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Chapter 12

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"Good morning, kitten." Roland's deep voice rolled over her, her body almost instantly growing numb when she saw him standing on her doorstep, appearing almost like an apparition. Then she turned and bolted, almost slamming the door right in his face. She felt a thrill of both fear and anticipation when she heard him coming after her, her boss entering her apartment for the very first time, hunting her down like a cat stalking its prey. Elle gave a shrill cry when she realised how close behind her he was, and he caught her just as the front door slammed shut.

It had been a week since her wrestling match with her boss, and she had not come in for work since Monday. It was now Friday, and she had foolishly opened the door when someone rang the bell. She should have known it was him, only he could make even a door bell sound rude. Her life passed before her eyes, particularly the very long week that had just passed.

Roland had taken her home with him on the night he denied her release, having a swift shower with her, keeping an eagle eye on her so she wouldn't fall to temptation and take matters into her own hands. She was almost surprised that he hadn't locked her in a chastity belt.

She had foolishly thought he was merely joking when he had stated that he could keep her on edge for days at a time. She hadn't realised that he was tenacious to say the least.

Seeing as it was Saturday the next day, she had thought she could sleep in, perhaps even get a good bout of sex with her boss. She had been so very wrong on both counts.

He had woken her early the next morning by gently licking her folds, extracting soft moans of pleasure from her as she dozed on. It had taken her quite a while to wake up, her body responding viscerally to his caresses even in her sleep. She woke literally seconds before orgasming, and then he had stopped quite abruptly, making her strain for him to finish the job. It was then she realised he had bound her hands to the headboard. Barely having time to register what in the world was happening, Roland had proceeded to fuck her brains out, his deep voice praising how wet she had become for him, his thick shaft plunging into her over and over, making her keen and shout beneath him. However the bastard had denied her every attempt at achieving a climax.

She was literally sobbing when he finally untied her hands, giving her strict orders to not touch herself. He had been relentless that day, touching her when she least expected it, bringing her to the precipice before leaving her with no release. He had introduced her to the term edging in a manner that had literally brought her to her knees, begging him to allow her just at least one orgasm.

"No, kitten. This is your punishment, did you forget? But while you're down there, you may as well open up." And he had proceeded to fuck her mouth hotly, spilling himself down her throat. The man's sexual appetite had always been a shock to her, but now that she was denied her own sweet pleasure from it, she felt overwhelmed by his prowess, her body and mind screaming for him to put her out of her misery. And still he refused her. On top of that the fucking bastard had the audacity to make her write lines. Lines! She had spent the best part of two hours writing down the words Roland Blum is my master and I must submit to him.

He had been standing beside her the whole time, checking for any grammatical errors, adding additional lines if she made any mistakes.

And so the weekend had passed in a state of acute arousal for Elle, her body practically vibrating with the pent up need for release. She had finally been able to sleep in her own bed on the night of Sunday, but even when she was alone in her bed, she had not dared defy his commands. The night had been long and interrupted, her brain keeping her awake for long minutes at a time. Monday morning came around, and she dreaded facing him at work, even though she had obeyed his orders.

As she had suspected, he would take her in his office again during the lunch break, screwing her right against his desk, keeping her bent over until he was done, his belongings scattering all over the place. And still she found no release. He was remorseless, and she now knew he had not lied when he said he could keep her dangling for weeks at a time.

To top it all off, Elle had seen Roland with another woman in the early afternoon that very same day. The sight had made her freeze. She could feel his seed dripping from her still, and he was already with another woman? Of course she knew they were not exclusive, but even so, the sight had pierced her, making her feel queasy and weak all at once. He had held the lady's hand as he guided her to his office, his other hand guiding her through the door. Elle had left the office then, barely holding back the tears that pressed in. Why was she reacting like this? He was allowed to see other women, they weren't even dating. They were just having some fun. She felt highly confused by her feelings, and it all mixed with his seemingly indifference towards her needs. She went to bed early that night, but only managed to toss and turn in her bed.

Tuesday morning arrived in a red haze of lust and fury, and she knew she was done. She couldn't handle it any more and so she had called in sick, half expecting her boss to drown her in phone calls, harassing her to return to the office. But he didn't. She didn't hear from him the next day either. She had still not dared defy his commands, keeping herself in check, even as she woke up from dreams of him finally allowing her the release she so craved. Her mind seemed to know the danger in such dreams, because she would wake on the brink of an orgasm, her womb clenching in rapid succession, though the feeling brought no sweet resolution.

She had been neglecting herself, forgetting to eat and drink regularly, her body growing increasingly tired and flustered at her predicament. She stayed in on Thursday as well, now practically afraid to face her, no doubt, now angry boss.

Despite her misery, at least she was free of Roland stoking her fires at every given opportunity. To not get her needs satisfied was one thing, but to have that man around her, was quite another. He knew exactly how far he could take it, stopping her from climaxing with surgical precision, chuckling darkly as she aired her frustration. Home alone, at least she could keep herself somewhat distracted. And so she stayed home, keeping herself isolated and miserable.

Friday morning came, and she was yet again in one of those dreams that would leave her antsy and flustered. A distant buzzing had penetrated her foggy dream just as Roland Blum in her dreams had penetrated her. The buzzing had continued, mingling with his deep growls of satisfaction and praise as she took all of him. Something banged as well as buzzing and Elle was startled awake, her body tingling from her dream.

When she finally realised that someone was at the door, she hastened to put on a bathrobe, and went to answer.

That's when she was finally face to face with him. He stood in the hallway of her apartment complex, looking splendid and thoroughly out of place, in his long woollen coat, his dark suit visible beneath. His hands were covered in black leather gloves and his shoes almost blinded her, so shiny were they. He seemed to know exactly what she had been thinking of doing, because he gave her a wolfish smirk, evidently not surprised when she bolted. She felt her chest tighten when he followed her inside, and she couldn't suppress a terrified squeal as she tried to evade him. It was no use, her boss finally caught up with her, grabbing her wrist and reeling her back towards his strong body, easily pinning her arms above her head, her back against the wall in her kitchen, just as her front door slammed shut.

"You really know how to trigger my hunting instinct," he said with a deep chuckle.

She didn't respond, unable to form anything intelligent to say at the moment. They were both breathing hard, and she didn't dare look into his eyes. Instead, she closed hers and turned her face away from him. She felt him lean in, his beard tickling her cheek.

"Well, what have we here," he crooned, his deep voice dripping down her spine.

She cursed her body for responding so easily to him. She was already growing slick, she could feel it.

"A kitten, too scared to face her master. What's the matter, pet, been a bit naughty, have we?"

She licked her dry lips, and shook her head silently.

"I'm gonna need you to use your big girl words, dear, otherwise I may have to spank the truth from you." She shivered at the thought. "Have you disobeyed me?" He asked sternly.

"No," she replied softly.

"Are you sure? Not been having orgasms en masse now that you have neglected your job?"

"No," she repeated, more insistently.

"Not even a teeny, tiny orgasm?" He urged, pressing his pelvis against her. She could feel his steely arousal.

"No, I haven't been doing anything, Roland," she insisted, barely keeping her voice from trembling with pent up emotion.

"Well, pet, why have you not been to work, then? I have missed you."

She could tell just how much he had missed her in fact.

"I-it was too much," she said in a low voice.

"What was too much, kitten?"

"You, this, the pressure, everything. It became too painful."

"I see," was his only response.

They remained silent for a long time.

"Do you want me to leave, Elle?" He then asked softly.

Her heart nearly skipped a beat. "I don't know. Maybe?" She whispered, not sure what to say.

"I can leave if you want me to, but you should be aware that once that door closes, our relationship will remain strictly professional from here on out. If that is your wish, then tell me now."

Elle was almost ready to cry now. Why was he such a fucking bastard.

"So that's it? I deny you once and you're done?" She managed, her voice trembling with suppressed tears.

"It has nothing to do with you denying me, Elle. It has to do with you not being fit for this type of… arrangement. A man like me might be too much for you. If that is the case, then you need to be honest with me."

Elle felt his words penetrate her mind, and she began to tremble. She didn't know what she wanted. Her body was singing now that he was pressed against her once more. She couldn't let that feeling go.

"I don't want this to end," she finally whispered.

Gloved fingers tugged at her chin, making her open her eyes and turn her face to look at him.

"Neither do I, Elle," he said in a gentle voice.

"Then why are you doing this to me?" She whispered hotly, feeling tears prickle her eyes. She didn't understand.

"You're panicking, Elle," he said, searching her face carefully.

"Yeah, I am fucking panicking! It's all too much, Roland! It has been a long week, okay. You've been denying me pleasure, and then I saw you with some other woman, and now you're suggesting that we end…" her eyes gestured at the space between them. "Whatever this is! It makes me feel like you don't love m-" She broke off sharply, knowing it was already too late.

She bit her lip apprehensively, slapping herself mentally for the slip up. Roland's eyes appeared almost liquid.

"Finish that sentence for me, Elle," he said, speaking softly, but assertively as well.

She shook her head, hastily. "No."

"I want to hear the rest of it," he persisted.

"I don't want to say it," she said.

"Why not, little one?"

"It's too embarrassing." Tears stung her eyes again.

He remained silent for a long time, apparently thinking.

"What woman did you see me with?" He then asked.

"I don't know. Haven't seen her before. Dark hair, glasses." She mumbled it all, feeling deeply ashamed of herself for even mentioning it. It shouldn't have been an issue at all.

"This was Monday afternoon, was it?"

She nodded, forgetting to use words. He let it slide this time.

"Elle, that was my sister you saw me with."

Elle froze when his words registered. She almost sobbed with relief, her body trembling violently. Roland Blum had a sister. Well how the fuck could she have known?

"Sweetheart," he said softly, using one hand to caress her cheek, the other still keeping her arms pinned over her head. "Do you love me?"

Elle closed her eyes, her lower lip trembling.

"That was a question, dear," he admonished gently.

She heaved a deep sigh, and then finally opened her eyes to look at him.

"I don't know," she whispered.

He regarded her solemnly for a little while. "You don't know?"

"No," she confirmed.

"Have you ever been in love?" He asked her then.

She considered the matter. "I'm not sure…" If she had, it certainly had never felt like this before.

That realisation hit her like a sledgehammer, making her gasp softly, and she suddenly knew. Roland regarded her solemnly. He knew too. She had fallen head over heels in love with her boss. With Roland Fucking Blum. She was so shocked she was rendered quite speechless for a long time.

"Oh my god," she whispers, eyes wide with consternation.

Roland chuckled softly, shaking his head. "Well, I suppose this caught us both off guard," he said, scratching his beard thoughtfully.

"What do you mean?" She demanded quite suddenly, feeling unsure of herself.

"I mean, kitten, that we have both fallen in love. Completely and utterly in love."

"You… love me?" She whispered, almost too scared to believe him.

Roland leaned in and kissed so fiercely, her lips almost felt bruised. She gave a strangled sob as she responded to him, her body releasing some of the pent up tension she had been feeling all week. They both groaned, equally lost in the kiss. His hand came down, letting hers go, and he circled her waist, pulling her tightly against him, pressing his erection against her stomach.

"Good god, woman, of course I love you," he burst out, even as he slid a hand down her body, finding the parting in her robe, his gloved fingers brushing against her thighs.

She released a pleading whimper, her body quite literally on fire by this simple touch. "I am this close to fucking you right here in your kitchen," he breathed, his fingers finding their target with practiced ease.

"Please," she said, feeling that painful gnawing in the pit of her stomach once more.

He yanked her knickers off, tearing the fragile fabric until he had access to her throbbing core. She felt the soft, slightly cool leather brush her folds, and she jerked violently into his touch.

"Tell me you love me," he whispered hotly, his fingers barely skimming her soft flesh.

She whimpered in response, too intent on feeling his touch on her body to reply.

"Elle, tell me you love me," he repeated, not giving in until she had said the words.

"I love you," she said, her voice almost cracking with emotion.

"Good girl," he replied, and with that he pushed a gloved finger inside her slick heat, making her release a husky cry, her knees literally buckling beneath her.

She hadn't noticed how close she was to the edge until he penetrated her, the feeling almost so acute that she suffered from sensory overload, and she felt herself explode on the instant, her womb filling with hot lead, pulling her down through the murky waters of pleasure. Lights burst in front of her eyes, and she went quite limp, her legs no longer carrying her weight. Roland kept her propped up, his hand still moving against her, inside her. She was making noises she had never made before in her life, and he quite enjoyed it. The waves had barely subsided before he added a second digit, her walls grasping the smooth leather of his glove. She jolted sharply, grunting fiercely as he had her on the edge almost within moments of the first climax.

"Oh god, oh god, oh god," she chanted, clinging to his woollen coat as he made her climax with absurd ease once more.

Her inner muscles were still fluttering and twitching when he retracted his fingers, pushing in between her legs, using his powerful thighs and hips to thrust his cock deep inside her, a deep growl escaping his chest. She hadn't even noticed when he had freed himself, and she had no time to ponder it now.

"I told you, kitten. Roland is fine," he said, lifting her up and bracing her against the wall, now fucking her with complete abandon, her cries bouncing around the small kitchen. He dimly registered his relief at the fact that the front door had slammed behind him, because he could only imagine what the neighbours would be thinking of the quiet, shy lady living in this flat, now screaming her head off as she was taken against the wall of her small kitchen.

He coaxed her to another earth shattering climax, making her sob from the sensations. Tears were sliding down her face, but neither of them noticed, too absorbed in their frenzied lovemaking to register much else but the raw, unfiltered pleasure of it all.

He felt her flutter and clench around him again, her walls tugging on his cock, the silky feel of her slick heat making him go faster, unable to do much else but follow the lead of his body. The intensity of her moans increased, and she bucked wildly against him, her body seizing him tightly, making him groan as his own release suddenly exploded from him. They both slumped against the wall, their breathing frantic and uncontrolled. She seemed barely lucid, and he wasn't much better off. The force of their passion had left him almost feeling lightheaded. He let her down, kissing her gently before stepping back. He put his deflating cock back in his trousers, and then righted his clothing.

"Finally," she said, breathing deeply, leaning back against the wall, eyes closed in post orgasmic bliss.

Roland chuckled, regarding her as she seemed to come back to earth.

Then he grabbed her chin. It was time for a serious talk.

"Elle, perhaps it would be a good idea to read up on how these particular relationships work. I can try to explain as much as you wish, but doing your own research might be a good idea as well."

Her eyes fluttered open, and he wondered if she had even understood him.

"Are we in a relationship then?" She asked, a soft smile spreading across her lips.

"I believe so, yes," he confirmed. "You are my submissive, and I am your dom. It is my prerogative to punish you as I see fit."

She bit her lip, then nodded in agreement.

"It is also my rules that count, and I set the punishments for your crimes. I understand that this week was tough, but you need to understa-"

"Yes, but this was completely different, the other punishments were much more... satisfying," she interrupted him hotly, practically stomping her foot in frustration.

He hushed her softly. "Don't interrupt me, pet," he admonished, his voice slightly darker. "You are right, the other times have been more gratifying, but that is because it was what is called a funishment. It is an experience that gives us both pleasure and gratification, and it may encourage a certain behaviour in you. This behaviour is called brattiness. If you sometimes feel like you want me to take you, you can defy a few of my rules, but you can only do so to a certain extent. However, it will always have consequences. The extent of your behaviour will determine the severity of these consequences. If I feel like giving you pleasure, I will. Roland giveth, and Roland taketh away. Forgetfulness is a human trait that I can forgive to a certain extent. However, tardiness, that is a big no no. I have been working to correct this behaviour in you, and that is why you were being punished."

He finished his monologue with a soft smile. She scowled up at him, and she felt him press against her again.

"I thought you were just being selfish," she said, her voice slightly more high-pitched.

"See what I mean, you are a natural brat," he said, smirking. "Have I ever been selfish with you before? Have I ever left you wanting?"

"Yeah, all week!" She burst out angrily.

"Before that, pet," he said, his voice becoming dangerous again. "Don't sass me, kitten. I may very well leave you hanging for weeks on end. Don't forget your manners now." His face was serious.

"No, sir," she replied in answer to his question, her voice slightly raspy, her mind flashing through their previous activities.

"I didn't think so," he agreed. "Do you understand now why you were being punished?" He asked, his voice back to gentle.

She heaved a sigh, and then nodded. "I'm sorry for being late. It won't happen again," she said dully.

"It better not, kitten. I know this week has been hard on you," he said softly.

She bit her lip, and nodded, feeling tears coming in again.

Roland quite suddenly kissed her, deeply, demandingly. She was so shocked she gasped into his mouth. He took advantage of it and practically plundered her, his lips and tongue nibbling at her. Elle was already moaning, too engrossed to think clearly anymore. She felt a thrill race up her spine, and she wriggled with anticipation. He wanted her again. He suddenly yanked on the sash around her waist, opening her robe eagerly. Despite her recent releases, she felt her body responding almost painfully, her skin suddenly covered in goosebumps, making her nipples stand at attention.

"You haven't been eating," he commented as his gloved fingers skimmed her ribs, noticing how they seemed to stand out more sharply.

"I was too distracted," she breathed against his lips.

"Even so, pet. From now on you will be taking better care of yourself, do you understand? That's an order. Punishment will be severe if you fail to comply."

"Alright," she gasped, barely listening, her mind too keenly aware of his leather covered hands roaming her skin.

"Good girl," he crooned, suddenly lifting her up. She wrapped herself around his body, panting slightly as he lifted her to her kitchen counter. She had neglected the dishes as well in her self imposed isolation, and Roland made quick work of pushing them aside to make room for her to sit on the counter.

"You will furthermore keep your apartment clean and tidy from now on, my dear. I will come visit you, quite unexpectedly. If I see this again," he indicated the mess in the sink. "You will be fucking punished as well. Am I making myself clear?"

"Chrystal," she all but moaned.

"Good girl," he praised, making her shiver.

Roland glanced around the small room, taking in the surroundings. He suddenly pulled off his gloves, slapping them onto the work surface beside her. He opened his coat, smoothly shrugging out of it and hanging it on the door. Then he searched her cabinets until he found the one containing glasses and cups. He filled one with cold water from the fridge, and handed it to her.

"Drink this, my dear," he said before rolling up his shirt sleeves, and then began to sort through the various plates and cutlery stacked by the sink, turning on the water to start them soaking. She took a sip of the cool liquid, relishing it's soothing effect on her parched throat.

"Tell me, kitten, what have you been eating all week?" He questioned as he tried to clean her plates.

Elle was still too shocked at the fact that Roland Blum was doing her dishes, so she didn't respond immediately.

"That was a question, pet," he said, his voice dropping into a dangerous level.

"Um, mostly porridge," she remarked shyly. "Sir," she added hastily when he cast her a glance filled with fire.

"Why are you doing my dishes, sir?" She asked, fidgeting with her bathrobe with her left hand. She only now noticed it was open, affording him ample view of her naked body beneath. She had hoped they would be having sex again, but apparently he had other plans. She dared not question him on the matter though.

"It has been a gruelling week for you, little one, and you are still not entirely recovered from everything. I am merely providing aftercare."

"Oh," was all she managed to say. She gulped some more water.

He glanced at her as he worked. "Aftercare can be many things, kitten. The most important thing is that I provide you with whatever you need at the given time. Right now, you need to resupply your body with fluids and nutrition. Therefore, I need to cook for you. To cook for you, I need a clear working space. So I am clearing the working space. Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir," she replied dutifully. "You're going to cook for me?"

"That's right, kitten."


Roland sent her a soft smile, before resuming his work. When she had emptied her glass of water, he filled it again, instructing her to drink it more slowly this time. And so she sipped it carefully, while he made swift work of cooking her breakfast. It wasn't too long before he had made her a plate of scrambled eggs on toast, with mushrooms on the side. He had had to make do with what she had in the fridge, but he made no remarks towards the sad collection of ingredients.

He prepared her a generous plate, and made her sit and eat it all while he watched. When her plate was clean, he whisked it away, quickly cleaning it and putting it away.

Then he turned back towards her, practically prowling closer, and she saw that fire in his eyes again.

"Now pet, let's go have a shower, I need to wash you free of this week's sins."

She shivered at the implications in his words, and allowed herself to be pulled to her feet, and then dragged through her small apartment, until Roland located her bathroom, where he managed to clean her more thoroughly than he had done the plates, only this time, he used his tongue.

Don't be too discouraged! Roland isn't growing soft, he's just veeery patient with his little brat of a sub. Lol!

More kinks to come, do not fret! In the meantime perhaps bribe my muse with a cookie or two? Comments works as well! *wink*


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