her lift herself up so she rested with her back against his chest, sitting directly in his lap. She noticed he had finally removed his trousers. He adjusted the dildo between her legs, pushing the pliable silicone gently against her entrance once again. Elle felt an intense thrill shoot down her back as she realised what he was doing. He leaned back all the way, pulling her tightly against him. It took a little maneuvering, but he locked her hands back in place, her arms lifted over their heads.

Holding her close, he then proceeded to start the machine, using his hands to guide it, making sure that it went in all the way. Her entire body tensed at the delicious sensation. As she couldn't see, her mind easily conjured up the image that she was now being fucked by another man while Roland held her close. Being blindfolded added to everything she could feel, and she began to breathe harshly as she was relentlessly fucked towards another orgasm, her walls being stretched and rubbed by the toy. Roland kept the pace easy for now, allowing her the time to get her bearings. She knew he was going easy on her, and she shuddered to think what it would be like once he really let loose.

"I'm gonna fuck you in your ass now, slave, brace yourself."

Elle had barely registered what he had said before she felt something warm and slippery massaging her rear entrance, making her clench up sharply, the toy still pushing inside her suddenly dragging intensely against her tender flesh.

"You better unclench those sweet cheeks babygirl, or this is gonna be unpleasant," she heard him warn silkily, and she tried to take a deep breath, relaxing against him.

He adjusted their position slightly so he could allow the toy to still move within her, as he pushed in as well. He moved carefully, slipping slowly past her ring muscle, entering painlessly into her snug body.

She could feel his breathing become heavier as he entered, her walls grasping his length tightly.

"Oh fuck, you are such a tight little slave," he groaned, softly. His words made her clench around him, and he jumped slightly, the sensation too fucking good. No longer able to keep still, he pulled out almost all the way, and timing his motion, he entered simultaneously as the machine. It was a good thing Elle was practically immobilized, because she jackknifed sharply, her back arching as she was almost brought straight to the precipice again. It was impossible to keep silent, the feelings too overwhelming to keep her body under control.

Roland held her around the waist as he began to fuck her more insistently. She guessed he was holding the remote in one hand because as he increased the pace, so did the machine.

"Oh god," Elle whimpered, feeling her skin prickle hotly. Her walls were being rubbed and abraded from both sides, and the feeling was intense yet wickedly delicious. She was filled to the maximum, the stretching and pulling enough to make her shudder viciously, already on the verge of an orgasm.

"That's it, slave. Come for your master," he crooned hotly into her ear, adding a snap to his thrusts, jolting her slightly and she exploded into a thousand pieces, her nether regions filling with hot lead as she fluttered and tensed around both moving members.

Roland increased the tempo, his thrust becoming increasingly forceful allowing her to reach another orgasm not long after. She was almost screaming now, unable to suppress her body's natural reaction to everything that was happening.

It was then that he placed something on her clit. Something that pulled gently on the sensitive flesh, setting her nerve endings aflame. She recalled the tiny penguin he had used on her once before, and knew it must be what he was using again now.

Not that she cared. She gave a raspy scream as she climaxed so forcefully she felt herself squirt, liquid hitting her thighs. He was remorseless, only increasing the tempo, fucking her vigorously, making her scream her head off as she almost immediately climaxed again, hot fluids spurting from her once more.

"Such a good slave, squirting for your master," Roland praised her, his breathing slightly strained as he slowed down again, thrusting tenderly, allowing her to claw her way back to reality, her body trembling violently now, tiny whimperings escaping her mouth.

He kissed her wetly on the nape of the neck, her skin having acquired a thin film of sweat. "How are you feeling, little one?" He crooned into her skin, his chest rumbling gently beneath her.

She registered his question, and had to reassemble her scrambled mind to try and make a coherent sentence.

"Like mush, master," she whispered huskily.

Her boss laughed at that. "That means I'm doing things right."

She couldn't help but laugh as well. Her laugh turned into a moan as he suddenly increased the pace again, his pelvis slamming into her hard as he groaned deep in his throat. Elle barely noticed, her mouth producing another strangled scream as he easily fucked her into another release.

Then he stopped again, freeing her hands, and lifting her up. "Let's flip you over, little slave," he said huskily, making her stand so he could get up. "Lay down on the divan. On your stomach, knees on the floor, if you please."

She obeyed sluggishly, awaiting his next move. She felt him adjust the dildo, easily making it enter her again, slowly filling her up. Then he pushed into her ass again, and holding onto her shoulders, he began to fuck her in earnest, matching the pace of the machine, which grew increasingly faster. Elle was delirious. She nearly lost the ability to even think. Her arms were crossed beneath her face and she clutched onto the fabric, fingers digging into the fibres. She groaned as the pulling and tugging came to a peak, and her body started to convulse again. She arched her back, crying out as she allowed her face to press into the furniture beneath her, teeth scraping the soft fabric. Roland kept her pelvis in place as she was litterally fucked into oblivion. "Scream my name, slave," he growled, leaning down over her. She obliged without a second thought, making him lose control momentarily. He pounded into her, soon reaching a strong climax that made him nearly go cross eyed as he roared his release to the ceiling. Panting harshly, he stilled within her. "Your ass was so tight you made me come too soon," he said breathlessly, wiping his face. "I rarely lose control like that," he added, chuckling softly. He gingerly pulled free of her body, getting to his feet and stopped the machine, pulling the dildo from her snug heat.

She collapsed immediately, practically dangling across the divan, not moving. He checked her over, noticing she was still breathing. She was dazed and beyond reach for now. Roland chuckled and flipped her over gently, picking her up. He carried her out to the bathroom, intending to clean her. And himself.

When she had slept, he would have her sign the official contract.

It had been a few days, and they had found a natural rhythm for their new arrangement, in which she was to be his slave for a month. Neither of them went to work, Roland having arranged for them to work from home. Which didn't include much work to be frank. Elle was glad for this arrangement. Everything was still quite new to her, and she needed all the time she could get to not lose focus on what he wanted from her. She desperately wanted this to work. In her gut, she felt the need to do this, to succeed. She didn't want to let him down. He did help her through a lot of it, his experience much greater than hers, but he had told her that she showed a natural aptitude for it, so she felt less apprehensive, and much more confident, despite her inexperience with this lifestyle.

They had both signed a contract, stating that she was his now, to do with as he pleased. She was to be his slave and engage him in anything he felt suitable for then to do.

He had paid for her to be waxed, her body now silky smooth to the touch, and she had endured it without making a noise. Upon feeling her soft folds, Roland had promised he would use her at his leisure, and so he had. Only the night before, he had made her cook dinner, naked. Once the lasagna was in the oven, he had proceeded to screw her brains out on the kitchen counter. He generously afforded her a few orgasms before he finished in her mouth, making her swallow him down.

Not that he was done yet. After dinner, he had pulled her into his private cinema, binding her to a chair, Tracy's dog placed snugly inside her. He put on an adult movie, standing close behind her as she processed the moving images in front of her.

"Do you remember the last time I raped you, and you begged me not to come inside you, slave? Well, I realised you may have another kind of fantasy latent in your mind."

As he spoke, she shuddered violently, realising he was right. The woman on the screen was moaning and struggling to get free, even as she was forced to climax.

It was a new kind of kink, she hadn't heard about before. It built on her fantasies about rape, only it involved forced breeding as well. As she watched, the woman on the screen was fucked relentlessly, begging for the man to not finish inside her. Elle's body was tingling, and she felt Roland behind her, he moved to her side instead. He had pulled out his cock, masturbating lazily, watching as she panted, hot eyes following the movie avidly.

"Is this going to make you come, slave? Fantasies about your boss, forcing his seed on you, filling your unwilling womb?"

She stood no chance. She orgasmed instantly, the chair shaking and rattling as she strained against her bonds.

"That's what I fucking thought," he said softly, still stroking his cock, his fist brushing her shoulder with regular intervals. The movie was far from done, and Elle had to endure the entire thing, Tracy's dog coaxing her to a fair few releases.

"I have plans for us tomorrow, slave. Plans that I hope will be deeply satisfying to you and me. For now, suck my dick and make me come."

Elle woke up the next day with a slight start, something slapping her cheek. She could barely move, her muscles sluggish, protesting at every movement.

"Good morning slave," a voice beside her said. She opened her eyes, peering groggily up at the figure beside her bed.

Something warm and hard hit her cheek. "I woke up with a problem only you can take care of," he said smugly. Something prodded her lips. "Open up," he instructed with a hiss. Barely able to understand what was going on, she opened and took his cock as he pushed into her mouth. "Make me come swiftly," he instructed, thrusting faster and deeper. She did her best to take all of him, her senses finally starting to come around. She sucked him deeply, and he groaned. "Good girl, Elle," he hissed darkly, his thrusts already becoming uneven. "Take my fucking seed and swallow it all. You belong to me now, you know. And I take care of what's mine. And I know exactly what you need." She moaned around him, feeling stirrings between her own legs. He gave a sharp push into her mouth, groaning deeply. "Take it, fucking swallow around me!" He was pressing deep into her throat and she did her best to swallow, her throat contracting around the head of his cock. "Fuck that feels good," he said darkly, keeping her in place a moment longer, before pulling out sharply, allowing her to breathe again.

Elle coughed, gasping for air. "Don't act like you didn't enjoy that. I bet that soaked your prim little cunt, didn't it?"

"Yes master," she replied, feeling butterflies in her lower abdomen.

"Good. I need your filthy little honey pot to be drenched for me at all times. Now get up, pet. We have plans."

Elle moved swiftly, getting out of bed. He instructed her to shower thoroughly. Once done, he inspected her body intently, fingers dragging across her wet skin. "Perfect," he crooned. Pulling out a black piece of cloth, he instructed her to kneel naked on the bathroom floor. Then he blindfolded her with the silky fabric.

She heard him move around, also taking a shower. Once he was done he was in front of her again.

"Up you get, pet, we need to get you dressed for the occasion."

Pulling her through the door she followed him blindly, guessing they were in his wardrobe once he stopped. He put on her clothes, pulling stockings up her legs, his fingers skimming the sensitive skin of her inner thighs. He brushed her smooth vulva briefly before pulling a pair of panties up her legs.

She had no idea what the garment looked like, and her breath was slightly shaky as she felt him put on her bra and then a dress. He tied a belt around her waist, and then placed a hat on her head.

Lastly he did her lipstick, careful not to smudge the makeup.

"Done," he finally announced. "Here, put on this coat, or you will attract a lot of attention while we're out." He pulled her arms through the sleeves, buttoning it up all the way to her throat.

"Where are we going, master?" She asked, too curious to wait.

"You will see, slave. Now shush."

Elle lost complete track of time as Roland guided her to their destination. He refused to tell her anything, and as she couldn't see, she could only follow along for the ride. Finally, after an eternity, she felt him usher her inside again, a door closing with a soft snick behind them.

"We're here, Elle," he said smoothly, relieving her of her coat.

"Can I see now?" She asked eagerly.

He smacked her hard on the ass. "Excuse me, slave?"

"Master," she added in a squeak, still reeling from his penalty.

"No, slave. You will see soon enough. Come along."

He pulled her through her imposed darkness, up staircases and through doors. Finally he pushed her forward, opening a door in front of her.

"In you get. You may remove your blindfold once I have closed the door and you have counted to fifty-two. You will find instructions inside this room."

Gulping slightly, she heard the door creek gently before it closed with a snap. She heard his steps vanish. Then she began to count. Reaching the assigned number, she delicately pulled off her blindfold, blinking as she glanced at her surroundings.

She was in a small room, a single wall lamp casting an orange glow across the furniture. An old fashioned bed stood beneath the lamp, a bedside table right beside it. Opposite was a set of drawers. That was it. She stepped closer to the polished surface, a piece of paper on top. She took it and read by the light of the lamp.

To miss Elle Thomas.

I hope you find the accommodations to your taste.

Your employment at Blum Manor has begun from today's date. Beneath you will find a list of your duties and rules while staying in this house. Note that severe penalties await should you break any rules or fail to fulfill your paid duties. Once you have read through the contract, enter the parlour, where you will find your master. If you can agree to the terms stated, we will both sign our names on it, sealing the deal.

Elle frowned, thinking. It almost sounded like she was to be some kind of live-in maid. Glancing down, she gasped loudly as she suddenly saw her outfit. She was indeed dressed as an old fashioned maid, complete with white apron.

"What the…" she burst out, feeling her stomach flutter with anticipation. She reached up and noted that the "hat" she wore was a mob cap. Old fashion style too. Breathing harshly, she read on.

Your duties:

Have dinner ready at six PM sharp every day.

Fold the laundry in the basement.

Sweep the floors daily.

Wash the floors thoroughly three times a week, Monday, Wednesday and friday.

Tuesday and Thursday: Twice a week, burnish the banister so no fingerprints linger..

Serve tea punctually in the parlour where your master awaits everyday.


Keep yourself tidy and clean.

No male company in your chamber.

Keep your chamber tidy.

Obey any command by your master; Roland Blum.

No use of profanities in this house.

Always carry yourself respectfully.

Always wear your uniform when serving your master.

No illegal contraband in your room. Penalties will be applied if discovered.

You have one day off every week, on Sunday.

Kind regards

Master Roland Blum

Elle finished reading. Of all the things she had imagined, this was not it. She folded the contract and swallowing nervously, she opened the door to the hallway. She peered out and took a hesitant step to the left, upon which she immediately recognised her surroundings. She was at the foot of the stairs upon which Roland had raped her. She shivered at the memory, glancing towards the kitchen at the end of the hallway. The silence in the house was complete. Elle ascended the stairs, trying to remember where she had located the different rooms. It took her a while, but finally she managed to find the right room.

Roland was behind the large desk, reading a newspaper, leaning back in his chair, casually.

As she knocked and entered, he looked up, his eyes alight with mischief. "Ah, miss Thomas!" He exclaimed, closing the paper casually, getting to his feet. "Welcome to Blum Manor!"

"Thank you, sir," she replied dutifully, finding her role easily enough.

"So, what do you say? Do you think this contract…" Here his eyes gleamed wickedly down at her. "...Might live up to your requirements?" He asked, keeping his tone polite and pleasant.

Understanding his intentions clearly enough, she nodded. "Yes sir. Very much so, sir."

"That's the ticket," he responded, pinching her cheek playfully. The touch made her shiver. "I expect you to take good care of yourself while here. Eat, drink, shower as you need."

She nodded, bowing gratefully.

"Let's sign this then," he said, gesturing for her to produce the contract.

She obliged, taking the pen he handed her. They both signed, and he folded the paper neatly, putting it in his pocket.

"Now, why don't you go prepare the tea then?" He glanced at his pocket watch. "My schedule is a little late as it is."

"Yes sir. Of course sir," she bowed elegantly, leaving the room, his deep voice still vibrating her insides.

Elle had entered the kitchen, still trembling with barely supressed excitement. Right. Tea.

She looked through the cupboards, frantically trying to find anything that indicated what tea was supposed to be. After a long while, wherein she grew increasingly flustered at what she should be serving, she huffed as she got to her feet. Upon which she saw an old fashioned cook book laying on the counter. She huffed at her own foolishness, blowing a strand og hair out of her face. Grasping it, she paged through it, finding the information she needed.

After thirty minutes, she had made swift work of finding the ingredients, getting a batter for the cookies ready.

Another hour and she almost had a tray ready to be served. The entire kitchen smelled of freshly baked goods. She only needed…

"Water," she mumbled, hastily grabbing the kettle and filling it with water before turning to place it on the stove.

Roland Blum stood right behind her, and she nearly screamed, only just managing to keep it to a strangled gasp. "Holy shit, you startled me!" She said, glancing in dismay as she noticed the water she had spilled all over his shoes and floor.

He eyed her sternly. "You're late."

"Apologies sir. I was just getting the hang of things," she mumbled, hastily grabbing a dish cloth and got down to try and absorb most of the moisture before it could damage his expensive shoes. He remained silently in place above her, looming over her as she worked. She realised how delicate her position suddenly was, and she rose quickly to her feet, like a cork out of water. Their eyes met, and she thought she saw a devious smirk spread across his lips.

Feeling flustered and slightly off kilter, she turned to wring out the cloth. The man stepped even closer, his chest almost touching her back.

She contained the soft moan that was about to escape her, and started to rinse out the soaked fabric with warm water.

"You used swear words, Miss Thomas," he said softly. A silky threat was clear in his voice.

"My apologies, master. I was startled."

He remained silent for a long moment. She could feel his breath on her neck. "Even so, young miss. It is unbecoming for such words to cross your pert lips. You might give…" at this she felt him press against her briefly, his erection grazing her ass. A soft gasp escaped her. "The wrong impression," he finished.

She waited, hoping he would do more. After a while, she turned around slowly, noticing that the kitchen was empty. Shaking with barely suppressed need, Elle finished the tray, and carefully carried it through the house, entering the parlour. Her master was reading again. She placed the tray on his desk, careful not to jostle any paperwork out of place.

"Thank you, miss Thomas."

She bowed elegantly, leaving the room to go prepare dinner. This time she didn't want to be late.

Having successfully served dinner, Elle went to her room, feeling tired and sweaty. She had a hasty shower, changing into the night clothes provided. She had dug through the chest until she found what she was looking. She got into bed, feeling slightly bereft as she missed the warm body of her master. He hadn't touched her since he had briefly rubbed against her earlier in the day. The tension between them was palpable, but neither of them mentioned it. For now, she was his maid, and he was her master. They were not supposed to have sexual relations. Even so, she fervently hoped this game would progress soon enough. She missed him.

Sighing softly, she got into bed, feeling something beneath her pillow. She dug out an old book, squinting at the cover. Fanny Hill.

Frowning and curious, she began to read. It wasn't long before she realised what kind of book she was holding. Feeling mildly flustered, she closed it and swallowing thickly she placed it beneath her pillow again, knowing full well this was definitely illegal contraband. She switched off her light and tried to get comfortable. Soon her exhaustion alone dragged her into a deep sleep.

Elle groaned, feeling hot. She shifted slightly, feeling something tugging at her left nipple. A soft pop, and her body jerked, startling her out of her sleep. It took her a long time to gain her bearings, in which she was sure she heard a door close softly. She switched on the lights, glancing blearily around the room. No one was there. She heaved a sigh, heart pounding. Then she glanced down, noticing that her night gown was fully open on the front, a breast exposed completely to the slightly cooler air of the room. She was sure she had buttoned it up properly. Her core tingled as she realised what must have happened. Roland Blum had been in her room. She plopped back on her bed, groaning softly. Her core gave an unsatisfied jolt and she sighed with discontent. Why hadn't he just finished the job?

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