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Chapter 14

Good evening!



Here is another update for this story.

This chapter took an insane amount of research to complete.

I could not have finished this without the genius help of VioletMoodSwings, who kindly agreed to consult with me as I had many, many questions on this matter, which she patiently answered.

If you are not into r*pe fantasies, please skip this chapter, as it contains exactly that.

Needless to say, there will be rough, and filthy language ahead. You have been warned.

Without further ado, please read on. (Any mistakes are my own.)

"Miss Thomas, what are you doing that has left you in such a flustered state?"

Elle jumped, gasping, startled, simultaneously frantically trying to close the tabs she had been reading, and turning around in her desk chair. The results were that she ended in a precarious position that kept for long enough that she thought she might make it. Then she lost her balance just as she located Roland Blum behind her chair, and following the laws of the natural world, toppled off her chair with a whoop of surprise, legs akimbo and a hand still hopefully clutching onto her desktop as if it wasn't already too late to catch herself.

Roland stepped forward, and crouching down beside her, his professional facade slipped for a moment. "Are you hurt, kitten?" He asked, a mild frown between his eyebrows.

"No, I'm fine," she managed, still in the process of checking her system for any damage. Her bum stung slightly from her awkward fall, but otherwise she was fine.

Roland grabbed her arm just above the elbow, and assisted her in getting back in her seat. Shamefaced, she glanced around the office. Luckily it was the lunch hour on a Monday and people were out finding something to eat, which was why Elle had thought she was alone.

She suddenly remembered why she had taken the tumble, and her face reddened even faster as she grabbed the mouse and tried to close the latest tabs on her browser. She didn't even manage to close one before a warm hand suddenly descended upon hers. Freezing, she glanced upwards, and saw Roland's face just above her shoulder, his blue eyes fixed on her screen. Feeling her stomach drop out her ass, she flushed deeply again, hanging her head so her hair fell in her face. She wished she could sink into the floor this instant.

"Bit of light reading or just looking for inspiration, Miss Thomas?" He inquired, as he smirked wolfishly down at her.

"Um…" She knew the jig was up. She had been discovered. "You said I should read up on these things," she tried, knowing full well that the excuse sounded a little meek.

Her cheeks still flaming, she watched as Roland scrolled through the open tabs. He chuckled softly at one particular article. Then he straightened up, considering her silently for a moment.

"Would you please join me in my office, miss Thomas?" He said, a deep purr to his voice that made her shiver.

Elle swallowed thickly as she followed him with her gaze. He opened his office door and turned around, waiting for her to join him. She swiftly closed the tabs so no unsuspecting person would accidentally see what she had been reading, then, her legs rather wobbly, she went to him. He indicated for her to step inside, and then he closed the door behind her. Elle kept her gaze on the floor, a soft gasp escaping her as she suddenly felt Roland's strong chest against her back. His arms snaked around her waist, and he pulled her close, breathing in her hair, his lips sealing gently on her neck. She almost whimpered at the feeling, her nether regions already damp from her recent online explorations.

Roland let her go, and silently stepped in front of her.

"So, my pet, you have been doing some research, I see. Did you find anything interesting?"

Elle flushed. She should answer. "Yes, sir," she said softly.

"So, do you have any questions about the topics you were exploring?" His voice was soft, calm. Even deeply reassuring. She knew he would answer any questions she might have. She was safe. Even so, asking them was quite another matter. She suddenly felt flustered, her head swimming with the images she had been seeing and the text she had been reading. Her breathing became heavy as a particular topic flooded her mind.

"It's okay, Elle, you have nothing to be ashamed of." His words were earnest, warm even. She could tell he had put his crassness aside for now, focusing on her needs.

"I don't-" she broke off, almost ready to run despite his reassurances.

She couldn't do it. She couldn't speak about it. The things she had read filled her with shame. She was embarrassed that she had felt herself react to the thought of these things. Her body had responded immediately and viscerally to certain… things she had read.

Roland seemed to sense that, and instead, he stepped closer, allowing a finger to travel down her cheek.

"Allow me, then," he crooned softly. "As your dominant, I will now explain some of these things. If you feel uncomfortable, we can leave the playground and talk it out as equals. If that's what you want, you can use your safe word. Do you remember the safe word, Elle?"

"Yes, avocado."

"Good girl." Roland pondered his next words carefully.

"Let's handle the easy subjects first. Sounding. I saw the article you had found. Some people enjoy having a slim metal rod inserted into their urethra. It can be quite pleasurable when done right. I guess you have never done it before?"

Elle shook her head, hastily. "No, sir." At first she had felt horrified at the idea of having something shoved up the urethra, now it left her slightly uncomfortable, but less judgy about it.

"Going from the expression on your face, I take it you're not inclined to try it?"

Elle shook her head. "No thank you, sir," she confirmed softly.

"Just as well, my dear. I have tried it once, and while it was quite a unique experience, I don't fancy trying it again."

Elle gasped, almost looking up at him in her shock. She supposed she shouldn't have been too surprised, but even so, her mind swirled with images of Roland experiencing this. He gave her a knowing wink, as she stared at him with wide eyes.

"Now, pegging."

Elle felt her cheeks grow warm.

"Well, this is quite interesting, actually. A lot of men enjoy pegging, and I have engaged in it myself a few times over the years."

"Of course you have," Elle muttered without thinking, almost huffing. Was there something the man had not tried?

"What was that, pet?" He asked, his voice rather sharp suddenly.

"Sir," Elle added, knowing it was already too late.

He regarded her silently for a long moment. "We will be discussing your insolence later, kitten, but for now, I want us to discuss these things first." The implications in his words sent a shiver down her spine.

"Pegging is fun to play with when done right. As of this moment, I will not be engaging in that with you. Not yet at least." Elle felt relieved, and he sensed that in her. A smirk lingered around his mouth.

"I know you read about collaring. Do you have any questions about that?"

Elle cleared her throat softly. "You put a collar on me once," she tried, her mind already flooded with images of that particular night.

"Indeed, I did," he agreed. "However, that collar was not like these. It was only play at that time. If I were to collar you now, the situation would be quite different, considering my feelings for you."

Elle felt her heartbeat spike. Ever since they had discovered their true feelings for each other, she had felt much more at ease around him. She had been studying the subjects he had indicated for her, and she understood now how they both benefited from the relationship. She also knew she held as much power as he did.

"If you wear my collar, that would for all intents and purposes mean that you're mine. It's a decision that is not to be taken lightly, little one, because such a thing comes with many aspects. I don't think you're ready for that yet, though I see the thought pleases you." He stopped talking, as she had made a noise at his words. "Did you have a question, pet?" He asked softly.

"I was just wondering how you know how this made me feel, sir?"

She wanted to look up at him, but knew better. He stepped forward, closing the distance between them, his chest suddenly right at her nose. His smell washed over her, and she found herself breathing him in deeply.

"I see it in the way you breathe, pet, in the way your cheeks flush to this delightful pink. Your stance changed slightly at my words, your instincts taking over. You nearly fell to your knees at my feet, where you feel safe, loved, treasured. I fucking sense you would accept my collar with eagerness, because of the small smile now lingering around your mouth. Does that answer your question, kitten?"

Elle gulped, nodding. "Yes, sir."

He remained silent for a long time, watching her as she became increasingly flustered at her body's reaction to his nearness, to his words. Her knees wanted to buckle beneath her, she wanted to serve him, to please him. She wanted him to exert his dominance over her. She wanted him to…

"Yes, that brings us to the next subject on your list, kitten," he said in a hushed voice, observing her closely.

Elle flushed deeply, knowing he had saved this topic for last, and with good reason. This was the one he had caught her reading about. Her research had started innocently enough, but as she went through the various links, she discovered a new topic, one that Roland had not mentioned for her. Curious, she had gone down the path, and found articles, stories and even videos. It all left her with shallow breath and a dull ache between the thighs. And a feeling of deepest shame.

He slowly stepped back, giving her space again.

"I watched you for quite some time, before I announced my presence to you, kitten. I wanted to observe your unfiltered reaction to it, just to make sure. You seemed particularly keen on devouring it, and I thought perhaps we could explore it together."

Elle bowed her head. Her body was tingling with shame but also something else.

"Elle, look at me, please."

Oh great, now he wants eye contact.

Not able to deny his request, she swallowed thickly, and straightened up, finding his eyes and fixing her focus on him. His expression was tender, mild and understanding. Even so, she knew her face was glowing like a beacon. He placed an index under her chin to keep her face steady.

"Tell me what's got you like this," he said softly.

Elle bit her lip. "I, um, I read about it, and I imagined it being you doing that to me and it made me feel…" she cleared her throat softly.

"Aroused?" He finished the sentence for her.

"Yes, sir," she said, lowering her gaze again.

"Elle, look at me," he repeated.

She obeyed.

"Rape fantasies are quite common. The shame you feel is quite misplaced. Do you understand the real reason for these kinds of fantasies?"

She shook her head, keeping her gaze on him. She felt a burning need to understand, to know why she was like this.

"When fantasizing about rape, women don't think about the violation in the act. Rationally, you know that rape is repulsive, that is why you feel shame right now. Please understand that the fantasies often stem from the desire to feel so desired that a person simply cannot resist you. In fact it's about power. You want to hold that power over someone else. It's a heady feeling, to be irresistible to the person you trust enough to allow them this kind of privilege. At the same time, you want to be dominated, to not have control over the situation. To let go. You crave the struggle of having to fight against something you truly and deeply desire. Something that you shouldn't really want to give into, but also feel a burning need for."

Elle released a shuddering breath, her brain whirling with images of what such a situation would be like. She felt inflamed.

"You have nothing to be ashamed of," he said again. "I am indeed very honoured that you harbour such fantasies about me. It is an expression of deep trust." He searched her face. "Do you understand, Elle?" He asked then.

She nodded, slowly. "Yes, sir."

"How does it make you feel?"

Elle thought it through. He remained silent, waiting patiently for her answer. She felt like the topic was still quite taboo, but at least she now understood why it made her body hum and tick. She could not deny it. The thought had her slightly feverish with need.

"I think I feel better about it, sir. Thank you for clarifying."

"Of course, pet. You know I'll answer any questions you may have, if it's within my power and knowledge."

Elle lowered her gaze again, nibbling thoughtfully at her lower lip. He waited patiently.

"If I were, hypothetically, interested in trying this out, how would that go?" She asked, feeling her face flush hotly. It was hard to wrap her head around the fact that she was talking about these things with him. He was her boss. But he was also her lover.

"Well, we could start out with a mild scene. Everything that happens is of course with consent. The idea of a scene is to create the illusion of forced sex. If you at any point feel unsafe or uncomfortable, you can use the safe word and I will stop everything and take care of you. I will also implement a safe gesture, if you're unable to speak, say if I were to gag you. If you wanted me to create a scene that we can try, I would suggest that we do something at your home. It is usually the easiest and safest to pull off.

I could attack you during a given time frame, for instance, let's say next week from Monday at 8 AM to Sunday at 8 pm. This will give you the element of surprise you crave, while also knowing you won't have to wait indefinitely for me. We will set the boundaries beforehand of what I can and cannot do to you while you're in my power. Do I use rough language, do I bite you, should I make you climax, who am I in this context, a stranger, your boss? Et cetera. This is about your desires, so we would need to discuss this thoroughly before proceeding. It will be rough sex, but it will be within the frames you set. This is your game after all. I can draw up a contract if you like. And a list, then you could tick off what appeals to you, if you're not certain."

Elle nodded and bit her lip again. She suddenly felt much more relaxed about it. He certainly seemed to know a great deal about this.

"I think it's the chase that does it, or the surprise element at least. The day I ran from you. At the time I was not thinking about it, but afterwards, my brain kept conjuring up scenes of what if…"

Roland nodded. "Yes, the surprise of me being there and then me chasing you down. You see, it's that heady feeling again. You want to be irresistible to me to such a length that I simply take you. It's more common than you think."

Elle considered it. "So, whenever I am at home during, let's say, next week, you could suddenly turn up and attack me?"

"That would certainly be a possibility. When the attack occurs, you may use any means to try and escape me, if that is what you want. The more you struggle, the more I would work to restrain you. I will not be gentle with you, but simply have my way with you in any way I see fit, though within the limits you've set for me."

Elle couldn't suppress a deep shudder at his words, her core throbbing at the thought. Yes, that seemed to do the trick nicely.

"Alright," she said, her voice slightly hoarse now.

"Would you like me to work out a list of things I could do to you, and then you can tell me which appeals to you?"

"Yes, sir, please." She said, smiling shyly, lowering her head once more.

That same evening, Roland invited Elle with him home for dinner, making it quite clear that tonight they had left the playground. They were talking as equals. Over the delicious taste of a spicy red curry, he talked her through various ways to play out a scene.

"I'll break into your apartment, and make you bend to my will. You can resist me in any way, manner or form if you like, or you can surrender immediately. If you want to try and fight me, which will be fucking futile of course, you could try and stomp on my foot, or even slap me."

Elle almost dropped the fork at his words. "I don't want to hurt you, Roland." She looked shocked at the very idea.

He waved her off. "As if you ever could, pet. I have three rules; no groin hits, no obvious bruises, and no biting that leaves a mark."

She stared at him, blindsided by his willingness to make this experience as real for her as he could.

He leaned forward, ticking off on his fingers as he spoke. "You can use your elbow to punch me in the ribs, stomp my feet, kick me in the shin. You may even slap me, as long as it doesn't leave a bruise on my face, which I doubt you could, now that I come to think of it." He chuckled delightedly at her mix of shock and slightly insulted expression.

"Who would you like me to portray in this scene?"

Elle allowed her fork to hang in the air in front of her mouth. "Just you, I think. My boss who wants me to give into him."

"Would you like me to demean you?" He asked, taking a bite of his own food.

"What do you mean?" She asked, frowning.

"Well, I will be talking to you throughout all of this. Do you want me to use words like slut, whore or bitch for instance?"

Elle chewed while thinking. "Yeah, I think so." She flushed even as she thought about the fact that she wanted him to practically abuse her.

Roland leaned forward again. "Remember, pet, you have nothing to be ashamed of." He considered his full fork a moment. "Did you know that people who enjoy spicy food, also enjoy pain during sex? The spices react with the same pain and pleasure receptors in our brain as spanking does."

Elle nodded shyly, taking a sip of her red wine to hide behind her glass. She hadn't known that in fact, but it certainly made sense.

"This scene is going to be rough, I already said that, and you will have your safe word if you want me to stop instantly. But should you find that you want to continue in the playground, but that you are getting close to your limit, I will for your sake implement another safe word. It is a code yellow if you understand what I mean. A check-in if you will. You will be able to communicate that you have reached your limit of pain that you can tolerate. You probably won't be needing it, as I am very good at reading you by now, but still. You can never be too careful. Do you understand what I mean by that?"

Elle nodded. "Yeah, I get it. It's like a 'this is as much as I can take, so no further, please, but feel free to try something else, or lower the intensity of our game'."

"Exactly," he said, sending her his trademark smirk that practically screamed "Good fucking girl." It made a shiver dance lightly down her spine.

After dinner, Roland got his laptop out, and sitting on the couch, he padded the seat beside him. Feeling slightly jittery, Elle clutched her wine glass for moral support and sat down, looking at the screen as he typed.

"So, here's the contract. Here we have the rules. Safe words…" he thought it over for a second. "So your code red safe word is Avocado as usual…" He typed on. "Your new yellow safe word is going to be Carrot. If you are gagged, and cannot speak, humming will do.

So for code red, you hum We are the Champions, by Queen, how's that?"

Elle nodded, going through the melody in her mind.

"And code yellow will be the refrain from Yellow Submarine by The Beatles."

Roland took her through the process with deliberate care, making Elle relax more and more. She snuggled against his side as he typed, feeling so at ease she could almost feel herself drift off.

"I will make a rule that states that we cannot have any kind of sexual contact until this contract has been fulfilled," Roland said.

Elle felt herself grow rigid. "What?"

"It will add to the excitement, don't you think?" He smirked deviously at her.

"But…" Elle felt disappointment well up inside her. She had hoped they would be having sex tonight.

"You disagree with the rule, pet?"

Elle bit her lip, thinking. She decided she could wait if it meant more pleasure in the end. Sighing resignedly, she shook her head.

"That's my fucking girl," he purred, that wolfish grin in place again.

It was going to be a long wait.

Once done filling in the contract, he printed it out, having even added the dotted lines at the bottom for them to sign.

Before Elle could even reach for the pen however, Roland pulled her tightly against him and kissed her so fiercely she almost lost her breath. "I wanted to have one last memorable kiss before we signed. I won't be able to do that for a little while."

Elle swallowed thickly. "Please don't take too long doing this, Roland. I already need you. Badly," she added, her mouth dry.

"Yes, I know," he purred, kissing her deeply again. "I'm gonna fucking relish watching you squirm, though."

Elle shivered slightly as he handed her an elegant golden pen so she could sign her name at the bottom of the contract. The deal was done. She was going to be raped by her boss, and she couldn't wait.

Ten days later

Elle was in her bathroom. It was Thursday night, and she had been to work all day. She had just showered and was now toweling her wet hair. She was wrapped in a large towel, humming along to the music playing in her living room. She liked this particular song a lot; Moonage Daydream by David Bowie.

Don't fake it baby

Lay the real thing on me

The church of man, love

Is such a holy place to be

She did a little shimmy as she crooned along with the text, as she brushed her teeth she went through the day in her mind.

She had been working a lot more with her boss today than she had anticipated, because they had experienced a system breakdown at the office. The result was that Elle was stuck in his office for hours on end running errands for him, getting files and calling people about different cases. Roland had been pressed, but he was his usual self for the most time. At one point he had gotten them both coffee from the machine downstairs, and Elle had been so surprised she stared at it dumbly for a few seconds before taking it from him with hesitant fingers.

"Did you remember not to put sugar in it?" She asked, looking suspiciously at the steaming black liquid.

"Of course, kitten, I would never fucking forget your preferences," he protested with mock annoyance.

Blowing on her hot coffee, she watched him walk around to sit at his desk. "Good boy," she said innocently as she took a sip of her drink.

Roland froze as he registered her words, and he swiftly turned around, his eyes aflame with that glint she had come to know so well. A thrill raced up her spine, as she registered his reaction.

"What did you just fucking call me?" He demanded darkly.

"Nothing." She just about managed to contain her smirk.

He had made no mention of it after that, but she knew he had not forgotten about it.

Now she wondered if she would be punished once they returned to a more normal work day, perhaps as soon as tomorrow. It had been a week and a half since they had signed the contract, and he still hadn't pounced, and they had kept their bargain of no sexual activity. Elle was getting slightly antsy. Her mind was constantly flooded with images of him cornering her, taking her against her will. The thought had her shivering, her thighs closing, muscles squeezing together. Any day now.

Still humming she exited her bathroom, walking down the hall towards the dark kitchen, thinking a glass of wine would be the perfect treat for such a stressful day. As she squinted into the cupboard for a high stemmed glass, she cursed herself for not turning on the lights. She couldn't see a damn thing. She groped blindly and felt cool glass against her fingers.

Then suddenly she felt herself grabbed from behind, bodily lifted off the ground and shoved face first against the wall, a strong hard chest pinning her easily in place. She barely managed to utter a scream before a gloved hand was pressed over her mouth, making it impossible to utter a loud sound. His smell washed over her, and she recognised who it was, even though her body had known from the get go. She had thought he would have waited until Saturday or at least Friday before having a go. Evidently not.

"Hello, Elle." His chest rumbled against her as he spoke.

Elle felt her body tingle fiercely as she realised it was happening.

He had caught her hands behind her back with one hand, the other pressing over her mouth.

"I thought you might be home. Such a good girl, keeping your bedtime so you can be up bright and early for your boss."

She felt his manhood rub against her ass, her towel getting lifted slightly as he moved. A flash of heat shot straight to her core.

"Unfortunately, I needed to come see you right away. You see, I could no longer wait…" He pushed against her again, growling deep in his throat. "I needed to see you."

Instinctively she struggled against him, trying to get out from between him and the wall, but he held her firmly in place. When she relented, he turned her around with one swift movement, still pinning her in place. He had released her mouth however, his hands now roaming down her sides, squeezing through the thick fabric of her towel.

"I see you have prepared for me. You wanted this all along, didn't you?"

Elle felt her breathing escalate. "No," she whimpered, trying to push him off again. He wasn't even moved.

"You got naked just for me didn't you? You wanted your fucking boss' cock so badly did you?" He growled in deep satisfaction as he ground against her. "I'm gonna fill you until you scream my name, because you are a little slut, aren't you?"

"No," she repeated, her voice filled with less conviction this time. She pushed at his shoulders, trying to shove him off her. He didn't seem to notice. His hands hiked up her towel, the cool leather of his gloves suddenly on her ass as he squeezed her hard, pulling her pelvis towards himself.

"Let me go!" She whimpered, slapping a hand to his chest.

"Oh, you are a fucking little tease, aren't you, Elle? Waltzing around in tiny sexy outfits all day at the office, but now you don't want your boss to screw your fucking brains out. What's the matter? Afraid you're going to fucking love it?"

"No." Elle felt her cheeks flush at his words. Her cunt throbbed fiercely, and she almost groaned.

He spun her back around, pushing her face first against the wall. She tried to rip her hands free of his, but he was too strong.

Using his body to pin her against the flat surface, she felt him release her hands again, and reach for something, shortly after something soft was suddenly pushing at her lips. She whimpered when she realised it was the dish towel that usually hung on the wall beside the fridge. He forced her to open her mouth and pulled the fabric between her teeth, he tied it at the back of her head, gagging her quite effectively. She wriggled violently trying to rid herself of the fabric, but nothing worked. Her hands scrabbled at the wall, trying to push away, whimpering as she felt him grabbing her wrists once more. He pulled them behind her again, now using his tie to keep them in place behind her back. Her hands were automatically pressed against his groin and she felt his hardness, her fingers practically cupping him.

Suddenly she was pulled from the wall, and finally she could do something. She stomped her bare foot down as hard as she could on his leather shoe, making him grunt in surprise, his fingers losing some of their grip. She bolted as soon as she felt his grip slackening. She ran out of the kitchen, awkwardly stumbling through the dark hallway, her ears suddenly picking up on the music still playing in her living room.

The song Thriller was pounding out of the speakers, the rhythm matching the one in her chest.

Cause this is thriller, thriller night

And no one's gonna save you

From the beast about to strike

She felt a deeply satisfying thrill shoot through her body as she did her best to escape him.

She had made it almost to the bathroom when she was grabbed from behind. She let out a shrill cry, muffled by her gag. She bucked and flexed in his grip.

She felt her towel suddenly yanked from her body, the thick fabric landing somewhere behind them. She struggled against him, but she was no match for him. He simply lifted her up and flipped her onto the floor, face down, his strong chest pressing into her back. His hand descended hard upon her ass, a loud smack reverberating around the hallway. The jolt that went through her body made her release a muffled cry. She could hear him clearly, his heavy breathing as he struggled to restrain her. She whimpered as she realised she had already lost.

"Sssshh, not a word, or it will be worse for you, bitch" She recognised the deep voice, though the darkness made it impossible for her to see him clearly.

His gloved hands roamed her naked body, making her shudder in surrender.

Not yet.

She struggled against him again and he growled as he restrained her movements. He smacked her ass again with more force this time.

"You remember your insolence earlier today, bitch? You said 'good boy' to me. Do you realise what a big mistake that was? I am your employer, and so you don't speak to me like that. I will show you who is the boss, and you will learn to hold your tongue, lest I use it for much better purposes."

Elle whimpered again, feeling him grind against her. She registered the roughness of his suit pants against her bare legs now that she was naked beneath him. The buttons on his coat pressed almost painfully into her body. She felt his teeth on her shoulder as he nibbled her now perspirated skin, his tongue laving her, dragging over her heated flesh, tasting her. She knew now that she had lost, and he knew it too.

He flipped her over, caging her beneath his body, her hands pressed into the floor by her hips. She could not get up. His mouth found her breast, suckling the nipple deeply in between his lips, she gave a rasping cry at the sensation. She was breathing heavily, the fight leaving her exhausted. Despite the darkness, she could see some light catching a few strands of his beard and his wild curls.

His mouth travelled across her skin aggressively, tasting, biting, growling in satisfaction.

"You're mine now, slut," he whispered hotly, his warm breath skimming her damp skin. His words set her nether region on fire. Suddenly she felt him remove himself from her, and she blinked up, surprised, trying to see what he was doing. Something heavy and soft fell onto the floor beside her, and she realised it was his coat. Groaning and struggling she tried to use her legs to push herself away from him, but her damp skin provided too much friction. Thinking the coat would make it easier, she rolled her body back and forth until she was on her back across the scratchy wool. She gave an experimental push with her feet and almost gasped as she sailed across the floor, the soft fibres offering no resistance to the smooth wood beneath her. She gave another push, almost feeling proud of herself for her ingenuity. He had managed to remove his gloves and open his shirt and his trousers when he saw her escape attempt. Then he grabbed her ankle and yanked her back with such force she practically thumped into him. His body swooped down over her, his pelvis between her legs, and she felt his erection smack her mons.

"Clever girl, but you're not getting away that easily, little slut," he growled darkly, easily spreading her legs apart while moving lower with his mouth on her hot and sticky body, the loose sides of his silken shirt tickling her skin.

She suddenly felt warm moist air on her vulva, the only warning she got before his whole mouth was planted over it, suckling her sensitive flesh greedily. Her hips rose off the floor instinctively searching out the delicious feeling, a strained moan escaping her as she felt him tug hard on her clit, the suction bordering on painful. The feeling nearly sent her careening over the edge, and she clamped her legs shut around his ears, trying to turn onto her side, making it harder for him to get to her core. He thwarted her efforts, grabbing her shoulders and pulling her face towards his cock. She was on her side now, in perfect height for his aim.

"Suck, bitch," he growled, yanking her gag off her head. Elle closed her mouth tightly, turning her head aside.

"Someone's playing hard to get. What's the point, pet? You know you want to. Come on, now." He held her face firmly in place, pushing eagerly at her lips. She still refused to open, and he suddenly squeezed her nose shut, closing off her air supply. Elle felt her stomach flutter as she knew what would come next. Her mouth opened reflexively, pulling in a deep breath, and Roland pulled her face close, his cock shoving in between her lips, pushing deep inside. She gagged, and struggled, but she stood no chance. Her hands were bound behind her back. Roland proceeded to facefuck her, growling and groaning, his length hitting the back of her throat at every thrust.

"Oh, such a good little whore, taking her boss' cock in between those insolent lips of yours. Suck bitch, or I will fuck you in the ass as well!" He shuddered as she obeyed.

Holding her firmly, he gave a series of deep thrusts, pushing almost down her throat. A deep groan escaped him and he erupted in her mouth, his seed shooting onto her tongue and teeth. She felt her thighs grow wet as she heard his moans of pleasure.

"Such a good fucking girl," he hissed, still trembling from his release. "Such a good girl. Now swallow, taste my cum. Delicious, isn't it bitch? You want more? I will fucking give you more!"

Letting her go, he proceeded to yank at her legs again, and Elle tried to roll into her side to avoid him spreading her legs wide. It only resulted in him rolling her all the way onto her stomach, his coat wrapped around her like a makeshift burrito. He groaned and ground against her, his heavy cock rubbing between her ass cheeks, and she stiffened, almost apprehensively.

Taking advantage of her momentary stillness he spread her legs further apart, holding her in place, pushing his jacket out of the way. She felt his cock at her folds, and her inner walls gave a searing throb as he pushed inside her, filling her in one deep thrust. Giving a harsh cry through her teeth, she could do nothing but feel as he gave no pause, but simply began to fuck her hard and deep, pressing her into the floor. His intrusion stung, the pain mingling with the pleasure, and she couldn't help but buck beneath him, feeling the first signs of an orgasm already. Her hands were buried in black wool, pushing into his lower abdomen as he laboured on top of her. A strong arm was wrapped around her shoulders and throat, keeping her from scooting further forward, even as he thrust against her.

"You're so tight, slut. So wet," he all but moaned, his hips rocking hard against her soft ass, filling her entirely.

Elle was groaning and whimpering, feeling her body inflamed with desire and need. She knew he would have her come apart within moments if he so desired, and she fervently hoped he would. Suddenly he closed her legs, trapping his coat between her thighs, the rough fabric abrading her now throbbing clit. Another deep thrust and she gave a husky scream as she exploded so forcefully she felt fluids spurt from her nether regions, splashing onto and seeping into his coat. She shuddered so viciously her bare feet rattled against the floor. Roland groaned at the feeling of her wetness, her inner muscles clamping down hard around him.

"That coat was fucking expensive," he purred, even as he proceeded to fuck her relentlessly, pushing her down against the floor again and again. Elle was not listening. She was barely able to handle the sensations running through her bound body, his thick shaft plunged into her, forcing another climax from her, then another moments later, her clit getting the brunt of the pressure every time he thrust into her.

Barely had she recovered before he flipped her over onto her back again, her arms awkwardly caught in his coat beneath her lower back, lifting her ass off the floor. This afforded him a better angle of entrance and he used it instinctively, penetrating her with such force they both were scooted across the floor. His upper body fell down on top of her, and she felt his beard scratch her neck and throat, his hot and greedy lips seeking out her skin once more as he moved within her.

Elle had felt him deep inside her before, but this was something different entirely. The angle seemed to afford him much more length, the broad head of his cock slamming hard against the back wall of her vagina, her clit getting hit by his pelvic bone every time he bottomed out deeply within her. She felt him practically shift her cervix at every thrust, the mixture of pain and pleasure almost too much for her.

"Scream for me, slut," he growled as he made her arch her back instinctively, her nipples pressing hard against his chest, the hairs abrading the sensitive peaks. Small jolts of fire sped to her core and she came apart, another scream rent through her teeth.

"What a good fucking little slut. That's it, take everything, fucking take all of me!" He hissed darkly, pounding into her, shifting her feet off the floor, practically bending her in half.

The world seemed to dial down around her as the change had her almost convulsing beneath him, her climax tearing through her unexpectedly. He kept going, extracting another climax from her. Then he pulled out, his lips finding her breasts and biting and nibbling at the pliant flesh, as he suddenly penetrated her with his fingers. He pushed deeply inside her soft flesh, digging at her g-spot. She lurched at the feeling as he began to finger her, pinning her down as she thrashed beneath him.

She whimpered and moaned when he retracted his fingers again, denying her orgasm just as she was about to crash over.

When she was pulled back long enough he resumed his fingering, repositioning her right at the edge in moments. Then he stopped again. Elle groaned and whimpered, lifting her hips up, trying to gain any kind of friction.

"Does it feel good, hmmm? My fingers digging deep inside you, pushing you to the brink of insanity?" He did it again, and she bucked against him, so close, her inner walls actually spasmed around his intruding digits. Then he stopped.

She nearly growled in frustration.

"Do you want me to finish you off?"

He pushed in again, and she heard how wet she was, his fingers coated with her slickness.

"Just tell me, and I will allow you to climax, Elle. Just yield to me. Admit that you want me to take you. You have wanted this for a long time, haven't you?" As he spoke he coaxed her to the edge again before relenting.

"No," she croaked, whether in response to his words or the thwarted orgasm, she no longer knew. Elle nearly sobbed with need.

"Give in to this forbidden pleasure, slut. You want me to fuck you, don't you?"

"No, please let me go!" She rasped, arching her back as she almost came undone again.

"Not until you tell me you want me inside you again." He hissed. He lifted her pelvis off the floor, aligning his cock with her entrance, allowing his heavy shaft to rub her clit a few times.

Elle was wound tight like a spring, ready to snap at any moment. "Please," she finally whimpered so softly he almost didn't hear her. Suddenly he sheathed himself deeply within her, the sting of his unexpected penetration nearly sending her over, but not quite. She bucked against him, nearly ready to beg him to take her out of her misery.

"What was that, slut? You want me to fuck you again?"

Elle nodded, her eyes squeezing shut.

"Beg me, slut. Beg me like the whore you are!" He growled, keeping absolutely still within her.

Sobbing softly with the need to climax, she opened her mouth. "Please fuck me, Roland."

He pulled out and thrust in just as swiftly, hitting the back of her vagina hard. Then he stopped.


"Please! Please take me!"

He thrust again, hard and deep, but stopped again just as she was about to climax. She was crying now, frantic for a release.

"Fuck me!" She screamed, bucking wildly against him. Tears were rolling into her hair.

He leaned down and pulled a nipple deep into his mouth, a fizzling shooting straight to her core. She felt herself clamp down briefly.

"Fucking scream my name, bitch," he growled against her skin.

"Fuck me, Roland! Please!" She screamed, her voice husky with desire.

Finally he pulled out, thrusting back in just as swiftly, only this time he didn't stop. He slammed into her, his shaft abrading her walls, tugging and pressing just where she needed it. His hands were clasped around her ass, pulling her back towards him at every thrust, a deep grunt escaping him as he fucked her. He let her hips down, still thrusting, but now he closed her legs. She was arched off the floor due to her bound hands beneath her hips, and she felt him keenly, every ridge of him caressing her walls until she was shaking and shuddering. He held her shoulders in place, his hands cupping them, his warm lips sealing on her throat, suckling her skin. His pelvic bone pushed hard against her clitoris as he thrust forward, his lower stomach caressing it when he pulled out.

Elle was no longer able to hold back. She howled as she climaxed so hard it left her lightheaded. Her mind swam, but she still registered the flash of wetness that spurted from her, covering Roland's skin and her thighs. He was relentless, driving into her with such force they were both pushed across the floor until her head was pushed into the corner of her hallway. His cock was moving inside her, seemingly intent on finding every nerve ending she possessed and exposing it to the fire that was his passion, forcing another climax from her. Roland groaned as she squeezed him tightly, nearly making him come apart.

"Scream for me again, slut," he growled, pounding into her with hard measured strokes that left her nearly breathless. She had no choice but to oblige his demand and Roland groaned as he felt her clench his length, practically driving his own orgasm from him. He erupted violently deep inside her, his hips giving a few hard thrusts, coating her walls with his release.

He slumped on top of her, panting hard. Elle wasn't much better off. She felt her muscles protest at her awkward position, but she could muster no energy to change it.

She felt his lips on her throat again, traveling upwards until he reached her mouth. He kissed her tenderly, wetting her dry lips, his tongue prodding her mouth, seeking out hers. She responded to his gentleness with almost as much passion as with his roughness not too long ago. He smiled against her lips, hungrily kissing her back.

"You did so well, kitten," he said breathlessly, releasing her lips with a pop.

She only concentrated on breathing, her lungs expanding and collapsing in rapid succession. He climbed off her, his softening member slipping from her body, and then laid himself on the coat beside her, pulling her close.

"I hope that was to your satisfaction, love," he said, kissing her temple softly.

She smiled lazily, feeling perfectly content. "That definitely won't be the last time we try that," she murmured, her body humming with pleasure, her muscles screaming at her to move her ass off the cold, hard floor.

"We can work something out," he agreed gently. "But for now, we should get you off this floor."

"One more minute, please," she protested weakly, turning awkwardly and snuggling his chest.

He pulled her close, enjoying the feel of her. "I should untie your hands, pet," he crooned.

"Alright," she murmured into his body, not protesting as he freed her from her bonds, not moving as he worked.

He smacked her ass gently with a warm hand. "Come on, you can sleep in your bed. After you have emptied a glass of water. That was a lot of fluid you just lost." He got up and yanked her to her feet, making sure she was steady, then he turned on the lights.

"I can't believe you made me squirt," she said, stifling a yawn, swaying slightly where she stood.

"Twice," he added, chuckling. "Come, bed."

Releasing a wide awn, she stretched lazily. "You're not the boss of me."

Her words hit him as he was walking towards the kitchen, and he whipped around, walking back towards her, a dangerous glint in his blue eyes. Elle felt a thrill run down her spine, and squeaking with a mixture of excitement and anticipation, she darted away from him, running towards the bedroom, Roland following behind her with calm steps, his hands readying his tie to bind her yet again.

Ominously, the stereo was now playing Take Me To Church, and Elle knew she was in deep trouble, the footsteps of Roland following her through the apartment.

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