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Chapter 10

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Elle stood, waiting in her hallway. It was almost five, and she fidgeted somewhat nervously.

She had spent the last two hours preparing for this encounter. She had been in the tub for almost an hour, enjoying the opportunity to preen herself. She had shaved practically every surface of her body, enjoying the feel of the smooth skin it resulted in. Then she had spent a not inconsiderable amount on doing her makeup and hair. The gorgeous dress put some pressure on her to look her best, And she had done her best to put on a matching green eyeshadow. Only when she was looking closely, did she notice the dress matched her eye color. She was suddenly struck by his attention to detail. Finally she did her hair up in an elegant bun. She had to use a lot of hairspray to achieve the result she wanted, but she thought it looked decent.

As she waited, she felt the mix between apprehension and excitement that had filled her since the day before, and she had been more or less constantly aroused at the thoughts of what might be happening tonight. She could only imagine what Roland had in store for her, She bit her lip, as she thought about how much more he could possibly do to her. Of course, she was no fool. She knew that her experience with sex was limited compared to Roland. He certainly seemed to know a lot more than her about her body than she did. How could she have ever prepared for someone like him?

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Elle gasped and hastened to open for him. She was shocked to see it wasn't Roland. A young man stood in front of her, holding a cap in his hand. His uniform indicated that he was a chauffeur. Elle stood and stared dumbfounded at him for a whole ten seconds.

"Miss Thomas?" He asked politely.

She nodded, frowning.

"Please come with me, a car awaits you," he said pleasantly.

Gulping slightly, she stepped out, and locking the door behind her, she followed him.

The heels were only a slight challenge as she navigated the stairs, the dress so long and fluid that it dragged somewhat on the steps behind her.

When she walked out on the street, she looked around, and gasped loudly, when her eyes fell upon a sleek black limousine. It was parked at the curb and people were giving it curious glances as they hastened by.

It glistened in the lights from the street lamps. The chauffeur elegantly took her elbow and guided her across the uneven sidewalk towards the vehicle.

She stood in front of the door, and could see her own reflection in the darkened window.

Just when the door was opened by the young man beside her, she was suddenly wrapped in a pair of strong arms, and she felt his beard on her neck, as he pressed against her. Another shocked gasp released from her lips, but her surprise evaporated as soon as she realized it was Roland. His familiar smell enveloped her, and she relaxed into his arms. The young chauffeur left her side and went around the vehicle to sit behind the wheel.

"Miss Thomas," Roland greeted her in a deep voice, his warm breath whispering across her skin.

"You look absolutely stunning."

She felt his lips against her skin again and shuddered viciously in his grasp.

"Do you feel prepared for this evening?" He asked softly.

"Yes sir," she said breathlessly.

"Good girl. I will have you know, that if you enter this limousine, you grant me access to your most intimate places. Both physically but also mentally. You will be laid completely bare to me. Know that I will care for you while you are vulnerable. At no point will you be in any danger. If you can live with that, please get in. I promise, you will not regret it. If you can't live with that, we will not be engaging in any sexual activities tonight."

His voice was low and velvety, no hint of pressure or threat. He was merely stating his rules. Elle felt a thrill run up her spine at his words. If she did this, she would be agreeing to a lot more than she had ever had to offer him before. They stood in the cold air, as she pondered her decision. She could feel her skin prickle, both from her mind running a million miles an hour, but also from the coldness surrounding them. She knew her nipples were standing at attention beneath the silky fabric of her dress, he could probably see them. Roland made no further comments, merely allowing her time to decide what she wanted.

Finally, she bent forward, and got into the huge cabin of the car.

He followed her slowly, and before long they were sitting beside each other, the limousine rolling out into the traffic.

"I am so pleased that you decided to come with me, kitten," he purred, his arm around her shoulders.

His fingers caressed her shoulder languidly, and she felt like closing her eyes at the sensation.

He grabbed her chin and tilted her face towards his. She looked into his eyes briefly, before he leaned in to kiss her. She sighed appreciatively as she melted into his side. He kissed her almost lazily, taking his sweet time in suckling at her lips, his tongue lapping gently at her, rubbing sensuously against hers. She moaned softly, and he deepened the kiss, his movements becoming less controlled.

"I am tempted to take you here and now," he said against her lips, breathing deeply.

"You are so enticing to me. But I would like to savour you in this dress for a little longer," he added darkly, running his hand down her bare arm. She shivered.

His face alighted with his usual charm.

"You like the idea of me enjoying you visually? Or is it that you look forward to me finally taking you fully?" He asked, smiling crookedly down at her.

She pondered the question.

"I think it's both sir," she finally admitted, blushing.

"Hmm, you are going to experience a lot of new things tonight. I'm gonna introduce you to Tracy's dog, among other things."

Elle frowned.

"Tracy from Finance? You're seeing her too? I didn't know she had a dog." She said all this very fast, almost sounding shocked.

She knew they were hardly exclusive, but even so, she had never imagined he would be this candid about his other conquests. And why would he introduce her to a dog? It made absolutely no sense in her head.

Roland laughed uproariously.

"No, little one," he managed, once he calmed down a bit.

"You will see," he added, smirking as she became increasingly puzzled.

Elle had no idea what plans he had for the evening, but she didn't ask him either. He was dressed smartly as ever, his expensive suit framing his body well as always. He pulled her close, so she leaned against his side, and kissed her throat and jaw.

The chauffeur seemed to know where they were going, because Roland made no instructions to the man.

They arrived at an inconspicuous restaurant, the facade doing nothing to present itself much. Even so, Elle knew exactly where they were, and she sat up straight, looking around at Roland with wide eyed astonishment.

He smirked knowingly down at her.

"Alinea?" She asked breathless, not able to contain a shiver of anticipation.

"Do you approve, kitten?" He asked, lifting his hand to place it on her jaw, his thumb caressing her bottom lip.

"Roland, this is- Wow! How did you get a table here? It's supposed to take months!" She exclaimed breathlessly.

Not to mention the insane prices. She was suddenly very grateful that she had taken the time to do herself up.

"When you have good connections, anything is possible," he said, smiling widely at her delight.

He was soon leading her across the sidewalk, his arm beneath her elbow to keep her steady, as her heels were a bit higher than she was used to.

As they entered, they were almost immediately met by someone who Elle assumed was the host. The lady talked briefly with Roland and then she gestured for them to follow.

They were led up a set of stairs and then entered a small lounge. There were no other patrons in the room, though there were a couple of other tables free.

The lady left, bowing elegantly and Roland turned to Elle, smiling widely.

"We have the entire room to ourselves," he announced, taking her hand and leading her to the most prominent table in the room.

Elle gulped, her mind spinning with the thought of how expensive this must be. He elegantly pulled out a chair, allowing her to sit down. Then he sat down across from her, his blue eyes peering intently at her.

A waiter appeared, and Roland took the liberty of ordering their food and drinks. Not that she complained. She would have absolutely no idea what to order.

As they waited, Elle suddenly felt quite shy. She realized she was suddenly supposed to keep up a conversation with him, which suddenly struck her, they had never really talked outside of work. They had merely been doing…. other things, where talking wasn't exactly required.

She glanced up at him, and saw that he was studying her intently. This made her blush even harder.

"What is it, little one?"

"Nothing," she said far too quickly.

He raised his eyebrows, and then slowly leaned forward.

"Our agreement was that I have access to everything this evening. That includes any thoughts, doubts or misgivings. I expect you to answer me honestly, kitten. Are you regretting coming with me after all?" He asked softly, just as the waiter entered the room to serve the wine.

His eyes were burning into hers, as he waited for her to say something. She didn't answer until they were alone again. She placed her slightly trembling fingers on the stem of her wine glass, and he raised his, indicating that she could take a sip if she felt so inclined.

She lifted the glass to her mouth, the lightly golden, fragrant liquid filling her mouth, the dryness set off nicely with just a hint of sweetness. She swallowed and then looked up at him again.

He was still waiting.

"It's just, I realized we haven't really needed to talk much outside of work. And now we're here at this amazing restaurant, and I don't know what to talk to you about. We have always just gone straight for the…" She trailed off awkwardly, feeling her cheeks heating again.

"Sex…?" He asked, the tiniest of smirks playing on his lips.

"Well, yes," she managed, smiling in spite of herself.

He laughed at this, taking a sip of his own wine.

"Well, Elle, I understand your apprehension. But trust me, we will have plenty to talk about. I want to know everything about you, now that I have full access to you. We are going to get intimately acquainted, my dear," he said smoothly, making her shiver at the pressure he put on the word intimately.

Just then the appetizer arrived. It was served on a raised platter, a glassy dome placed atop it. Elle stared at it. It was filled with what appeared to be white smoke. The waiter left, and Elle looked uncertainly at the arrangement. Roland leaned forward, reaching for hers first, and taking a hold of the elegant glass loop atop the glass dome, lifted it up in a smooth motion. Her appetizer was suddenly revealed when the smoke seemed to implode and fall onto the table all around her platter, before soon dissipating. She couldn't help but gasp at the elegance of the entire presentation, and his eyes were alight with delight at her reaction. She took in the food on her plate. It looked like something from another planet. As they ate, Roland asked her questions, some quite mundane and others more probing. She answered honestly and she could tell that it pleased him. For some reason she really wanted to please him.

"Tell me, kitten, how do you like submitting to me?" He suddenly asked.

Elle glanced up at his words, taken slightly aback.

"I uh…" She trailed off, thinking hard. She hadn't realized that she was submitting to him. Her mind flooded with their earlier interactions. Of course she had been. It had come so slowly that she hadn't even noticed. He was the dominant, and she was submissive. She pondered it for a long time.

"I suppose it's different from any other sexual partners I have ever had," she said, still thinking.

"Good different?"

"Yes sir," she said, smiling softly.

"It's not something I found easy at first. But I must admit, it's lovely to let go of control and just let you guide me. It has definitely been an improvement on the pleasure as well," she added, blushing slightly.

He smirked at that.

"I imagine your previous lovers have been less than stellar if three fucking orgasms is the maximum for you in one night," he said, that wolfish grin still on his lips.

Elle blushed deeply at that, and hastily looked down into her lap.

He caught her embarrassment and latched onto it faster than blood thirsty leech.

"What is it, sweet girl?"

"Nothing," she replied hastily, trying to resume her dinner.

"Now come, kitten, you were doing so well. Tell me, why are you embarrassed all of a sudden?"

She coughed softly, hastily grabbing her wine glass to clear her throat.

"That would be nothing to be shy about. Unless..." he said softly.

She looked up at him, just as realisation hit him.

"Unless, you were the one responsible for those orgasms," he continued, eyes widening slightly.

Elle ducked her head, feeling her cheeks growing warmer by the minute.

"Is that what happened, pet?" He asked, a more commanding tone in his voice.

She should answer.

"Yes sir," she said in a minute voice.

"Tell me what happened, little one," He urged.

She sighed.

"It was a few years ago now. I had been with a man, who was… Not very generous. He was all braggy and confident before we started sleeping together, but when it came down to it, he couldn't find the clit if it slapped him in the face."

"Well, fuck me," Roland said, chuckling softly.

"He, um performed and finished in less than three minutes. Which would be fine, if he deigned to at least try and give me something before or after. But no. As soon as he got his, he was out."

Elle sighed again.

"So, one night after another of those bouts of sex, if you can call it that, I threw him out, finally having had enough. I, uh, went to have a shower and, I used the shower head to get myself off. Three times."

She finished speaking, and finally looked up at him. He was staring at her, with something like pity in his eyes.

"I would say sorry for my genders actions, but I can't bring myself to relate to such fucking vermin. It's a miracle that you fucked him more than once," he said, chuckling.

"Yes, well I was young, knew very little about those things back then," she said, smiling at her own foolishness.

"Rest assured, you will receive plenty of pleasure tonight, kitten," he said, leaning forward.

She shuddered at that, knowing he wasn't lying.

"But I will also be demanding. You will be giving me everything you have," he said, making her shiver again.

The evening progressed and she was astonished when they made it all through dinner without a single awkward pause. He was so smooth at keeping a conversation going, and she felt grateful for it. He had discovered that she was quite introverted, so this was an entirely new experience to her. Smalltalk never came easy for someone like her.

They reached dessert and she was anticipating it with almost a childish expectation.

Once served, she studied the plate closely. It looked like an elegant display of rocks and crystals. She had never seen anything like it. She picked up one grey stone and bit into it curiously, frowning as she discovered that it was soft. The bite she had taken almost seemed to melt on her tongue, and she enjoyed the combination of different sweetnesses and a tinge of salt. It tasted ridiculously good. She looked up and suddenly realized he was watching her discovering the new tastes with a mild smirk on his lips.

She swallowed with less elegance than she had wanted to.

"What?" She asked as he continued to watch her.

"You are just so fucking innocent, it's adorable," he purred, making her go red in the face again.

They finished their meal and Roland led her out into the cold night again. The limousine was waiting for them, and he helped her inside the warm interior.

Elle felt a pleasant tingling from the wine, and she was rapidly filled with a nervous anticipation at what may be in store for her now.

They drove through the streets, soon arriving at his place. He paid the chauffeur, and they went inside. Roland was walking behind her, and she was acutely aware of how the dress seemed to cling to her form. She felt very exposed, especially as she was wearing absolutely nothing beneath, following his instructions to her. She could feel his eyes on her body as she walked. She pushed the button to call the elevator, and he waited silently beside her.

Once the door dinged open, she stepped forward, almost walking straight into a young man who was leaving it. He side stepped her, only just avoiding a collision, and she entered the carriage, closing her eyes in relief.

She therefore never noticed the keen interest of the young man as he swiftly turned around to check her out. Roland watched him balefully, and the man got the message. He walked away quietly. Roland then entered the elevator with his unwitting date. He saw her standing with her eyes closed and then he smiled. She was in for a long night.

Suddenly Elle found herself pinioned face first against the wall, Roland pressing against her body.

He said nothing, but, breathing deeply into her hair, he slid his hand down her body, the fabric of her dress providing little protection against his fiery touch. She felt his warm hand keenly. It had been more than a week since she had had his skilled hands on her body, and she felt her core throb viciously as she realised it was finally happening. She knew she was already wet, her cunt expecting his touch with eager anticipation.

He found the slit in her dress at the apex of her right thigh and slid beneath it. He growled when he found her naked flesh beneath, making direct contact with her smooth mound.

"Good girl, no panties, as I asked, well done," he crooned softly.

"I have been waiting to check if you obeyed my instructions," he growled.

He stroked her slowly, apparently enjoying the sensation of the freshly shaved skin.

"You have shaved, kitten," he stated, his fingers running circles into her mons.

"Yes," she managed weakly, already growing delirious with need.

"Did you do that for me, kitten?"

"Yes," she said again.

"I am pleased, pet. This is very nice. Very nice indeed," he purred.

Then he turned her around swiftly, kissing her deeply, before kneeling in front of her. She shivered as she thought she knew what might be coming. Sure enough, he lifted her dress aside easily enough, and bared her newly shaved sex to his gaze.

"This will have made you more sensitive," he said, before blowing warm moist air on her.

She shuddered gently.

"See?" He said, confirming his words.

Then he prodded her gently with his tongue, nudging her clit almost imperceptibly.

"Now comes my dessert," he growled and then he moved against her more insistently, his lips sealing around her clit, suckling it gently.

She couldn't help but groan at the sensation. Her body felt supercharged with barely suppressed sexual energy, and she needed release almost instantly. She knew however that he wasn't going to grant it to her just yet. The elevator dinged and the doors started to slide open. Roland let the dress fall down, and he stood up. He kissed her passionately before dragging her out into the softly lit hallways. She felt a thrill run through her entire body. They had arrived.

Elle glanced around his hall, before she felt him grasp her shoulders.

"This dress has served its purpose," he crooned, softly, before he slid the spaghetti straps down and off her shoulders.

She held her breath as he continued to pull it down her body, leaving it in a sleek olive green satin pool around her feet. She was quite naked now, and she longed for him to touch her. Only he didn't. She was practically panting, but she knew better than to say anything. He was so close behind her they almost touched, but not quite. She could practically feel his body heat beat against her bare skin. His breath floated down her back, making her erupt into goosebumps. The air was tense with anticipation, and she lost track of how long they stood like this.

"Turn around, Elle," he said in a low voice.

She obeyed immediately.

"Your punishment begins now," he said darkly.

Then he leaned in, and she thought he might kiss her, so she did the same. Then he pulled back, their lips barely touching. He took her by the throat, breathing against her cheek. She whimpered softly.

"Get down on your knees," he said, looking into her eyes.

Again she obeyed. She could feel him look down at her, his gaze practically burning her skin. Then he slowly began to open his belt, pulling the strap of leather free from his trousers.

"Put your hands behind your back, pet," he instructed.

He walked around her, and then he slung the belt around her upper arms, using it to bind her arms together. She made no protest. Then he knelt behind her. She felt his hands come to her hair, and he loosened it from the updo, running his fingers repeatedly through the golden tresses, massaging her scalp in the process. She was almost purring at his ministrations.

Suddenly he slapped her right ass cheek. Not hard, but hard enough to startle her. She yelped in shock, then moaned as he caressed the tingling flesh hotly.

He repeated on her other ass cheek. This time she was more prepared. Even so, she writhed from the shock. He began to pepper her ass with slaps, making it increasingly hard to keep silent. She leaned forward, her legs spreading of their own accord. He grabbed her hips and pulled her back against him, his rock hard manhood pressing against her core briefly. She whimpered, rapidly losing control of her body and mind.

Roland grabbed her bound arms and placed her hands on his crotch. She felt him eagerly, trying to pleasure him through the thick fabric of his trousers. His clothed erection twitched.

"I can see you long to please me, little one," he said, allowing her to explore him for a bit longer.

She was so enthralled with the feel of him that she said nothing.

He slapped her stinging ass again, and she gasped.

"Isn't that right, kitten?" He intoned darkly.

"Yes sir," she moaned.

"Face me," he instructed, and she did as he asked, moving clumsily around on her knees.

She saw him finally beginning to open his slacks, and she whimpered softly.

Then he got to his feet, looming in front of her, his member standing at attention right in front of her face.

"You know what to do, pet," he crooned, stroking a single finger down her cheek as she looked up at him.

She didn't hesitate, but took him in her mouth, moaning as she did so. He smiled approvingly down at her, and she felt encouraged, doing her best, even though she couldn't use her hands. He sighed somewhat, leaning his head back in satisfaction. She gave a deep pull before trying to stimulate the frenulum with her tongue, and his cock actually bounced against her lips.

He gave a vivid curse, grasping her on both sides of the head, bending his face down towards her again. Then he began to fuck her mouth. She tried to accommodate him as best she could, and she focused on breathing through her nose as he thrust so deep he hit the back of her throat again and again.

Her eyes began to fill with tears, as he kept going, and he pulled out, bending down to kiss her deeply. She received him gratefully, gulping in mouthfuls of air. Then he stood up and pushed into her mouth again. He kept this up, alternating between fucking her mouth and kissing her, his movements becoming increasingly untamed.

Finally he pulled out, his seed spilling onto the floor in front of her, his deep moans filling the small hall.

She watched mesmerized as he came, the thick white fluid dripping down onto the hardwood floor. Then she looked up at him. He smirked as he put away his cock again, zipping up his trousers.

"You wanted me to come in your mouth, kitten?" He asked, stroking her cheek again.

She nodded fervently, blinking rapidly.

He bent down and kissed her again.

"You can have it, if you want it," he then said against her lips, before straightening up.

She didn't understand, and frowned, puzzled.

"Lick it up, pet," he said then smoothly.

She looked down at the floor. Her cheeks flaming with shame.

"It's alright," he said.

"I know you want to."

She bit her lip. Then slowly, she bent down, and sampled his release. He knelt beside her again, supporting her, so she didn't lose her balance. As he saw her tongue flick out at the white fluid, his hand glided down her back, his fingers soon delving through her folds. She couldn't suppress a moan.

"That's right. If you do this, I will reward you, little one," he murmured into her ear.

Elle whimpered at the suggestion, and without hesitation, she picked up as much as she could, swallowing it down. The salty tang was not entirely unpleasant.

"Good girl," he crooned, helping her to straighten up again.

Then he kissed her passionately, his tongue plunging into her mouth as if he wanted a taste as well. He placed a hand on her smooth mound and began to rub her gently. His warm hand was a balm against her aching clit, and her head fell forward onto his shoulder as he caressed her purposefully. He easily found her clit, plucking it gently, making her flinch at the sensation, as her walls pulsed. He held her around her back, his other hand stroking her. He was silent as he did so, his breathing deep and steady. She fell into a trance of some kind, his touch all that existed. She didn't care that her knees protested after a prolonged time on the floor. All she needed was for him to satisfy her.

Her cries began to fill the small room as he pushed her through the jungle of mixed pleasure and pain, on towards the fall. She was soon riding his hand slowly, trying to gain friction as needed. She nearly bit into his shoulder, as she felt the initial contractions of her womb, her climax so close it hurt. He gave a single pinch to her clit and she cried out as he propelled her over the edge, her body jackknifing against him as he held her. She gave a strangled sob as she rode out the orgasm, her entire body awash with sensation. It took her a long time to come back to earth, and he soothed her flaming body with his hands as she slowly collected herself.

"Do you realize, you have dripped onto my floor, kitten?" He asked softly.

She opened her eyes slowly, staring down at the floor just beneath her still thrumming cunt. Sure enough, a few droplets of her essence had landed there.

"Dip your finger in it," he instructed.

Trembling, she obeyed.

"Now, place your finger in my mouth," he said.

She swallowed thickly as she did so. He looked intently into her eyes as he slowly, sensuously suckled her finger clean. She exhaled explosively as she felt her nether regions clench sharply. His soft tongue swirled around her single digit, giving it a last deep suckle, before he released it with a pop.

"Your nectar is delicious," he said, smirking at her facial expression. Then he got up, helping her to her feet as well, her arms still bound behind her back.

"Now, let's go. We need to get you dressed appropriately for the rest of the evening," he said, pulling her along, through the door.

Elle followed Roland through his apartment until they came to the bedroom. There he pulled her across to a door that had been locked at her previous visits.

Now he pulled a key from his pocket and unlocked it, opening it swiftly, stepping back to allow her entry first.

She walked slowly forward, her eyes wide in astonishment.

"This…" He began pleasantly.

"Is my room of ecstasy," he finished.

She glanced at him, uncertainly.

The room was huge, and filled with furniture that she could only describe as sex furniture. Everything was decked out in golden, beige and a few splashes of deep red.

"This is where you will become undone for me, Elle," he said smoothly.

She gulped nervously, still looking around the room. A huge bed filled the center of the room, various smaller furniture placed all around it. She saw a swing. A machine of some kind was placed in front of an alternatively designed lounge. Handcuffs winked at her in the soft light. There were comfortable chairs placed strategically all around the room.

"Come here," he finally said, after she had had her time drinking in everything.

He pulled her towards a cabinet that she hadn't noticed before, and opened the doors. He pulled out an array of leather cuffs in different sizes, a collar, a broad belt and if she was not mistaken a leash. Everything was black on the outside, deep purple on the inside, decked with golden connectors. It was a beautiful set, she had to admit. Even so, it was quite intimidating.

"Stay still, he instructed softly. Then he placed the collar around her throat, closing it easily. His fingers lingered on her skin as he worked, and she looked into his face the entire time. He put cuffs on her wrists and ankles. Two larger cuffs were placed on her thighs, and the belt around her waist. Finally he connected the leash to the ring on the front of her collar. It hung down to her navel, resting between her breasts.

"There," he said, smiling warmly down at her.

"Now you look ravishing."

He turned her around so she could look in a mirror just beside the cabinet.

She gasped at her own reflection. She looked a mess. Her cheeks were flushed, her hair tousled. Her mascara had been running a little, leaving black traves smeared beneath her eyes. It was all soon fading into the background as she took in her outfit. It looked quite good on her, she had to admit.

"Do you like it, little one?" He asked, observing her reaction in the mirror.

"Yes sir," she said in a small voice.


Then he spun her around.

"Now it's time for you to meet Tracy's dog," he said, steering her towards a chair that was draped with fake furs.

Elle was silent, still wondering what on earth he was talking about. He placed her down on the chair and made her lean back. He spread her legs, and from his pocket pulled a link for her cuffs. He attached her wrists to the thighs cuffs, her ankles were shackled to the legs of the chair, rendering her quite immovable. She couldn't lift her arms or close her legs. Her ass was hanging somewhat over the edge.

"Comfortable?" He asked, smiling, kneeling between her legs.

She nodded shortly. This earned her a swift slap on the inside of her right thigh, and she yelped.

"Yes, sir!" She amended quickly.

"Now," he began, making no comment on her mistake.

He opened a drawer in the small table beside the chair she was placed on, and pulled out a purple device. She had never seen it before. It looked kinda strange. It had a tip clearly designed for penetration, its end flared out like a slim bulb. Ripples spanned the upper surface of the shaft. The device was shaped almost like a V, and at the opposite end was a nozzle of some kind. On the backside was a panel for controlling the device.

"This may very well be your new best friend," he said, smirking wolfishly down at her.

He began to put lube on the shaft, making quite a show out of it. Then he placed the tip at her entrance. He slid it in all the way, adjusting it so the nozzle pressed straight against her clit. Then he activated it. Elle jumped, as she suddenly felt something tug repeatedly at her clit. The feeling was almost too light for her to feel it, but it was enough to make her want more. Her body tensed, as the device seemed to suckle her hot flesh repeatedly.

"Now, the rules are simple. Do not orgasm," Roland said, making her look up at him.

"If you climax, I will put an anal plug in your ass and increase the strength of the stimulations. I will start out small. Should you climax again, I will replace it with a bigger one and so forth. You may not say anything. I will not hear so much as a whimper from you. The only word you are allowed to speak is your safeword." He got up from the floor, and went to another cabinet in another corner. She couldn't see him, but she heard him open a bottle, a hiss escaping what she assumed was a soda of some kind. Then he came back into her vision, sitting down in the chair across from her. He was holding a club soda.

"When you have climaxed a sufficient amount of times, I will replace the plug with my dick, and you will be fucked in the ass for the first time."

He casually took a sip of his drink, settling in for the wait. She stared at him with wide eyes.

"Is that understood, kitten?" He asked her, watching her intently.

She nodded slowly, before realizing her mistake.

"Yes sir," she whispered.

"Good," he said. He produced a remote, and music came from unseen speakers. It was pleasant, and she knew it was great music for building tensions. Then he leaned forward and carefully pushed a button on the device. It began to vibrate inside her, the strumming of the small motor sending ripples through her g-spot. He increased the suction a little as well, and then leaned back, watching her.

Elle had arched her back sharply as he made it roar to life within her. She clenched her jaw tightly, fighting to not make a sound. Her fingers dug into her thighs as she shuddered somewhat, the first waves of an orgasm already flashing through her. She shut her eyes tightly, struggling for control of anything. Anything. She soon realized she had no control. Roland was the one who had stripped her of her sanity. She kept silent, writhing in her chair, chest heaving, her brow already dotted with beads of sweat. It felt like seconds to her, but it was actually almost ten minutes before she finally succumbed to a shuddering climax, her body convulsing slightly in her seat. When she slumped, she heard a soft clink of glass, as Roland put his bottle down on the stony surface of the small side table. She opened her eyes, and saw that he had knelt in front of her again. He had a small purple, glass butt plug in his hand. He licked it candidly, before using lube to make it easier for entry. Then he placed it at her rear entrance and slowly pushed. It entered her easily enough, and she arched her back at the sensation. It was cold and smooth, though rapidly assuming the same temperature as her body.

Then he fiddled with the other device, making the vibrations stronger, the suction on her clit nearly pulling at her soul. She grew tense instantly, suppressing the urge to scream as she felt her muscles contract around the two toys in her body. She felt him leave the floor in front of her again, but she barely registered anything else. Her hands pulled at her restraints, her throat longing to utter any sound, as she felt her body being propelled relentlessly towards another climax. Her heartbeat thundered in her ears, her breathing strained and erratic.

This time it took only seven minutes for her to come apart, her muscles screaming as she jerked and shuddered violently, unable to move properly. When she returned, she felt his hand between her legs, pulling out the butt plug, before replacing it with a bigger one. This one was also of glass, and she guessed it was purple too. She didn't open her eyes to see, her brain still spinning somewhat from her exertions. He increased the toy once more, and this time she was almost too close to uttering a sound. She only just managed to hold it back.

And so they kept going. Elle was soon flushed all over her body, covered in sweat. The fake fur beneath her was sticking to her skin as she thrashed about. She had been in the chair for 45 minutes, her orgasms growing in strength every time he had been to replace the plug.

She was at her wits end, and knew she would not last long if he kept it up. She had already had six orgasms, and she felt entirely full from the now quite large butt plug. It probably wasn't as big as she felt it must be, but even so, she didn't think she could handle anything bigger just now. Her body already felt like she had been pushed to the limit.

She was still recovering from the last climax, the effort of keeping silent almost as intense as the orgasms themselves.

"Elle," Roland said softly.

She felt a hand on her damp cheek, and she opened her eyes blearily. He pushed her hair out of her face, and bent down to kiss her. She was almost too filled with lassitude to respond, but she wanted his kiss dearly, and so she kissed him back. The kiss intensified swiftly, and she almost whimpered against his lips, before remembering his instructions.

She felt him slowly ease the toys from her body, before he stood up before her. She watched him sluggishly as he began to undress. Soon he was completely naked, and he knelt down in front of her again.

She had no time to brace herself, before he suddenly penetrated her still twitching cunt. He fucked her with no compunction, ramming to her deeply. He leaned in over her, licking her throat before kissing her passionately. She had a hard time keeping silent, as she felt his thick shaft rubbing her now extremely sensitive walls. She was hastily being coached to an orgasm, and he easily tipped her body into it, making her shudder viciously beneath him. She made no sound though, and he praised her in a crooning voice. He fucked her to another climax, before he slowly pulled out from her.

Neither of them spoke, the air thick with tension, as he placed his cock at her rear entrance. He kept their gaze locked as he slowly began to enter her.

The butt plugs had done a marvellous job at preparing her for his member, he slipped in past her ring muscle, only a minor discomfort flashing through her. She arched as he pushed ever so slowly in, filling her. It wasn't as painful as she had expected, even so the sensations were completely unfamiliar to her. Tracy's dog had been removed from her body as well, and she felt his penetration keenly. He moved very slowly until he was all the way in. She was breathing deeply, waiting on tenterhooks for his next move.

He grabbed the short leash connected to the collar around her throat, pulling her up into a seated position, placing his arms around her waist, using the belt to grab a hold of her.

"Now you may scream," he whispered.

Then he began to thrust. A breath exploded from her as she felt him abrade her walls. He went slow and deep, holding her close, as he fucked her in the ass. He kissed her again, soon muddling her brain with the onslaught of sensations, and she whimpered softly into his mouth.

"That's it, let go, kitten. I've got you," he said, increasing his pace somewhat.

She gasped into his mouth, her head falling forward so their brows rested against each other.

This was nothing like she had expected. The feel of him plunging into her body was completely different from when he fucked her pussy, but yet no less erotic. She felt goosebumps erupt all over her body, and he increased the tempo yet again. She gave a strangled cry, as she felt him rub and tug at her inner walls, the feeling oddly pleasant.

Suddenly she felt something pull at her clit again, much like the first toy he had used on her. She gasped and groaned, her eyes flying open. He was holding a small device against her throbbing clit, and she squinted down at it. It looked like a… Penguin? It had what she thought must be a purple butterfly. It sent ripples of pleasure through her, as he kept a steady pressure, and she was soon moaning and whimpering with abandon as she felt another climax approaching.

He growled in satisfaction, speeding up the movements of his hips, pulling her in for another deep kiss. She could no longer hold back. Her hips moved in tandem with his as she was shoved into oblivion, her head snapping back as she gave a strangled scream, her body wracked with convulsions in another league entirely. Roland leaned in over her, making her lay back in the chair, his hand on her lower abdomen as he plunged into her again and again. He kept the toy concentrated on her, and she was soon writhing beneath him again, trying to chase down another release. He began to thrust harder, jolting her somewhat, his pelvis slapping against her ass as he did so.

Then he plucked at her nipples with his free hand. She was lost, her mind going completely blank as he pushed her over the edge again. She screamed as she came, the sound drowning out his groan as he too suddenly erupted deeply inside her. He gave a few erratic thrusts into her, and then collapsed, his lips finding her throat, his body resting on top of her. They were both panting sharply, and it took him a moment to collect himself.

Then he pushed up, looking into her face. She was flushed and sweaty, her eyes glazed. He eased out from her body, and she gave a tiny jerk as his deflating cock exited her ass. Then he slowly began to free her from her restraints.

She was staring dazedly into space, and he knew she had probably entered into what was called subspace. She was highly vulnerable in this state, and he knew she needed his attention to keep her safe from herself. He removed the harness from her body, leaving her completely naked. Then he lifted her up in his arms, her head rolling onto his shoulder. She hadn't passed out, but for all she was able to do she might as well have. He carried her to the bed, laying her down gently. Then he went and got another bottle of water. She was going to need it once she returned.

He found a towel and gently dried her body, dapping at her skin slowly so as to not jostle her too much. Then he got into the bed, sitting with his back against the headboard. He pulled her close, so she was splayed out in his lap. He pulled her hair from her face, and kissed her on the temple.

"You take your time, Miss Thomas," he said softly, settling in for a long wait.

It took just about an hour for her to recover, and he noticed the difference in her breathing. He grabbed the water bottle and placed it at her lips. She slowly drank from it, allowing him to pour it into her mouth. She gulped at the liquid, feeling it quench her parched throat. Once she had had enough, he held her close, running his hands across her skin, his touch soothing her humming body. Eventually he coached her up from the bed, and carried her to his bathroom. He placed her on a wooden bench, where she sat, staring at his naked ass while he drew a bath. The tub was easily big enough for the both of them, and he pulled her to her feet, making her climb into the sudsy water, the frothy foam clinging to her skin. He entered behind her, making her rest against his chest, her head in the crook of his throat. He gently scrubbed the skin he could reach, and then silently just sat there, while she quite suddenly drifted off, the mild lavender fragrance soothing her body and mind as much as his touch.

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