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Chapter 11

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Be warned, plenty of naughty kink in this, so if that is not for you, please turn around now! Thank you!

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Onto the chapter!

Elle was panting hard, her sweat covered body protesting at the strain, as she grunted, the noise getting muffled by the partially soft surface she was lying on.

"How does it feel to be so powerless against me, kitten?" Roland crooned, his own words slightly strained as he laboured on top of her. "You are helpless," he added, chuckling darkly as she fought to keep control of her body.

He barely needed to struggle to keep her pinned to the floor, his broad chest pressing against her back.

"You crave to submit to me, don't you, pet?" His warm breath whispered across her cheek, his lips almost caressing the shell of her ear.

Elle felt her cheeks flush at his words, and she glanced around the huge room, fearing anyone might overhear him.

The day had started out badly already. She had been late for work as it were, arriving a full forty-five minutes later than she should have. Her boss had of course taken notice of her absence, but had made no comment on it. She had forgotten about it actually. Now she wasn't so sure about his seemingly forgiving behaviour.

They were on the floor in a large room with a padded floor. It was built for wrestling, and it was conveniently placed in the gym of the law firm they worked at. It was thought from the board of directors that exercise was a good way for lawyers to release some of their aggressions. The firm had encouraged their employees to take out their aggressions on each other in the gym, not in the courtroom.

Elle had made the grand mistake of agreeing to come along with Roland Fucking Blum. Not that she had had much choice to be frank. After their last date and his… treatment of her, she had been truly unable to deny him anything. Not that she had ever been able to resist him. She had to face facts. She never stood a chance once he turned his magnificent, if unique charm and not to say his… Many other talents on her.

And so, when he challenged her to a wrestling match, she could do nothing but stare numbly at him for a few seconds. It had not helped that he had done so right in front of his colleagues. While she was taking a sip from her green tea.

Blowing a strand of hair out of her face, she thought back grimly on how she had choked on her drink, having to cough and sputter as she feverishly thought up a way to refuse him.

Gazing into those blue green eyes of his as she wheezed for air, she knew she could not say no. He knew it as well. He wasn't threatening her in any way, but a certain smirk did linger on his lips as he waited implacably for her answer.

"Come now, miss Thomas. I promise I will go easy on you, seeing as it is your first time and all."

She had all but scowled at his smooth innuendo, her mind helpfully conjuring up the image of him easing into her ass for the first time. His smirk widened considerably, and she knew he knew exactly what she had just been thinking about.

"I don't know," she had said uncertaintly. "I don't want to hurt the great Roland Blum." She bit her lip as she took in the fire that had lit in his eyes as he registered her words. She'd done it now. Oh boy.

His colleagues laughed uproariously at her stinging comeback, and he even grinned wolfishly. He took a slightly menacing step towards her, and she gulped softly as his tantalising smell washed over her.

"As if you ever stood a fucking chance, squirt," he had fired back in a low voice, chuckling deeply.

Well, now she had had to agree, it had become a matter of pride. And also, she saw the challenge in his eyes. Say no now, and pay the prize later, privately. She was almost tempted to push him, but she could see she was out of luck. He was coming for her. And so she had agreed to go wrestling with him.

Which had gotten her into this exact position, face down, sweating profusely, with Roland Fucking Blum pinning her in place. Her body didn't even mind, greedily sucking up the feeling of his muscles pressing against her. She could feel the sinewy strength of him, because he wore nothing but sweat pants and a not too loose t-shirt. Sweaty and sticky though he was, even so he felt absolutely amazing.

Reassured that no one had heard his words, she gave a strangled cry as she tried to dislodge the man, but he was far too heavy for her. He barely flinched, a chuckle even escaping him at her efforts.

"You can't win this easily," she groused as she tried to slink out from beneath him.

"Who said it was easy?" He almost growled, as he adjusted his grip on her. "It hasn't been easy training you, pet. Though I must say you are a natural."

Elle almost laughed at his words, knowing he was not referring to her stellar work as his assistant.

"Damn it Roland, give me a chance!" She snapped, huffing as she tried to think through her various options.

Her mind wasn't helpful, a part of her practically purring at his proximity.

"You are fucking adorable when you get angry," he purred into her ear, making her shiver. "I should restrain you more often."

She barely suppressed the delicious shudder that ran through her, her mind flooding with images of him, pinning her in place, plunging into her waiting body.

"Shut up!" She hissed, both at him but also at herself, once again checking their surroundings. People had luckily lost interest now that he had seemingly won, and they were no longer watching as keenly as before.

Apparently he had noticed it too, because she suddenly felt something hard press into her buttocks. She froze.

"If you surrender now, pet, my punishment for your lateness this morning won't be as severe. Don't think I didn't notice."

She hadn't thought he hadn't noticed. Just that he would see past it this once. Apparently not.

"Also your cheekiness earlier today needs addressing." His voice was a low growl, intended to make her shudder. It worked.

"I wasn't being cheeky, you provoked me!" She protested, feeling flustered as he ground against her more insistently. "Roland, don't, people will see," she added pleadingly.

"Submit to me," he replied softly, almost a low moan to his voice as he pressed more insistently against her.

"For god's sake, Roland, let me go!" She hissed, desperately trying to appear normal, even as her nether regions ignited like a furnace.

"Last chance, kitten." He warned smoothly.

Elle struggled against him, wriggling violently, almost succeeding in freeing a leg from beneath him.

"So be it," he said, a certain amount of gloating in his voice. "Your punishment will begin tonight at six o'clock sharp. My office."

Elle froze at his words, barely registering what he had said. He let her go, not yet getting completely off the floor. Then he stroked a finger down her damp cheek. "Don't be late, oh pet of mine." Then he got up and left her weak and panting, a drum of apprehension pounding away in her stomach alongside the thrill of anticipation in her lower abdomen. Shit.

After their wrestling match, Elle had not seen any sign of Roland for the rest of the day. He had entered his office before she had even finished showering, and he had not come out since. She feared he might actually be mad at her, and she went through the last work hours with a knot in her stomach. The rational part of her knew he was not angry. She had done nothing wrong after all.

Even so, she took special care to clean herself while showering in the cubicle, unsure of what to expect from him. She shaved too, even using a vanilla moisturizer afterwards, leaving her skin silky smooth to the touch. Then she had dressed in loose, cream coloured slacks, and a red top with spaghetti straps, a jacket matching the trousers setting off her outfit professionally.

When six o'clock rolled around, she got up from her chair, and glanced around the office. It appeared completely deserted. Elle gulped and went to the wide office doors that led to Roland's domain. She took a deep breath, trying to calm her frazzled nerves. Then she knocked.

The door opened almost immediately, and there he was, holding onto the door handle as he assessed her silently. He was wearing his red suit tonight. He almost looked like the devil about to eat a sinner for his dinner.

His eyes lingered on her face, then her throat and the slightly visible cleavage. Then he gestured for her to enter. Elle bit her lip and walked straight into the lion's den.

She had by now learned enough to know that she was not to look at him, so she kept her eyes on the floor, waiting for his next move. She heard his steps as he walked up behind her, almost shivering as she imagined his chest pressed into her back as it had been earlier. His body didn't come into contact however, he simply stood quite close behind her. Still she waited, almost feeling tempted to speak. She resisted the urge, instead focusing on her breathing, matching it to his deep and steady rhythm.

They stood like this for several minutes. Then he spoke.

"You're late again, kitten."

His deep voice washed over her like cold water, and she almost gasped. She frantically glanced at the watch that hung on his wall.

"Do not think to look up, pet. Eyes on the fucking floor, if you please," he commanded sternly, even though he could not see her face. Elle obeyed at once, biting her lip apprehensively.

"Do you not trust your master, little one?" Roland crooned even as he relieved her of her blazer, throwing the garment to the floor, leaving her in the red top. His warm breath skimmed across her now bare shoulders and neck, and she sensed his eyes roaming her skin.

Elle drew in a shaking breath, almost instinctively shaking her head. Feeling unsure of what to say, she remained silent.

His warm fingers curled gently around her throat, coming up to her cheek, pulling her face around, so his beard tickled her chin and cheek.

"That was a question, Elle," he said softly.

"Yes," she whispered immediately, swallowing thickly. She was still keeping her eyes lowered and she could see his lips. They were so very close and she longed to kiss him.

"You were late, Elle. It was almost thirty seconds past six when you finally deigned to knock. Tell me, do you want to be punished by me? Are you deliberately trying to defy me?"

"No sir," she replied swiftly.

"Why were you late then?"

Elle had no answer ready.

"Come now, kitten. You are leaving me no choice but to spank you. Answer me!" She recognized the danger in his voice, and tried to think of something to say.

"I didn't realize I had to be this punctual…" she said, trying to keep her voice calm. "Sir," she added when he took a deep breath behind her, his chest expanding sharply, now touching her back.

"I see," he replied softly. "And what gave you that impression, I wonder?"

"I-I don't know, sir." She bit her lip.

"Do you know what I think, pet?" He crooned, his voice rich and dark.

She shook her head, eagerly anticipating his next words.

He slapped her ass quite suddenly, and it wasn't gentle either, though her slacks did absorb some of the sting.

"What was that?" He demanded, clearly dissatisfied with her non verbal answer.

She gasped sharply, feeling tears almost prickle her eyes at the tingling sensation he had left behind.

"I'm sorry, sir. No, I don't know what you think. Sir." She had almost forgotten the last epithet.

"Good girl," he said, making her shiver again as his praise melted away her anxiety.

"I think," he added as he walked around her to look straight into her face. "That I have been too soft on you, don't you, my dear?"

Elle widened her eyes at his words. What could he possibly mean by that?

"N-no sir, I'm sorry for being late tonight, I didn't mean for it to happe-.." Roland held up a finger and she fell silent at once. He began to remove his suit jacket as he spoke, shrugging it off his broad shoulders. Elle watched him, her skin suddenly breaking out into goosebumps.

"I am going to punish you for three offences, my dear," he explained.

"Your first is the more serious offence. Tell me why you were late this morning, pet, and I shall adjust your punishment accordingly."

Elle tilted her face even lower as she considered the reason for her being late this morning.

"I-I can't tell you that," she whispered, her face suffusing with heat. "Sir," she added in an even lower voice when she saw his fingers twitch impatiently.

"And why is that, pet?" He asked smoothly.

"It's embarrassing."

She felt him regard her silently, and she almost looked up at him.

"Elle, look at me," he said gently.

She heaved a deep sigh, knowing she was going to tell him everything now.

As their eyes locked, he raised an eyebrow, not even feeling the need to repeat his question.

"I-" she felt her throat go dry and she swallowed, trying to make the words come out more quickly. He placed a finger beneath her chin to keep her from lowering her face again.

"I was feeling aroused this morning, and I forgot about the time."

"I see…" he said softly, considering her silently for a long moment. "So you touched yourself?"


"And reached climax?"

"Yes." Her face was burning.

"How many times?" He asked, seemingly not bothered by the subject.

"Four tim- no, five!" She corrected, suddenly remembering the one in the shower as well.

"Which one is it? Four or five?" He asked, now both eyebrows raised.

"Five," she confirmed, bowing her head again.

"I see."

He was silent for so long that she began to fidget.

"Am I not satisfying you enough, my dear?" He suddenly asked, making her gasp and look up at him.

"No! I mean, yes you are Roland! It has nothing to do with that!"

"Doesn't it?"

"No! I don't know why, but I just couldn't get you out of my head and I felt the need to, well…"

"Touch yourself?" He completed the sentence for her.


"And then you were late for work."

"Yes, sir," she agreed, shame filling her.

"Well, I fucking never," he said in a low voice, regarding her with mild amusement.

"Alright. Well that is quite severe and I will be punishing you for that, pet. Even if I am the reason for your feelings, you will not be late again, understood?"

"Yes, sir."

"And from now on, you will not touch yourself unless I instruct you to do so, do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, sir." She nodded, even as the implications hit her. She could no longer masturbate.

"Good. If you can't be responsible with these things, you lose the privilege. Now to your punishment for this offence. Undress, please."

The command came unexpectedly, and she took a few seconds to realise what he was asking of her. He waited patiently for her to lose her clothes.

When she was finally naked, he stepped close.

"Unfasten me," he said, watching her face closely.

She was breathing rather shakily as she with trembling fingers got his belt open, and then his placket. As she worked, he loosened his tie. She glanced up and saw the mild smirk on his face as she reached in to grasp his hard length. Then he stepped back, turning her around swiftly. He bound her hands behind her backpack, using his silken tie. Then he turned her back around.

"Now kneel, kitten. I am going to fuck that defiant mouth of yours."

She fell to her knees instantly, lifting her face so he could place the tip on her lips.

"Good, open up," he crooned, groaning softly as he slid in between her lips, barely giving her time to adjust as he sank in deeply, his fingers digging into her hair, clutching on greedily.

"You are going to take all of me, pet, understand?" His words had the desired effect, and she felt something hot flood her privates.

"That's it, all of me," he all but moaned, thrusting into her mouth again, hitting the back of her throat with his broad mushroom head.

"Don't gag, Elle. You want me this deep inside you, don't you fucking forget that. Otherwise you wouldn't be so defiant of me, would you?"

She couldn't help but moan, feeling something hot drip from between her nether lips.

"I was tempted to fuck you earlier, when I had you so deliciously pinned beneath me. Could you imagine the faces of the others if I had?" He said, chuckling, even as his hips sped up their thrusts.

Her mind flooded with the images, not keen on the idea as he was so adept at making her scream.

"I've been hard all day for you, do you realise that? I watched you, you know." He cocked his head in the direction of his desk, and she suddenly remembered his hidden camera.

"The way you fidget when you are nervous. Was that because of me, I wonder?"

She couldn't respond, her mouth quite literally too full to speak. Roland didn't mind. He hissed when she applied suction, his hips jerking unevenly.

"Do that again," he commanded, and she did, making him shudder against her.

"Good girl," he praised breathlessly, groaning as he was suddenly overcome by his climax. "Such a fucking good girl," he moaned as he erupted deeply in her mouth, holding her still even as he thrust a little. His seed flowed warmly down her tongue and she swallowed thickly, tasting the bitter tang of his release.

He composed himself shortly after, letting go of her, but not telling her to get up. He began to pull off his trousers, allowing the garment to crumble on the carpet. Then he took off his waist coat and shirt, now standing naked in front of her.

Then he snapped his fingers at her.

"Get up, pet, I am not fucking done with you yet." He released her hands from her bonds. Elle shivered, struggling to get to her feet.

He grabbed her around the waist, lifting her up easily enough, making her legs wrap around his hips. He gave a hard swivel of his pelvis, thrusting deeply into her in one smooth thrust. She gave a startled cry as he filled her, and she threw her head back. She had not been prepared at all. She couldn't believe he was still erect, his hard length pressing into her walls, the sweet sting of his penetration making her womb clench fiercely.

"That's it," he hissed, walking them both towards the wall, pressing her up against it, delivering more thrusts, and she broke out into goosebumps as pleasure raced up her spine, piercing her every nerve. He was pushing deep inside her, his length hugged by her walls. Her womb seized up again and he groaned at the sensation.

Halting his movements, he held her pinned against the wall as he looked at her.

"You will now do your kegels, Elle. Do them until you make me come again. You are not allowed to orgasm, do you understand?"

Feeling her body almost teetering on the edge after his initial penetration, his command seemed nearly impossible for her to obey.

"Do you understand me, pet?" He asked silkily, a warning to his voice.

"Yes sir," she replied softly.

"Good girl. Get clenching then," he said, smirking as he felt her walls squeeze him.

He kept her propped up, even as his breathing increased slightly. Her walls were squeezing and fluttering around him, and the feeling almost made him want to fuck her hard right then and there. He resisted the urge. Instead he began to kiss her throat and neck, sealing his lips on her skin.

She groaned and bucked against him.

"Please don't do that sir." She whimpered, her walls stopping their work on him.

"Why not, pet? You smell incredible. Mouthwatering even," He crooned, delivering a hard thrust to remind her of her task. "Don't stop, darling. I will have to punish you for that as well," he added darkly.

"But, it's going to make me- ah!" She cried out, her body convulsing slightly against the hard surface behind her.

"Answer me, pet!" He warned, delivering another thrust.

She gave another husky cry, almost sobbing as she resumed her kegels.

"It's going to make me come," she whimpered, trembling with the effort of holding off.

"No it won't, because then you would be in so much fucking trouble, my sweet," Roland growled, almost tempted to fuck her straight into oblivion.

She panted and whined, but then quite suddenly seemed to collect herself. She closed her eyes, focusing on her task. She began to tighten her inner muscles again, breathing shakily, as she did so. Every time she had to squeeze, the muscles inadvertently tugged on her clit, making her almost give in to a shuddering release. She resisted the tantalising pull and tried to focus on other things instead.

"That's a good girl," Roland praised in a murmur, his lips sealing on her throat again.

She shivered, gritting her teeth as he tempted her to give in. Her body was on fire, her nipples hard and pressed against his chest, the rough hair of his body teasing them as well. It was almost overwhelming her scenes as she continued to tighten around his length. It took her awhile, and they were both panting and sweating as he approached his release.

"Well done, pet… Almost there my sweet," he moaned into her skin.

She redoubled her efforts, ignoring her own blatant need for an orgasm.

Suddenly he began to groan and his pelvis thrust forward, finally giving in as he shuddered against her, his cock twitching inside her. She felt him keenly, her slick heat feeling swollen and puffy and she nearly came undone then and there.

Roland was breathing harshly when his movements seized.

"Again," he commanded breathlessly.

Elle's eyes snapped open, her shock plastered all over her face.


"Again, pet!" He said sternly. "And don't forget, the rules still apply."

Elle groaned and began again. He was still hard inside her, and this time she felt his seed as it began to dripple out of her. She clung to him as she squeezed him again and again, sometimes making him groan again. It didn't take him long this time. His teeth sank into her skin as he came again, his hips rocking hard into her.

She gave a husky cry, the string inside her on the verge of snapping as she felt his actions. She barely managed to avoid the impending climax, and she was rigid as a board as he held onto her.

"Oh god, Roland, oh god, please please please," she whimpered hotly, begging him to end her misery.

Roland gathered himself, easing his cock from her body, allowing her legs to come back down onto the floor. He peered at her, as she stood, legs shaking, cheeks flushed. Then he bent down and looked between her legs.

"How lovely it is to see my seed dripping from your body," he said in a low voice. "And look at that clitoris!" He exclaimed, something brushing it gently, presumably his thumb.

Elle gave a hoarse cry, her hips lurching sharply forward at the brief touch. She was so close, her womb aching with the need. "It is hard as a rock," he murmured, brushing it again.

"Ah!" She began to plead again wanting nothing but to come this instant.

He straightened up again to look her in the eyes. "You want to climax, pet?" He asked her softly.

"Oh my god, yes!" She wailed, her eyes almost getting teary.

"Well, you can't, pet. This will be your punishment. Now, get dressed. I will take you home with me to make sure you don't do anything foolish.

She stared at him, shocked at his denial of her pleasure.

"No," she whispered, shaking her head. She was desperate.

"Are you contradicting me, little one? That's a bold move, isn't it?" He frowned, smirking.

Elle wasn't listening. She unceremoniously stuck a hand between her legs and started to rub one out. She didn't care, he could not deny her release. No way.

Suddenly she found herself pinned face first against the wall, Roland holding her hands behind her back.

"No, Elle. You will not touch yourself. This will be your final warning. Don't test me, pet. Have I not been generous with your pleasure?"

She was panting, still reeling from his swift movement. He suddenly smacked her ass again.

"That was a question, dear. Haven't I been generous?"

"Yes sir," she all but whimpered.

"Well, I can give pleasure, but I can also take it away. And your punishment will be no pleasure. Keep resisting it, and I will keep you on edge for days and even weeks. I have no remorse in doing so, because I have been so very kind to you so far, have I not?"

Elle collected herself, seeing herself denied pleasure in the future was not something she relished.

"Yes sir," she said softly.

He released her when she relaxed.

"Good girl, now get dressed, my sweet. Your other punishment will be tomorrow morning. So you should catch as much fucking sleep as you possibly can."

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